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Sean's Optimal Journal

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Sean Waters, Jan 24, 2018.

  1. Sean Waters

    Sean Waters New Member

    The numbers never stop.........
  2. Sean Waters

    Sean Waters New Member


    Ok so I am about 10 weeks into this Fasting (23/1) and strictly Grass Fed/ Organic Carnivore thing...

    I've continued to get better and better and better. My sensitivity to Mold has vanished and my Rash is still completely gone except for when I do something that triggers it.

    I even treated myself to 2 cups of Coffee over the weekend at the beach. But, I noticed my Rash was coming back almost immediately so I backed off.

    More of the same regarding Libido and Sexual Performance - I'm feeling the best ever. Mentally I'm also doing amazing and I'm socialising more than ever, avoiding negative spirals - such as arguing on social media and getting into bullshit fights, and just being super aware and careful with where I spend my energy.

    However, in the 2 weeks, I've developed an inflamed Stomach. Normally, it's my Small Bowel, but right now (and in the moment of writing) I have a swollen and throbbing and sometimes painful Stomach. It correlates with my Technology use, because I have started to take several days off my Laptop in one hit, and it disappears, as does the Sunburn I have on my nose, as well as the Eye Twitch I have at times.

    It really began when I started to cut out the Coconut Oil from the Carnivore diet, because it's Plant based. I wonder if that was Lubricating my Stomach/ Gut, and now without it, I am eating so much Cooked Meat that it's too hard to digest. But, the problem is, if I eat Coconut Oil I also don't sleep good and feel Fatigued after my meals and low dopamine. Without it, some mornings I wake up and have Acidic / Reflux in my throat - because eating One Meal a Day I'm throwing down too much Meat.

    So no matter which way I eat, or which way I "Carnivore" my life, I can't escape that in some tissue I will develop a problem due to technology. I have to re-iterate it really disappears when I avoid the Tech.

    It's like, I've run out of Ammunition, and the Germans are approaching LOL... it's like a knowing that only way to get optimal from here is to really walk away from Tech.

    I don't know how much more One can tweek/ twist/ edit and change their Diet to avoid the consequences of Blue Light and EMF. I've started to really understand, that there are no more bullets left, no more tricks left up the sleeve of this Bio-hacker. I either walk away from Technology, or accept the very consequences that it will give me Disease... literally, Dis-Ease.

    It's a bit like... You can run, but you can't hide.

    I have to continue to work for the timebeing. But, I have a plan that reduces my days working down from 5 days per week down to 3 days per week in the next few weeks. I'm already down to 4 days, but it is still too much.

    Before you ask, yes I work outside and get enormous amounts of Sun. There is a problem with the WiFi here too, there is too much. But, it's really the screen more than anything because on my days off it disappears and I'm still living here and sleeping here. It's just the Screen. I use IRIS Software too - but it isn't good enough.

    I hope this is an eye opener for some people who think we can make Tech truly "safe". I really don't anymore...

    Anyway, I go to Costa Rica next week and will be in a much much better environment, no 4G and hardly any people around, I'm positive that will make a big difference. 8 miles of beaches to explore and noone around. Lots more time in the ocean etc.

    But, it's all worthless unless I uncouple myself from Technology for good. So, my goal for 2022 is to reduce my days on technology of any form to 1 day per month purely for finances/ catching up with friends and family. I've already reduced my time on my Smart phone to 15 mins, every 3 days, or 45 minutes per week to manage some things on there. So, I'm sure I will be able to do it with technology. The issue is my job, and my addiction to "Information"... this forum, the blogs, the social medias and communication... it's highly, highly addicitve, and so is the actual Light frequencies that are on the screens... so it's going to be difficult. But, Farming and Surfing and Outdoor speaking/ coaching is where I'm going to be divert my time too....

    Life is too short, and when you're sick, it goes even faster.
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  3. Sean Waters

    Sean Waters New Member

    The connection between the EYE and the GUT couldn't be any more real to me in this moment. I never really, truly got it, until this moment. I "heard it", and I thought I understood it, and I've spent the last 3 years kicking everyones ass about how important it is and how it's the sole reason for all disease.

    Yet, I've still remained on Technology, and I've kept abusing my body with the frequencies of Light that harm me. The learning and experiencing of information are two very very different things, and it seems to me that there are actual Levels of understanding too - levels of experience that shift our perspective deeper and more boldly.

    I realise that, there is no way for me to also convey that perspective to other people until they also "get it" via experience in their own time.

    The bio-hacking family I have grown from this community and my very best friends don't "get it" either and still abuse technology and refuse to uncouple for the timebeing. I too, will continue to choose to abuse my body while I "get my finances sorted" so I can retire... this is an excuse, a trade-off, it could be a dangerous mistake.

