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Seeing a Bio-Dentist, what are the best materials to replace amalgam fillings with??

Discussion in 'Biohacking 101' started by thrive1992, Aug 19, 2018.

  1. thrive1992

    thrive1992 New Member

    Hi team,

    I'm Seeing a Bio-Dentist, what are the best materials to replace amalgam fillings with??


    I have been told the main 2 types are "composite" and "crowns" ($$$$)

    There are a few different types of "composite" options. The Bio Dentist can also probably get access to other options if i ask for that.

    I have heard quartz mentioned in other biohacking groups. I think the composite does include some quartz but not completely quartz.

    What is the best replacement material considering we are going into nnEMF world?

    I want to do this right first time.

    What sort of research can I do for this?

    Would love to hear any opinions or thoughts on this.

    Also if this is the wrong sub forum to post this in please let me know

    Update 20th August 2018::

    Today I saw the bio-dentist.
    Turns out i only have 2 amalgam fillings (both on the right side of my mouth - side note: many of my health problems are on the right side of my body but not sure if this is coincidence)

    I also have 1 composite filling on the left side - although this is not toxic like amalgam it may be from a less good brand of composite fillings and the bio-dentist is also able to remove this one.

    I told the biodentist about Dr Jack Kruse and Dr Dean Bonlie (magnochelation). He had not heard of either but has said i can email him links as he is interested in other natural health doctors.
    I explained how Dr Kruse has mentioned that blue light getting deep into gum/dentin during the amalgam removal operation is not good. The operating room has a huge window so maybe i can time it for a time of day that has the sun shining through? Not sure if that would make up for the blue light though...

    My options for replacement are:

    $1200 per ceramic filling (porcelain)

    $300 per composite filling

    Prices in New Zealand Dollars
    Both prices include the dentists' cost for actually doing the procedure.

    Ceramic advantage is:
    I know exactly what is in the product. It is stronger than composite (= less risk of something happening later in life and it breaking). It is more "natural" than composite. With the composite product, i can't actually find out all the ingredients as apparently it is proprietary information.

    Composite advantage: Price is lower. The Venus Diamond composite is better than most other composites as it is BPA free. The company also has a history of producing dental products that are more on the "natural" end of the spectrum according to the biodentist.

    The Bio Dentists' wife is a holistic doctor/naturopath type and she can help me do a heavy metal lab test using my a hair sample (is this the best way to be doing it?).
    Last edited: Aug 20, 2018

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