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Seeking place to rent good latitude,small town

Discussion in 'Feedback/Suggestions' started by Dteshome, Oct 11, 2021.

  1. Dteshome

    Dteshome New Member

    Curious if anyone may know of a good area to rent in the US that is a good latitude,clean air and can use traditional landline services like folks did in the 6os.

    Reasonably good latitude,low pop density,less tech penetration as Dr K would say.

    I understand many of these places are becoming obsolete. My budget is about 4-500/month for rent until I can perhaps find some low income section 8 housing

    I visited places like Rosarito,Mexico and emsanda,mx but the air pollution there is pretty bad there.With some help I receive from social services in the US it may be better to find a good location here though im open to other options if needed

    My dad and I stayed at a beach hotel at 70 bucks a night and so long that I didn't go into the polluted city across the street for groceries shopping I did reasonably ok though its probably not sustainable.

    Being alone in a foreign country with concerns of hospitals not being as equipped as the us to deal with covid gave me some anxiety

    My parents have moved to small town in north Virginia and perhaps it may be better to not be thousands of miles away in my condition.

    I wouldn't mind staying there but there is very little quantum yield 6 months out of the year

    While im grateful for some of the opportunities that I have that many suffering in famine,violence across the world don't have I seek to find a good environment to optimize

    I really appreciate the mitochondrial perspective of this forum over the years and with the research I have come across with Me/cfs and doctors I have seen in the field it does seem to come back to the mitochondria to a great degree

    For now looking on the US side but open to other possibilities

    Thank You
    Last edited: Oct 11, 2021
  2. Dteshome

    Dteshome New Member


    Can anyone recommend a good small town out east or south that can be good for redox?

    Thank You
  3. DebraGM

    DebraGM My Quest for True Health

    Is El Salvador a possibility?
  4. Dteshome

    Dteshome New Member

    Probably too much humidity that far south

    But thanks
  5. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    Beautifull. (Boring?)
    No need for heat, no need for AC.




    Last edited: Oct 23, 2021
    John Schumacher likes this.
  6. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    Heavenly sounds right.
    The only problem that I see is that the time to enjoy the daylight is short in equatorial areas.
    I had that problem while in Brazil.
    Kids at the school with the private teachers.
    DW was there on the beach the whole day with her girlfriend (drinking rum and Coca-Cola).
    House was located right at the beach.
    I was working, much less time to enjoy the sun and the beach.
    Times changed. I do not work since June 1997.
    Wonder how are the housekeepers in El Salvator?
    The ones we had in Brazil were rather useless, had their nails always drying from the fresh paint.
    scorpions, tarantulas, thre color snakes

    Last edited: Oct 23, 2021
  7. https://www.jtgtravel.com/north-america/el-salvador/most-dangerous-animals-in-el-salvador/
    Keeping these critters at bay - is part of human survival, peace of mind, a little less jungle like.

    I think enjoying pure deuterium depleted water on the beaches of El Salvador would be lovely.
    JanSz likes this.
  8. Ronald Waters

    Ronald Waters New Member

    you'll get more humidity around the gulf coast than you will on the pacific. If you want low humidity and top quantum yield go farther south. I prefer Colombia.. Tell me what you are looking for and I will give you some options of places to visit?
    If you re not tied down working just go wherever you feel good and are treated good, like I do.
    There s nothing wrong with private hospital care in Mexico and it's even better in colombia.
  9. Ronald Waters

    Ronald Waters New Member

    Have you been to El Salvador?? I need to experience this first hand.
    isn't the thesis that if BTC goes well for El Salvador that it will spread in the region??
  10. Anne V

    Anne V Silver

    .Hi, my sister lives in Cartagena. i will join her. Cartagena is very humid so maybe will move sometimes , but looking to move for now except i cannot get my passport renewed . Thank you french govt. woul be grateful for any idea. Thanks
  11. Ronald Waters

    Ronald Waters New Member

    I believe that a window will open to get out because most people will be too scared to leave anyway.. Cartagena seems a good choice, especially with family already there.
    Are there any places you could go without a passport then apply for a passport at the French embassy there? (territories??) I should have applied for a second residency years ago, well the second best time to apply is NOW.
    Anne V likes this.
  12. Anne V

    Anne V Silver

    Thank you for your answer . will check for the passport . have a great week .
  13. Dteshome

    Dteshome New Member

    Currently I'm in New Orleans

    Has been OK so far, even with mild/moderate emf readings at the city park,there were plenty of trees and Uv and felt like I did well sunbathing and soaking in ions from the trees

    The 80 per night of airbnb seems create some challenges

    I have been looking for places to sleep in the suv as it's well grounded and can gauge readings with acousicomm 2 but lots of blue night and I'm not sure where in New Orleans this would be permissible
  14. Dteshome

    Dteshome New Member

    I am currently in Pensecola,FL.

    Curious if anyone may have suggestions of good small towns around the Miami latitude

    I'm thinking about doing the seasonal migration thing

    Or a good location that would balance too much heat in summer or too much cold in winter if one where to stay in one place

    I know I have some mold issues that need to be resolved aside from sunlight as I still feel brainfogged in Pensacola

    Thank You

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