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Sherry's official journal post to optimal health!

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Sharon Coste, Apr 14, 2022.

  1. Sharon Coste

    Sharon Coste New Member


    06-10-2022 PART 1 OF 2 Hello all! Here is my update since my original journal post. Thank you to so many of you for all your input and most of all your kindness and carrying! I have felt very isolated and alone in my health struggles and it's so helpful to have a place to be open and honest about my struggles and my craziness. Panic attacks, anxiety and poor sleep is my daily nightmare and the doctors solutions have not helped and are not how I want to get better. I got some lab results in and am going in more depth on my journey, my health history and my mother’s lineage health history. I was doing so good and feeling so much better after upping my vitamin d and adding, what I believe to be, a high quality fish oil. I finally started to easily fall asleep at bedtime and I still woke up at night but could barely even remember doing so. My anxiety and panic disorder felt like a thing of the past and I didn’t need to take any Xanax. I felt so normal so good. I was dreaming such good dreams and vivid. I was also, taking many supplements and since I felt so good I decided to forego most of them except magnesium, potassium, vitamin D, fish oil , vitamin K2, a b complex and I can’t remember them but a couple of others. I do add back in these supplements again but not all and not everyday; GABA, 5HTP, NAC, Selenium, Quercetin, PQQ, DMG, Rhodiola, Licorice, Maca, R Lipoic, Glycine, Taurine, PS200, Inositol but I don’t know if any of them help or not and I worry that some may make it harder for my body to work the way it’s supposed. I have heard conflicting information on all of them on if they are good to take or not. So I will take them and then I will stop for a bit and start up again. I need direction from someone who truly knows what is good to take and what is a waste of time. I do feel that the Rhodioa, Gaba and 5htp help with keeping me calm and my brain more level. So, I was really thinking I ‘m on my way to a normal life then a couple weeks ago on a Tuesday my world went back to shit when I woke up like I usually do after sleeping a few hours and this brain of mine quickly went into panic mode and now I am on a downhill spiral filled with anxiety/panic and poor sleep. My immune system tanked as I am now suffering with some type of seasonal allergy or head congestion. But I went into full blown sneezing, runny nose, head congestion etc. Now it’s all tight but congested. My brain fog and memory are terrible right now. I can get pretty low and full of despair but the person I truly am that I know and love, the one that is hidden beneath these health issues always finds a way to regain the power and with it my determination and strength to move forward!!! I have been following the epi-paleo rx and eating as much seafood (primarily oysters, crab legs, salmon, tuna)as possible along with red meat, (mainly grass fed) and I was using grass fed whey protein drinks to get in more protein but I ran out last week. I can’t eat as much as I used to. I did weigh 177.8 lbs back on March 4th I think and now I am at 154 but am at a standstill or slow moving weight loss. I don’t really care much about that but it was a nice bonus. Since mid-march I have cut out all processed foods, stopped drinking all caffeine (coffee and coke, but 4 days ago started drinking coffee again) and, eliminated whole grains and wheat. I am eating raw milk cheeses and my own fermented super probiotic yogurt. I was watching the sunrise every morning but have been missing it by about an hour because I now oversleep. I can’t seem to get up at 5:45 am when I can’t get good sleep at night but I do get morning sun as soon as I do wake up. I go outside and get midday sun and watch the sunset as many times a week as my schedule allows. I block blue light after sunset.

