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Sean's Optimal Journal

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Sean Waters, Jan 24, 2018.

  1. 10.PNG

    Resveratrol continues to elicit some severe increases in Symptoms when I use it, usually within 24-48 hours. Not sure if it is Die-Off as it is so effective and helpful/ anti-fungal........ or if it is actually a bad idea right now.

    Some people suggest it can be Estrogenic. Also - the supplement quality could be poor, but I have used both Life Extension and Resvitale, both from Florida.

    I know that it releases massive amounts of Light in the GUT... just not sure who is benefiting, the Candida I want to kill or the Bacteria I want to improve (leading to a battle with the Candida)?

    But as you can see, within a couple days I came right down to 8s and 7s which is super asymptomatic for me.

    Other changes:
    - Reduced Progesterone to 200mg after talking with Jack, aim to go down to 100mg within the next week.
    - Massively increased Oregano Oil..... this is kicking ass internally
    - Massively increased Pau D'Arco (tea).... also elicits some big die-off
    - Began using Oregano Oil topically for my Hands....... my rash is now almost gone on my hands within 3-4 days.
    - Sleep seems to be a bit sporadic, I'm sleeping Deeper and having more REM, but some nights it can be very light. The more inflammation I have, or Die-Off, the worse my sleep is usually.
    - No longer taking "Candida Aid" a support supplement with Caprylic acid, Garlic etc.
    - No longer taking Magnesium
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  2. Happy New Year everyone.

    Another update to start off the 4th year of this journal. Can't believe how much has changed in those years, but really just in the last few months of this year.

    I'm still not where I want to be with my Health, and there has been a relentless force within me that desires to finish the fight early, I felt like I could sense the enemy was weak and I could take him out. But, after talking with my mentors and my coaches, the immaculate group of people I have supporting me, and they know who they are, I realised I needed to take this slower and realise this may be several more rounds and several more fights until I actually get to where I want to be.

    I've realised that not only did my game plan for my physical wellness program need to change, but also my spiritual game plan, and my attitude towards others and most importantly towards Life.
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  3. 11.PNG
    Here I tried to push harder on the Oregano Oil as I sensed it was having a massive effect on this Candida infection, and correspondingly, I've seen an increase in Symptoms as I pushed that lever. I pushed too hard, and felt massive depression and my Eczema on my Hands flared to their worst levels. I realised I had to pull back or risk losing progress... the goal to heal is to reduce and maintain a state OUT of the Survival Pathway, in other words inflammation.

    As i returned to 30 drops of Oregano you can see my symptoms and mental health symptoms reduce accordingly with NO OTHER CHANGES to the protocol.

    It's clear to me that this is a Die-Off scenario. But, I'm still open to that not being the case.
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  4. 12.PNG
    And the following week I maintained a dose of 36 before upping to 42 at the very end. The Pau D' Arco tea has been massive too, another one that can induce massive die off symptoms and in combo with Oregano it has been potent.

    I saw Jack on the 20th and he made the point that he thought I did not need Flucanazole or Progesterone based on my Labs and also didn't think I had a Candida issue, and that this was just Crohn's and Autoimmunity at the core.

    Whilst I agree, I actually think the root cause of the Crohn's is from a Candida problem, I also think that whilst I must stay here and re-build my Mitochondrial health with Mexican Sunlight for the next few years, there is clearly a massive difference in my wellbeing on a daily and weekly and monthly basis and it seems to make a massive difference to how I experience Life in this moment!

    Jack was absolutely ok with Oregano Oil and the Pau D Arco Tea and also suggested that even though the Vegetables were producing a Bristol Stool #4 that I might do a lot better on a much lower Carb template.... and advised to stick to some Avocado, healthy fats like Coconut Oil and Ghee, small amounts of Almonds, and Leafy Greens like Spinach, Cilantro, Herbs like Rosemary and Oregano and Basil, and to keep the Onion and Garlic at moderate level ... "you can easily overdo it".

    I think that pertains to the fructans and deuterium in those two. Finding the balance between having the benefits of the Vegetables, but also mitigating the downsides: carbs feed candida, deuterium isn't handled well by my Gut flora or my Gut Cells, Oxalates etc.

