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serum IgE flagged as High, antigen as of yet unknown

Discussion in 'Optimal Labs' started by Hope2Learn, Jan 16, 2015.

  1. Hope2Learn

    Hope2Learn We are all connected.

    Earlier I was at a pre-BHRT gyn appointment and my doctor had my health records up on her screen to show me something. I noticed my allergy RAST blood test results were in (but not yet available on my own online health portal). She was kind enough to go over them with me. Unfortunately, my GP did not specify they do the FOOD allergy RAST, so they only tested danders, mites/roaches, penicillin, and pollens.


    I was not allergic to any of those BUT my serum IgE was flagged high nonetheless at 142 (reference range: < 115 IU/mL).

    I have known for awhile that I am allergic to shellfish because I had a terrible reaction to clams once and had to go to the hospital when my throat closed and my body rejected the food in every way it knew how (*eek*).. but I do not know specifically what kind, or what other seafood is included in this allergy. But because it causes anaphylaxis, I need to know precisely before I begin trying to find sources of DHA to add into my diet.

    Anaphylaxis is bad enough but I am also allergic to benadryl, so cannot use that in case of a problem, and we live half an hour from the nearest hospital. When calling 911 years ago for my husband, we learned that too has about a 10-15 minute wait before response by volunteer EMTs who I would rather not have do an emergency tracheotomy on me...

    Anyway, you can see why it is imperative that I find out exactly what I'm allergic to WITHOUT doing a food challenge or even a skin test, because I have such bad reactions to whatever shellfish it is that I react to. (I am seeing my doctor about an epi pen on the 22nd so that I will at least have SOME sort of emergency response option.)

    SO, for anyone who stuck with me this long to see what my question actually is, here you go:

    Does the presence of serum IgE mean that I was recently exposed to whichever antigen my body is reacting to?


    will it ALWAYS be present now regardless of whether recently exposed because my body is now primed and ready with little waiting soldiers regardless of the presence of the antigen?

    I know I did not eat any shellfish or seafood prior to my test (which was done after 12 hours of fasting because I also had a lipid test that morning).

    So now I am wondering if this means I must also have some OTHER food allergy..?

    Many thanks to any who can help me to figure this one out, seeing as how I do not currently have an open allergy tests going on and I don't know any more now than I did before this particular bout of testing, yeesh.. LOL!

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