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Seeking Transformation: Ravi's Journal

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Ravi Sandhu, Mar 21, 2021.

  1. My orthodontist gave me an oral device called the myobrace which I will use for sleep and also for 2hrs in the day. I will monitor the effects.

    Also my Emr-Tek device arrived.

    I will use this as much as possible lol, it will be good. I like it!

    Jan, I contacted Dr Marcus for his opinion on mental performance, brain fog, anxiety. I will have some further dialogue with him.


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  2. While your taking time off, have you considered -> X3 Bar Workout with Dr Jaquish-Does the X3 Bar Actually Work?!
  3. Hi @John Schumacher ! Looks like I will have to restart CT, I have done a lot of it, but will implement it again :D

    So first night wearing the myobrace. I woke up today before my alarm, so at 5:35am, feeling great, rested and motivated. I got up at 6am with my alarm and did a core workout, and then went outside to see the sunrise.

    I have had a persistent dry tongue upon waking for about 7 years, and despite mouth taping, breathwork daily, and being a habitual nasal breather in the day time hours, at night something happens and I wake up with a dry tongue.

    The myobrace doesn't allow this, as it retrains tongue posture. We swallow and things like this during sleep and if the tongue posture is poor, it will create mouth breathing. The myobrace keeps everything where it needs to be, and this was the first morning in many years where I woke up without a dry tongue, the tongue was pink and healthy looking, as opposed to dry and white like it usually is.

    This is positive for my health I am sure.

    Bodyweight was 211.0lbs this morning, its coming down, I will be at 200lbs before we know it, and then the goal will be 185lbs!

    I will be skinny at that stage as I am 6 ft 5, and I must hold on to the muscle I have, frankly I would like to build way more muscle but must lose all the fat first.

    John I found that bar quite interesting. I am taking a further week off the gym but I do intend to keep building myself up in the gym to get a foundation. Thereafter I may transition away into some training I can do outdoors!

    Thanks all beloved mitochodriacs, hope you are all well. Inspired by my friend I am doing some work on improving my singing, I have played guitar for 11 years but singing is just a fun thing I do with that, I am not someone who has taken it seriously but my friend told me I could improve if I work at it so why not :D

  4. @Ravi Sandhu – Please consider starting you morning in prayer & meditation <- not a workout.

    Let's go into a little detail -> Sunlight Therapy.

    As you know, your sunrise therapy is most critical for programming all your hormones. Make sure you do not expose your skin nor eyes to another light before the sun rises -> this includes your devices. This first light exposure sets your biological clock, light is at the top of Dr. Jack Kruse's protocols.

    May I suggest, fully exposing yourself towards the sunrise. The moisture on the ground or grass will conduct Earth's voltage. You are positively charged; you need Earth's negative charge. Human myelin sheaths begin in your feet and travel throughout your body into your head. These myelin sheaths conduct not just electrical potential but photons. Allow the light to enter your eyes, look up, down, to either side. Spend time in each eye location, allowing the light to hit different aspects of the back of your eyes. Feel the chill of the morning over your body, allow the chill to move up your spine and into your head. With your palms relaxed at your sides, turned towards the sun, take a deep breathe through a partially open mouth to a count of around eight seconds, then exhale gently through your noise. Your chest is high, your shoulders rolled back behind you, your feet are hip width apart, your knees slightly bent, your hips directly under you, your lower lumbar is in a natural curve. Take 15 deep breaths through your partially opened mouth, exhaling naturally through your noise. You can forcefully inhale, but calmly exhale. When you have completed 15 breaths, take a powerful complete inhale and hold it, squeeze the muscles in your pelvic floor, draw you belly bottom to your spine, move & feel your "energy" move up your spine, push it into your head, focus your attention to the middle of your head and squeeze. Hold your breath, squeezing as hard as you can. When your body's had enough, let go, gently exhale, allow the "energy" you pushed into your head to flow up out the top of your head, breathe in deeply and exhale gently. When you're ready do it again, do another for a total of three sets of 15 breaths. When completed, become aware of how your skin feels in the morning air again. While keeping your focus on the mild of you head and the sensation you pushed there, allow yourself to be grateful. There are two ways to do this -> (first) think of tangible things you are grateful for, (second) think of those in our life you are grateful for; your goal is to feel gratitude <- this is healing. It is the Energy-In-Motion (emotion) that has the power restore you. As you inhale, imagine you're pulling up through your feet - Earth's energy into your body; when you exhale imagine you're returning this energy back; with each inhale, imagine you're able to pull more; with each exhale, see with your mind's eye your energy moving deeper and deeper into the Earth; allow it to completely fill the Earth <- you are connected.

