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share lunch box ideas for kids!?

Discussion in 'Optimal Kids' started by smithangels@comcast.net, Mar 14, 2012.

  1. My girls are in K and 1st. My 1st grader gets made fun of, regarding her (my) lunch choices. Tuna is too "smelly" apparently.

    I am having a hard time finding great ideas for LR (or at least paleo) type food (and snacks for mid-morning) for school.

    I will post the few things I can think of in the morning - brain is not working too well tonight, it is late :)

    Oh, and I use F.lux blue-blocking addon to my Firefox browser (free) to block blue light at night (if you are wondering what I am doing at the laptop this late at night, LOL).

    Warm regards,

  2. fabbecky

    fabbecky New Member

    I would love to get some more lunch box ideas myself :)

    For my 4yr old who goes to an all day pre-school/headstart program that includes breakfast, lunch, snack I have started packing some of the following:

    Coconut milk berry smoothie w/ egg (raw, pasteurized, to make sure he gets protein). He loves his breakfast milkshakes :)

    grapes, baby carrots, cucumber slices, ranch dip (homemade with no extra junk) hot dogs, sausages, yogurt (this is a big one for him, he loves Greek yogurt and I pack one for him every day) cocoa covered almonds (again, homemade so I control ingredients). I am still having trouble getting it all eaten every day, but he does really love this stuff. I am waiting on pins and needles for the Paleo Parents Eat Like A Dinosaur to come out later this month to get more ideas for lunches and dinners and everything else. I am planning on read it with my monkey boy and have him start helping me more in the kitchen.
  3. Shijin13

    Shijin13 Guest

    salami and cream cheese roll ups! salami, yesterday afternoon my kids clipped off the remainder of some carrots. I make lamb liver/ground beef burgers and the kids can't get enough of them! THey've had 2 servings of liver this week and dd asked why we didn't have mommy's burgers more often!!!

    hard boiled eggs, sardines, oysters etc... my kids will pretty much eat anything we put infront of them... the favorite veggies are KAle, collards, broccoli greens and broccoli - 1/2 the time dh and I don't get any!
  4. My 7 year old LOVES salads loaded with meat and hard boiled eggs and cucumbers. I have started making all of our dressing homemade. It's so easy, cheap, and much healthier!

    I make my own yogurt with full fat milk and strain the whey off, so it's like greek yogurt. I add berries to it and my kids love it.

    Wish I could come up with more snack and treat ideas!
  5. jeepifer@gmail.com

    jeepifer@gmail.com New Member

    @Trisha, save the whey and use it to make your own pickled foods (asparagus, pickles, green beans) -- it's very easy!

    My girls are 6 and 8, in K and 2nd grade, and I'm getting, "Mom, it's not COOL to bring your lunch." Aargh! My little daughter makes decent choices most of the time, but my older girl will eat chicken nuggets all day, every day if given the option.

    Great ideas here, now working on them to mitigate the peer pressure!
  6. nyika

    nyika New Member

    I don't give tuna for the kids (for their rank on the food chain), but mini omelette's are easy to fold up with whatever filling, I also love making egg cups/mini frittatas in a muffin tray, they are great and very easy to pack in lunch boxes. Can be made with anything really...veggies, meat, whatnot.

    Mini omelettes?

    Egg cups/vegetable/fish/meat muffins?

    What about oven baked/or fried almond crusted chicken popcorns?

    Grilled/almond crusted fish and carrot chips?

    Avocado dip and sliced veggies?


    Kebabs rolled in ham/letture ? Anything rolled in ham/lettuce?

    Paleo nut balls made with coconut oil? (nut free schools might don't allow these)

    Coconut manna for desert flavoured with chocolate/cinnamon/vanilla/berries?

    I made Paleo bread the other day (we don't really eat bread, but if it makes life easier for kids when everyone has sandwiches around it might be the thing) of heaps of eggwhites and almond meal and inedible fibre (for the texture) I used few whole eggs iand few whites only. You can put banana into the batter with coconut cream (for banana bread) or chopped olives and herbs.

    Lightly toasted and so easy to pack for lunch.

    A lot of schools are nut free, so you might won't be able to make it with almond meal, but the other day I made banana bread with coconut flour and it turned out fine, though a bit too light in texture. SO I guess any banana bread recipe with no banana in it could be turned into a plain bread recipe and then you can make a sandwich?

    This is something I didn't do for a while, but now I might do it once in a while.

  7. I've made pickles before, but never used whey. Does it enhance the pickles somehow?
  8. jeepifer@gmail.com

    jeepifer@gmail.com New Member

    I typically strain the whey out of greek yogurt, and use it with my veggies. I think I'm going to pickle some asparagus and maybe some green beans this weekend, using this recipe: http://www.healthhomehappy.com/2011/03/homemade-pickled-asparagus.html
  9. fabbecky

    fabbecky New Member

    I love making homemade Greek yogurt! So very very good... I need to figure out how to make it with coconut milk now, because I need to cut out dairy.

