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Seeking Transformation: Ravi's Journal

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Ravi Sandhu, Mar 21, 2021.

  1. Hey friends,

    Things in terms of connection seem to have improved. Having some some letting go and inner work, I have improved my relations and ability to connect, and this is great.

    My libido also bounced back and desire to have sex has returned.

    The only piece of the puzzle which remains now is the erectile dysfunction.

    When I am able to get an erection again, I will be free!

    I had a girl I am seeing over last night, and was totally unable to get an erection. We had sex for 4hrs and I could only use fingers and tongue, which was still fun and made her cum several times, but the experience of not being able to get an erection was stressful.

    Well, my penis almost becomes half hard. It's not totally dead. But it is not hard enough to penetrate.

    This is my final issue now and I am determined to resolve it. If I can get full erections again I will consider myself fixed.

    Please find attached my body composition from yesterday. Only some small amount of fat to lose now.

    @JanSz I can look into this yoghurt. Thank you for your help as ever. I can confirm through inner work the connection has improved and I do have a lady who wants to see me again and again. Just need the erection now Jan and this journey will be successful.


    Attached Files:

  2. Did 40 mins of CT. Final 20 mins focused on my male parts lol.

    Sperti light for 12 mins.

    Red light and clear light for 12 mins.

    Ate some salmon for dinner.

    Will go out shortly to get some grounding done in the park.

    Now I am getting closer to the connection I want, I am beyond motivated to get my erections back.

    It will be a glorious day.

  3. caroline

    caroline New Member

    You have a girl who wants to be with you ....focus on her for now!

    She reaps the rewards and so do you!

    Giving pleasure to someone you care for and she cares for you has no downsides!

    Enjoy, be patient ....and work on this together....

    Take the pressure off yourself for a bit......
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  4. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    IGF-1 ----?????
    IGF-BP-3 -----?????
    post results
    Spectracell micronutrient and Lipids
    Cialis (half of 20mg pill daily, every day)
    Do not lose any more weight.
    Eat yogurt based on Reuteri
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  5. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    It may help to do some dancing.
    Likely you have some dancing clubs in your area.
    They have classes where they teach a variety of dances.

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  6. JanSz

    JanSz Gold


    So, the work we've done is great. I am feeling good these days, calm, sharp and confident.

    Libido is good. Some days it's really banging, other day's it's chill.

    Furthermore, the weird part of me that felt broken isn't how I feel now. I CAN get a connection with women now. Girls who I have attracted do want me and it is not like it was before when I was in a haze.

    Now women do want to be around me, and as I mentioned, in the past few weeks I have had one who ended up in my bedroom a few times.

    We had a lot of fun but I was unable to get an erection, and ultimately, that was a problem for her as she felt I wasn't attracted to her. So we amicably remained friends but we don't see each other now :)

    @caroline so I did take your advice and appreciate it. For this one, the lady did want physical intimacy and more to the point, penetrative sex with a hard penis not my floppy one lol. She was awesome but right now, I am not able to support her needs and as such, this wouldn't be fair on her. We're friends but that's that now :)

    So....last night a lady from a while ago re-entered my life. Honestly, she saw my recent physique photos on Instagram and was quite open that she wanted sex.

    She came right over, and guess what? I couldn't get an erection last night. No surprise.

    We had fun and I enjoyed myself. I have come so far. I truly have.

    Just need to resolve this final piece of the puzzle.

    @JanSz I will take some action on getting the yoghurt into my diet. Thank you Jan. I also purchased the cialis pills. I will take half the 20mg pill daily. I also am doing the following to increase NO:

    -Organic Beetroot Powder 2 x Tablespoons in water 3 x a day
    -This supplement: 5 pills a day for L-Arginine

    I am now going to go for a run. I think I also may need some time off training as I train hard. I think I will take 2 weeks off training as of next week and see if this helps my ED?

    -60 min run in the park
    -1hr CT
    -Earthing in the park (30m)
    -Tinned salmon, tinned mackeral
    -1hr Meditation

    Any other ideas for beating ED folks, and I am all ears.

    This is my last issue and when this has been defeated, this Black Swan will fly into the sunset.

  8. ....Would my low carb, low calorie cutting diet perhaps be killing my erections at this stage?
  9. Naghman

    Naghman Naggu

    Hi mate

    Go to earth clinic website

    Type erectile dysfunction

    There's a cocktail they suggest

    Worth a try for 3 months

    Cyanne pepper, lemon, and garlic. I would add clove

    Let me know how u get on

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  10. caroline

    caroline New Member

    A couple of things jump out at me .......

    #1 you are calorie restricting???

    #2 Are you training too hard???

    I have read numerous times on carnivore web sites ......Folks that are eating carnivore have an "off the chain" libido

    Have you ever had a look at Phil Escott's carnivore website? Carnivore and beyond

    Jack wrote the preface to Phil's book.

    Phil and his colleagues do consults. A couple of them are doctors. They are in England.
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  11. Anne V

    Anne V Silver

    Yep, they are great :) Hi Audrey , i have not forgotten , i will write . How are you ? are you getting use to ES ? big hugs xxx
    Low carbs yes actually it is no carbs if necessary .low calories does not come into the equation , fatty meat, fat as tallow, butter , sea salt and water (for recovery ) fasting as well . better have a chat with Phil :)
    Last edited: Apr 26, 2022
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  12. Thanks all for your help!

