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Shelly’s Optimal Journal

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by ShellyFM, May 16, 2021.

  1. ShellyFM

    ShellyFM Recovering night owl and blue light addict!

    I just made the leap to join as a gold member. I’m still learning and not sure what’s supposed to go in this journal. Did I miss the guidance on this?
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  2. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    This is your journal ....so what ever you like/want to put here.

    Give Dr. K. some health history and also your Mom's and Gran's.

    It is really great to keep track of your journey. Your thoughts, your hacks, your lite bulb moments.....all the flotsam and jetsam of your everyday life and those near and dear to you. It is truly remarkable to read back thru your journal and see all your progress - all the great moments and all the really dumb moments.

    I love looking back at mine and seeing the unbelievable growth to a brand new human - thanks to a lot of people here and my willingness to challenge myself to do better and better. Of course ....that person was always there - hidden by all the debris of life.

    Remember - there are no stupid questions [I have had my fair share]
    We learn by asking questions ....and then we learn to ask better questions.

    Dr. K.has always told me that You don't need to speak Chinese to eat Chinese food.

    I don't have a scientific bone in my body .....but I keep reading and trying and re reading.

    However - I love all this bitcoin stuff .....

    Baby steps ....just keep moving forward.

    Yesterday is gone, tomorrow isn't here yet - we only have this moment so make the most of it.

    When we know better ....we do so much better.
  3. ShellyFM

    ShellyFM Recovering night owl and blue light addict!

    Ok, great! So, I started jotting some of it down, and below is what I got so far. I'll come back another time to finish it I'm definitely excited to see my and my family's journeys progress.

    I definitely have a ton of questions rattling around in my head. I'm sure most are already answered somewhere. So, I've been trying to find them all out.


    All in the year after I moved out of my parents’ house to go to college, I got caught up on my vaccines after not having any since about the age of 4ish, started birth control pills, started allergy medication, and was exposed to horrible chronic mold due to a hot water leak in my apartment and scary bad cockroach infestation (crawled on me while I slept type of bad!) in the same apartment for a year. Oh, and I also had a really bad Mountain Dew habit for about 3 years, too! This all started the downward spiral of my health issues.

    I got really ill and was eventually diagnosed with chronic Epstein Barr virus and chronic fatigue syndrome. This was debilitating and my symptoms drastically changed the course of my life from going to college as an overachiever as a premed student to barely getting out of bed most days.

    Long story short, I found diligent nutrition and healthier living helped me put my symptoms at bay and I considered myself recovered after a few years and recurrences during that time. I switched to a mostly Whole Foods, minimally processed vegan diet (though vegetarian when I ate out, which was rare anyways). That sustained me and kept my symptoms at bay. I ate that way for over 12 years.

    About 4-5 years into this lifestyle change, I was in a car accident that started a whole new set of symptoms that caused me to experience horrible pain and migraines for over a decade and a half, and I’m still not fully recovered. I saw a ton of doctors and tried more traditional and non-traditional treatments than I can count over all these years. For over 7 years after the accident, the medical professionals always marveled at how I could stay fit and have healthy labs and especially blood pressure despite my films and symptoms showing so much pain and inability to exercise due to the pain.

    I eventually learned that the cause of my headaches was almost always that the vertebrates in my neck were twisting out of place, pinching nerves and some of the worse pain was supposedly them restricting blood flow out of my head and thus building up too much pressure. Hopefully I explained that accurately. It took way too many years to learn that all was the cause. Now I mostly have the migraines under control with muscle strengthening of my neck to take over where the ligaments have failed to hold things together in conjunction with regular chiropractic and cranio sacral therapy to try to keep things in place and reduce muscle spasms. It’s not perfect but so much better from the constant tension headaches and multiple times a week migraines I was having.

    I had my first baby almost 7 years ago, and the cravings for meat had me go off my vegan diet of 12ish years. My carnivore husband was very happy with that as we got pregnant just a few months into our marriage.

    I gained over 50lbs with my first born after being in a healthy weight range for almost all of my adult life except for my early CEBV issues during college. I had a rough pregnancy and delivery, though it was a natural, home water birth, but remained 15-25 pounds over weight until I got pregnant again.

