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Set back

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by pascale ahmad, May 20, 2016.

  1. pascale ahmad

    pascale ahmad Trixibelle

    I had to take one for the team this week! At work our partners from China were in town to sign two very big contracts. This meant three days of solid meetings in blue light and freezing AC, obviously couldn't wear my blue blockers. Every day ending with a sit down dinner way past sunset, no control over the food and copious amounts of alcohol. The Chinese, who were on top form, kept cheering "bottoms up" throughout every dinner and I had to indulge in chugging a few, under the watchful eyes of my boss. Didn't get my regular dose of sun either. I am not bloated like crazy. Not quite got back to my routine yet, woke up a bit too late for sunset this morning and it was already to hot to sit out. Drinking lots of coconut water, it feels like the right thing. Tomorrow I have to make sure I don't miss sunset and get a good dose of sun gazing and grounding. Hopefully I can turn this around quickly.

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