    I have been avoiding writing this update on my n=1 for weeks now, for a multitude of reasons, but I finally started to, during the random times that I was able to think clearly these last 2 weeks. I was hoping I would be feeling great and wouldn’t even need to write this, however, I’m actually going backwards. No, I don’t have disease, yet, like diabetes or cancer etc but what I suffer from makes my life absolutely miserable and debilitating all the same. Many days out of the week I have to fight tooth and nail to barely make it through and to not just crawl into bed and never get out again, jk, but it is a thought!! I have missed out on so much of life not knowing how to fix me and at the age of 56 my time has been wasted long enough and I still want to find companionship and some happiness. I don’t want to be alone any longer. I have been alone for the last 12 years but my relationship history is a whole other miserable story, lol! I do spend time learning about Jack Kruse’s epi-paleo rx from his book, the leptin rx, circadian health etc from this website and I do learn but do not retain much. Some days it’s all I do and others I need to take a break and step back because I get overwhelmed with information and more confused than ever. While I don’t fully understand or comprehend all the science behind JK’s teachings I suffice by getting the gist of it all and make sure I stay on course and respect my light environment, getting my “skin in the game”, limit nnemf, eat epi-paleo with larger amounts of seafood as protein, I ground a couple times per day outside in bare feet or go to a nearby inland lake and walk the beach and get as much morning and evening sun as possible with daytime sun in between. I seek out JK on podcasts which I really like because he is being interviewed and he talks in lament terms that are easier for me to understand and retain. I gave up social media a few years back but recently got back on so I can follow him there as well but am not on daily. I worry about the emf, but I think heck it’s important and the beginning of this year I was playing candy crush on my phone for hours and hours every night, smoking cigarettes and binge watching Netflix. lol

    I am not without wins these past 6 months but they are not enough to help me actually have life goals and achieve any form of being happy or successful. Yes, I have weaned myself off 30 years of anti-depressants!!! Win!!! Yes, I have switched my circadian sleep cycle from day to night. Win!!! This happened way back in the 2nd week of March 2022 after 3 days of watching the sunrise and sunset, before I ever heard the name Jack Kruse and by the third day it was a done deal and I can still remember a euphoric like feeling in my body and mind when falling asleep, and a calmness and serenity. I liken that feeling to what I imagine a drug addict’s first high was like and then forever chasing that feeling. I feel like I am chasing that feeling it’s what keeps me going sometimes. The thought of a serene calmness throughout my body and my mind when going to sleep and also, the remembrance of the several days these last few months when life was a breeze and I my mind was clear and running on all cylinders, I was funny again, smiling again, positive and I could put all my sentences together every day that actually made sense, lol and I didn’t feel like if I talked to people about what I was thinking they might check me in somewhere because it wasn’t nonsense filled with panic and anxiety ridden thought processes Lol! There were even a few days when my libido magically showed up after being absent for maybe 5 years or more. Those days are what tells me there is hope for me, I just don’t know the correct information and amount my body needs to remain running optimally . Yes, It’s been a good life change to rise up in the early am instead of going to sleep in the am (I do a small nap in the afternoon) and actually accomplishing things before work and it’s really nice to NOT spend all day trying to overcome fatigue so I can function at work and yes, the side-effect of weight loss has brought back options when getting dressed and being the only tan person I know here in Michigan in March, April and May isn’t a bad thing but my life is still closed and confined and scary and the the looking thinner, dressing better and having someone compliment my clothes or tan has no value to me.

    I was doing so much better and then all hell broke loose and my dopamine, serotonin, gaba and whatever else is part of the happy stable gang has left the building. I literally walk in circles many days of the week trying to hang on and get through a body and mind of fear or a scattered mind looking for the pen I just had or my bb glasses or dropping things, tripping over something, getting hung up on something, trying to stay on just one task or trying to get through an anxiety attack or worse a panic attack. It’s very frustrating especially when I still have remnants of feeling so clear headed and positive about my future and these menial tasks were just that, menial things that I didn’t have to struggle to accomplish. I actually was joyful just weeks ago and was starting to reconnect with some of the many old cherished friends I shut out of my life 6 years ago.

    These are recent lab results. I thought they could possibly be better if I were to retest but now I doubt it with the way I feel. With these lab results and with symptoms of no libido I feel it is safe to say my redox is horrific and I am leptin resistant.

    6-06-22…Testosterone, Total LC/MS/MS 29 ng/dL

    6-06-22…Estrogens, Total 60 pg/mL

    6-06-22…Progesterone .77 ng/mL

    Waiting on the 6-6-22 results but on 4-27-22 my DHEdLSulfate was 83.6 ug/dL Yikes that’s not good, right? Update: My 6-6-22 DHEA is 138 ng/dL. Not sure yet if that's an improvement or not ???

