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Sean's Optimal Journal

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Sean Waters, Jan 24, 2018.

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  1. Inger

    Inger Silver

    Caroline :love: things always change... and i go where the wind whispers ;):love: now it whispers to me, fly away from here..
    It is freaking scary but I do it anyways. I cant ignore that voice in my belly.

    I wanted to go to the tanning salon today, I have not been there since last winter. And now.. I could not enter!
    I was not allowed to.
    They needed a fresh negative corona test or vaccine.... Test cost me 15 euro, tanning salon cost me 10 euro. WTF.
    This is very sick. I want stay in such a sick country. I dont care how good it all looks. The lady working there who I like so much, she dont believe in all this corona shit.. but she said, she had taken the vaccine now too.. because she had to.
    They just comply. Like sheep.
    And when you dont, you are locked outside everything except buying food :D
    I can recall something from history in Germany, when similar things happened..... :eek::mmpft::shhh:

    Sending you some big hugs too...:love: I know you know how it feels, living in a country that have turned tyrannical.
    If I had family here, I might have just stayed, because I dont need their shit, I can just buy food thats it. But if I can live close to all my siblings and family these times, in a country with way better conditions and human rights, and way more wilderness and forest....I sure go there.
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  2. Hi Sean, I remember you mentioning Joe Dispenza meditations. How did you get on with those? Are you still doing them?
  3. Sean Waters

    Sean Waters New Member

    No I don't use Joe's stuff anymore, I had some success initially but I got distracted by a big dramatic relationship last Feb through til June and I thought to myself.... Well, if it did work, to manifest, then it pulled me in a load of F'ing drama. However, that could be seen as a positive in terms of growth and us needing to deal with our demons.

    Also, I know several people who have had such strange experiences, notable a couple of Jack's members who were doing it and living in bad environments.

    It got me thinking.

    One was a girl living in California, LA. She was doing it a tonne and then had a bit of a transcendent experience while having an orgasm/ sex with a guy. The thing is, it was overwhelming for and she was quite traumatized by it. For months after she still wasn't right and felt not herself. She was reassuring me it was all good, but it really didn't come across like that to me.

    I know many who have had enormous trance like euphoria from meditation and it doesn't do that ^.

    Then I know another guy who was doing it and had a similar "high" and then developed some de-personalisation from it.

    Got me thinking, what if doing these Hyper-ventilation / Breathing exercises in a high nnEMF environment leads to surges of certain things:
    1. DC current alterations in the CNS (increases, reversals of flow)
    2. Superoxide and/ or other ROS and RNS (due to large uptakes of O2 into neurons
    If these are happening when Ca2+ (Calcium) is effluxed into the Cell, or perhaps when there is a lack of DHA (definitely in the girl as she hates seafood) in membranes, or if there is some existing issues at Cytochrome 1 where we generate ROS, then I think these breathing exercises could do some things we may not want.

    The narrative of Dispenza and his followers is that you can "Overcome ALL". I believe that mindset is very healthy, and required for disease reversal, cause it is true IMO.

    However, when the provided solution is Breathwork and effectively sucking up and trapping O2 into your Brain/ Head... it makes me think otherwise, unless the environment/ context is right.

    Clearly, a lot of people have done his work and healed Cancer and other diseases... I don't doubt it, but I think some people need to be very careful.

    About 4 months ago, after not doing any Meditation for about 4-5 months, I was introduced to a different practice by my friend and I was in a much better space and felt ready for it. It's called Kriya Yoga. There is no guide, no voice to follow, except some written instructions. You can also be initiated, which I plan to do this year.

    It's been an incredible journey so far, I study it just as much as I practice it, and I always, ALWAYS, focus on Redox first.

    I will say though, that the practice of Kriya has allowed me to develop a better connection to God than ever before. Through that, I've noticed that what I need (potential beneficial supplements, or dietary alterations, or something in my environment I need to cut out/ change) comes to me very rapidly and without trying, usually through suggestions from the people/ circle around me. Or, sometimes through spontaneous thought.
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  4. Ronald Waters

    Ronald Waters New Member

    Hey Sean, where are you located now?

    I'm traveling down the coast and it would be great to meet up..

