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Sean's Optimal Journal

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Sean Waters, Jan 24, 2018.

  1. What happens when Beef becomes a problem?............ do you have to cut that out and just eat Salt?

    Honest question!!
  2. Ok looking at my response to Activated Charcoal I went down a massive rabbit hole and I think I actually may have Mold Toxicity from when I lived in the Moldy high nnEMF house in London.

    The Bathroom and the Kitchen were two places I'd get really symptomatic. It was a really old, damp house and the place was riddled with Black Mold - otherwise called Stachybotrys chartarum.

    At the time I started this journal I had been living in the house for almost 1 year.

    My symptoms began after 3 months of living there.

    Prior to that, I was using a Ketogenic Diet and I was in the best health I've ever been in. I used Fasting and CT, Blue blockers and Sunrise and Sunset and Red Lights. I was ridiculously healthy for my own estimations and I was doing CrossFit and I weight 15kg heavier than i do now and it was all muscle, I was 94kg or 205 lbs of muscle with only 10% body fat.

    I still had EMFs in my apartment in London, but I was able to do all of this ^

    I moved into my ex's house and that's where the Mold was. Yes, there were huge amounts of EMF but no different to before. I think the double team up of EMFs and Mold though is something everybody is familiar with, they always come hand in hand.... Mold grows rapidly in bad EMF, and also EMF weakens immune system and allows for it to compromise the body.

    By January 2018 when I began this journal I had been sufferring with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (completely new) and body-wide Eczema/ Rashes. Not only that but I was depressed and I had lost 16kg or 35 lbs in 6-8 months.

    Another interesting point is that it is synergistic with Candida, as it is all fungus and mycotoxins. Reading deeper they are highly connected and synergistic. So it explains why I probably do well on anti-candida protocol.

    It also explains why I'm getting such bad Depression and Symptoms such as this Hand Rash which was only active and itchy while I live in the house. When I moved back to my Moms the hand rash itching stopped, but the rash still remained visible. The only place it remained itchy was on my groin, it wasn't until I got the WiFi turned off in my Mom's house that it actually stopped.

    This also explains why despite doing everything right, and having so much Sunshine here for 1 year, that things have moved slowly.

    Taking that Charcoal last night felt like the Depression just evaporated out of me. I felt incredible.

    The other thing that happened is that my Hand Rash this morning seems to be flaking off, like the skin is healing up rapidly.

    Different sources suggest a Mold cleanse with Activated Charcoal of about 1 tablespoon 3 x per day. I'm going to try this out and report back.

    Ps. Why does it always take me so god damn long to find this stuff out by crashing into walls and then realising the door is right next to me? Skin in the game I guess, we learn best by experience. Still, this has really encouraged me to get back into Naturopathic medicine, not just this but the last few months. It's blown my mind how effective many of these natural remedies and oils are, and how much they can be effective as adjunctive therapy alongside Yucatan Living/ Sunlight and Light Hygeine.

    https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/29535978/ - Mycotoxin: Its Impact on Gut Health and Microbiota

  3. Tfreeman

    Tfreeman Gold

    Sean, everything you are saying is exactly how I feel. Jack wrote an old post about lyme disease, mold, CFS here that is an interesting read. https://jackkruse.com/hey-lyme-disease-meet-leptin/
    I take the less additives version of cholestyramine which is Welchol and the days I miss it I feel a huge weight of depression. I'd be interested to see how you experience a mold protocol in combination with the antifungals you are already taking to enhance your sun and lack of nnEMF protocol in the Yucatan.

    Argentyn 23 is a great nasal colonization product.
    Many use pure Chlorella with a lot of success.
    I've posted Neil Nathan's protocol here if you want to take a look.

    i feel like mold and all infections take on the same case as Jack shared in a podcast I listened to recently where he spoke about a child in Africa that had Malaria and was functioning perfectly due to the sun and lack of nnEMF keeping the malaria at bay and the infection actually being useful to his body, immune system, and red blood cells.
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  4. Thanks for the links I've read through both of them - I read the Lyme Leptin blog a long time ago but I didn't have the perspective I have now and missed a boat load of relevant details.