    So I've been playing around with different templates and I have to admit that the Carnivore style completely omits my Depression and gives me such energy. Even if I go high on the Oregano & Pau D'Arco I get bad Hand Flares but the depression is kept at bay. If I introduce the Vegetables at higher levels I notice my energy and mood suffers.

    However, I have felt EXCELLENT days whilst eating Fruit & Vegetables lately. So it all depends on the Die-Off if I'm honest.... and if I'm more honest, I seem to have lost a handle on that in the last few weeks. I really don't know what is die-off now and what is just inflammation.

    This is due to a lot of late nights and some rocky times in my Relationships in the last 2 weeks. I've had one of the worst days of the year on the 20th and felt broken. But, since then, I've had some unbelievable people step into my life the very next day and a huge change......... this was all at the exact time of the Saturn & Jupiter conjunction and the movement into Aquarius.... I'm not Astrology-driven but I am highly aware of the mirroring occurring between our planet and the planets out in space. It's at times absolutely mind-blowing how much synchronicity can be found when you look for it.
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  5. 13.PNG

    And the last week has shown how much of an effect the Carnivore style or Very Low Carb template has on the Mental Health Symptoms. So, naturally, I'm now leaning towards staying on that template as i really cannot stand the Depression. It is torturous, especially with the tumult in my love life right now.

    Another observation - the reduction in Progresterone and Diflucan hasn't really made any difference, and so I think that might have been a waste of money, or perhaps had a good effect at the start, but after a while I was just overdoing it.

    The lack of Sleep over christmas has been a big one! This is purely down to how much socialising I have been doing which is such a change to my life, I've really been lone-wolfing and I've finally found a couple of people who I truly have an equal and enjoyable exchange of energy with.

    I have some big targets for this year coming.........
    1. Learn Spanish
    2. Complete the project here in the Jungle
    3. Mitigate the Dirty Electricity & ELF-EMF Issues in this home
    4. Overcome Self-confidence & Low esteem
    5. Remove Candida
    6. Continue to learn and get wiser financially and invest more as we all watch Bitcoin go to the MOON
    7. Continue to grow the incredible relationships with the amazing people I can call my friends
    8. Start taking more accountability on the days I don't feel good and develop strategies to maintain integrity and productivity on those days
    9. Find my passions again and turn those passions into ideas and those ideas into creations
    10. Find new methods and strategies for wellness that I currently don't understand
  6. Pablo

    Pablo New Member

    1. I can teach you Spanish, you can pay me in btc :) Good to hear Sean. Yeah it is so easy to get impatient with our healing journeys!! Slow and steady lets do it. Feliz año
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  7. Yeah but you'd teach me all that Castillian nonsense that ain't useful here like VOSOTROS and all that jazz ;) ;) ;)

    Good to hear from you too brother. How is the Boner-BioHack going?

    Moving into this new place and doing my protocol lately my Sexual Energy has started flourishing and it is consistent too. A big one (excuse the pun) I found to be important is sleeping in really low RF and nnEMF in my new Palapa in the jungle. But, any infection like Candida or shitty Gut Flora causing inflammation will obviously take off your PG and T levels because of how Estrogenic it makes us.... Inflammation really is #1 and always will be.

    And on the patience bro, yeah it is fucking annoying but these spreadsheets are awesome to track progress and actually know things are moving forward. Converting from Written Qualitative data to Numbered Quantitative data is massive for that - and also really cuts all the bullshit
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  8. Ibrahim

    Ibrahim New Member

    Have you tried turpentine for Candida? It used to work for me, but loses its effectiveness if used too much. Any other thing you can recommend for Candida?
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  9. I haven't but heard it is very strong. Also read that getting the right kind is really important. Do you have any recommended brands?

    The Oregano and Pau D Arco seem to be doing the trick, but if there is a lot, and I think there is, then it's a waiting game. My score came back 254 on a Candida questionnaire formulated by the first Candida guy Dr William Crook (attached), it has been used for 40 years with success so it passes the Lindy effect for me as nearly all natural medicine practictioners use it still. I sent the same to other members and they got 54, 175 and 186. You only need over 140 to have an almost certain problem. So, I'm a really bad case if the Q is right.