    If you don't want to share your location on a public forum maybe you can send me a direct message?
  5. EWO

    EWO Eyes Wide Open

    I had some really powerful experiences with Dr. Joe's work -- some of the most connected, loving, blissful states. But I also had a foundation of energy work first. I've felt troubled at times by a sense that Dr. Joe does not seem to offer caveats to his students. I've been initiated into a particular Kriya Yoga path, and my teacher(s) were very clear about the need to go step by step, to prepare onesself for the energy. Also, that you want to do that preparation before sharing profound intimacy with another person. These practices are deep and important and not to be taken lightly. As much as I love Dr. Joe's work and appreciate all I've felt in my body and heart and spirit as a result, it's missing that foundation. That said, our household loves his very first Blessings of the Energy Centers meditation, enough we listen almost every night. It is a foundational meditation (rooted in Fehmi's Open Focus technique) that helps a person gently and safely bring his or her energy centers into coherence (without any of the esoteric breath work that can lead to altered states of consciousness, and that might be dangerous if a person is not prepared and or under the close supervision of an experienced teacher).
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  6. caroline

    caroline New Member

    very interesting....
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  7. Sean Waters

    Sean Waters New Member

    Quintana roo! Yeah DM me mate
  8. Sean Waters

    Sean Waters New Member

    @EWO ... Yeah I've had some great experience with some of his meditations too. I actually like his voice effects too, which many complain about.

    You are dead right though, he's not teaching the complete practice which actually takes years of Devotion and patience, studying, learning from a guru and living your life in this way.

    He's offerring some kind of bio-hackers shortcut to enlightenment and God, but we all know there are no shortcuts. I feel it's a similar thing as Ayahuasca and Peyote and DMT in that sense.

    Yeah, believe it or not, the Kriya and Kundalini practices make you very, very magnetic (Jack has written extensively how Meditation acts like Cold, it increases Magnetism/ Mag Flux).

    Oxygen is paramagnetic. Increasing that in unnatural amounts to certain areas can have a myriad of biological and spiritual effects, some not always wanted and not easily ridden.

    It may be pulling things toward you that you aren't ready for.

    So true about the intimacy aspect too, since I've practiced I've actually been celibate. I've not wanted to share myself with anyone except someone I have a deep Love for. It's not as though I haven't been tempted either, lord knows. But the idea of being with someone who isn't right for me is like the thought of smoking cigarettes.

    I used to have casual sex and smoke a cigarette after... I love how things have changed.
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  9. EWO

    EWO Eyes Wide Open

    I can totally relate.

    This is not a story I tell often but it was through the practices that the guidance came to (through) me to become a mom (as a single person). I was inquiring about what it was for me to contribute creatively to the world, and there was a crystal clear moment of revelation that it was mine to be a parent.

    I was single at the time and couldn't really imagine seeking out a relationship for the purposes of fulfilling that. I became a single by choice mom (of twins) about a year later. That it unfolded so effortlessly affirmed it was meant to be, in a cosmic sense. And every step along the way has felt like a fulfillment of mission and purpose.

    And, the time is coming when it will be time to include a partner in my life again. It takes a leap of faith to remember that when it's time, it IS possible to attract/magnetize someone who is on spiritual path where intimacy and sex are sacred to both people.

    One thing that helps is just remembering when I did my study and training there were plenty of good men and good women who were also on the path.

    It also helps to hear your story of personal transformation--more evidence that it IS possible.
  10. Sean Waters

    Sean Waters New Member

    This perspective is the real Bitcoin that everyone needs to be trying to attain and hold.

    I used to throw around "trust the Universe" quite a lot and I have to say there are truly LEVELS to that trust and belief in that there's a divine and all-powerful force that is trying to make it's way through to you so it can drive your life 1 million times better than you can yourself, if only you'd let it.

    Thanks for sharing your story too, that's absolutely beautiful. I'm sure they're two very lucky children and that you will also find your partner when the time is right.

    Having trust in that person being real is part of it too, I don't have any doubts any more that anything I truly need can't be produced. No such thing as coincidence after I've witnessed miracles daily for the last 3 years!

