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Shelly’s Optimal Journal

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by ShellyFM, May 16, 2021.

  1. Dan2

    Dan2 New Member

    "we do oatmeal with protein powder and blueberries for breakfast almost every morning and a vegan protein shake with almond milk, bananas and frozen fruit for dinner. Our lunch has been our main meal of the day and has also been where we've been swapping out for the shellfish and crustaceans now."

    There are lots of nutrients deficient with a vegan diet that are important for a kid's development.

    - B12
    - enough of other B vitamins
    - choline
    - vitamin K2 (https://forum.jackkruse.com/index.php?threads/natto.23874/#post-273635)
    - vitamin A (retinol, not carotenoids that need to be converted to retinol)
    - zinc
    - selenium
    - so-called "non-essential" amino acids (so unimportant that the body's adapted ways to try to make enough of them when enough aren't eaten) (https://forum.jackkruse.com/index.php?threads/pregnant-keto-safe-winter.25337/#post-294596)
    - creatine
    - carnitine
    - carnosine
    - CoQ10
    - palmitic acid and stearic acid and conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) fats

    And a vegetarian plus seafood diet will be deficient in most of those too -- exceptions of B vitamins, zinc, selenium, and some amino acids -- less so if you eat oysters/shellfish and fish livers regularly. If you don't want to eat beef, lamb, pork for ethical reasons, in addition to eggs get chicken livers and hearts and gizzards (lots of small ranches sell them directly to customers) (gizzards have lots of chewy collagen but soften when slow cooked and make good broth); those will have all those nutrients in that list other than the fats. Don't feel bad about eating chickens because chickens eat each other sometimes. For the fats, grass-fed butter has all three of those.
    Last edited: May 28, 2021
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  2. 8Phoenix

    8Phoenix New Member

    there's any difference between Foie Gras and drinking a shake ?
  3. ShellyFM

    ShellyFM Recovering night owl and blue light addict!

    For those who have shared concerns about our current diet, please read the rest of my posts. I have not implied that our current diet is ideal but have actually shared on this journal where we are now, my concerns, and that we are slowly changing things.

    quotes from past posts:
    “I want to figure out how to change the rest of our eating, too. We are both so busy with work and our kids, that it's hard to break our current meal habits that are working for us, which goes back to why we need a plan first. Right now, we do ....”

    “So, we see how our current setup is quite opposite of what's taught and we need to figure out how to flip it around and still work for our family.”

    This is a journey for our family, and I’m very grateful to have found all this information and these resources. If I’ve learned anything in my past for my family, it’s that in order for change to be lasting, it must be well researched, well planned, and changed slowly in small steps and all along the journey constantly solidifying our “why” so we can always remember and not waver later.

    Jack’s emphasis on circadian biology as being most important has been very helpful as we’ve been focusing first on that as we evaluate how to approach the dietary changes as well. The changes in our daily routines around sunrise and sunset have been so very huge for my well-being and that of my family.

    I used to be an extreme night owl and blue light addict. So, I can honestly say that correcting these issues and moving towards natural circadian rhythms first has been more important than anything else I’ve done for my health in probably my entire health history. It’s probably going to take a long time to undo the damage I’ve done in my almost 40 years and I’m sure the next phase of optimizing our diet will further help but it’s awesome how things have improved so far with just what we’ve done with light already.
  4. You go girl !
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  5. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    You are doing a great job Shelly of making changes for you and your family.

    Baby steps......Rome wasn't built in a day!
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  6. ShellyFM

    ShellyFM Recovering night owl and blue light addict!

    Here's a silly little victory for the day....my husband deactivated the motion light in the bathroom. Now, to turn on the bathroom light, we have to manually turn it on and it will automatically turn off after 5 minutes of no motion. I had been taping a piece of dark paper over it to keep it from coming on after dark, especially when I would take my evening shower. There's a night light in there that I put the red tape on. So, my evening showers are so much nicer. Also, he noticed when the motion was covered up and he went to the rr in the middle of the night that he had an easier time staying asleep after. Another family win!
  7. We use the low light emitted from salt lamps in our home after sunset and before sunrise; they emit no blue - https://wellnessmama.com/23569/himalayan-salt-lamp/
  8. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    my evening shower
    my evening showers

    lots of showers
    are those showers in hot or cold water?

    describing exposure to water as a shower implies the use of soap

    @Jack Kruse
    comments, please

  9. My evening showers are cold (the goal is to cool the body in preparation for sleep) & I use products like Coconut Body Butter from Trader Joe's.
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  10. ShellyFM

    ShellyFM Recovering night owl and blue light addict!

