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Sean's Optimal Journal

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Sean Waters, Jan 24, 2018.

  1. Sean Waters

    Sean Waters New Member

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  2. Sean Waters

    Sean Waters New Member


    Thank you for that extract - that might be a really worthy investment. I'm very shocked at how I responded on such a minor dose. From reading it has pushed me to see if I have Lyme. As many suggest reactions to Binders indicate a Lyme issue. But, I have to say I don't share any of the symptoms and I never had a tick bite with a bullseye rash.

    I've finally found some relief this evening. I took a load of Magnesium Citrate, about 2 grams. Some Chlorella and ate eggs, avocado and coconut oil with turmeric an black pepper an sea sal. Yes, I actually managed to eat some food after having no appetite, but I barely ate any of it to be honest.

    Then I just sat an bathed under my Red Light for about 1 hour and a half!... and I felt sooooo much better. Everything has calmed down. The joint pains and aches, the headache and the stress and aggression. I'm still pretty cold but I'm warmer than before.

    I feel much much better now. I think i'm going to buy a couple more units from EMR-Tek and start bathing in it daily, inbetween Sunbathing of course, and perhaps at night too - seems to really do me good at night.

    Perhaps that is what my body really needs.

    I will come off everything for a few days and wait until things calm down. Then I will add in tiny tiny doses.

    In the meantime i'm going to be listening to Mandolin Orange for the foreseeable. What a band.
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  3. Sean Waters

    Sean Waters New Member

    Neil nathan.PNG
    @Tfreeman love the section on the right "because unique responses are the norm, not the exception".

    He said "even probiotics"... yep, that's me included.

    Also bought his previous book Mold and Mycotoxins. Do you recommend the one Jill Crista wrote too?
  4. Sean Waters

    Sean Waters New Member

    Recovered finally from the Charcoal saga. I actually felt supreme yesterday and very very different to my normal self.

    - Sense of smell has reduced
    - Sense of taste has increased
    - Sense of sound has increased
    - Energy increased
    - Clarity increased
    - Anxiety massively reduced

    I feel like the Charcoal may have removed an enormous load of toxins from my tissues.

    Novel change = Far less interested in trivial things. Feel like I don't want to waste time on Talking and Writing. That's unusual for me (look I have a 70 page journal).

    Want to be more clinical with my time, more productive and sharper.

    Last night I had a massive Eczema flare up on my hands. I also felt tired and low. It was very humid in my room last night, stuffy and hard to breathe.......... Humid/ Stuffy/ Histamine Flare..... Gotta be Mold again. I usually use a Fan but last night I didn't.

    I took 1/4 tsp of Charcoal in Water and have drank lots and lots of Water and feel better and my rash looks better......... again, the Binder is really working. Dosing is key.

    Reading Toxic by Neil Nathan to learn more
  5. Sean Waters

    Sean Waters New Member

    Yep, starting to really feel a lot better. I think this Charcoal is working well now. Yesterday I felt incredible again.

    Also Sardines have been awesome. Getting the omega 3 high in the afternoon again.

    Leaving the jungle soon. New beautiful apartment incoming. New girl last night. New strength in mind and body.

    LETS GO.
  6. Sean Waters

    Sean Waters New Member


    This book is EPIC @Tfreeman I think you have actually provided me with the key to this entire journal. Can't thank you enough!!

    I've not tested for any of the Mycotoxins or C3 or C4a, or my VEGF or anything but it all makes perfect perfect sense.

    It explains why:
    • I had a major skin rash, depression anxiety and chronic fatigue after living in a seriously Moldy house
    • It explains why my skin actually lost it's colour so rapidly, in an old picture i posted I have Vitiligo - well Mycotoxins destroy the a-MSH (melanocyte stimulating hormone) which would explain why my Melanin was destroyed. Also, when I went out to Jack in November 2019 he always likes to mention how Destin reversed the hypomelanosis I had on my back - but why was that happening? I got way more Sun even in the UK than anyone I know. Now it makes sense.
    • the Salt / Hydration revelation in April 2018 at Lloyd's place happened. I started taking 2-3 tsp of Sea Salt everyday and had massive effects. All of that is explained in the book
    • I had such a good response to doing the leptin reset in June 2018 because one of the major systems effected by Mold is the Leptin receptor.
    • I have a Candida issue too that is responding to anti-fungals (die off)
    • Why I have zero exercise tolerance
    • Why my sleep is so bad
    • Why I become so irritable/ depressed and mentally fucked on certain protocols. Usually irritable with Carnivore and depressed with carbs.

