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Seeking place to rent good latitude,small town

Discussion in 'Feedback/Suggestions' started by Dteshome, Oct 11, 2021.

  1. Dteshome

    Dteshome New Member

    Curious if anyone may know of a good area to rent in the US that is a good latitude,clean air and can use traditional landline services like folks did in the 6os.

    Reasonably good latitude,low pop density,less tech penetration as Dr K would say.

    I understand many of these places are becoming obsolete. My budget is about 4-500/month for rent until I can perhaps find some low income section 8 housing

    I visited places like Rosarito,Mexico and emsanda,mx but the air pollution there is pretty bad there.With some help I receive from social services in the US it may be better to find a good location here though im open to other options if needed

    My dad and I stayed at a beach hotel at 70 bucks a night and so long that I didn't go into the polluted city across the street for groceries shopping I did reasonably ok though its probably not sustainable.

    Being alone in a foreign country with concerns of hospitals not being as equipped as the us to deal with covid gave me some anxiety

    My parents have moved to small town in north Virginia and perhaps it may be better to not be thousands of miles away in my condition.

    I wouldn't mind staying there but there is very little quantum yield 6 months out of the year

    While im grateful for some of the opportunities that I have that many suffering in famine,violence across the world don't have I seek to find a good environment to optimize

    I really appreciate the mitochondrial perspective of this forum over the years and with the research I have come across with Me/cfs and doctors I have seen in the field it does seem to come back to the mitochondria to a great degree

    For now looking on the US side but open to other possibilities

    Thank You
    Last edited: Oct 11, 2021
  2. Dteshome

    Dteshome New Member


    Can anyone recommend a good small town out east or south that can be good for redox?

    Thank You

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