  11. Wow, so glad I asked you that question!!

    I was intrigued by Dr Joe Dispenza at first, but the more I watched him the more I noticed his sales patter. I agree with you, I dont think people should be fucking around with their chakras without the necessary preliminaries. Pranayama, as far as I know, doesnt generally get taught to complete beginners, you have to do years of asana practice to get your subtle body ready for that kind of work. And I also agree re getting your redox up before trying anything like that. The yogis in India lived largely homeless, wandering lives where they were under high intensity sunlight and in contact with earth 24/7. Their mitochondria, and health in general, would have been far better that city dwellers in the 21st century - as im sure you will agree

    But I am intrigued to find out more of dispenzas theory and mindset etc, but im deffo not parting with any cash to get it, he's rich enough.

    Kriya yoga sounds interesting. Are you doing Sadhguru's version? I know Sri Sri Ravi Shankaar developed a method too (But Ive heard his organisation is all about the money too). Its still breathwork, no?

    Im glad you're feeling closer to the absolute. Ive been looking into meditation/contemplative traditions for over a decade now, and what I can tell you is, everything modern society holds dear isnt worth a shit and is designed to separate us from our highest potential (the realisation of the interconnectedness of all beings and universal love). Kriya might be a good tool. One meditation I like is called the metta bhavana which translates as Loving Kindness/friendliness. Its one of the 4 Brahma Vihara meditations in Theravada Buddhism. Brahma Vihara means divine abode, or gods house.

    Its also got some science backing it. The benefits seem to be quite far reaching, and its recommended as a cure for depression by buddhist monks.

  12. Sean Waters

    Sean Waters New Member

    Kriya means Action in sanskrit. It has a specific set of techniques and these enable the most rapid evolution possible for a Yogi in training.

    I follow the techniques that come from Lahiri Mahasaya. You need to be initiated, it's not something to practice without help from a guru.

    I'd highly recommend reading the Autobiography of a Yogi before starting. Also, look up the Self-realization fellowship.
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  13. Sean Waters

    Sean Waters New Member

  14. Interesting stuff, thanks for the book recommendation. I'll throw one back at you "Legends of the mahasiddhas" by keith dowman and robert beer. Its got some excellent illustrations and some far out life stories of the great master yogis of Indian Tantric Buddhism (before it made its way to Tibet).
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  15. 5G Canary

    5G Canary Gold

  16. Sean Waters

    Sean Waters New Member

    Grandma knows ❤️
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  17. Sean Waters

    Sean Waters New Member

    Cool at the end he states of Estradiol (E2) is protective of Mito stress and actually increases our Antioxidant Superoxide.

    Blew my mind. Explains why I have had so much E2 and Estrogen in my body, it actually stopped me from getting Cancer and bad diseases.

    Sometimes we don't appreciate what didn't happen to us, and we can't see what would have happened if it wasn't for all these things my body did.

    Thank god for all the rashes and estrogen dominance. It may have saved my life.
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  18. Sean Waters

    Sean Waters New Member

    Very interesting video from my old College mate Elliot Overton.

    Some big links to Vagus Nerve and B1 (Thiamine) and Gut Diseases.... from a Mitochondriac perspective, we know that mega-dosing would be a short-term or temporary fix to an environmental problem.

    However, I am interested to start bio-hacking with this.

    I've already started with basic B Complex and noticed some good effects.

    However, something else I'm focusing on - is Vagus Nerve improvement:

    VAGUS exercise Rx: Become a water muse.

