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Sean's Optimal Journal

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Sean Waters, Jan 24, 2018.

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  2. 5G Canary

    5G Canary Gold

    The house next door burned down to the ground. It burned down from the Sun hitting a little tiny crystal in a wind chime. Crazy I know! The smoke was so bad in our home and outside our home that we decided to go to the mountains for a while. I definitely did terrible at the mountains and was glad to come home. There was a beautiful river there and it reminded me of you.

    Your name obviously (Waters) but also your struggles combined with your perseverance. We can learn so many things from Water. If you look at rivers, streams etc. you’ll see that Water always finds a way to flow. It flows above obstacles, around them, beneath them, or it will carve the way open if it needs too. Life continually puts obstacles in our path... are those obstacles are put there for a reason. If we see them as obstacles sometimes we can’t get around them. We become blocked. But when we close our eyes and ears and go with the natural flow, we usually flow with ease around them.... why? The spirit moves through water and the spirit guides us. We don’t even see the obstacle or experience the fear but yet we navigate effortlessly around it.

    Sometimes I wonder if we are meant to learn these lessons. It’s like we are trapped in the firmament of the lens of the eye. We are “pupils” in school being taught to thrive in the matrix. Taught that American Dream of the white picket fence which is really the Zonular fibres ... and the 2.4 children which I always thought was a weird thing to say. How do you have .4 of a child? Lol! But isn’t the 42 really how we see the light spectrum- the angle of the eye required to see the rainbow. It kind of reminds me of the lyrics to the Katy Perry song Chained to the Rhythm. Rhythm probably meaning algorithm... keeping us chained to the matrix. Most people don’t understand the lyrics because they are so busy listening to Siri... or do I mean Iris. Lol! Everything is mirrored or code. Once we learn everything is a trick a magic show it’s easy to see through the matrix. We then see the many miracles all around us in nature.... True vs Trick. To know why we are here... we are part of nature... truth. We are also never really alone because alone is really “all one!” Let the spirit continue to guide you!

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  3. Poetic - Thank you !
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  4. Sean Waters

    Sean Waters New Member

    She's got a very unique and beautiful lens through which she sees life... incredibly authentic and natural. I'm very grateful to have her as one of my closest guides and mentors in life.
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  5. Sean Waters

    Sean Waters New Member

    This River seems to have found it's way around the latest obstacle.... and the Deuterium (Heavy Water!) story of course, seems to be the answer Nature and Spirit was trying to teach me.

    The answers to health are always a lot simpler than we like. But I've coined a term, Deuterated Thinking or Heavy Thinking, and I think it's a product of having too much D2O in our Brain and in our Proteins and receptors.

    It's so hard to get well in the modern world, because Deuterium actually makes you think so poorly, and so you are always making errors in thinking.

    For me, I followed the narrative of the Mold, Candida and Detox guru's when in reality their successes were false positives of their theories.

    All Antifungals - such as Oregano Oil - will break up the membrane of the Yeast and that will release it's Deuterium into the Extracellular space of the Yeast. That's a good thing, provided you have:
    1. The Redox to clear the Deuteron
    2. You do not add any Deuterium back to the Yeast
    For most, they feel bad because of 1, but generally we start to clear Deuterium using an antifungal diet from our Gut. Isn't it interesting that the Candida diet is a very Deuterium depleted diet also?

    According to Boros and Dr Anne Cooper - Yeast uses Deuterium to proliferate.

    Effectively, it exists in our Gut and responds to the increases in Deuterium, so it's actually protective of our Mitochondria - it stops us accumulating too much D2O in our Guts.

    This is why when I told @Jack Kruse I had Candida he said "Good". I never understood that, but now I do.

    The goal is to lower the Deuterium consumed, instead of trying to destroy the organisms that are actually helping us.

    So, I realised quite quickly.......... I'm in an equatorial environment, and I have a G.I Tract that is loaded with Deuterium.... all of the Water here is high in D2O, and so is the Food, and so is the Air (humidity) and these are the factors I need to focus on.

    So the last week I've started eating significantly less. I was actually eating the following:
    • Fats - 200g per day
    • Proteins - 200g per day
    • Carbs - 5-10g per day
    That's very Ketogenic, BUT....... Proteins are very Deuterated!! Especially if they are not from Grass Fed or Wild sources........ so I was actually accumulating Deuterium on a Ketogenic diet because of my choices of Proteins.... those proteins were heavily deuterated, and THAT IS THE KEY!!

    My local water here is deuterated too, so I moved to Evian/ San pellegrino and although these are still above 140ppm it's still a good 5-10ppm lower and minerals that help deplete. It's a start. But also, I'm actively drinking less.... and not just constantly sipping water.

