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Senobi breathing

Discussion in 'Adrenal Rx and Leaky Gut Rx' started by skline@peak.org, May 26, 2012.

  1. skline@peak.org

    skline@peak.org New Member

    My sister just sent me a pdf of a Japanese article about "Senobi breathing" as a treatment for obesity.

    It's too big to attach. (1.21 mb) but I think you can download it from this link:


    It talks about obese people having blunted hormone responses and "neuroadrenergic abnormalities".

    Apparently this breathing exercise (which is easy) warms up brown fat and improves growth hormone response.

    Has anyone else tried this? Has there been a discussion of it here, which I just missed?
  2. Melinda

    Melinda New Member

    It was brought up in the comments to CPC#4. Dr. K said he'd look into it. I've been doing it before meals and anytime I feel mental hunger when I shouldn't. I think it helps me feel calm but way too early to quantify.
  3. skline@peak.org

    skline@peak.org New Member

    Thanks, Melinda! I'll go check the comments of CPC#4, which should take awhile, but is sure to yield other interesting ideas. And starting today I'll try this several times a day and see what comes of it.

    I think that overcoming metabolic syndrome may end up (for me, at least) like putting together a jigsaw puzzle. One little piece, another little piece -- oops, that's the wrong place, try again -- and eventually the picture begins to emerge in little chunks.
  4. janagram

    janagram New Member

    this is a winner...I will do it when I greet the sun in the morning. (no not at sunrise, just when I get up). A Lot like sun salutation.
  5. Melinda

    Melinda New Member

    I'm doing the hunt and peck method myself. I know testing is the best plan forward but money and circumstances have that on hold for now. I'm keeping a daily chart of some metrics that are important to me i.e. energy, mental clarity, amount and quality of sleep, CT etc...so if I add something or change something, I can attribute it to a part of the protocol.

    It's at comment #147 at CPC#4
  6. skline@peak.org

    skline@peak.org New Member

    Thanks, Melinda, that will save me some time.

    I keep a log, with daily weight (in spite of everyone dissing the scale, I think I know how to keep from overreacting), BG in the a.m. and sometimes other times of day, roughly what I ate, and other factors which might be affecting sleep, weight, soreness, digestion, etc.

    I know that testing would give a lot of numbers and maybe some good information -- on the other hand, one would have to keep doing it to see if one's responses to it were working; it's expensive; and like everything else in life, it has an error rate. So I do a little testing like with the glucometer, but put off the major lab reports.

    If I were coming up to an appointment with Doc, I'd test like mad, because he would know what to do about the results. As it is, I try this and that and see how things go. We are analog systems and not digital, after all. I think it's more valuable to try doing without gluten for a month than to get tested for the antibodies to it while still eating it. Results don't lie. .... well, often.
  7. skline@peak.org

    skline@peak.org New Member

    YES, that's true! I hadn't thought of that.

    I used to do the sun salutation years ago, but somehow fell out of the habit. Now I think I'll do it as soon as I go outside into the garden in the morning. Only I'll hold the stretch a lot longer than I used to. The morning cool should help it work, too.

  8. Do you have info on where to find HOW to do this breathing exercise?
  9. Melinda

    Melinda New Member

  10. skline@peak.org

    skline@peak.org New Member

    The Japanese article (in pdf) describes how it is done -- it isn't hard.

    Go to comment 147 of the CPC#4 -- there's a link to it there. Turns out that's where my sister got it to begin with.

    Here's John h's comment:

    @ Hi Jack , this may or may not be useful or trigger a more useful line of thought….

    came across this Japanese simple method to balance the para and sympathetic nerve tone, that only appears to work in those (that I assume to be) leptin resistant.

    It triggers some thoughts in my mind about about the cartoon of our evolution to becoming biped and of the stoop of current homo sapiens sedentary. Its idea seems to be in your patch of the brain woods!

  11. skline@peak.org

    skline@peak.org New Member

    Doc answered that he was trying it with a kettleball, but wasn't getting results. Of course, since the article said that the growth hormone, etc. only changed in those who were obese (and therefore almost certainly leptin resistant) and the normal controls didn't have any changes, it would be expected that Doc wouldn't see any results from trying it.

    I'm doing it several times a day for about a half minute. I'll increase time over the next week or so. As summer advances, I'll be sure to do it outdoors very early in the morning, so I get the advantage of whatever coolness there is. We're having a very cold and wet spring in western Oregon, which is helpful for me, especially this year, though not for plants like tomatoes.
  12. kathylu

    kathylu Gold

    I'll definitely try this. It seems easy to do.

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