    4-27-22…Sensitive CRP .54mg/L. If I am understanding this correctly than I am at low risk for cardiovascular disease and have low inflammation???? Hopefully that means there is hope for me.

    6-06-22 UPDATED 25-Hydroxy Vit D 64ng/mL it was 28 ng/mL on 3-17-22. I bought a sperti vitamin D lamp but only used it a handful of time and instead I got out in the sun and have also started supplementing anywhere from 6000 iu to 12000 iu daily. I’m not sure how much is safe so I just vary the amounts from high to low.

    3-17-22…Thyroid Simulating Hormone with Reflex Free T4: 1.69 mIU/L Doc said my thyroid is normal.

    Here is my 23and me gene results…5-14-22…23andme Haplotype results- K2a, Northern European. So I learned that tells me I have uncoupled proteins and should do well with hot and cold therapy. I have dabbled in brief hot and cold showers and putting an ice roller on my face. I have a strong aversion to being too hot or too cold and when I am I go into rapid panic attack mode and think I can’t breath. My water is fluoridated so not sure I should even pursue a cold ice bath yet and also I am not mentally ready to try. Also, the thought of a tight fitted compression shirt is a major claustrophobia even.
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  2. Sharon Coste

    Sharon Coste New Member

    PART 2 OF 2.
    So to the best of my ability here is the suggested more in-depth summary of my and my female lineage health history…

    My health history:

    1. Lived in Michigan 99% of my life with a couple years in San Pablo CA back in 1984.

    2. I am sure I have been exposed to mold in some of the homes or apartments I have lived in or the places I have worked but have no proof. I would say it is highly likely that I have been exposed to mold.

    3. Been a pack a day smoker since I was 18. I am 56 now and just quit cold turkey May 20, 2022, almost 2 weeks ago!!!! I quit after following the epi-paleo rx and working on my circadian rhythm and nnemf but still suffer from my nemesis of the 2 things I started this journey to fix….interrupted sleep and panic attacks. I remember reading in Jk’s book that “all smoking must cease because it causes oxidized plasma”, he was talking about osteoporosis but it stuck in my head and was always whispering to me, “you need to stop smoking if you want to fix your mitochondria”. I just kept ignoring it and pushing it aside telling myself do what what you can and let’s see. I was sure that changing everything else would be enough and I could keep smoking. I told myself I don’t osteoporosis that I know of yet, lol. But I reached a cross road of what to do next. I figured I’m grounding, I’ve got my skin in the game, I’m out in the sun, I’ve eliminated gluten, processed foods, caffeine, sugar, wheat and grains but yet here I still am. I’ve done all this but I must see if quitting smoking is another missing piece. I know, I know you’re thinking, “Common sense tells you smoking is bad for you” but I really was addicted and thought I couldn’t live without it. Turns out I can live without it and it didn’t calm my nerves but only for a few minutes and then it made me anxious again in a couple hours off and on all day long. Turns out my craving and anxiety will pass either by smoking another cigarette or by not smoking another cigarette. Now my next piece of the puzzle is figuring out what in my environment is wrecking me and what can I do about it.

    4. I have tinnitus, been dealing with it since November after being sick with covid for 3 weeks.

    5. I have a hard time hearing because fluid build up in my ear canals and head. I have had tubes put in twice and that resolves it. I should get them put in again but so much else to deal with.