    Grandpa John
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  5. Sara S

    Sara S New Member

    Your fighting spirit is really inspiring Ravi :)
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  6. Cold Therapy - How about a randomized control trial - https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6334714/

    We know improving vagal tone and increasing in cardiac-vagal activation -> result in higher heart rate variability and lower heart rate.

    It is the cold temperature aspect of water which causes superficial cold receptors to be innervated by the ophthalmic branch of the trigeminal nerve, which promotes a parasympathetic reactivation and cardiac-vagal activity of the diving reflex.


    During these times of uncertainty - Nature is calling us to immerse ourselves in her cold embrace.

    May we learn to surrender and trust her wisdom.
    Grandpa John
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    I have dropped more weight on Leptin RX, now at 209lbs, will post my body update in 3 weeks, hopefully will be 200lbs or under for then.

    I am working hard, using my red light device all day, getting outside for 2hrs a day minimum (its cold in England now lol), and also following John's post above, I started CT again!

    Will keep healing and building myself up. I think my Mum may be going to India in a few weeks, and I will try to go with her. If I am able to go with her, I will just be in a small village for 3 weeks, outdoors ALL day, grounding all day, doing nothing but read books about our subject matter.

    It would be very healing for me. I still need to build myself up a lot.

    But I am doing the work.

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  8. Oh, I ran my 23&Me a while ago:

    maternal haplogroup is M2b1
    paternal haplogroup is L-M357
  9. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    You are currently residing where the upper red line is.
    Just look at the pictures. (Also note that your dad is L).
    Seeking an environment that is healthier for you, You should likely move below the southern red line. Sri Lanka or only slightly north of it. Or similar latitude elsewhere.




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  10. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    It may take some time before you will figure out where you will migrate (the first time).
    In the meantime, you may want to try this setup (16 minutes or later 32 minutes daily)(touching Sperti'sor really close to them).
    Half time (8 min) front, then back. Or divide by 4.

    Two or three Red Sperti stack up vertically. The middle Sperti at the level of your navel
    Two large EMR
    lamps, on the side of Sperti's. Lit when Sperti is lit.


    When using this setup do not supplement with vit D.
    After 2-3 months check your vit D.

    Your goal is
    250 nmol/L = 100.16 ng/mL
    or higher
    Note, practically you cannot achieve levels higher than healthy.
    For peace of mind follow this:

    Give time for your eyes and skin to adjust, at first be about a foot from these lamps.

    (When I use Sperti I do not look at the lamp but I do not wear glasses.)

    Last edited: Oct 5, 2021
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  11. Thanks for your posts mitochondriacs!!!

    I am going to start creating this set up @JanSz

    Right now, I only have the EMR-Tek device, the smaller one.

    I will get the EMR Inferno, and also a Sperti Red Lamp. I am glad there is no import duty on the EMR device, that is AMAZING, but the Sperti lamp carries with it an import duty. So be it. Once my brain mitochondria are working well, like they used to, I will be able to work furiously, be successful, and keep growing to my highest potential.

    I will work towards the set up you describe here Jan, but for now, I will start with 1 Speti and also the EMR Tek red lamp. Thank you as always my friend I truly appreciate your knowledge and support, and you know I will work very hard on all the action we discuss.

    I have been doing CT every day since Grandpa John's post. MAN, I am LOVING IT! CT really helps with my brain function, and makes me so excited that I could get my former excellent brain back.

    After doing CT, when I use my EMR Tek device, it feels GREAT.

    Note: My brain is still getting way better, and my anxiety is lower, but I am going for OPTIMAL here and I work towards this EVERY SINGLE DAY. No excuses.

    Furthemore, I have began using indoor earthing devices. I am using an earthing mat for sleep, and also, when working at my laptop, I am using an eating mat that goes under the feet.

    More electrons = more life.

    I am also consuming DHA.

    I will continue to rebuild and regenerate. I am going to really amp up the CT. This has been great for me. I am going to experiment with 1hr of CT a day. That will be 25 mins of cold head dunks, in the sink, with 4 ice packs, and then 35mins in the bathtub, full of cold water, and 5 ice packs! I will take the temp of the water using my thermometer, the one I use for my body temp daily, and I will report back to you all.