  10. If you find out, let me know! I'd like to do that too. But, I'd still have to make the dairy yogurt for my 7 year old because he doesn't seem to like anything coconut :(
  11. Mud Flinger

    Mud Flinger New Member

    Don't forget the cool lunch boxes from lunchbots for kids that are tired of bringing home food. Sometimes the package can make the sale!

    My son loves meat roll ups with cheese inside and fruit in his lunch (he still wont eat many veges). If your kids are begging for lunchables (luckily my son has no idea what these are), maybe add a few rice crackers as they have some baked ones out there that don't contain other bad stuff (if you occasionally allow rice). Sometimes it's about limiting the worse choices and allowing a bit of less than perfect (don't let perfect be the enemy of good).
  12. omlh@todmi.com

    omlh@todmi.com New Member

    I don't make a packed lunch for my children any more as they are at boarding school, but when I did make them, I would include some of the following: steamed asparagus spears wrapped in prosciutto or smoked salmon (I used to live near a place that smoked their own salmon, so I'd get trimmings cheaply and freeze them!), tuna mayo with home-made mayo and sliced spring onions/scallions, with slices of red pepper to dip into it, meatballs, mini burgers, Scotch eggs made with quail's eggs and rolled in sesame seeds instead of breadcrumbs, chicken kebabs, chicken in pimento mayonnaise (home-made mayo with pureed roast red peppers and roast garlic mixed in) in little gem lettuce boats, frittata, smoked salmon roulade (smoked salmon wrapped around home-made smoked salmon pate), home-made vegetable crisps/chips, angels on horseback (prunes wrapped in bacon then baked until the bacon is crispy), etc .... a thermos filled with home-made vegetable soup was also generally a winner!
  13. ChristineKleiber

    ChristineKleiber New Member

    First rule of a great lunch for kids is a BAB! If you really push the breakfast, the lunch becomes less important. Ditto with a well done dinner at home. If you have those two bookends, you have great insulation for that lunch you can't supervise so closely.
  14. I agree. . .we even were so abusive as to make a few dinners in a row he wasn't that thrilled with (some with new veggies or something) so he was super hungry in the a.m., and started loading him up on the BAB! I've noticed, although I pack the required 2 snacks, many days he doesn't touch them. Of course they are things he's not that thrilled with like coconut flakes with some dark chocolate.

    My son is 5, almost 6 - and he makes his own scrambled eggs now. That's been so much fun.

    My lunch tricks - I ordered a boatload of fun toothpicks with sparkles, monkeys, umbrellas etc on the end. I then make little kebobs of whatever meats are around, and serve it with "ranch dip", also in a little 2 ounce plastic cup. Presentation is everything I think.

    Our ranch dip consists of Ranch Dip spices from Penzy's Spices mixed with either yogurt mixed with oil, or mixed right in the raw heavy cream.

    The other thing is I can make a boatload of meatballs in advance. . meat + processed spinach and it's a green meatball.

    I loved sushi from way back, and made a point of taking him as soon as he could eat - so he's old hat at raw fish. In time emergencies I pick up a sushi lunch and figure a little white rice now and then will have to be dealt with.

    My biggest frustration is his school has "pizza friday" every other week, so ALLLLLL the kids get to eat Dominoes pizza. I have not had the heart to deny him that, so he's getting wheat once every couple of weeks. I'm really looking forward to this summer to try and break that one.

    When "treats" are needed (rarely) we do the almond flour cookies and stuff. It's still got too much sugar, but I figure a little honey or maple syrup can be processed by a few hours outside.
  15. Mom

    Mom New Member

    I love this idea! Thanks!
  16. fabbecky

    fabbecky New Member

    Love your tips/tricks. I have been making ranch dressing with Paleo mayo, coconut milk, and dried herbs/spices (garlic, onion, parsley, sea salt, dash of cayenne pepper). My 2 yr old said about it last night "yummy, so good!"

    For my 2yr old, he would eat "eggies" at every single meal if I let him. And yogurt, with almond butter. Or last night, he grabbed a stick of butter out of the fridge, unwrapped it, and started eating it like a candy bar. And cried when I took it away.
  17. MJ*

    MJ* New Member

    I agree with this, I have noticed in the last couple of days since upping the protein in the morning, that some things are coming home uneaten from lunch...
  18. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    bacon......1/2 pound. its a staple. Beef jerky home made......then left over meat in a glass container and heat it up.......its what my kids eat.
  19. MJ*

    MJ* New Member

    We'll get there but it will be slow with my daughter, just a couple of years ago she'd chew her chicken (would not evan eat red meat), suck out the juice, store it in her cheeks and then spit it out 20 minutes later, our man child on the other hand loves meat, for him it should be much easier! I do see increased protein in the morning helping...
  20. ChristineKleiber

    ChristineKleiber New Member

    Yes. Cook bacon for breakfast one day and send the left overs in the lunch the next day. I actually bought a bacon press today so those annoying curls go away!

    Thanks for the reminder that I really need to demand a dehydrator for Mother's Day.

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