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Seth Nelson’s explorations

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Seth Nelson, Aug 22, 2019.

  1. Seth Nelson

    Seth Nelson New Member

    That is actually pretty funny. Because I am the organist at First Baptist Church here in San Antonio. And yes, my organ gets plenty of time in the sun. Sunrise, UVB, and sunset. That’s part of why I was surprised by my low labs. According to Dminder, I’m getting at least 20K IU most days, and my levels should be about 112ng/ml. I suspect maybe the app is just doing a poor job of estimating. But I still intend to re-test soon.
  2. Seth Nelson

    Seth Nelson New Member

    Another round of D testing came back. Dminder estimated me at 91ng/ml, but the sample came back at 70. Maybe that’s as much as my body wants? To reach my goal of 80, Dminder says I should be getting 7,500 IUs daily. As the summer heats up, I am being conservative in my sun exposure, but still generally get between 8-10k IUs.

    Here is my Vitamin D testing history:

    2020.07.13. 69ng/ml (Dminder was estimating 91)
    2020.06.29. 71.2 (Dminder was estimating 92)
    2020.04.03. 70
    2020.04.03. 69 (Grassroots; Dminder was estimating 107)
    2020.03.17. 49 (Everlywell; Dminder was estimating 103)
    2019.10.22. 72.2
    2019.09.12. 66
    2019.06.20. 55.3ng/ml

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