    1. You have to embrace a water existence because water is a natural Faraday cage. You want that cage built inside your cells in an EZ format to protect you from nnEMF’s of all types and restrict calcium flows; this will allow you to stimulate your vagus nerve while muting your PVN.
    2. The light environment your eye, skin, and aero-digestive system pay attention to is the key. The information comes from the penetration of sunlight via the pupils and via the meridians that allow deeply penetrating red light to enter to affect your mitochondrial ATPase at these levels. This is why the body is segmentally organized to distribute the light stimulus from the local environment even though it is below your sensory perception. We can now access these things using GDV camera’s and photomultipliers. Realize it and change these aspects of your life at once. It will mean major moves will have to be made and this will not be comfortable. It will be hard to accomplish this because in most epi-oncogenic states dopamine levels are at the lowest levels making coming to the right choice an impossible task. This is why you need to enlist a friend to help you. Often times your family will resist the choices you will have to make. The words “crazy and unreasonable” will be heard echoing in and around your home.
    3. You must reconnect with nature at once. This means every morning you must see the sunrise and every night see the sun set. Your surfaces must also see the daily natural solar patterns. Do this before you do anything else.
    4. You must limit all artificial blue light and non native EMF as soon and possible. Using water daily is a key part of this hack. Install a small in home waterfall somewhere in your yard/solarium/home where you will dedicate your time. You must reconnect your vagus to your innate watery muse. Falling water brings the Lenard effect to your environment.
    5. You must begin meditation to improve your breath. Learn to use deep/slow belly breathing. Exhale longer than you inhale. The vagus nerve innervates the lungs and thoracic cavity. Chanting the sound ‘OM’, as a monk would do also works to tone the vagus nerve. I do this when I am in an isolation tank to sensitizes my vagus nerve to a day in my operating room. I also chant a bit before I consider using carotid artery massage for my real stressful nights of trauma call. This will also calm you down and have an amazing effect on your blood pressure. It is even better if you control the light environment you are in when performing this hack. I consider it my version of in-home chemotherapy for stressors I face in my job. Consider buying a quartz sounding bowl and learning to use it to use sound to rebuild your EZ inside your cells.
    6. Cold water face immersion after exercise also stimulates the vagus and the mammalian dive reflex. I spoke about this in the CT series. Filling the mouth with cold ice water or cooled saliva and submerging your tongue to trigger a hyper-relaxing vagal response. If you really want to push it putting crushed ice in your mouth with cold water really stimulates the ramus lingualis of the vagus nerve in the mouth. Stimulating the vagus nerve naturally with light and breath with these hacks above will far outperform any other maneuver. They are all easy to do and free to try. I’ve taught many members this during live events.
    7. When you really improve your condition, you might even consider learning free diving breathing. This is an advanced form of vagal stimulation. I’ve used this for bio-hacks in cystic fibrosis and and multiple sclerosis successfully.
    8. Artificial vagal stimulation is possible with a vagal nerve stimulator, but there are no indications for use with cancer at this time. I have a sense this might change with time. The most interesting link for cancer patients is the depression link. Depression and cancer are tightly coupled. Depression is always associated with a stress response and a low DC electric current in tissues. Low Vitamin D3 levels are an ideal proxy for depression and cancer links. Depression and cancer diagnosis are often linked in life and in the literature. Your doctor may not make this link for you but you must.
    9. Vagal stimulation improves all of the following as shown in a pub med search: It turns on and amplifies neurogenesis, helping our brains sprout new brain cells. Rapidly turn off the stress, hyper-arousal, and fight/flight via the relaxation response. Sharpen our memories. Fight inflammatory disease. Help you resist high blood pressure. Block the hormone cortisol and other oxidizing agents that age and deteriorate the brain and body Block systemic (body-wide) inflammation which is a major factor behind aging and poor health. Help us overcome depression and anxiety. Help us sleep better to regenerate the immune system to fight the cancer as nature has built within us. Raise levels of human growth hormone. You will often here growth hormone is a bad thing for cancers. Exogenous growth hormone is but not the growth hormone from your own pituitary gland. It help us overcome insulin resistance and natural sunlight gives this the best massive boost. Dealing with insulin resistance with food is a futile battle if you are not getting full spectrum sunlight via your retina daily. Vagal stimulation can turns down allergic responses and immune response that overshoot because of poor signaling due to inflammation. Inflammation = protons and pH is a measure of proton gradient. The lower the pH the lower the thickness and power contained within your exclusion zone of cell water. This lowers chances of getting stress, seizures, and tension/migraine headaches. Help spare and grow our mitochondria by stimulating autophagy and avoiding apoptosis; this is a key to maintaining optimal energy levels and not causing massive over expression of our DNA and RNA machinery that occurs in cancer states. It gives you more time to affect the environmental changes mentioned above. Affect our overall ability to live longer, healthier, and more energetic lives.
    10. Use of isolation tanks in heavy water with a combination of artificial UV and IR lights within the tub or its environment is a consideration. Humming and listening to running water in this state markedly stimulate several senses that the vagus nerve monitors. I have used some optical hacks with light via my eyes to augment these effects. I will be speaking about them in the June 2016 webinar. This might be hard to pull off in your home, unless you build your own as I have. You can simulate it in a spa or hot tub.
    11. Exercise to stimulate deep breathing. Breathing stimulates cooling because of the effect of CO2 over our lung surface. This can vary depending upon the person’s condition. The exercise must be done outside with as little as clothing on as possible.
    12. Avoid sunglasses at all time. If you wear contacts remove them and go back to glasses. When outdoors take your glasses off. When indoors make sure you are blocking blue frequencies 400- 465 nm with blue tech lenses or some equivalent. You vagus nerve rami comes to the surface of your orbit around your eye muscles and blocking frequencies of light can and will alter the size and shape of your eye to alters vagal tone. This is controlled by the radix oculomotoria. Just stimulating your eyes with rubbing them can sensitize your vagus nerve.
    13. 15 minutes of sounds of falling water or crashing waves, waterfalls, or splashing rivers will give you a 20-30% drop in stress hormones (cortisol and epinephrine) This can stimulate the vagal rami in the ear and ear canal. You don’t always need to meditate to take advantage of this because water alone can meditates you. The vagus nerve and water are intimately tied to all of our senses in ways that are quantized to the dissolved gases in water to make vibrations. Those vibrations can positively affect mitochondrial resonance. Dr. Doug Wallace has found a key frequency for optimized mitochondrial function and the geometry of the respiratory proteins on the cristae. Soundscape ecology helps soothe the PVN and stimulate the vagus nerve because our sound processing systems were built to be attuned to the smallest sounds. This phonon tuning began in the womb when we were surrounded by water. Today’s urbanized noise is not just annoying, it has been found to be lethal because it can generate solitons on cell membranes that alter vagal tone to our detriment.
    14. Looking of pictures of the ocean daily can also have the same effect because it alters our mood according to cognitive neuroscientist Petr Janata from Univ. of California at Davis.
    Last edited: Mar 4, 2022
  19. Sean Waters