    This means it's going to take some time. The body may be using Candida to offset some thermodynamic issues, so I need to attack it whilst also building Redox.......... that's why Turpentine never worked for you on the long term is my bet!

    I've just seen a Naturopath who explained how the Permanent Metal Retainer behind my Front upper and lower teeth could be responsible for all of this, and that the Candida is not being led by the Candida in my small bowel but actually it is buried in little fissures and pockets in between the roots of my Teeth. It shocked me at first but then I took her up on it and started Oil Pulling with Tea Tree, Rosemary and Oregano Oil..... I've had massive die-off reactions the last few days and felt a noticeable increase in clarity too somehow. I think she is really onto something. I'm going to find a Dentist who can get this removed for me ASAP, as it is a massive EMF antenna obviously.

    I actually developed real Gut and Mental Health issues almost exactly the same time as I began to wear a Brace in school. When it was removed 3 yearsa later aged 17 I was already deep into Depression and Crohn's disease (not knowing that I had these issues)... then they left in a permanent retainer and I actually forgot all about it.

    She did a little bit of a reading on me and said she was getting "mouth and teeth" and said what's in your mouth? you got metal or something?

    There was no way for her to know this! Very profound experience.

    Attached Files:

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  10. Interestingly my Mother had a permanent retainer put in around June 2019. By December 2019 her Rheumatoid Arthritis had returned in full force despite doing the same Diet and Routine and Supplements as the last 3 years that kept her in total remission and off of any drugs.

    Could such a small change in our Mouth, by having a small antenna just in the teeth, lead to such massive effects i.e. Leaky Gut and Autoimmunity (leading to opportunistic infections like Candida)?

    It's hard to wrap your head around but when you see how important Topologic Insulators are becoming for Medicine and the Gut is a surface from Mouth to your Ass then it's not so hard to understand a very small change in Charge/ Polarity can lead to MASSIVE effects on the Quantum level.

    When this happens Chronically, perhaps it ruins signalling in the Gut Flora in the mouth (and the Mitochondria).
  11. 5G Canary

    5G Canary Gold

    Life is all about choices. Our choices bring changes whether they are right or wrong for us. If we don’t change, we don’t grow. If we aren’t growing we really aren’t living. Thanks Sean for continuing to help me grow and continuing to share your journal with us!
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  12. 14.PNG

    Update since the start of the new year.

    Going Full Carnivore has led to some of my best days energetically and mentally. Even Avocadoes and little bits of Garlic or Veg can disrupt that feeling - it is insanely good. It's not well reflected here because the sheet is showing "absence of symptoms" rather than "presence of Gains"... but anecdotally yeah I have felt incredible.

    @RMW commented the other day on how much Muscle Mass / Body Comp has improved, he said since October I have stacked on some muscle, that was a really positive thing. I've also felt it, but you can never tell for sure when you see yourself everyday.

    So naturally, I feel great and look great - I want to stay on Carnivore. BUT, if you look at my Bristol Stool Chart it has completely gone haywire, and so if a Bristol stool #4 is optimal Gut and gut flora then I am wayyy off. First I just stopped going, and then I started to get 6s an 7s.

    That may be a little bit of adaption so I'm going to continue for a while and wait for changes. I'm also prepared to just make the Bargain and say fuck it, because Life is soooo much better in Carnivore, I am so productive, so social and feel so alive and strong. But yeah, my Gut clearly doesn't like it right now, and the problem with that is also that it downstream effects my Libido and Reproductive system - because of how much they are linked.

    My Crohn's disease was in the Terminal Ileum section of the bowel, right near the appendix and the ascending colon - so it is very proximal to all the other reproductive tissues and my bladder.

    So, this is something I'm monitoring.

    Also tried Young Living Melrose Oil (Tea tree and Rosemary) and did some mouth oil pulling with it, as someone I'm consulting with sees that the issue is in my mouth/ gums as well. Still need to get this retainer removed, anyone know a biological dentist in Mexico?