    Today, I am travelling to see some friends in the North of England, and will be spending the weekend in their farm, outdoors, telling them about my journey with Light, Water and Magentism!!

    Best wishes,
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  12. Also, long term, I totally understand that travelling, relocating, and expanding my horizons are on the agenda! I will keep building myself up biologically and keep moving to where I will be at my best.

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  13. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    I do not know how you are supporting yourself financially.
    From pov of leading a nomadic type of life, it would be a good idea to have an income on the move.
    One way, that is currently supported by @Jack Kruse, is to invest your maximum available resources into bitcoin.
    Shortly @DrEttinger is planning to have hands-on courses on details on how to deal with wallets (on his Patreon site).
    Possibly DrEttinger, reading this, will be willing to add more details on his plans in this area, and how to get that information.
    Depending on your personal skills in that area you may want to either learn or teach others in that regard.
    Personally, currently, I am not comfortable in the area of wallets, so I am invested in GBTC.


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  14. DrEttinger

    DrEttinger Choice, the only thing we control

    How To, Why, and Where: Bitcoin Ownership

    Bitcoin Introduction (If needed): Why you shouldn't sell your Bitcoin for the next 100 years | Interview with Michael Saylor

    1. Open an account at Swan - https://www.swanbitcoin.com/DrMarcusEttinger (free gift - Yan Pritzker’s Inventing Bitcoin
    2. Buy Bitcoin
    3. Set-up Daily Cost Averaging (DCA) via your Swan account (weekly or monthly withdrawals from your bank account) for a set amount to buy Bitcoin every week or month
    4. Buy (2) Trezor Model T's - Not your keys, not your Bitcoin
    5. Open an account with Unchained Capital (UC) Concierge Onboarding - "Our White-glove Vault Concierge Service takes the stress out of sovereign bitcoin custody. Every package comes with a 1-hour video session from a vault concierge specialist, with step-by-step vault set-up instructions and best-practice operational security tips."
    $1,250 – what’s included?
    1. Onboarding call with a vault specialist
    2. Recover-from-seed-phrase training
    3. Exclusive continuing education webinars
    4. Ongoing support
    5. $1,000 of bitcoin
    6. Once you have a million or more Satochis accumulated in your Swan account transfer them to your vault at UC.
    7. HODL - Never sell your Bitcoin
    8. Watch - Mark Moss's, "Michael Saylor's Strategy to Retire Off of Bitcoin | Tax-Free Wealth" How to Borrow and live off your Bitcoin without ever selling your Bitcoin. This can be done through your Unchained Capital account.
    Last edited: Oct 9, 2021
  15. Hi Mitochondriacs!

    Thank you for your posts as ever.

    @JanSz: I work as a Project Manager, and should be starting a new role as a Program Manager, and since the pandemic, I do all my work remotely! This means I can work where I want, and can be in my garden, or inside with all my light devices on :D I have now moved to reduce my work to 20hrs a week, and outside of that, I am building a business. Over time, I'll get the biz working, and will be able to free myself up and keep moving upwards in my journey. I will definitely get the sort of life I want, and will keep building myself up biologically to be able to do this.

    @DrEttinger Thanks so much Dr Marcus! I will get all of this done this week :D

    My bodyweight is dropping down steadily, I was 207.4lbs this morning which is awesome. Remember, I started the forum at 248.8lbs. The stuff we're doing IS WORKING. Soon I will be 200lbs and I’m ready happy about that. My goal is to get to 185lbs, which at my height of 6 ft 5, will be quite skinny, but I will build some muscles up from there.

    I had a GREAT weekend.

    I spent my Sat and Sun with some friends in the North of England, they live in a converted distillery, a 500 year old stone building, and have a farm. It is such a great location and I felt good there. We were outside pretty much the whole time, getting lots of wonderful native light, and we watched the sunrise both days while earthing.

    I felt great overall. The effects were so noticeable. On the drive back to my place, which is 2hrs, I noticed that music in my car just sounded so good – it has not sounded like that for about 10 years! These are often signs to me that my dopamine is increasing, and my brain is healing.

    Following the advice of @JanSz , I have begun to build the light setup reccomended in this thread.

    I purchased 1 Sperti Fiji Lamp (the red one), and also 1 EMR Tek Inferno. Remember, I still have an EMR Tek Firewave device from before.

    So, now, I will have a little lighting rig for myself!

