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Seeking clarification from the recent Q & A

Discussion in 'Ask Jack' started by SunshineMama, Aug 2, 2019.

  1. Hi Jack,

    I was excited to listen to the latest Q & A from you. As always, it was thought provoking and brought up a few questions for me. Was the radar system you were referring to with Annie Dru the SECOORA radar with NOAA? If so, based on the mapping that is available it shows radars on every area of the U.S. coastline. Or were you referring to the HF Radar System from NOAA, which shows no radar outside of Saint Augustine?

    There are many members wanting to relocate out of our unhealthy areas within the US and want to use your baseline of latitude and population density as our guide. Would living in any areas within 75 miles near the US coastline be a bad choice even with your recommendations? The common reactions that keep coming up from other members are that we would deeply appreciate some guidance for ideal living locations in the U.S., while we all save up to travel to Mexico or Costa Rica for our healing journeys or permanent living environments.

    Myself and my family were with Annie Dru and a few other members for the past three weeks in Saint Augustine, FL. We did not choose the Panhandle because of the many military bases and radars in the Panhandle. We witnessed their healing and our family felt tremendously better with our morning 3 hour sunrise beach routine. Don't worry, I saw your Meme and know your opinion on "trusting how you feel in any environment". I know we cannot outrun 5G or 2G-4G that it's everywhere. I think your meme's about energy and frequency are spot on. We all are mastering the skill of staying out of the sympathetic and enjoying more of living in the parasympathetic nervous system. Impossible to attain if we are consistently outrunning the bear/5G. Taking your don't trade time for money to heart....would really appreciate your guidance as we have moved our family out of San Diego to Park City. You said Park City was jumping into the fire from the frying pan of San Diego.

    As your members we really want to create a community not just online but in real life to surround ourselves and use as a force for good. We want to help shift and help awaken people along with surrounding ourselves with our circle of six. I think each member would say that they include you and your advice as one of their circle of six, otherwise no one would be actively involved in your website.

    As always, you light a fire and then we entangle.:)

    Thank you for your commitment and care for all of us.

    Kind Regards,


    BTW...I've tried to follow up with you for the consult you promised me, but have not heard back from Kristy after my last email. Hope to connect live soon. :)
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