    My daughter had horrible digestive issues and needed me to go on a gluten free, dairy free, and soy free diet for breast feeding. I then further had testing done that showed that my system didn’t handle root vegetables or leafy greens well. When I made that change, the horrible bloating and gas I would often have with eating went away. Now I see when I eat raw root vegetables and leafy greens and sometimes even cooked ones, I still have digestive issues. It’s so hard to cut out such a large group of healthy vegetables, though! I stayed on the gluten, dairy, soy, root vegetable, leafy green free diet until my daughter stopped breastfeeding. So, almost 2.5 years.

    I'll come back and add the rest another time.
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  4. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    vegetables did me in for years and years before I figured that out .....slow learner here!
  5. ShellyFM

    ShellyFM Recovering night owl and blue light addict!

    What do you mean by that? We recently switched to a vegan diet and are 3 months in and I’ve felt sooo much better. This switch was before finding all this, and we’re slowly learning and changing things. However, I’m honestly terrified to go back to eating meat. This week we ate oysters and shrimp twice this week as a slow start.
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  6. @ShellyFM -> Not everyone on https://forum.jackkruse.com eats carnivore

    Dr. @Jack Kruse 's "diet plan" can be found in -
    His basic nutritional building blocks start with fatty acids, specifically DHA; every human cell requires it. When it is sparse, we loss cognitive function and all hormones suffer. Proteins also require DHA for its phospholipid bilayer membrane; thus Dr. @Jack Kruse recommends cold water “sea food”. Minerals are used with fatty acids and proteins to build every human cell; thus he recommends oysters (as an example). Enzymes are required in most molecular transformation; these are provided by plants; thus "sea weed".

    With that said, I've been practicing this "health thing" for over 50 years -
    However, getting back to food, I eat mostly low carbohydrate vegetables with fish, some pasture raised lamb and I added seaweed to my vegetables daily.
    Organic farms, supporting regenerative practices is vital for us all. - https://forum.jackkruse.com/index.php?posts/297800

    May I highlight a couple of posts from Dr. @Jack Kruse 's Thread: "What is Food?" ->
    To our health,
    Grandpa John
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  7. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    I can't believe that this always turns into an argument ..... whoever said that everyone here eats carnivore??? this seriously ticks me off!

    First of all ........I have never said that I was strictly carnivore - end of discussion. What I eat is my n=1 - and that should be the same for everyone.

    Shelly - I would never presume to tell you what to eat - I only know what works for me. You need to do your own due diligence by reading Jack's blogs and deciding for yourself and your family. You mentioned above that you have issues with some veg and greens. I was simply saying I found the same thing.

    To me .....Brain gut #6 is my template for a healthy diet.

    Jack has recommended a carnivore/elimination diet on occasion for various and assorted conditions.

    From day #1 ....I have followed Jack's protocols - to the best of my ability.

    The leptin reset and C/T worked wonders for me .......my n=1

    Jack is the authority here - he is the one with the DR. in from of his name.
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  9. ShellyFM

    ShellyFM Recovering night owl and blue light addict!

    Thank you to both of you for your helpful responses! It's definitely a lot to take in. I'm slowly making it through the links. I did read the book, too, which seems to mirror the info in the links as far as diet. I so very much wish there were example weekly meal plans for the leptin Rx as part of the reason we haven't jumped in with both feet on that yet is we need to plan it out to avoid falling back into our old eating habits from months ago. I noticed that like probably many people, when we don't meal prep for the week, we struggle a lot more.

    We are now on week 2 of adding some shellfish and crustaceans about 3 times a week. I never see him mention other types of shellfish other than oysters. Are other types ok? I'm new to all shellfish, but we've tried mussels and clams in addition to oysters.

    I want to figure out how to change the rest of our eating, too. We are both so busy with work and our kids, that it's hard to break our current meal habits that are working for us, which goes back to why we need a plan first. Right now, we do oatmeal with protein powder and blueberries for breakfast almost every morning and a vegan protein shake with almond milk, bananas and frozen fruit for dinner. Our lunch has been our main meal of the day and has also been where we've been swapping out for the shellfish and crustaceans now. Oh, and I've been snacking on some seaweed I found at Costco. Probably not the best source or healthiest option, but it's a start.