    So i'm moving out of my current Palapa in the jungle. It's definitely got a Mold problem here so I'm going back to an apartment in town. I also really miss socialising and it's absolutely key for me. I also miss the beach bad!

    I'm using massive amounts of Red Light too inbetween Sunbathing - it seems to really have a good effect. I remember hearing Jack does this with his farm patients - Red Bed then Sun, Red Bed then Sun. I guess if we're all Blue Light toxic we can't all handle the Sun and we need to actually increase Red Light.

    I'm ordering a fuck load of Red Lights from EMR-Tek this week for delivery here. Because it's massively improving my Sleep and my Detox process.

    The biggest thing that seems to be moving the needle right now is the Colloidal Silver as a nasal spray and also spraying 6 times orally x 4-5 times per day. The other big one is the Activated Charcoal down to 800mg x 2 per day. Taking it really slow with both of these, because when I push it I get massive Fatigue and/ or Flu like symptoms.

    The other key is to make sure you have your BM everyday and eliminating - if you're clogged up you're going to suffer with toxicity.

    So i've been adding in Avocados, lots of Leafy greens, Mint, Camu Camu powder again, little bit onion and some Ginger and Radish. Once I get to my new place I'm gonna start having some Keto/ Paleo smoothies.... Coconut milk, cacao, flax seed etc. I'm also eating loads of Sardines and Beef Steaks.

    The rest of my plan looks like this:

    • Chlorella x 2.5g per day
    • Phosphotidyl Serine x 200mg per day
    • Trans-Resveratrol x 500mg per day
    • Curcumin x 3600mg per day
    • Magnesium Citrate x 500mg per day
    • Oil of Oregano x 12 drops x 3 per day

    Ordered supplements: Milk Thistle & Dandelion, Echinacea/ Vit C/ Black Garlic, N-acetyl cystein/ selenium/ molybdenum

    Feeling excellent with the Colloidal Silver and my rash is just disappearing more and more each day now.

    I managed to go for a Walk on Saturday and walked around 20-25 kilometres.... then yesterday I ran to my village and back which is around 1.5 miles, not too far but I haven't been able to exercise AT ALL in so long. So I'm happy with this progress!

    I think I'm actually nearly there man. Thank god. I'm really done with this Health journey and chasing answers, it's time to move on. A part of me cannot be bothered to update but you know what many people have reached out and said how much it's helped them.

    I want to show people what is possible - and how I did it too. Honestly.

    I'd never have thought a book called Toxic about mold etc. would be the final piece of the puzzle, nor Candida. But sometimes we all get wrapped up in our own biases and beliefs, such as 5G or EMF or Crohn's or all these other reasons why we are sick... once you've moved, and you're still sick, you need to try something else.

    I look at Neil Nathan's testimonials and he's not wrote a single thing about the Sun or Magnetism. All of his patients got to where they needed to be eventually. That means he has a massive cohort of clinical success stories without using Light Water Magnetism.

    That's important for us to recognise. Because we DO have that major piece of the puzzle. The Redox story. So, I feel like clinically we need to use LWM as the foundation but then we must recognise the power of these Protocols/ Investigation/ Labs to actually get us better. I could sit here and sunbathe for years and not get better, many who have come to Mexico have stopped looking for answers because that's what we are harbouring here - arrogance and ignorance.

    There are many paths to Rome. Clinicians all around the world are getting people better with Diet and Supplements. That's not my opinion, that's just a fact. So if we have the real truth, the Redox story, then we need to not allow ourselves to get complacent and ignore the power of the Natural Medicine that is out there. Because clearly, it IS very powerful if it's getting millions of Blue light toxic people better every day.

  7. Tfreeman

    Tfreeman New Member

    I'm so glad you liked the book. I actually think Neil Nathan would like Jack's approach, too. On the podcasts I listen to with him he seems inclined to consistently learning and changing up what works and what doesn't. I think with the knowledge of the sun and light he could really have an added approach with his supplements and lifestyle suggestions. When/if you get your mycotoxins tested make sure you do the glutathione challenge so they show in your urine. I really feel like you were probably working hard to up your redox but your detox needed an jump start and you found it in the binder (activated charcoal). My test would've for sure been negative for mycotoxin if I did not do the glutathione challenge and a hot bath for 30 mins when I originally did it last year. I've done both great plains mycotoxin and realtime and both were positive. I'm sure you'd see the same.

    I appreciate his empathy in dealing with western and functional medicine. He also has a strong stance on cell danger response and I wonder what Jack would think of that.