    So the neurotoxins that Candida releases slots right into that blog too, but isn't specifically mentioned. Acetalydehyde and Gliotoxin to name 2 of 80 toxins that attacks the nervous system function.

    The Charcoal and Chlorella can bind to that. I have some Chlorella here i'm going to take some later. Also realise the importance of daily stools too because of this detox, so I actually need to get back on the Avocadoes and Vegetables. Perhaps why I felt bad on them is due to the toxicity, and not the food themselves. It would make sense because now Carnivore is making me feel bad. So it's not the food, it's the inflammation.

    Key to note......... Neurotoxins/ Toxins = Inflammation = Destroy Leptin = Destroy Circadian biology = bad skin, libido, energy, sleep, muscle mass etc.

    Are you still in NY?

    As you can see from my labs and recent updates, I've seen vast improvements in symptoms from just being in Mexico alone, so that's the Redox side of the equation. But the Anti-Fungal regimen has took me to another level. It wasn't until taking this Charcoal last night that I had the lightbulb to go and read up about Mold toxicity and how it can be lingering.

    But something was missing, because the die-off days were just unbearable. Now I have the key :)

    Jack always says Redox before you Detox. But, my Vit D is around 80 or 90, and my HS CRP has been 0.5 or less for 6 months. I'm in a great environment, so I feel ready to take on the Detox for sure... whereas in London, it might have wiped me out altogether!

    I've never heard Cholestyramine, but I'm taking Activated Charcoal and it seems to be effective enough according to all of the people writing about this, no? However, I took 1 tablespoon today at lunch and felt a really "lull" and almost felt hollow and a little drained. I wonder if that's too much for my system (10 grams), I'm going to come back down to around 1 tsp (3 grams) and go from there.

    My Hand Rash looks great, and my mood has been great except for that little lull earlier today.

    Taking Oregano Oil and Pau D Arco tea as usual. Also now taking Melrose by YoungLiving, which is a combo of Tea Trea & Rosemary essential oil... it's not strictly allowed to be taken internally, but I do oil pulling in my mouth and then swallow, it's only 2 drops at a time I think it's safe.

    I agree with you on the Africa scenario, but I don't think our fate is subject to carrying this forever, I think it can be removed but may take time and some extreme measures. If you want help in coming down here to Yucatan let me know I've helped many people arrange accommodation here recently and many people are coming down in the next few months (subject to Government Tyranny etc.)
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  5. Tfreeman

    Tfreeman Gold

    Yes, and I think the release of biotoxins in your system would have made you even sicker (which you saw previously in London), whereas now with your redox at such a high potential you are experiencing much smaller effects (bouts of depression, smaller skin effects). It's amazing how you've turned your labs and redox around!

    From what I've read about activated charcoal, it can strip the body of nutrients if used in too high of a concentration. Little doses are supposedly better for the system. I know a ton of people who don't do the scripts like Welchol and stick to charcoal, chlorella, and clay with success.

    It's interesting you feel so good from oregano oil - I had the same experience which is what made me go looking for infection in my system originally. A clear headedness I hadn't felt in years.

    I'm actually in south NJ in a little condo on the water. I'm using CT to replace my lack of UV light since I have an H1 halpotype but I also honestly just really like the cold. I do need more UV since I felt so great over summer so I'm planning to drive down to Florida in February. The Yucatan will have to be next on my list for sure!

    I'm so glad you reminded me about redox before you detox because I sometimes forget and get so frustrated with my inability to tolerate foods and supplements, but then I remind myself about being in a blue lit, nnEMF toxic world for 28 years and only knowing the JK side of things for a year (even less when I finally started to understand and change my lifestyle). It really takes time and patience is required.
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  6. Yeah but back in London I wasn't even attacking the Fungus/ Mold... it's only since November that I started this protocol. All the symptoms that were dormant since London suddenly appeared in full force.... Depression, Chronic fatigue the hand rash flaring like crazy... so that's what led me to Candida and Die Off and now Mold. Otherwise, if I had no issue, Oregano Oil and Pau D Arco and Diflucan wouldn't trigger anything... right? :)

    But yeah my labs are looking awesome except my Blood Glucose is a little high, and my estrogen is still a little high for my liking. But my DHEA, Testosterone, and BUN Creatinine (14:1) and blood work look sexy.