    So, we see how our current setup is quite opposite of what's taught and we need to figure out how to flip it around and still work for our family.

    When I first heard of Jack Kruse on an EMF summit, we started implementing the going outside early in the morning for sunrise and now I and often the whole family stay out there for a couple of hours before I have to start work. We eat our oatmeal breakfast outside now, too. We were already outside most days after work, usually for family bike rides, but now we make it even more of a point to just stay outside after work until sunset. The kids just think it's all awesome, lol.

    I need to try getting some regular sun without clothes as I heard on his recent podcast about uterine issues and how important that is. I think that might help me. It will be tricky to do, but my husband and I have been talking about how that might be able to work and will come up with something hopefully soon.

    We, too, have put a lot of effort lately in reducing our EMF/RF exposure in our house and cars. We have hardwired our computers for work and have wifi off almost all the time. We have some changes we still need to make to improve it further, but we're way better off than where we were.

    I have cheap blue blockers and will be ordering Lucia ones, soon.

    Oh and we just got the Earth Runner sandals, and I LOVE them! I need to get something similar as shoes because the few times I've had to put my sneakers on since getting the sandals, I realize how much my feet hurt from the shoes.

    I have been weight lifting with a trainer for almost 2 years now using a method called super slow, which has done wonders for helping my neck stability and migraines in addition to improving my entire body. Unfortunately, these sessions are in the morning at 7:30am twice a week. I know we're not supposed to workout in the morning, but my trainer doesn't have any later openings right now. He's very popular and it was a miracle getting the time slot I have now. It's 20 minutes twice a week and unfortunately indoors but they actually have a good portion of natural light even though it's through windows.

    In addition to that, we do a lot of biking in our family. Smaller 3-5 mile rides during the week and longer 8-9 mile rides on the weekends. During the week, it's after we get of work, so around 6-7. We're in Florida so it's hard to do the bike rides in the middle of the day on the weekends without the kids having trouble with the heat. Not sure how we can adjust those to be in better timing without overheating.

    I started working on some cold exposure, but it's soooo hard for me and I think I need to switch the diet over first to truly follow the recommendations on CT since it talks about high fat meals first. However, I've tried end my showers with a cold rinse and then 5 minutes of the coldest temp on just my stomach. Then, I've been putting ice packs on my stomach while I sleep which only stay cold for about an hour or so. I'm not sure if any of this is really good considering it's not following the protocol.

    John, we've been learning more about regenerative farming and better sources of our produce. It's hard to find that local to us but we've started trying to switch some of our produce to be locally source as we found a nice market near us with local produce. It's going to be an ongoing process of improvement for us.

    I think both of you have similar recommendations, John and Caroline, and I appreciate both of your help on this journey! Thank you! I so want to start the true Leptin Rx and CT Rx, Caroline, I think think those will really help my husband and me. I just need to make sure we still get a good portion of the veggies and fruits that have helped me feel so much better lately so as not to go backwards and to have a good plan in place to thoroughly follow Jack's Rx's.

    Well, that's plenty for now plus I'll post my Part 2 of my history below as I wrote that up and just haven't posted it yet. It's still not complete but at least it's a bit more.

    I developed horrible pelvic organ prolapse after the birth of my daughter but didn't discover it right away. Uterine prolapse was and is the worst with it being as bad as grade 3 mid cycles. I also have rectocele and cystocele. These still plague me today.

    We had trouble getting pregnant again. Prior to getting pregnant again, I started eating a high protein diet for 7 months and worked out 5-6 mornings a week (indoors) at 5:30am for 1.5 hours. I lost weight so very slowly during that time. I think it was a total of 10 pounds in 7 months, but I felt great other than the prolapses getting worse.

    I finally got pregnant again with my son, and the pregnancy was brutal. I had such bad hip pain and other pains that I could barely walk in the 2nd and 3rd trimesters.