    Betterhealthguy blogcast also has a strong narrative due to chronic illness and healing himself. Check him out he has guests on all the time dealing with mold, nnEMF sensitivity, etc. It's nice to listen to it sometimes instead of reading.

    I like what you have to say about a combination of LWM and supplements. If chinese medicine can make it work, and meditation and controlling the mind can make it work, I think supplements have their place in healing. I would having fainting episodes weekly until I started Welchol and I still have them if I forget (obviously I am a long way from healing). But a combo of Jack's steps and Neil Nathan's steps have been the more useful for me in the last year.
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  8. Inger

    Inger Silver

    Hi Sean :)
    nice to read that you are doing good :):):)

    I have a question about the oregano oil. I got some high quality 100% organic organo oil here, because I bought it for a tooth issue, my 10 years already dead tooth made me an inflammation in my jaw that was pretty bad, after I ate some things that I should not have:rolleyes: (it always reacted then). So I finally got it out! Yesss.. love it! Feels really good :):):)

    But now I have a ton of high quality real expensive oregano oil here, IDK what to use it for!
    It is very very strong. No way can I use it pure. Are you really using 100% pur oregano oil 12 drops x3 times a day? Or is it a diluted oil?

    I might want to try it orally too, just for experimenting. :)
  9. Tfreeman

    Tfreeman New Member

    This is where LWM works perfectly with a seasonal diet for the many but struggles to be the only tools for the few. The genetic/epigenetic disability here is the enterohepatic circulation (among others).

    Screen Shot 2021-01-27 at 11.48.14 AM.png
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  10. Tfreeman

    Tfreeman New Member

    Screen Shot 2021-01-27 at 11.55.55 AM.png
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  11. Sean Waters

    Sean Waters New Member

    No it's diluted with EVOO I think. Here is the one I'm using - https://oreganoorganico.com/collections/frontpage/products/gotero-aceite-de-oregano-ambar-30-ml

  12. Sean Waters

    Sean Waters New Member

    Yeah definitely try it out with Oil Pulling. Colloidal Silver is insane too.... and we know that through Becker's book too how good that is for our own DC Current and how antimicrobial it was.
  13. Sean Waters

    Sean Waters New Member

    Yeah I agree I think he would - I like the seasonality winter/ summer he talks about too. He definitely gets a lot of it.

    I seem to be really doing well now I've moved out of the House - just got to an apartment/ condo and feeling wayyyy better. Also, I seem to be tolerating more and more Colloidal Silver and Charcoal already and I'm running out!! Need to get some more ASAP. Think that is a good sign.

    For me I'm just gonna follow symptoms for now and then start testing down the road. I have just spent a lot of money already and I think if I feel better then I'm happy with what i'm doing! I did the VCS test and failed it too - plus I got a lot of data on myself already.... and yeah the main thing is that my rash and overall health is responding massively to the Silver and Charcoal!

    Will check betterhealthguy out.

    Me too... I realised it recently, there are millions of people who've put this together and healed without LWM. I know it's not the full answer, but what if you combined them? Got to be a perfect combination no?

    Very important to not become dogmatic ourselves - but it's human nature, we can't help become tribalistic even with our best intentions
  14. Sean Waters

    Sean Waters New Member

    That blew my mind.......... also the talks about the Egyptians and what they did was just destroy the home and leave. They had no other remedy than burn it down.

    I guess the Nile got flooded a lot and so they had some big bad Mold problems!
  15. Sean Waters

    Sean Waters New Member

    Moved into a new apartment and left the Jungle palapa about 4 days ago.

    The new Condo is on the 2nd floor and there are around 20 apartments in total. There is a large tower with antennas/ dishes on top but it only receives 4G signals, it does not emit, it then converts them into a wired internet signal. This is how most internet is done in Mexico/ Central America. They rarely dig up ground. But they have started to here as people come and want fibre optic.

    Instantly I felt better. Despite having around 10 WiFi's picking up on my Laptop / Phone.

    Think my Jungle Palapa was loaded with Mold from all the damp rotted wood from the Hurricane season.

    Mold > EMF for me right now.
  16. Sean Waters

    Sean Waters New Member

    So I decided to watch my old friend Elliot on a podcast about Oxalates, I've none stop had his videos recommended to me the last 3 days - he must have a good Marketing team.

    I found this one with Sally Norton. Covers many topics and is very interesting.

    I have to say though, she's really myopic to so many things. It's like the Oxalate theory is the only theory she can really see as important. Watch when Elliot asks Sally Norton about the Equator and tribes in tropical countries. Perhaps the most unscientific response I've ever seen from someone on a podcast. Does she actually say "fruit isn't fuel to climb a tree... pfftt".