    So now, I'm eating the following:
    • Fasting 23 hours per day, 1 hour eating window (OMAD)
    • Fats - 60-90g per day (reduction of 60-75%)
    • Proteins - 60-80g per day (reduction of 60-75%)
    • Carbs - 0g
    • I'm also planning to do more 48 hour fasts and beyond too.... but slowly
    • Cooking with the Lid On!...broiling and steaming.... apparently, trapping the Water in cooking keeps the Deuterium lower, I guess by stopping it from evaporating and leaving a high D2O ratio in the food (Fried Food is not good then?)
    • Eating Organic/ Grass Fed/ non GMO Fish, Pork and Offal
    • Coconut Oil as primary fat
    the carbs I was getting from Turmeric powder and Cumin powder and certain fresh herbs I was adding to meals. I've omitted all of those for now.

    I've also cut out ALL SUPPLEMENTS.... not even Curcumin or Magnesium or Activated Charcoal........ even the Charcoal has had to go!

    I have to tell you - within the last week my inflammation has dropped like a rock in the ocean and I am feeling so good!! So many of my senses have returned, my sense of Taste..... I can really really taste the sweetness of the Water here... even the difference between Evian and the Mexican Spring water Agua De Piedra.... It's crazy how sweet it is!

    Another gain has been my ability to tolerate sunlight, I actually feel the power of it much less - it feels so much weaker on my skin.... I'm becoming more Transparent perhaps?

    Will update more later.

    Also @RMW is also doing the biohack with me and has also experienced a lot of good gains the last few days.

    Sometimes, you think you are doing everything right - but you actually just need to tweak a few small details and EVERYTHING CHANGES!!
    Last edited: Apr 29, 2021
  6. Inger

    Inger Silver

    yes, I think this is all a wonderful option for us to wake up. As weird as it is, it is a blessing. Leaving the Matrix is a beautiful thing :love:
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  7. 5G Canary

    5G Canary Gold

    I couldn’t agree more!
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  8. Sean Waters

    Sean Waters New Member

    Seeing some really really good results from the 23/1 and Organic/ Grass Fed protein sources....

    Will update more later but putting a Fasted gut in the Sun is feeling amazing!

    Currently reading Paul Saladino's Carnivore Code....... not sure he's got enough data or understanding of the BioPhysics to really solidly claim a lot of these polyphenols like Resveratrol and Curcumin and Quercetin are "bad" for us..... but I can easily see that the negatives outweight the positives for most who have too much Deuterium in their Guts (me included).

    but his recommendations for how to do the Carnivore diet are really really solid and useful. I think he makes some astounding and brilliant cases against the need for Fibre.

    I wonder what Jack thinks about that RE: the Resistant Starch 2014 webinar... and how Jack still eats Nuts, Seeds and Cured Meats and Chocolate for all those benefits.....

    Also interesting to see Saladino is now embracing Honey and Fruit a couple years on from finishing the book.
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  9. ND Hauf

    ND Hauf Titanium

    It is interesting to watch Saladino make a few tweaks that are more in line with Jack's recommendations. I just found out Paul has purchased a place in Costa Rica and plans to spend 8-10 months there sunning and surfing. Some of Paul's stuff helped me through a battle I had with CDiff after a doctor put me on a ridiculous antibiotic which in turn totally wrecked my gut.
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  10. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    I gotta say that I like Paul Saladino and his willingness to stretch the boundaries to get to his own n=1

    Isn't that what we all should be doing?

    I like Phil Escott for the same reasons. He devastated his body by being vegan for so many years. He turned his body and health around when he found carnivore.
    I have heard him say that "who knows what is in my future - there may be new science that I am missing or things I can tolerate now that I couldn't before"

    Hopefully we are all evolving to find our n=1. It wasn't so long ago Sean that you told me that Carnivore was a really stupid idea and was actually harmful to our health.

    As long as we all keep learning and moving forward.

    It wasn't that long ago that a lot of people thought that some of Jack's ideas were totally crazy and unfounded and we were/are all sheeple, and he was leading us off a cliff! ...and we were willing to follow him of said cliff!

    If all of us had bought bitcoin 10 years ago ....we would be wealthy beyond our wildest dreams!

    A friend of ours told us that 9 years ago- a young friend of his did a summer job and was paid in 3000 bitcoin. He was furious and thought he had been ripped off. He is now retired and very wealthy.

    Lets all keep seeing all of life's possibilities with an open mind and heart.
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  11. Sean Waters

    Sean Waters New Member

    Ummm.... that's not true........ if you read what I said, I said that suggest Beef and Salt to someone for 30 days who is already doing Carnivore and not feeling good then is absolutely ridiculous.

    I still stand by that ^.

