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Seeking Transformation: Ravi's Journal

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Ravi Sandhu, Mar 21, 2021.

  1. A did a cool biohack today which i think will help me - 60min jog outside wearing shorts and t shirt in England which as you know is far from warm lol, followed by 30 mins in the infrared sauna and then 25 mins CT! I felt great after.

    I think the above will be a good biohack to help me with anxiety, brain function, and mental clarity.

    Right I see. I actually did purchase it and it arrived today! I'll probably go ahead and complete it within the next week.

    I have reviewed your post further, thank you once more! I am not too familiar with testing, and as such, need a bit more help in identifying the particular tests to look further into.

    From my current understanding, I have inferred that the tests I should look into further are the following:
    • Homocysteine

    • Hypothyroidism

    • Insulin Test

    • Vasopressin

    • DUTCH test
    Could you help me furhter by clarifying if I have understood the posts you provided correctly? This is new territory for me.

    Supplemental Light:

    The EMR Tek light, this looks REALLY cool! I am actually have a red light I use, which has been supportive, but do you think I should still look into this light further? How much should we use a light like this, how many hours per day?

    Weight Loss:

    Weight loss is important here and it is my main focus to be honest. I was 243.2 this morning so am slowly losing it! I have revised my diet, and am consistent with exercise, cold thermogenesis, and diligent dieting, seeking to incorportate Dr. Jack’s ideas and also bring in other factors which I know work well for ne. I have lost 4lbs this week which is a good start and much much more to come off yet I hope! lol

    Best wishes,
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  2. Cognition feels clearer.

    Also, weight loss wise, I was 239.6 this morning, so have lost almost 10lbs. Much more to go.

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  3. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Baby steps Ravi .....Rome wasn't built in a day!
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  4. Thanks Caroline. I will get there in the end :)
  5. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    absolutely you will ....you have the heart and desire......and you found Jack!

    win, win, win
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  6. Appreciate the words of encouragement Caroline, I will get there, baby step by baby step.

    I have noticed I am feeling a bit calmer and life is flowing a bit better for me, my thoughts and vision of the future feel less clouded and I think a new path will unfold for me soon enough.

    I am looking forward to getting out of the UK for a few months. I think it will support my healing quite a lot.

    I would love to post the question to other black swan mitochondriacs: if you had 6 months to heal in the Canary islands at latitude 22, what would you do? What would each day look like?

  7. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    There was /is a young woman from England who went to the canary islands a couple of years a go. I will remember her name and get back to you.

    I think there are others there too. Jack has a friend who is a dentist who lives somewhere there and also another woman from the forum.

    I will remember - I swear ........

    Follow UK Sue - she goes somewhere - maybe Spain?
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  8. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Emma Sabin is the young English woman who moved to the canary Islands. I think she spent some time in Mexico with Shah....... not real sure about that except that she was in Mexico for quite awhile.
  9. Sue-UK

    Sue-UK New Member

    Hi Ravi

    One of my brothers lives in Spain, and I'd visit him occasionally, but we normally holiday in Fuerteventura, usually 2 weeks in November and 2 in Jan/early Feb. Covid has changed all that, we don't expect to leave the UK this year at all, and are making plans for if that extends to next year too.

    What would your day look like .....Are you going alone, do you speak the language .... etc etc. How might a sudden change in covid rules change the outcome? My son was doing a year at a university in Spain last year and finished up with online lectures and stuck in a student flat on his own for weeks, before coming back. My eldest son went to the canaries for Christmas and didn't bat an eyelid at having to walk around outside with a nappy on his face, but it drives me nuts just for a dash round a supermarket .... Its bad enough in the UK but I'm not getting caught up in the sometimes worse rules of another country, or any masks while outside rules. And forget testing and vaccines .....:mad: For my n=1 I'm not convinced the healing will be the same if I'm in an area influenced by an undercurrent of fear, but you might see it differently. Somewhere like Mexico might be better if there's other members making it work there who could give you advice on what its like there at the moment, cost of living info, or show you the ropes if you go.