    Of course it is. It actually is perfect to climb a tree. It's sugar.

    The other thing, she has absolutely no idea about Deuterium. How we actually need that from Plants (and animal blood and milk) to absorb more Sunlight in our blood. It traps Light and slows it down. It is used for growth too. It's highly important for Pregnant women - to store Fat and give the baby growth fuel.

    All she can think about is "Plants kill ppl"......... the comments are not too different.

    But empirical data totally disagrees. Billions of people have eaten vegetables and fruits for millennia in various countries WITHOUT getting IBD. It STILL doesn't exist in Mexico to any degree, so if oxalates are an issue - Why?

    Someone tell me Why?

    ... and they eat Beans Beans Beans all day long and Cacao all day long. I see the construction workers eating it daily for Lunch when the Cacao tuk-tuk arrives.

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  17. Sean Waters

    Sean Waters New Member

    Anyway - quick update for me.

    Moved into a new Apartment

    WiFi and 4G seems to be far less of an issue than Mold as I am doing sooooooooooo much better here. It's not what I would have Guessed... but as Feynmann shows us, if the experiment doesn't match your theory - then you're wrong :)

    So I'm wrong. As I have been 1042380743 times in the last 5 years.

    But, it's great because it has taught me what really breaks me down.

    Seems to be that we our Redox Potential has a certain "Toxic Load" and can only Deadlift or Bench Press a certain amount of that for us. We know this, this isn't news to any mitochondriac.

    But it is news to me that Mold is so much of a problem than EMF. I would have had WiFi on a much higher scale, I've been running from this for so long.

    After living in a WiFi free property, without even much phone signal and having major Herx and detox reactions, and struggles with Candida. I've now moved into a much lower Mold environment, with lots of WiFi, and a 4G signal as I'm closer to town - and I'm able to tolerate Resveratrol again. I'm able to take Colloidal Silver again. I'm taking Charcoal with no issues. I'm eating Vegetables and Almonds again.

    I'm active again socially, I've been out and met a beautiful Romanian girl who is into Deuterium Depleted Water and Light and we've hit it off big time after meeting at a cafe. I've met a group of bitcoin libertarians at the same place who meet weekly to discuss trading and crypto. I've also got friends back in my life who have just suddenly reached out, lads who make me laugh so much and I forgot how much I missed them.

    Socialising is everything - but it seems as though we can't do it optimally in a toxic state/ environment. And so, it's essential to get well within yourself, change the environment, get out of the Mold. Also, change the environment within, get that shit out of your body. Then you can be more magnetic and attract these amazing people into your life.

    It's like I've been in a dark, horrible cave under a spell for months and now I've been released into the Light.

    I just want to share this - Dunning Kruger effect 101 - Mold was not on my radar. Once again, @Tfreeman I extend my thanks and gratitude to you for your information.

    So I'm taking Colloidal Silver, Oregano Oil, Resveratrol (no issues, woo!), Activated Charcoal, Curcumin, Mag Citrate and a Collagen/ Vit C supplement.

    I'm eating Fish and Steaks without carbs on the night, but in the morning I'm feeling good with some Sardines or Eggs and usually from a Smoothie with Coconut oil. Spinach, Almond butter, Chlorella, Spirulina, Avocado, Turmeric, Black Pepper, Almond milk, Coconut milk (basically one big Oxalate smoothie LOL).... but it's really key cause it's keeping my Gut motility and everything really high and I'm flushing. It's also providing carbs for Serotonin and so I get the feel good feelings.

    My Rash has gone down so much, really hoping it fully goes soon. Libido is going crazy, think I'm going to explode at times.

    The other big thing I'm doing is tracking my Vitamin D with dminder. Can't believe how little is made here if you aren't out for 3-4 hours during the middle of the day fully exposed. I thought it would be enough to get 1 hour or so. NOPE.

    Regularly tracking now and ensuring 15k - 20k per day.

    Sunlight between 5 and 6pm seems to give me some kind of Perspective Bomb too. Like super clarity. Diamond bullets between the eyes. Where I just have a thought or an idea that just pops some bubble in my mind. Happened so much this week. Going up now to get some more of that shortly.

    Red Light Therapy at night too - just ordered a Firewave and an Inferno from EMR-Tek.com

    Will have an interview on QHTV in March so look out for that if you give a F :)

    Onwards and upwards............
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  18. MITpowered26

    MITpowered26 New Member

    Qhtv interview = DOPE s%ht!!
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  19. Dean6789

    Dean6789 New Member

    This guy talks about that (and many other related topics) in some of his videos.

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