    Sleep has been better although the Jungle is freezing fucking cold at the moment, you're probably shaking your head like no it's mexico, but seriously - it's fucking cold and my palapa has no insulation, no glass window - just mosquito nets - it's freezing!

    I also backed off the Curcumin which was high dose/ anti-cancer dose and so then I started taking another brand just yesterday and hoping that can help me Gut on Carnivore and regulate things.

    Not even Seafood or Fish in weeks except for one meal. All Pork, Eggs and Beef.

    Still taking Oregano oil and Pau D Arco. The Tea is really really good, definitely helps bowel movements and also seems to help kidney function. The amount I pee has drastically reduced. I used to always be running to pee but now hardly ever.

    Still not got round to the Dirty EMF solution, but I am liasing with Sean from LessEMF.com in New York and he is gonna help me figure out what I need here, he's a good guy, then get it all shipped down here.

    Rosemary Oil on top of everything else seemed to really induced Hand Flare-ups. Becoming conscious of the fact that this is probably less of a Candida die Off thing and more of an inflammation thing - it's too easy to get into a mindset of "KILL KILL KILL" when really I need to be in the mindset of "Reduce, reduce, reduce".... and think more about inhibiting the Candida while providing lots and lots of electrons to my Gut (and lots of Protons to my Gut Flora ;) ubiquination series)..... it's always a game of inflammation or oxidation-reduction....

    Is the hand-flare ups or the depression more about an inflamed patch of tissue in my Gut that is Leaky and Oxidised which leaks into my bloodstream to my brain?... so adding Rosemary and other Potent Oils or different foods is causing stress in that area?..... or is it when it releases Acetaldehyde and Histamine from the Candida?.... or is it both?

    The only thing I will mention is this.

    • Carnivore = No carbs/ sugars = Yeast cannot ferment and create alcohols like acetaldehyde which is a neurotoxin = no depression

    • Carnivore = protein = histidine = Yeast can convert to Histamine = Eczema, itching and histamine flares

    This ^ is exactly what has been happening on Carnivore............ no depression, but more severe Hand Eczema Flare ups
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  13. Thanks Caroline, I'm not on facebook but I will look him up. I really need one in Yucatan though, not abroad.

    Well you just said it, but that's how you feel and I don't mind you needing to point that out.

    As I point out above, I feel excellent in many areas (mentally, energy, muscle mass) but many areas I have to accept trade-offs. The other confusing thing is that I was able to feel really good (look back at the charts from Nov/ Dec) whilst eating tonnes and tonnes of Vegetables, Nuts and some Avocado AND I was able to have perfect Stools.

    My mood is often highly strung, instead being depressed, which I prefer but it's not a state I think is fruitful forever.

    To make Serotonin we need to eat some Carbs to enable the Typtophan uptake into the Brain. This means Carnivore/ Keto/ Fasting selects for Tyrosine and Dopamine creation. Although that is preferable to people, it's still a preference, and is not gospel. Especially as when you look to the wild, Hadza or Masai, they just eat whatever is available. But they consume up to 100 different species of fruits (mostly berries) and tubers (root vegetables). We are omnivores for sure, but in a blue light toxic person with disease the fruits can become intolerable.

    The feeling of High Dopamine is not necessarily equal to Happiness and Quality of mood. It can make me very "efficiency" focused. Hyped up. Highly strung. Intolerant....... this means I'm productive productive productive. Like what the Chinese economy looks like at a birds eye view. But are the people really enjoying their lives, happy? Compassionate? Do you really lust to be a part of their system? Being squashed into the subway by station officers to work 8 til 8.

    Perhaps that's good? Perhaps it is not?.... right now, in my current Redox state I have to make a choice between Depression and being Highly Strung/ Hyped up. At least with the latter I can work, but is this something I see as a long term solution, not unless I am able to calm down, I can't see myself being a good partner to someone in this state. That's just me personally, others may feel wonderful on carnivore I'm sure.

    This is just my n=1.

    The other thing is that although I've got morning wood, I feel much less interested in finishing and actually climaxing than before. Not sure if that's normal or not. I don't think it is to be honest!