    Saw the sunrise this morning at 5:40am. Core work, planned my day. Gym. Work.

    CT in an hour. Will be in the cold for 45mins, ice bath.

    I am going to the pharmacy later to pick up by Cialis. I will have half a tab a day like Jan said.

    Today I will try a full tab. I have a date, we're just feeling each other out, not sure if we're going to get physical tonight but I am open minded to it. And if the Cialis gives me a stiffy - that will be a major win.

    Otherwise, I ate a bit more kcal yesterday, which has translated into feeling more motivation today.

    I trained in the gym, but the weighs left heavier and generally off.

    I will take time off the gym from next week. 2 full weeks off!!!!

    Yeah I have been Caroline, to get in shape, I have been calorie restricting and training HARD.

    Off the chain libido really got my attention lol. I will schedule a consult with Phil and have a Zoom call with him.

    Just need full erections again now, and we're onto bigger and better things.

  13. @JanSz I understand I probably need to get my IGF tested, but right now, lab testing is an additional expense at a time I have a lot going on.

    I did complete the DUTCH test some time ago which Dr Ettinger supported me with, and we got me off the topical dutasteride at that time.

    I have come a long way there is no doubt.

    But I want OPTIMAL

    And especially with my sexual function.

    Looks like I may be going carnivore soon? If it helps, I am 100% game

  14. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    This thread is long, have you posted your Dutch test here?

  15. caroline

    caroline New Member

    ON this forum there has been professional athletes ....Jan will probably remember names.
    Also many people have spoken of how they did the leptin reset and then followed with "after the reset" and they seemed to say unanimously that they didn't need to exercise any where near as much as they used to ....they actually were in better shape without beating themselves up in the gym!
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  16. caroline

    caroline New Member

    Do you follow Erwan LeCorre and movnat? He is awesome.
    I maybe told you this before .....Jack did a webinar with him..

    Have you listened to the sex webinar that Jack did?

    You are training in a gym??????


    So, 2 days ago, sat pondering and thinking how one earth I am going to figure this out, my intuition pulled me in the direction of my systems and body perhaps not playing ball as I have been dieting and restricting myself for so long

    In paticular, I've been strict keto, and eating quite low kcal

    SO, I thought: what if I increase my kcal, add carbs back in. I wonder what will happen?

    I am googling "low carb and testosterone" and find some sources that highlight how low calorie diets put the body in starvation mode and shut down sexual function

    I know all of this, obviously, I have been researching for so long

    But in particular, I found some information which suggested low carb diets can give some erectile dysfunction

    That was enough for me to go carb crazy for 2 days

    And geuss what?

    On day 2, and I mean within 24 hours, I have absolutely RAGING ERECTIONS ALL DAY

    I strike while the iron is got and also begin applying Progest-E from kenogen to my balls/scrotum, 2 x a day

    And I am doing CT, eating DHA, taking my NO supplements, doing it ALL

    I have cialis now. And it's date night Wednesday 27th.

    She comes back with me. I am fretting about my ED. But this time, it's different.

    Clothes come off and FINALLY, I'VE GOT AN ERECTION

    This has taken me almost a god damn year of hard work as a mitochondriac, but WOW

    I am putting my condom on just thinking, my god, the work I put in for this - week in, week out, and it's here

    The cialis is also kicking in

    Sex is great, come 3 times, just had a blast

    And we really connect. She comes back over Friday. We have a great night. She's also into nature. We have great sex Friday, and spend ALL DAY Saturday in the park, earthing, laying on the grass, getting sun

    Life's good.

    I didn't take any cialis Saturday obviously and had erections ALL DAY with her. Raging, rock hard, just crazy.


    Now to enjoy my sex drive for some time.

    There we have it.

    I have progressed SO FAR and overcome so many of my challenges.

    Now I have a great gal to enjoy life with, have good health and function, and am feeling strong and happy, I will enjoy this for a while.

    Then I am going to turn my entire focus to business, making money, and becoming location independent to free myself from the system, move away from the UK and live a true Black Swan life in the sun, connected to nature

    I will keep working at everything, but my friends, I am doing well now. My problems have been solved.

    It is now just a journey to OPTIMAL

    I will probably change the name of this journal now because we have achieved the transformation I wanted

    I LOST 52LBS



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  18. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    Chin up Ravi.
    We all are cheering for you.
  19. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

  20. Lifes good and I am enjoying it.

    My new level of function is great, truly.

    Me and my gal pal are enjoying life and nature.

    The title of this thread will be changed from Seeking Transformation to Seeking FREEDOM

    I got myself to where I needed to be, living as a Black Swan

    Now, the next steps of my journey are setting up a location independent online business, and getting myself out of the UK and into a location with an ideal light environment

    If anyone here wants to connect and talk building biz, let's do it.

    I will log everything here like I did for my health journey and we go further towards OPTIMAL

    Let me enjoy for a few weeks, and then we'll come back together and go to higher heights

    Thank you all

    And of course, thank you Dr Jack @Jack Kruse for your life changing work. Nothing else worked, apart from listening to you.

    The Universe blessed me and gave me what I was looking for - that was becoming a Black Swan

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