    I actually said I've used Carnivore myself and I think it's a really good tool, but clinically it's not always as easy for every individual to do the diet... If someone has boat loads of Candida in their Gut and go Carnivore, that can be a really rough switch. I personally needed boat loads of Charcoal to absorb the die off toxins... otherwise I had major suicidal thoughts and depression!! Not good!!

    For you on the other hand, you seem to get intolerances and allergies real bad, histamine issues. So for you - 30 days of beef makes sense - because you don't get the depression/ die off.

    So again - it goes back to n-1 as you rightly said.

    But, with Carnivore, it's clearly not the final resting station for optimal health. We want to be able to cultivate a biome that is tolerable of all foods and has huge amounts of Biodiversity and Volume. Just several years ago, you and many in this community were thriving of a more varied Epi Paleo diet.... now you can ONLY eat Beef? and can't tolerate Bone Broth?

    For me that signals sub-optimal Redox in your Gut.

    The key to that - is Deuterium. That's what Saladino is missing. All food is about Protons and Electrons, so we need to stop worrying about the Macros and start figuring out that it's about the Quantum scale.

    Clearly Saladino recognises that even though he wrote a book stating that all Plant foods are TOXIC to us - he is now eating Papaya, Mango and Honey.... (full of polyphenols btw which he said were bad for us)... and living in Costa Rica.

    Why? Cause his Redox has improved drastically from Deuterium Depleting his Gut (Carnivore, or more technically correct a strict high Fat low deuterium diet) and now he's saying things like " I can't quite get the energy I need to work out and exercise without Fruits/ Carbs, so I added them back in"

    That's a total, total U-turn on his book and his theory.

    I agree that it's good he's able to do this - but I think it's important that we realise Why this is all the case.

    Last edited: May 2, 2021
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  12. Anne V

    Anne V Silver

    yeah well done you. just one question, how do you know rockstar can shag at all ?:rofl:
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  13. Sean Waters

    Sean Waters New Member

    I would imagine if all you are doing all day is Playing Guitar, taking drugs and shagging... you'd get pretty good at it. They certainly get good at the first two so why not all 3 :rofl:
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  14. Chantelle

    Chantelle Silver

    I actually said I've used Carnivore myself and I think it's a really good tool, but clinically it's not always as easy for every individual to do the diet... If someone has boat loads of Candida in their Gut and go Carnivore, that can be a really rough switch. I personally needed boat loads of Charcoal to absorb the die off toxins... otherwise I had major suicidal thoughts and depression!! Not good!!

    I am glad I read this today. I need charcoal I think. I started to get into a really bad place and realised that this is happening. I am glad these forums and other like this exist
  15. Which brand of charcoal do you use? I nearly bought some the other day but it had sweeteners and other crap in it. I've heard its great for depression, and even bipolar apparently.
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  16. Sean Waters

    Sean Waters New Member

    Me too, this forum has helped me massively. I'm really glad my perspective can give you clarity - I try my very best to think like a clinician when I give advice.

    Few teaspoons of Charcoal can go a really long way in your Depletion of Deuterium/ Die Off/ Keto FLu/ Carnivore switch. Really good Water helps too.... San Pellegrino and high Sodium Bicarb and Mineral waters really help when switching.
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  17. Sean Waters

    Sean Waters New Member

    Just plain Activated Charcoal - there should be nothing else in it whatsoever.

    Some people prefer Charcoal from Coconut Shells than conventional (charred wood). But I've not noticed any real difference.

    Ultimately it is Carbon. Carbon builds EZ water around it and collects Protons like Deuterium and Toxins. That's why it works.
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  18. Ok, thats a really interesting nugget of information there - I didnt know the mechanism or that it helps with Deuterium depletion. Im going to get some, thanks bro.
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  19. Chantelle

    Chantelle Silver

    Hey Thanks for the tips. I am using Activated charcoal although I have heard that you shouldn't use it too much? It removes too much of something...Anyone agree? Obviously it takes good stuff and bad stuff with it on the way out, but I heard someone say don't use it every day...
    I bought the Nature's Way brand from iHerb. I also use zeolite.
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  20. 5G Canary

    5G Canary Gold

    It’s good to remember Sean is detoxing in Mexico. It’s really important to get your environment right before you detox. Your body will naturally do what it needs to do to live in both a bad and good environment. Your body is constantly communicating by what it craves. Listen to your body. To easily rule out your environment... try literally unplugging from the Matrix for a week and shut everything off. You could go to a different location for a week and see how you do.

    I am not a huge fan of supplements but they can help if you know what you’re doing. Also, you really need to research who owns the company and what’s in them before you purchase pretty much anything nowadays. Example- Bragg organic ACV has been around for 107 years and got bought by Katy Perry last year. Many celebrities, pharmaceutical companies, Gates, Nestle, China etc are buying up once trustworthy sources in the last few years. I think it’s obvious why....

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