    I will figure out a protocol for my light devices. I will start slow with the Sperti, and follow the advice given in this thread. But with the EMR Tek devices, am I correct in thinking that I can use these devices as much as I wish? At present, I can’t see an issue with this, but I am still learning a lot on my journey as a mitochondriac, so I will check with the forum and continue my own study

    I have the following lab tests here in my home:
    -DUTCH Plus

    Following advice from Jan, as my efforts in the gym were becoming so hard during Leptin RX, I have now spent 2 weeks away from the gym, and this week I will resume training, but I am going to start transitioning away from training in a gym, towards training outdoors with kettlebells, dumbbells, and resistance bands.

    This will help me get an additional hour outside every day.

    I mentioned this before, but I am back into doing CT every day, and it has been really great. It gives me a big boost, and for some time, it really makes a positive impact on my cognitive type symptoms - anxiety is lowered, brain function improved, as well as a boost in mood. I do cold head dunks for 20mins followed by full body CT in the bath for 20mins. It's going good.

    I will make arrangements to complete these lab tests. I will get the results like I said.

    Will keep working with it all. Using the earthing mat for sleep has been interesting I have noticed some things....

    Best wishes,
  16. Just went out for a walk for 4hrs. Felt absolutely brilliant. No devices with me at all, just my house key, and outdoors raising dopamine, healing my mitochondria, and getting tonnes of light.
  17. I wonder if any mitochondriacs are avid runners?

    I am very curious about it, and in the past, I have experienced quite beneficial health effects from it.

    As stated, I haven't been to the gym for 2 weeks, decided to rest up. Today, I did a calisthenics workout, just squats and pushups, and it was not really a pleasant session, was hard work.

    I will migrate my training outdoors, and keep it to 3-4 times a week, maybe just 4 sets of the above two exercises, and that may be that. But I am very drawn towards running right now.

    It did give my brain a boost in the past, it was really noticeable, and there were times when I would finish a session and have the most unbelievable feeling of happiness.

    There was certainly something to it.

    This is something I think could support me at this point in my journey of reaching excellence in brain performance, motivation and productivity.

    I do know of some great transformations of human beings through running, one example being, the incredible David Goggins.

    Tomorrow, I'll go for a 1hr run.

    Best wishes.
  18. Went for that run, it was only 45mins, but I felt good, powerful, lol....I haven't ran in many months, but still had decent cardio. Nose breathing the whole time.

    I did go BEFORE sunrise, which I know is sacrosanct, but as I was running, the sun began coming up, and with it, came the bliss of dopamine.

    Using the EMR Tek Red Light, and a 250w clear incanscent light from before, I am shining these lights on me all day when working and carrying on with life stuff, and I am noticing better mental clarity and performance.

    The Sperti and EMR Tek Inferno will arrive soon, in the next few weeks.

    I am feeling progress, I can tell when I am speaking on the phone for example, my mind is performing a bit better than it was.

    There is something positive going on. Getting DHA every day, of course.

    This is the process of the journey folks, it's all an experiment as we go towards optimal.

    I will read the instructions for the lab tests today and get this all sorted ASAP.

    The light setup Jan recommended is brilliant, I I WILL work towards this, but I will start with baby steps. A picture of my light setup will follow lol.

    I am a GOLD member now so I will jump on the call, speak to you Mitochondriacs and get to know you better, and ask Dr Jack some questions!

    Best wishes,
  19. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    Dr. Kruse's Quantum Biologic PowWow.
    Date: Sunday, October 24, 2021
    Time: 1:00 p.m. PT / 3:00 p.m. CT / 4:00 p.m. ET

    The light setup Jan recommended
    I recomended the 3-Sperti and 2-Inferno
    that you want to minimize the time spend in front of those lamps.
    With Red Sperti (UVA & UVB) you are able to gauge your exposure by how your skin feels (few hours) after the exposure.
    If you feel (even slightly) burned, skip a day or two.
    With heavier burn, skip a week, reduce time in front of those lamps.
    Per dr Wunch, it takes at least a month to get your skin adjusted to this process.
    Eventually, you should not feel anything special hours after exposure.

    Not sure how to gauge exposures to red light.
    Let us know, when you get info on this.

    I had a bad experience with another type of red light. (300 watts).
    I had it at my desk, over my left side, about 2 feet over my head.
    Newer felt anything wrong about it.
    Two weeks later I realized that I burned the left side of my forehead.
    I wouldn't know about it if I have not looked at my face in the mirror.
    The red light I am talking about is this:



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