    6. Over the years I have dealt with so many different health issues but somehow I find a way to take care of them and they are no longer an issue. Here are one’s I can remember, lol.

    a. I have had TMJ in my 20’s.

    b. I have had mononucleosis in my 20’s.

    c. I had vertigo last year.

    d. I have seasonal allergies, testing was done back in my 20’s but I never went any further. I do remember the testing showing molds, dust and birch trees being high on the list.

    e. Crohns but not as severe as people I know. I’ve been dealing with it off and on since my 20’s but went into remission and wasn’t even showing on the colonoscopy in my early 40’s. I do get mild flair ups occasionally over the last 6 years.

    f. I have had asthma all my life. I wasn’t diagnosed until I had a severe reaction to cats when I was maybe 19 years old. I used my inhaler all the time and when I would get sick I would br prescribed antibiotics, and would need a nebulizer, and be put on a countdown steroid prednisone pack. Then after taking Plexus products in 2014 within days my breathing got better and for the first time in years I didn’t use my inhaler all day and all night.and I only use an inhaler when sick or because I smoked too much.

    g. Inflammation in my joints; trigger thumb , heel spurs, plantar faciitis, shin splints, knee inflammation, inflammation on the top of my foot. It was odd, but I would randomly have some part of my body pop up with inflammation that I would deal with for months at a time then go away. Inflammation has been very low maybe the last year I’d say.

    h. Sciatica pain in my 20’s and 30’s, tail bone problems in high school.

    i. Leaving space here to add things as I remember more ailments….

    7. Been a night owl for as long as I can remember and had anxiety even as child with panic attacks starting in my early 20’s. They have come and gone throughout the years and was put on Zoloft in my late 20’s. I have taken myself off Zoloft many times because I was feeling better and didn’t want to be on a medication but that always turned out to be a bad idea and things got pretty bad very quickly within a month or two, so I would have to go back on Zoloft.

    8. As an elementary and middle school child I had what I called “nervous stomach aches” that kept me on the toilet for hours. I was a quiet and well behaved child that felt invisible most of the time except when I got attention from my mom during my sick times and my picky eating drama. Dad was an iron worker, he worked hard and played/drank just as hard. Mom was a stay-at-home mom who struggled with anxiety and depression. Of course I didn’t understand this growing up and only learned later in life that mom hid her use of tranquilizers or alcohol to cope. I don’t ever remember seeing my mother drink but I’ve seen the mean/sad/angry drunk she turned into in her later years. I was a picky eater and had a terribly unhealthy diet that my mom caved into to make her life easier. Hot dogs, mac and cheese, and lettuce with only Italian dressing were staples of mine except when my dad was at the dinner table and I had to eat what was on my plate. I usually ended up at the dinner table until I was excused hours later and sent to bed crying, lol! I was sick about a couple times every year with bronchitis like symptoms as seasons changed and was told I would grow out of it. But I never did. My mom said she used to hate taking me into a store because here was a tiny little toehead girl with a big robust cough that sounded like I had whooping cough and the stares were always on us. I was put on antibiotics probably at least a couple times every year and then as I got older prednisone was added. Cough syrup with codeine was the only thing that helped my cough and then you couldn’t get that anymore. I was finally tested for asthma in my early 20’s after I was hospitalized from a severe asthma attack after being around my mom’s cat. I also, got tested for seasonal/environmental allergies that induced asthma symptoms and I had the usual mold, some pollens, especially birch stands out as a big one but I never did go for allergy shots I probably didn’t have insurance. When I tested for asthma I walked in with no sinus or chest congestion and felt in perfect in good health and as they had me breath in irritants I was hit with the realization that my response was exactly like all those years of growing up with “bronchitis”. In my 20’s I still got sick every year and I was given antibiotics, inhalers and a prednisone countdown steroid pack and usually asked for something for the yeast infection I would soon be getting from the antibiotics. In my late 20’s I started to learn that antibiotics are not a great idea and that they kill good and bad bacteria after my doctor at the time, who was a teaching physician at U of M Ann Arbor, told me how I need to eat yogurt with the antibiotics he gave me. All these years no one every discussed the bad side of antibiotics to me. Over the years I got more into supplements by reading books and by talking to the ladies in the health food store until they were not allowed to anymore. Then when the internet came out it was this huge library of health info for me and I went to task on whatever ailment I had digging deeper for natural alternatives. Now that info is all over the place and usually attached to a product trying to be sold.

