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Septoplasty preparation

Discussion in 'Ask Jack' started by enyaw, Aug 7, 2021.

  1. enyaw

    enyaw Gold

    I'm having a septoplasty next month to fix a deviated septum. What prep work should I do in the days/weeks before the procedure and what should I do following? Are face dunks okay before and after? Intranasal red light?
  2. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    I had all kinds of colds, heavy (green) (chunky) mucus, flues, infections, until after college. I was working then repairing chemical installations.
    At about 26 yo I had my deviated septum done.
    It was supposed to be the same day, in and out of surgery.
    Ended staying in the hospital bed for a week. No room was scheduled for me, my bed was in the corridor.
    About a week later I went back to get out the packing.
    About another week later went back to work.
    A couple of days later I realized that I do not have a sense of smell. Nobody warned me about that possibility.
    Not pretty when I was in close proximation of open old chlorine and ammonia installations, that my peoples repaired.
    How I have not got into trouble then, still not sure. But I am usually lucky.

    That was in Poland.
    In the USA, my daughter had problems that I recognized. She had deviated septum.
    She had to suffer until she stopped growing.
    Her surgery went rather uneventful (easy for me to say).
    Definitely much fewer infections after surgery.
    I discovered problems with my sense of smell when I realized that I do not smell aftershave.
    I rarely use aftershave, this time I did.


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