    Sean Waters New Member

    Love how the Vagal Rami is found in the Eye and the Ear as well as the Face....

    Everything we perceive and sense can alter our Gut entirely.

    Is this why memories/ traumas can be elicited when we experience changes in Gut Mitochondrial function?... even eating things...
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  20. Sean Waters

    Sean Waters New Member


    1 mg x 3 per day
    - taken Orally in Spring Water
    - Achieved by mixing 1 gram of USP powder with 1000ml of Water (1 Litre) and then taking 1 mL from a Pipette.

    • Noticed stimulation and over the course of 3 to 4 weeks I was able to start to trend consistently to a Bristol Stool #4.
    • However, I also noticed red eyes and a general inflamed state.
    • I imagine I was stimulating too much ROS and/ or;
    • perhaps Antifungal effects in my Gut (Candida) were causing die off and too rapid deuterium depletion.
    Generally - not much of a difference made, little gains visibly experienced but perhaps on deeper level there were.

    60 ug x 1 per day (1/17th of the above solution)
    - taken Orally mixed with Spring Water
    - Achieved by using only 1 drop of the above 1mL solution (17 drops to a 1mL Pipette = 1mg / 17 = 58ug)
    • I noticed immediate MAJOR Mood Enhancement, especially on a Bad Sleep or high EMF Exposure.
    • Stimulation much more noticeable and heightened, similar to Caffeine but stronger.
    • Appetite suppressed greatly.
    • Somewhat slurry with speech.
    • Heightened libido
    Will continue to biohack and report back.


    1/2 piece of Gum each day

    - Noticed the tobacco/ nightshade effect on my gut - was irritated, as Jack mentioned
    - Major stimulation on day 1
    - The effect was weakened if a meal was eaten closely to it
    - Also stimulation subsided each day after that until 1 or more pieces were needed (double, quadruple dose)
    - Didn't feel comfortable with the additives and / or deuterium content possible in the Gum

    Dediced to drop experiment after 1 week.


    20mg PQQ & 100 ug of B Complex Vitamins
    - Really assisted after day in the Sun or doing CT... wherever I've done deuterium depletion or estrogen detoxification (Sun/ CT)
    - Specific symptom improvement with Mood towards end of the day (usually it dips if had a lot of Sun, low DC current)
    - Effects began to subside and disappear after 3 weeks
    - Improved exercise and recovery

    Have laid off them now to focus on Methylene Blue instead for a while.
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