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Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by indigogirl, May 24, 2012.

  1. indigogirl

    indigogirl Silver

  2. Great resource thanks!
  3. indigogirl

    indigogirl Silver

    Jennifer, how do you reply with more than one quote? I've tried to do it and can't figure it out.

    youthfuliz's and Souldanzer's ideas make a lot of sense.
  4. indigogirl

    indigogirl Silver

    BAB: yes

    Caffeine : yes, iced coffee @ 12:00

    LUNCH: yes

    SLEEP: not good, restless...had sugar last night

    Had a long phone conversation with my GYN's PA about all my issues. They are ordering more blood work based on my complaints. Will hold off the bloodwork until I see my new/old internist on July 26 so we can figure out what bloodwork she wants and do it all at once.

  5. To the right of the "reply w quote" button is a button for multiple quotes. Click on that for each quite u want to reply to then hit "reply to thread" at bottom left
  6. indigogirl

    indigogirl Silver

  7. indigogirl

    indigogirl Silver

    This from the comment section of Jack's latest blog. If this doesn't give me pause about eating sugar, wheat and dairy nothing will. Seems like I'm playing Russian roulette...

    Bob Smith Says:

    June 17th, 2012 at 2:33 pm

    @Paul- That’s interesting about YAP1. It provides a pathway from mRNA to nuclear DNA. Assessed, it helps answer one of many “how” questions about cancer. Other pathways are better for answering “Why”.

    Recently a massive meta study showed what anyone watching already knew. It showed that people with type 2 diabetes are between 2 and 5 times as likely to have 24 of the 25 studied major types of cancer than the general population, a population which includes a large segment of type 2 diabetics.

    Ballparked, the cancer incidence among type 2 diabetics is roughly 3.5 times as great as the cancer incidence among non-type 2 diabetics. That, my friends, is a smoking gun. If you want to develop cancer you should first try and develop type 2 diabetes. The rest should take care of itself.

    Type 2 diabetes is largely the result of consuming volatile sugars along with proteins, flavonoids and opiates from foods like wheat. The pathways are pretty well nailed down. Sugar grows intestinal microorganisms. Opiates dull the immune system while, at the same time, mimicking the proteins displayed by the microorganisms. The immune system makes the intestinal walls porous. The partially digested opiates, sugars, flavonoids and proteins flow into the bloodstream, and wreck havoc all over the body.

    Type 2 diabetes is characterized by insulin resistance. Opiates from wheat and other plant foods mimic insulin. They clog up insulin receptors, and prevent cells from consuming blood glucose. Cells starve. The blood increasingly fills with glucose, and elicits ever higher levels of insulin.

    Cancer represents portions of the body ceasing their normal toil. Cells cease to consume food for the performance of specialized tasks, and instead consume food for the creation of useless tissue. Human cells perform this transformation when insulin resistance causes them to abandon their normal diet of glucose.

    Cells are protected from assault by tissue transglutaminase (TTG), a protein in the extracellular matrix (ECM). Ingested flavonoids attack and destroy tissue transglutaminase, leaving cells unprotected. Unprotected cells, starved by insulin resistance, start importing and burning flavonoids for fuel. Unfortunately flavonoids do not lend themselves well to being burned for energy.

    Glutamate is the most commonly consumed flavonoid. Glutamate is so essential to cancer transformation that many cancers produce their own glutamate. Wheat is roughly 1/4 glutamate.

    PKM2 is a catalyst which tells cells why to burn fuel …..whether to burn it for energy or for the creation of tissue. As shown above type 2 diabetes fills the blood with glucose and makes cells starve for glucose. The glucose gradient across outer cell walls causes cells to redirect the aggregation of PKM2. The insulin-resistance form of PKM2 causes cells to start creating tissue.

    Cells start creating randomly mutated tissue, combining human DNA with whatever proteins happen to be hanging around in the cytosol. From this point evolution takes over. In order to survive, mutated cells must feed themselves, reproduce, and avoid the body’s immune system. Unsuccessful cancer cells die. Successful cancer cells survive and form tumors.

    In a nutshell …..When human cells use fuel for energy, they use mitochondria to make ATP. Then they burn the ATP. When cancer cells use glucose to create tissue, they ferment it directly. The cancer transformation starts with human cells in a glucose-charged environment. Because of insulin resistance the human cells cannot use the glucose. The cancer transformation replaces human cells with cells which can use the glucose.

    There are very few differences in the “why” pathways from one type of cancer to another. For avoiding cancer our challenge is to end the insulin resistance and the glucose buildup. We do this by eliminating opiates from foods like grassy grains, dairy and legumes, eliminating flavonoids like glutamate and aspartate, eliminating fructose, and boosting our intake of meat and fats.
  8. Lyndra

    Lyndra Gold

    Yeah, this whole blog series is going to be a reality check and time to decide to really tighten up. I thought I was doing well and then had a few spoonfuls of soup last night that I later found had been thickened with flour. Every day we get another chance to do right. I think the blog series is going to increase my motivation even more.
  9. indigogirl

    indigogirl Silver

    The last week has been a complete food free fall, or should I say free for all.

    I am meeting this morning with a C.H.E.C.K. Trainer to be evaluated and start an exercise program. http://www.chekinstitute.com/About/.

    My husband works with him and he is my older son's friend from H.S.

    He is an excellent trainer (no chronic cardio for him!), eats according to WAPF.

    This is step # 1.

    Step # 2 is that I am going to start working with someone to stop my self sabotage. He is NOT a clinically trained therapist (BTDT), has an excellent track record and will not tolerate BS.

    I have stopped my food free fall. It was fun, I felt like **** and it is over.
  10. PaulaRichards

    PaulaRichards New Member

    How is it going?
  11. indigogirl

    indigogirl Silver

    Hi Paula,

    Food is iffy.

    I am stretching and doing deep tissue work by lying on and leaning into a lacrosse ball and some different size foam rollers. Also leisurely riding my recumbent bike to get my lymph system moving.

    Feeling better.
  12. indigogirl

    indigogirl Silver

  13. chocolate

    chocolate Silver

    Can you try just drinking liquid? Salty lemonade is very satisfying to me. It has a taste and its energizing. You could probably put an oil in it. And mint.... I put stuff in the freezer and pull it out and sip on it as it thaws. You could lay against your carotids off and on all day, too. It really does help.
  14. indigogirl

    indigogirl Silver

    Hey chocolate...I am eating...when I said not eating well I should have clarified. I'm bingeing on sweets,in addition to my Paleo meals.

    I am eating, just not healthfully.

    Thanks for your concern, though.

    Your drink sounds refreshing :)

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