    Maybe the House isn't on fire enough for them or for me right now, or they still feel ok and can supplement/ thiamine their way around it. I think I can for the timebeing too.

    But I will pass no judgement on them, because I am the same as them... an innocent foolish human... and so I will leave this here, for when anyone needs to read and find what they may be looking for.

    Unfortunately, our own choices, afflicted by our Dopamine levels, are keeping us prey to our own predation.

    Could you walk away from it all? All the communication, human contact and information at your fingertips? If you had to, could you walk with rage into the long goodnight?

  4. Inger

    Inger Silver

    Awesome Sean.. I agree completely. The screen is so toxic. The only intelligent thing is to minimize its use as much as it gets.
    It is easy to realize when outside with the computer. Taking the eyes off and on the screen.. what a difference it is! Huge!
    It is quite weird, this exercise. Eyes off screen, to the trees, whatever is around.. and then eyes on screen again. Even to just put the focus on the computer itself(keyboard etc) outside the screen is completely different.
    It is the screen.
    It is toxic.
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  5. Sean Waters

    Sean Waters New Member

  6. Sean Waters

    Sean Waters New Member

    It's so bad Inger. Nothing else matters. Just spending so much time beating around the bush, when the real answer is get the hell of the damn thing. But, that is like taking Heroin from an Addict.

    The exercise I do also, and I'm in Mexico, so you'd think it could "offset" the risks... but it doesn't... not if you want truly optimal. At some point, all those minutes looking at the LEDs will have to take their Tax from the system.

    I'm 28 years old next Thursday. I have the ambition to grow old one day and have kids. If Heteroplasmy is going up 1% each year, then what chance do I have if I don't cut this out of my life right now?
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  7. Inger

    Inger Silver

    so it is really about knowing oneself, how much can I take of this shit :mmpft:;):)
    and to me it seems it varies and depends on so many things and circumstances.
    It is really good to be aware of this dilemma, and react accordingly :):)
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  8. Inger

    Inger Silver

    Its gonna be even harder with then having kids now Sean, when so many women are vaccinating themselves :tears:
    I am not going to date a vaccinated man so I have kinda given up event thinking about dating anymore LOL

    Yes, minimizing technology is one of the wisest thing one can ever do IMO.... :thumbsup:
    Honestly that is the reason why I dont want to engage in Bitcoins.. I just hate to be on the computer. I need to research a bit and stuff but I if I start bitcoin i will have to be even more in front of it"!! I dont want to!!
    Okay, maybe i will be so dirt poor but I just dont care. I am already poor and lost my main job because i refuse mask use. But I am happier than ever, how magic is that :):):):)
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  9. Sean Waters

    Sean Waters New Member

    I know... but I believe the right people will come for us. Trust in God/ the Universe... you will always attract the right people if you stay true to nature.

    For me personally, the situation has gotten to the point where I think I will get an Epithelial Cancer if I don't stop using the Technology in the next few years. This has become clear recently as I've tried every diet/ biohack there is. I'm actually getting so much better in my whole body, but another issue pops up brand new that I never had before!

    I have to just stop... but for others, there mileage or need for discipline will vary I'm sure, and that's perfectly ok.

    Yeah the Bitcoin thing is definitely technology, but it doesn't require much engagement, which is great. Whereas, if you use Euro's, it will constantly require a "job" or management with your phone/ laptop because the government are manipulating it so much. Everything is going Digital - so you want something that Buys you more time off the tech... for me, Bitcoin does this, and it will even allow me to retire next year hopefully.

    But, for you, I still think it's good, but your biggest weapon is your adaptability, you have the freedom of the poor, you can do whatever the hell you like cause you are adaptible. For me, my whole resourcefulness is tech-dependent, I need to learn how to be a Wild human once again, that can grow food and farm or hunt it.
  10. 5G Canary

    5G Canary Gold

    Great post!

    I think for EHS individuals like myself we have to be wise when we do use technology. We need to listen to our bodies and unfortunately sometimes that’s a day, a week or a month off technology. I actually did a whole year when I was at my worst. Did it suck... yes! But just like the “fast” we do with food... it gets easier. It’s impossible to live in this world without technology. Even if you live in a tent in the woods this new satellite technology can now still affect us. It’s learning how to outsmart the algorithm.... being aware when technology is manipulating us... hurting us. Use technology in moderation and for things that better your soul and don’t let it steal your soul. And the soul can slip away slowly with this stuff- like a frog in water on a stove. They know this and are patient. God blessed us with free will... and he guides us when we keep that connection strong with him. With a strong connection all things are possible.... It can be Heaven on Earth or Hell on Earth but the choice is always ours.
  11. Sean Waters