    9. My actual panic attacks started in my early 20’s and when very stressed in my life they would rear their ugly head and get so bad that I had trouble driving and leaving my house. I have been at this stage for the last several years and I stay in a small familiar area 99% of the time. My home was always a panic attack free zone nocturnal attacks changed that and c19 lock downs erased that panic attack free zone. Turns out locking people in their homes with no social interaction or money is detrimental to your mental health, go figure. I have tried so many things to help me overcome, with so many supplements of herbs, amino acids, essential oils, breath work, distraction techniques etc. Some may work for a little bit nothing really helps except xanax. I take it when I must to bring my thinking back to normal and do what I need to do or to lay down and go to sleep. While my doctor wants to put me on many different medications she doesn’t want to give me an inexpensive drug that works quickly and I have known how to use since I was 20. I can only get 20 xanax every 4-6 months or so ( and that is only if I persist that she give me them). I don’t really go anywhere far from home ever because I am afraid of having a panic attack and having to use one of my 20 xanax. Now even a little stressor spirals panic attacks out of control and I am now a hostage to them. I started behavoural therapy in my late 20’s as the panic attacks got debilitating. That didn’t work ,so my therapist referred me to a psychiatrist and that’s where Zoloft entered my life, up until recently, when I weaned myself off them and buspirone that my doc added in over the whole Covid debacle. I abruptly stopped Zoloft many times over the last what? 30 years?, when I was doing real good and feeling real good and no panic attacks were anywhere in sight. I would stop taking it, I would love to feel my personality come back and feelings of happiness, only to have the panic creep right back as weeks went by until I was an absolute mess and I’d have to start back on Zoloft. I don’t know what the long term effects of being on Zoloft all these years has done to me but I don’t think it’s been good. I had told myself more than once when in depths of despair and the hell of panic attacks that I have to realize I must take these forever even if I am a shroud of my former self, but I always struggled with that realization and looked for something more natural to “fix me” . Back in 2014 I started taking Plexus products that balance your blood sugars and heal your gut and I felt amazing!!! 2 years were really good I did get off Zoloft but had to get back on. Then in 2016 I chose to make a sudden move for my son that was difficult on me in many ways and one of them being a financial struggle and I couldn’t afford my products for a really long time. When I finally could they just didn’t work on me like they did before and I was back to sleeping all day and just going through the motions.
    (Update after just hours of posting this I made a rash decision to start zoloft again . I still have quite bit left over. I've been suffering more than I am willing to continue to bare any longer and as much as I don't want to I need some relief. I can easily wean myself off again when I get my mitochondria and such working more optimally. Uggh!!!)

    Mother’s health history: My mother had “nerves” as they were called, like most of the women on the female line of hers. I had what I called “nervous stomach aches “ all through early childhood. My mother was a closet alcoholic and I think started drinking to reduce her anxiety and help her sleep, and then got addicted. Seeking medical help is when I believe she then turned to prescribed meds to relax her nerves. She did have what was back then called a “nervous breakdown” in her 30’s and went away for a bit. I was in elementary school and no one really talked to me about it nor did I ever learn what exactly happened then. Throughout her life she, like me, had good years and bad. When she became very depressed she turned to drinking heavily and bringing her near death many times throughout my adult life. Funny thing is I never saw her drink and had no clue until I was in my mid to late 20’s and things would happen like getting a call that she needed medical attention to have her stomach pumped. I know she had high blood pressure, depression and anxiety. She had some sort of female issues and had a hysterectomy in her 30’s so never went through menopause. She, had a pacemaker implanted in her late 50’s or early 60’s. She was overweight off and on throughout her life and had sugar issues but not diabetic and I know she damaged her spleen or maybe pancreas from the alcohol abuse but at some point testing showed she had improved the health of it. She was an occasional smoker who would go months or years without smoking them pick up a pack for a few months and stop again. She was riddled with arthritis that was debilitating at times and had osteoporosis , both prominent in her 60s and 70s. Surprisingly she lived to be 76 and I believe probably would have lived into her 80’s or 90’s, like her parents and grandparents did, even though she ate all processed food and drank excessively for many years. Her demise began when she crashed her car into a tree in her backyard while drunk at 9 am and they did 2 surgeries on her within 24 hours to reset some bones in her hands/arms and knew that she was an alcoholic and that 1 surgery was going to be taxing on her. The care she got at the hospital in my opinion was terrible and overall was horrifying for her. From my experience over many instances a great deal of the medical profession doesn’t like to deal with alcoholics at all and treats them very harshly and for the most part they were neglectful and uncaring toward my mother. Even left her in a hallway for hours and hours with her ventilator on after the surgery and they assured me she would remain sedated until they could get her a room and remove it. That didn’t happen and she woke up with it in and no one to take it out. The whole thing was a debacle and she ended up getting infections right after the surgeries but was released into an after-care facility anyways even though I was told she wouldn’t be released until all was well. That wasn’t true. Surprisingly she started doing better and thought she got a second chance at living a better life but then took a turn for the worse and the after-care facility missed that she was going into septic shock until it was too late and she had to be put on life support only for me to have to remove her as her body shut down and clots devoured her. I have been putting off sharing all this and I feel bad putting all this online. It’s a lot of bad memories attached to this and also, I know she would be mortified if she were alive but if telling someone on here all this can lead me to getting better than I think she would forgive me.