    I'm in uncharted territory here.... I don't know anyone else that's doing what i'm doing. Which is why I keep this whole journal wide open and completely honest, because it has to be for me to be able to fully see what has happened. I don't care if Carnivore is my favourite or not, I just need the truth and if it is the truth then great - if it is not, then it's not.

    ack in Feb last year I went Carnivore and I was so hyped up. I did some really drastic things and I was super aggressive and hostile. So I'm having to be highly cautious right now of my words and feelings because of what it does. In 2019 from February to July I went Carnivore, and the longer I continued the more depressed I got.

    In August 2019 I found Onions, Garlic and Rosemary to be a major major boost to my mood but again it got me all "fired up". But, I smelt like a fucking frenchman. But now those same things make me feel down, and Carnivore hyped me up. Why? I don't know.
    • But, do I love the fact I have Muscle and feel stronger? Yep.
    • Do I love that I can do my job and focus? Yep.
    • Do I love that I wake up with energy? Yep.

    The issue is Caroline, I'm a little bit fucked. I've got an inflammatory bowel disease, a major fungal infection and it seems to have really influence over my Mind. I can't really do jack shit about it but choose the best options I have available on a daily basis. It's a trade off.... because I'm sick, in many ways, I'm really fucking sick. It sucks. But it is what it is and I have to play the hand I'm dealt right now.

    Jordan Peterson loved it, but then he relapsed, twice. Many people (like Sara) find that it doesn't work for them, and it is very frustrating because we feel like there is good place for us to rest and others are doing so well why can't we do it? So, it's important to not get dogmatic about it because ultimately we all have different mitochondrial diseases and we need to do what works for us.

    Clinically, Resistant Starches have been shown over and over to lower inflammation and improve Gut Flora long term in many participants, meaning that people begin to be able to eat more and more and feel better and better. This has been shown in people with Inflammatory Bowel Disease in research studies. But was it 100% of people that responded? no, it was just a majority. So again, it comes back to n=1. Jack used this in January 2014 webinar to make the case that those with Crohn's can do really well with Certain Nuts and Dark Chocolate. He still eats these to this day, almost everyday. He said it seemed to offset his Gut Flora risk with non native EMF. But in another webinar he says those with IBD can't handle those things yet..... Why? Inflammation.

    So clinically we have to walk that fine line of this equation:
    Low Inflammation in the patient + Patient compliance (symptoms) + correcting Gut Flora by introducing prebiotics/ starches + removing fungal infections + managing toxicity/ detoxification + patient's personal desires/ work/ career/ relationships.

    All of those things often contradict each other at many points. There is no perfect ratio, it all depends on the individual.

    Often, that concept is lost on forums, this is because not many people who engage have had clinical training of any kind. That's fine, but we must be aware that our own biases are often at play and what works for us might be harmful or not beneficial for others.

    Ultimately the Redox of the Mitochondria is the real truth, and so Carnivore doesn't improve that long term, ony Environment does. But allows me to tap into a state of mind that is free of depression (which of all the symptoms is the worst I completely admit, it's like being in hell). What I am doing here is trading off the quality of my gut flora and losing my ability to make Serotonin to feel calm and joyous but improving my ability to make Dopamine an be productive.

    If you look back to December I had some of my best days whilst eating a plate full of Veg, Avocadoes, Garlic, Onions and Almonds... I was also absent of Depression and Mental Health symptoms. It's all there on the chart, I didn't see any "i told you so's" back then?

    Something has altered in the last few weeks, possibly the UV here, possibly what's been going on in my life, possibly the protocol I'm doing is too aggressive on the Candida and getting bad die-off, perhaps the fact I've stopped taking the Diflucan and the Progesterone, perhaps that I've been going out more into Blue Light.

    The last few days of being Carnivore I've felt nausea and I've been extremely pissed off. I've also felt some depression at times this week, so it has gotten me worried now because the Carnivore platform I'm standing on is starting to shake. Am I making my Gut worse by doing this?

    Really appreciate your comment and in no way loading off on you here, but this is honestly how I feel about it all. It's really really difficult to be in this situation, I don't admit that or show too much vulnerability because I am still lucky in many ways, but that's the truth.