    Sean Waters New Member

    Must be your skin that I'm sinking in
    Must be for real 'cause now I can feel
    And I didn't mind
    It's not my kind
    It's not my time to wonder why
    Everything's gone white
    And everything's grey
    Now you're here now you're away
    I don't want this
    Remember that
    I'll never forget where you're at

    Don't let the days go by

    I'm never alone
    I'm alone all the time
    Are you at one
    Or do you lie
    We live in a wheel
    Where everyone steals
    But when we rise it's like strawberry fields
    If I treated you bad
    You bruise my face
    Couldn't love you more
    You got a beautiful taste

    Don't let the days go by
    Could have been easier on you
    I couldn't change though I wanted to
    Should I have been easier by three
    Our old friend fear and you and me

    Don't let the days go by
    Don't let the days go by
    Glycerin, glycerin
    Glycerin, glycerin

    Bad moon white again
    Bad moon white again
    And she falls around me I needed you more
    You wanted us less
    I could not kiss just regress
    It might just be
    Clear simple and plain
    That's just fine
    That's just one of my names
    Don't let the days go by
    Could've been easier on you, you, you
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  12. Sean Waters

    Sean Waters New Member

    Leaving Mexico tomorrow without plans to return, for the first time in 1 year.

    Very mixed emotions, and I'm going to miss some really key people that have completely changed my life.

    So strange how you can only feel the sadness and joy all at once. When leaving behind a friendship, a place, a lover. Even though you know that it wasn't right and it was marred with pain and struggle, and that your physical body can't take it anymore, you still miss the good, and even miss the bad.

    Isn't it so human, to fall in love with pain and struggle? Is there anything more human, than empathy for torment?

    All you really care about, when the time comes, is that there is nothing left... no time left... not for pain or love... it's Gone... and you'd trade everything to get back one of the worst days, just to feel it again, just for it not to be gone, for it not to be over.

    Don't let the days go by, I could have been easier on you, but I couldn't change if I wanted to.
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  13. Sara Paez

    Sara Paez New Member

    Holy Hell Sean, such gold. such gold indeed
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  14. Sara Paez

    Sara Paez New Member

    I HEAR You, I Feel You man... truly
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  15. Richard Watson

    Richard Watson New Member

    Where are you heading too?
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  16. Aussie Chris

    Aussie Chris New Member


    Have you read "The Shallows" by Nicholas Carr? It was written some years ago explaining how our brains are changing in response to "hyper-media". We don't deep think anymore - it's all shallow, hyper distracted thinking. This "addiction to information" is actually addiction to the next dopamine hit, caused by our current situation. Very detrimental. And I am absolutely convinced of the addiction to blue light also that you mention.

    Your story and journal are very inspiring. Thanks for sharing mate.
  17. Sean Waters

    Sean Waters New Member

    I'm very very interested in this book, this is literally the point I'm making. It's so so addictive.

    I'm going to have a friend bring it out to Costa Rica with me... that's where i'm at right now @Richard Watson
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  18. Sean Waters

    Sean Waters New Member

    :love: you mate
  19. Aussie Chris

    Aussie Chris New Member

    Here's a couple of pages which have some powerful messages about the consequences of hypermedia (going online). And it was written in 2010 - things have gotten much worse since then!

    Very few people in my family or friends are even able to read a book anymore. Junk news dopamine hits and social media have ruined our concentration abilities. It's very sad. I try to be an optimist in most things but I'm very worried for the new generations who know nothing except for electronic media. I feel blessed that computers only really made an entrance in my late teens (I'm 37). I at least had most of my conditioning years reading actual books and playing outside.

    EFCD5050-4E90-40CF-AAC7-68ADABDEBEE4_1_105_c.jpeg 489577DC-3533-4FC1-9DC3-3BA2B18C8CAC_1_105_c.jpeg
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  20. Sean Waters

    Sean Waters New Member

    Oh man - I really, really want this book. It seems as though as telling us that the Computer acts a mirror, and we actually are evolving into Computers ourselves. We are merging with the computers way of thinking, and making it our own.

    I can actually feel these processes occurring while I am online right now... there are 10 tabs open, 1 email app with things to reply to, Telegram app with 5 chats of messages from different people, and the need for me to start my days work.... as usual, I don't do what I need to do, I fizz and bounce between all of the notifications until I'm burned out of dopamine and have no enthusiasm left to work.

    This is all after spending 4 hours in the Pacific Ocean this morning downloading Costa Rican, 9th latitude, Sunlight while grounded to the earth and a bit of CT in a waterfall........

    The thing is, awareness is one of the biggest weapons we have - we have the ability to recognise our own patterns of detriment. That's a blessing of our brain.

    Another important point, we can walk away and reverse all of it back to normal by returning to those natural patterns, calm and linear, like how you think when you hike or climb a rockface, or read a story - it's a choice we have to make though. I've already begun my walk away.

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