    I did think its possible to hack the UK if I could get away to the sun a couple of times over the winter, but as I'm refusing the vaccine and won't get a test, the challenge is now on to hack the UK year round. I'm in the process of moving to a part of the UK that has more annual sunshine hours than where I have been living, and I'll be around a 30 second walk to the sea. Just spent a week there, several CT dips in water usually 8.5C ish at this time of year.:cool: Bring it on ...!!:D
  10. Hey all. I did come to the Canarys in the end. Been here for a few weeks.

    Culturally it's so different from the UK. The people are really withdrawn, socially conservative, and don't interact with people they don't know.

    Sat on the beach all day today and loved it. I didn't even need to eat at all, which was interesting.

    Last edited: Jun 20, 2021
  11. For a place that has the ideal latitude and lots of light, the Canarian people are the worst human beings I have encountered in my 30 years.

    So cold, distant, and unfriendly. This is going to be a loooong 2 more months.

    Looking forward to going back to civilisation after this god awful trip.

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  12. Been in The Canaries for several weeks, and have decided to return home on Sunday.

    The light is amazing, but the isolation and not having anyone to talk to here is killing me.

    There is definitely A LOT to Dr Jack's ideas. I've been getting full spectrum sunlight for 2-3 hours every day here and I can tell you, I definitely feel healthier, better energy, mental clarity, and reduced anxiety.

    It has been super interesting, but I can't take being alone, I need to be around other people.

    I will return home and figure out a way to keep getting healthier.

  13. Genuinely cannot believe how I feel now.

    Folks, Dr Jack's ideas are real, the man is a genius and he is several hundred years ahead of his time.

    Anxiety and brain fog were issues for me for YEARS, 5 weeks in the Canaries and I have regenererated mitochondria and feel healthy, strong and confident. I cannot believe it.

    I would have stayed longer but I was so lonely, but if/when I find someone to travel with, I will be back in the Canaries.

    Right now, I will maintain the health gains I made through daily fish consumption (DHA), daily sunlight (UK is a crap latitude but I will do what I can), daily cold thermogenesis (15 minutes in the tub), and physical activity and breathwork.

    I will keep going and get healthy as possible. Also, I weight 225lbs now, down from 248.8.

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  14. Also, I purchased a Reverse Osmosis filter which arrives tomorrow. Still doing the sungazing and grounding protocol to start my day each day, like the Sphinx lol...

    Will keep learning. I still am such a newbie mitochondriac, but I am doing my best. I don't post enough but believe me I have worked on this every day since I joined.

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  15. Naghman

    Naghman Naggu

    hi Ravi

    I live in Manchester and want to invest in water filter. Did you do much research on water filters etc? what does Jack Kruse recommend about Water filters?
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  16. Hey man!! Awesome, I love Manchester, visit a lot - I went to Parklife festival every year as a younger man lol.

    I didn't do a tonne of research, but I was using a shitty brita filter for years, so just got a reverse osmosis machine. I'm liking it so far. I think Jack does advocate RO water, but he has some recommendations around how to go about it, to get over issues like massive spikes in water bills and ruining the piping in your home.

    I just went for the simplest option which was an above counter machine, it works well and I am happy, but I may be blissfully ignorant.


    I'm losing weight now, down to 218lbs.

    Goal is 185lbs @ 6 ft 5.

    Will keep healing and growing. Doing the work to be my best. Still learning. Long way to go.

    Best wishes,
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  17. Naghman

    Naghman Naggu


    I have been researching and found that RO wastes a lot of water. Which I think what you eluded to about keeping water bills down. Can you guide me how to keep water bill down when using RO and reduce water wastage? I hate wasting water
  18. An ro system takes 3 gallons and gives 1 gallon of filtered water and 2 gallons of water that has all the removed mixed in. This is great water for irrigation, flushing toilets, washing clothes and dishes and showering. Easy to flush with a bucket. You could run your overflow to rain barrels and drip systems. If you have decent soil and vegetative cover, the soil can store an amazing amount of water. good luck
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  19. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Great update Ravi ...keep going!
  20. Naghman

    Naghman Naggu

    The other problem is in England they add Flouride in water, depending on area. You can call and check if they do in your area. Call the water company (United Utilities). If you have flouride in your water, then you may drink RO water but if the shower water is fluoridated and not filtered then you are absorbing fluoride through your skin and defeats the purpose of filtering just drinking water.
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