    I'm considering re-testing in the next few weeks since I've come off of Progesterone & Diflucan.

    Ok cool I'm gonna low the dose on Charcoal then, 1 tbsp is too much. Slowly slowly...

    Oregano Oil is awesome isn't it? I think it actually dehydrates the fungus by starving it of it's water supply apparently. Jack said he was absolutely cool with all the natural anti-fungals cause they modulate the immune system and loved the Tea too cause of the ECGC in it.

    I'm a H1 too .... Yeah you will do really well with really Cold AND really Hot. Our modern day living ancestors live in the desert. Ultra cold nights, ultra hot days. Depending on your SNPs too of course, but my skin loves the Sun. After being here a while I've realised how much my body loves the Heat here, the Cold is amazing but it really loves the Sun and hot days 30°C and above. My immune system just sleeps in a hammock in those temperatures, it is like it takes a day off.... all Histamine/ itching issues disappear and although I'm not super energised I feel very relaxed.

    It's been 15°C here some nights in the jungle and even lower, and daytimes it has been max 25-28° C. I think I'll feel better in a few months once we get above 30.

    I remember you're a teacher - so you always have the remote gig in your locker if you need it. I had to get a certificate for it just in case, luckily no chinese kids have to learn my english or my accent. But that is a great get out of jail free card for your health. You'd probably do phenomenal down here if you're doing that good in NJ.

    You are absolutely right. I found Jack in 2016 and did everything right and then moved to London, how dumb is that? But, I thought I was superman. In hindsight, the journey has been so fucking laborious and I've broke down many times, but the amount of things i've learned about myself and people and the world is just ridiculous. It's absolutely invaluable.

    Most importantly, I found connection to God (the higher power/ energy/ jesus/ allah whatever you wanna call it). My name for it is Don Señor. I have more Faith now than I've ever had in my life. That's more important than anything else written in this journal.
  7. Ok so after taking the 1 tbsp of Charcoal yesterday I developed a slowly increasing hollowness and weakness in my chest, and then by the evening I started to feel a chill and pretty "out of it".

    I went to sleep super early I was so tired and then I proceeded to have the wildest lucid dreams all about Sex and I also felt like I was hallucinating a little at points as I thought people were outside my house.

    I woke up today with a low-grade Fever. My throat is a little swollen around the lymph nodes, and I have a very minor cough, and my Head feels heavy and I have periodic minor headaches.

    My Skin Rash on my Hand also flared up last night and I scratched it a lot, but it actually feels the smoothest and looks the clearest it has looked in a very long time.

    I feel weak and my temperature is a little up and down.

    But really, it's pretty mild overall. I have just not experienced something like this in such a long time. I can't actually remember the last time I had an actual Flu like reaction or a Fever. It's been years.

    I panicked a little, as I know if my Gut is inflamed (Crohn's) then this is typically How I'd feel during a flare up - however, with a Crohn's flare up my Gut would be all over the place... Pain, diarrhoea, and pure craziness. But my Gut is actually remarkably quiet.

    I'm tempted to Fast.... my intuition is urging me to Fast right now and I don't know why. It has been telling me that for about 4 days now so I'm going to follow it and just not eat for day or two.

    I've added in some Chlorella and it made me feel better today. I've reduced the Charcoal down to 1 tsp x 3 times per day.... but i might push it a little higher again because I think my body is actually beginning to Fight this Mold/ Candida itself and really have a complete immune response. I think the silence or inactivity against the infection is actually a bad sign, showing how suppressed my Immune system is. Perhaps now with these Binders taking away all these Neurotoxins by CNS and Immune system can actually take this thing on by itself.

