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Seeking support here in Yucatan to help other mitos experience Yucatan quantum time!

Discussion in 'The Cave' started by Gina R, Jan 17, 2019.

  1. Gina R

    Gina R New Member

    Hello all!
    I'm looking to be in teamwork (somewhat quickly) with someone to help others experience the quantum health benefits in the Yucatan. I am here now in Puerto Aventuras (about 15-20 minutes south of Playa Del Carmen). I've been here for about 5 weeks, working on my own health recovery and getting to know Puerto Aventuras. It's a great spot to be here in the Yucatan. Puerto Aventuras is a private marina community and I prefer this by far, to the busy/hectic areas of Playa Del Carmen. It's a lovely environment for healing, health recovery time and for recharges.

    I'm looking to stay for February and more after that. I want to continue to be in a place where I can rent out a room where I am to fellow mitos, biohackers, those on their health journey with a mito-friendly environment. I have done that for January and in that time, I hosted 3 wonderful like-minded folks with them renting out my 2nd bedroom. I know what it's like to research and try to figure out all the logistics of coming here (I personally did that and it was exhausting to say the least!). So, I'm able to help others by having done a lot of ground work in finding a place, hacking the light, the internet, etc. I want to continue doing that to help others and also keep afloat here so I can continue to be here for my own health recovery.

    I've been looking for my next place for February and beyond, here in Puerto Aventuras but with my financial constraints (due to my health issues and journey), it's been tough to find a place to rent in the right area of Puerto Aventuras (away from a particular cell tower and very close to the beach for optimal sun time and so there's less stress and less travel time in getting to the beach). I also seek a place that has the ability for some nude sun bathing and lots of outdoor space. I've been here for a bit of time so I've gotten to know about the more ideal locations (quiet atmosphere away from the restaurants/bars, locations on the beach, etc) and also resources for the area. I'm still learning and discovering more and more.

    Basically, I'm curious if there's anyone out there who is interested in supporting something like what I'm describing, to help other mitos. Perhaps you can't physically be in the Yucatan right now, but I'm physically here. I could be the one to facilitate in-person, but I just don't have the upfront rent $ for the ideal places for a non-vacation rental time frame. The extra bedroom/bedrooms could be rented out to others. This doesn't need to be anything extremely formal nor fancy to start out with but there are many directions that it could go! Even starting off with a 2 or 3 bedroom villa rental on the beach or right near the beach could be amazing.

    I'm very passionate about helping others to optimal health and I'm a health practitioner as well! I'd love to connect with anyone that would be interested in talking about the possibility. Honestly, I'm on a small time constraint with figuring out where I'm going to be starting February but I'm sure there's some way that it could work!

    Please reach out to me here, send me a message here or email me (ginarieg) at gmail and let's chat about it! (My gmail email will get to me faster.)

    Here are some pictures of the beautiful area here. There are wonderful sunrises, sunsets and lots of full-day sun. I am also very close to several cenotes too.

    Attached Files:

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  2. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Matt is still down there now. Connect with him.
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  3. Gina R

    Gina R New Member

    Thanks, I did send him a fb message yestersday. Didn't know he was still down here.
  4. JMO

    JMO Gold

    Hi Gina,
    When we were down there for the member event, we asked Senor Cruz for a less crowded city and he suggested we look into Puerto Aventuras. So we've been looking for a smaller boutique-like hotel for a trip down there maybe in March. I really loved the beach at Tulum too...both times we went there. It has a great feeling for me. Are there any hotels that you would recommend in Puerto Aventuras?
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  5. Gina R

    Gina R New Member

    Hi @JMO! Honestly, I stay away from hotel-type accomodations...way too much beyond my control environmentally and constant wifi :( Also, hotels are super touristy and here they have loud events/loud music etc that aren't friendly to my mito "early to retire, early to rise ways"...From what I have seen here, there are 3 main hotels and they are big resort-style places. I use their beaches during the day, which is enough time for me personally to be around them.

    A thought though, depending on what you are seeking space-wise, it could be a possibility to stay/rent half of where I'll be, for your trip (depending on how long and when you are looking to come.) Staying with a fellow mito who knows the place here, could be helpful for you all. We could chat about it if you'd like:)
  6. Novah

    Novah Gold

    Gina, I'm not sure what your accom situation is currently, but I saw a great place/great price posted yesterday for a place in PDC- posted in the facebook group, Rentals/Sales in Central Playa Del Carmen. Pics look great, looks like a nice place and price is really good.

    Here's the details:

    1-bdr condo * 1 block from beach * Pool * LONG TERM
    Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo

    Starting the 10th of May we have this excellent located 1-bedroom condo available for long term rent.

    Hacienda San Jose is a little oasis in a great part of town. Right next to the Gran Hyatt and 1 block from 5th avenue.

    It has a tropical courtyard with a pool that has different depth levels. This particular condo is located on the ground floor and is fully furnished with 1 King bed, washer & dryer, sofa bed, an additional sofa and more.

    The rate would be $12,500 pesos/month (including water & gas) + cable/internet & electric.

    Please contact us if you would like more information.

    [hidden information]

    +52 984 128 4855
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  7. Gina R

    Gina R New Member

    Hi Novah, I appreciate your reply. I'm no longer in Puerto Aventuras...actually I've been gone from there for a couple months. I learned there was too many people there for me, lots of cell towers too. I'm also looking for a community stylye living space, so a 1-bedroom condo isn't what I'm seeking. Thanks again for your reply!

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