    Prolapses didn't become prominent again for about 2 years after he was born.

    I've had really bad mold exposures at least 4-5 times in my life. One of the worst was after the birth of my son, our master bathroom had mold growing and that was right near where my son and I slept. I still have chronic sinus congestion and he has a chronic cough now almost 3 years later.

    During the first 1.5 years of my son's life, he nursed all night long, and I was averaging about 3 hours of sleep a night as I couldn't sleep well.

    I had a recurrence of my CEBV in fall of 2019. First one in about 15 years I think.

    I have always been an indoors person, horrible night owl, and blue light addict as I'm a computer programmer. I considered myself one who thrived on very little sleep. For most of my life, I would stay up extremely late working on the computer and then wake up early for my day job. I would then crash on the weekends. This was especially my life before kids and then early in 2020, not many months after my son's sleep finally normalized allowing me to get more sleep, I started staying up late every night working on the computer and gettin around 3-4 hours of sleep again. I maintained this for about 10 months.

    Then, I crashed. I had another recurrence of my CEBV that started at the end of October of 2020. I was having such horrible pains around my liver, stomach, and spleen for many months. I had debilitating fatigue, more migraines, pain and tenderness all over, mood swings, etc. I finally pulled back on my late night working at the beginning of December and really focused hard on my sleep. The improvement was so very slow and became almost my entire focus, getting healthier.
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  10. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Have you thought of making bone broth in a slow cooker? I often would put a lamb roast in the crockpot before going to bed and then breakfast would be ready!
    Do you eat eggs? Bacon?

    a friend of mine from Florida ....used to have two crockpots going. ...one for bone broth and the other for fatty ribs or beef etc.

    I worry about your kids nutrition. How is your DH going with your style of eating?

    how do you do with sweet potatoes? Sardines. Cod livers? Jack is very keen on sardines as a high quality and very affordable source of DHA.

    PM me if you want some ideas....I have loads.

    did you see the Leptin reset thread?

    do you follow Judy Choo? She is a nutritional Coach. She had many serious health issues and is now carnivore. She has two boys and a husband and they eat paleo with seafood.

    also nom nom paleo. She has great cookbooks ....and two boys who help her do cooking videos. Her recipes are great whereas lots of people in the paleo space post recipes that can be pretty crappy.

    one other thing ....jack has a recipe for survivor soup ....have a look.
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  11. So, from a food pla-nning point of view -> Caroline has got you lined up <- Nice

    For CEBV you may find Dr. @Jack Kruse Thread - https://forum.jackkruse.com/index.php?threads/epstein-barre.23455/ - helpful

    For Uterine & pelvic organ prolapse you may find the following helpful

    For you workouts - Continuous Variable Resistance (super slow technique) <- which can do outside in the sun
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  12. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

  13. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

  14. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

  15. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

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  16. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

  17. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

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  18. ShellyFM

    ShellyFM Recovering night owl and blue light addict!

    Ah, I can see how that's confusing. So, I first developed them after my daughter was born. Then when I got pregnant with my son, they got better in the 3rd trimester and didn't reappear until he was about 2 years old, around the time he started weaning off nursing. It is now once again as bad as it was before getting pregnant with my son. He is now almost 3 years old.

    I have and continue to do all the pelvic exercises. I've seen multiple therapists, one that has been very good but stopped seeing patients due to C19. I always assumed that it was hormonally linked somehow since they seemed to be related to childbirth and weaning.
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  19. ShellyFM

    ShellyFM Recovering night owl and blue light addict!

    I don't know as I've never had a genetic test done. My mother is Polish and father is almost entirely Italian. I have extremely dark brown hair and eyes and my Fitzpatrick skin type is probably a 3 or 4 from what I can tell from reading the descriptions.
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  20. ShellyFM

    ShellyFM Recovering night owl and blue light addict!

    My husband thinks I’ve lost it because I found a roll of red tape and have been using it to cover up the plastic night lights he put around our house a long time ago. It’s probably not as good as the real red lights but seems like a pretty cheap hack for what we already have! I also used the tape to cover up the indicator light on his cpap machine and the one on the air purifier while we sleep.

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