    The other thing is - I'm blessed to be in a WiFi free environment at the 20th Latitude. Even though it has been raining here the Light is still super super good - it's like British Summer. Plus, I have a High Vit D level and a good BUN Creatitine and Hormone panel... so I am ready to hit the Detox button now.

    I feel like trash, but it feels right. My intuition is telling me to keep going here.......
  8. I just took the VCS test and failed it... both eyes, as the right one is a little weaker, but no it was both eyes. Thought I did perfect on the Left eye but nope!
  9. Wow I've felt so fucked all day.... Fever, Fatigue, Weakness, Swollen lymph nodes and Nausea.....

    I have fasted up til now which is around 23 hours and got plenty of Sun today (it finally appeared)

    I have just experienced constant bombardment in my mind today of really really old memories and experiences from School and College and my Job in London..... I say this often here, but when i go through the Die-off or the Detox process I seem to get flooded with a Movie reel of memories and they are all separate and not connected, very sporadic......... of course my Ex and my other exes appear in my mind too and usually thoughts that make me feel low esteem.

    But it's 4.36 now and I have to tell you I feel a weight lifted from me that I can't describe. I can breathe fully through my nose, I can smell Alex's aftershave across the garden, my Hands seem somewhat ok and not red or inflamed, and my energy and mood has increased massively.

    Noticing that the gut wrench response to those triggers, like my ex, have lost their power. I hope this is not temporary.... But i haven't felt this good while Fasted for 23-24 hours since I was in London before I got sick. I have reminiscent feelings about being back there, before all of this shit turned south in 2017.

    Detox for the win I think. Will keep updating.
  10. 5G Canary

    5G Canary Gold

    Not saying this is the cause but it could be a possibility. I wonder if VIZIV Technology did turn the Tesla coil on in Texas.

    Trump was recently there in Texas and in his speech he said... 5 years, 7 years... and then mirrored it backwards... said the governor’s in all the states had done an amazing job implementing this vaccine rollout. Hmmmm... 7=G
  11. 5G Canary

    5G Canary Gold

    Sorry to hear you are experiencing rain.... both physically and emotionally. We need rain just as much as we need sunshine. Because without watering we don’t grow! We also need the 42 degree angle after the rain to see the rainbow! Ever wonder why that number is so important?

    You communicated that it was dormant until recently? Remember how Jack commented on fungus growth at the farm as an indicator of 5G in his area? In a 5G world can we live within Mother Nature’s rules? Or, in a home with no windows? I am not saying you need to move but maybe try sleeping in a car for a night or stay with one of the other members just so you can rule out your environment. Or, look at your trees and growth... fungus or mold. I think 5G, and maybe all the other technology, is that silent snake that slithers in and messes with our thoughts... it’s mind warfare. I can immediately tell when I am in a 5G area because my recall memory goes completely out the window and my vision blurs. I feel like my body has mutated or evolved from the rashes as I don’t get them anymore. My husband tends to be more aggressive or combative and now does get the body rashes. Remember our food chain, animals, water and bacteria are all effectived by these signals too. Basically anything that is alive is in the same environment and not immune to 5G either. Probably why the push for GMO food too because it will be impossible to grow real food. Everything will be depleted of its nutrients just like when you cook food in the microwave it loses its nutritional value. I would also guess that’s why your body wants to fast. For myself it became increasingly difficult to fast in a 5G environment because I was constantly being depleted of my water and oxygen. A good tip that works for me.... Drink and cook from copper as it will kill bacteria that is growing. It’s also a good way to add copper to your system.

    Also, a general dentist should be able to take off your permanent retainer. I certainly would not recommend this but my daughter didn’t like how hers felt when she got it and took it off herself with snippers. Ugh! I did end up taking her back to the orthodontist so he good finish what she started. He just drilled it off. In hindsight it was probably a good thing she did take it off!

    Remember skin is our largest organ. You can buy organic activated charcoal soap... I like to use this!

    Also... doing this might just be the answer to the toxicity and stress you are experiencing.
  12. 5G Canary

    5G Canary Gold

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