    We have one salt lamp that's in the master bedroom. This was just a quick hack to improve on what we already had. I'm sure we'll work towards a more optimal solution in the future. :)
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  11. ShellyFM

    ShellyFM Recovering night owl and blue light addict!

    Been working towards cold water since finding this info. I used to take the hottest of showers in the morning. So, I'm down to starting them a tad warm and gradually lowering the temp to cool and sometimes cold. I'll often end with full-blown cold water from the tap aimed at my abdomen for about 5 minutes. I haven't fully jumped into the CT yet since we're still working on the diet but I am trying to improve my cold tolerance with some of this.

    I have not used soap for my face and body for almost 2.5 years, just a norwex body cloth and water. I also only wash my hair once a week.

    I call it a shower because the water comes out of the showerhead and I stand up instead of filling the tub up with water and sitting down.

    I switched from showering in the morning to evening in an effort to shorten my morning routine so I can spend more time outside in the sun before having to start work. It also has allowed me to spend more time playing with colder temperatures by doing it at night after my kids have gone to bed.
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  12. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    just so you know Shelly - Jack says that salt lamps aren't optimal. I completely understand that you are making changes on the fly to get your environment to optimal.
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  13. ShellyFM

    ShellyFM Recovering night owl and blue light addict!

    I think I’ve seen that somewhere but we already had it. Part of why we haven’t bought much in the way of lighting yet is because I haven’t had time to really research it all and we’ve tried to go without any as much as possible. It’s been a great experiment so far!
  14. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    We have a salt lamp in our front hallway and we love it ....but candles are better.

    How are your kiddos doing? They are young enough to be really adapting I would guess?
    As far as eating goes ......there will be some old posts from Gretchen - her kids loved sardines. If they didn't like what she was preparing for dinner - they would go to the pantry and get a can of sardines!

    Also - there was a young woman from Hawaii [can't remember her name] She ate sardines/seafood all thru her pregnancy and she had an amazingly healthy, beautiful baby who loves seafood! Her first child had health issues.

    Another young woman - Veronica ....had some serious health issues and accidentally became pregnant. She was seriously considering aborting the baby. She wound up having a great pregnancy - following Jack's protocols ...and gave birth to a strong and very healthy baby boy. There are pictures here somewhere.
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  15. Bart Keizerwaard

    Bart Keizerwaard New Member

    Try functional patterns for your twisted neck! I reccomend it dearly. It will get you out of compression and in decompression of the whole spine.
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  16. ShellyFM

    ShellyFM Recovering night owl and blue light addict!

    What do you mean by "functional patterns"?
  17. ShellyFM

    ShellyFM Recovering night owl and blue light addict!

    I'm requesting a new labwork order from my primary care. Is this everything I need? I took it from the list that we get emailed but tried to remove the items that aren't actual labwork. Our labs go through Quest Diagnostics.

    1. Chemistry 20
    2. Liver function testing
    3. Serum Iron, TIBC, Serum Ferritin and Iron % Saturation
    4. Lipid panel: VAP and/or NMR analysis
    5. Homocysteine level
    6. Complete CBC with differential and platelet count (sometimes an Ivy bleeding time)
    7. Hormone panel includes (gender specific)……serum and salivary cortisol, Total testosterone, Free testosterone, % Free T, DHT, LH, FSH, Estradiol (E2) high sensitivity, DHEA-S, PSA, IGF-1, Consider based upon history testing levels of progesterone, pregnenolone, melatonin, serum and urine Osmolarity, Prolactin levels
    8. Complete thyroid panel with antibody screening (TPO etc)
    9. Complete Urinalysis (women get beta HCG if they menstruate)
    10. Highly Sensitive CRP (Not a regular CRP)
    11. Complete Vitamin D panel
    12. Omega 6/3 serum test (for severe findings consider tissue assay)
    13. Fasting serum insulin and HbA1c assessment
    14. ASI and salivary melatonin level

    When would I know if I need the following?
    Ivy bleeding time
    progesterone, pregnenolone, melatonin, serum and urine Osmolarity, Prolactin levels
  18. Bart Keizerwaard

    Bart Keizerwaard New Member

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  19. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    At the beginning of May, I did these tests at LabCorp.
    My insurance declined to pay for the red tests, so I declined to have them done.

  20. Richard Watson

    Richard Watson New Member

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