    Mother’s mother’s health history: My grandmother had “nerves’ too but she led a much healthier lifestyle, she didn’t drink, she had a good career, she retired early, she exercised, she had a happy marriage, spent time outdoors, went to florida every year, was big into boating, she was always fit and trim. She smoked for about 10 years and then quit. She also, had athyroid problems and I don’t know what meds she was on. She was always very trim and fit, never was fat or heavy. Her “nerves” progressively got really bad after a move up to very small town in northern Michigan, when they were in there late 60’s. My grandfather was extremely happy but my grandmother not so much. My grandfather had many heart issues and surgeries but remained active well into his late 80’s hunting and fishing, while the older they got the more my grandmother shuddered indoors more and more as she started to get vertigo that never went away and macular degenerative eye disease that even surgeries didn’t help and along with carpal tunnel and surgeries for that, she felt she could do nothing but stay inside and then eventually more and more time just laying in bed. She always thought she was dying of something but every test came back that she was healthy at least in her heart, blood pressure etc. In her 90’s she was on a daily multiple dose of Xanax just to settle her nerves. After my grandfather died at 94, their only child, my alcoholic mother took care of her, not the best situation. Finally, my mother put her in a nursing home. There she was very unhappy and wanted to just go home, the caretakers were either very nice or just awful and at one point they abruptly took this woman off Xanax years of daily doses of xanax. What a nightmare, what that poor thing must of went through. They tried to make her get up for meals but ended up having to use some contraption to lift her out of bed to put her in a wheelchair and then she ended up refusing and just stayed in bed. She hung on for a few years in the nursing home but eventually withered a way and gave up at 93. God I hate reliving any of this, lol.

    I am beginning to think that this very well may be strickly hereditary and nothing can be done but medicate or I am doomed to live out my years alone and in progressively worsening terror.

    My mother’s mother’s mother: I don’t know much about her, she lived until the age of 80 and I believe just died quietly in her sleep at my grandmother’s house. I am pretty sure she had “nerves” too as did 3 of her 4 daughters, other than that I don’t know of any other health history. I know her heart was good though.
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  3. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    Sherry's official journal post to optimal health!
    But really your biggest problem is sleep problem.
    Anyone have success overcoming chronic-broken sleep?
    You are already looking at the sunrise daily.

    Sleep highly depends on melatonin.
    Melatonin is a highly misunderstood hormone.
    Totally new discussions are coming.
    You may want to try 10, 20, 40, 60 or more milligrams of melatonin
    and see how it works for you.

    It is cheap. I am getting this one on amazon.


    When supplementing vit D make sure that you are not getting over 200mg/mL
    This means that you still could double your current 12000iu/day
    Reading from the chart below
    do not use more than 30000 iu/day


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  4. 8Phoenix

    8Phoenix New Member

    good mornig
    what doo you think about this one
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