    I empathise with @Sara Paez on the other thread because she's actually in a worse situation than me in terms of her options right now and doesn't have remote income and didn't even have a passport and so I knew how much she's struggling, I was actually the one who told her to go Carnivore originally to try it out (because she was so symptomatic) but after the results showed in August (in high UV) that's it not working and making her worse I knew that it wasn't the answer for her. I knew she needed a hell of a lot of Omega 3 and not Omega 6 rich Beef to quench the inflammation. She was clearly not responding to Carnivore, but I do apologise for loading off on you and sorry if I offended you, but I felt absolutely compelled to give her an extreme opposite to that answer based on everything I've written here because I was scared/ conscious of her going further into a hole she couldn't get out of.... one example of many: Nutritionally, I had no idea where she was at/ what she was deprived of and what Beef & Salt would do for her
  14. Tfreeman

    Tfreeman Gold

    @Sean Waters what is your tolerance for seafood/mollusks/crustaceans with your histamine issues? How much resolve of MCAS have you noticed in the Yucatan?
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  15. I can eat them no problem now... I eat Octopus, Shrimp and any Fish I want.

    In the UK I'd get severe itching/ histamine flares at night when I was falling asleep.

    In the UK i also used to get depressed if I ate meat.

    Worth mentioning though - my recent histamine issues seem to be coming from Candida, or Crohn's disease. Jack thinks the latter, I think bit of both but mostly the former. Just a note if you haven't followed my recent updates. I'm getting itching again for first time since leaving UK and it only started once I got on anti-fungal protocols.

    Crazy times.......... perhaps that's relevant here for my own understanding. Is this just all about spending time in the right place and sucking up the bad days as much as enjoying the good days?

    When I start feeling bad the first thing I do is come look for answers, manically, like scanning forums and reading and reading.

    Some days I just get fucking sick of this whole situation.
    Last edited: Jan 12, 2021 at 4:48 PM
  16. And it doesn't help when you break up with your partner and they say things like "yeah I just don't understand your lifestyle.... yeah, I think I could never do that, I know it's for your health an stuff but like I just don't really understand it and it would definitely restrict my main value which is freedom".

    I wish I had told her to go fuck herself this morning.

    I didn't. But I hung up shortly after.

    One thing I've learned this week is that sometimes some people just WILL NOT get it. No matter what you say.

    Another thing I've learned is that when people become ungrateful for the value you bring to their life, restrict all flow of information until that is corrected. People must value the information that you bring.
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  17. Tfreeman

    Tfreeman Gold

    I'm a big believer in finding someone on your level that you're meant to be with. Seems like removing toxicity (her) from your life will allow some of your obsessive symptoms to heal. I feel like optimal health can make up 90% of our mental state but the complexity of modern life will always be that 10% that's impossible to get right. A cool bio/mitohacking girl will be in for u this new year :)
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  18. I agree - and she isn't on my wavelength at all, I'm just pissed off at myself for allowing her so much of my energy because I believed that she was.

    I didn't trust my thinking after our last break up and went back to it. At least this time I learned. Fool me once...

    Maybe... but I will qualify anyone in future, much harder than before. I feel like our intuition often tells us that people aren't right for us at the start, but our beliefs override it and then we have to find out 18 months later we were right at the first second.

    Also.... Never doing long distance again.
  19. Yeah I agree and that's why I said what I said... I hear you on Carnivore, it's a good tool. But look, I feel the most depressed today that i've felt in weeks. Completely carnivore today I've literally just eaten Pork ribs and coconut oil. I've been full Canrivore except for an Avocado on Saturday afor the last 10 days to 2 weeks.

    ALthough I think it could be from more candida die-off. I'm drinking Pau D Arco tea and it gives some relief.

    But a lot of these fluctuations don't make sense. They just come and go.... Jack said they would.
  20. I've just taken Activated Charcoal and the depression has subsided. Thank you Eric Giesbrecht for pointing that out to me on Telegram you legend. God that was overwhelming, I haven't been that bad in over a month. I'm going to make Activated Charcoal a staple going forward.

    I appreciate your comment again, but I spent 30 minutes writing out a comment just a page back on why that isn't a good idea. There is nothing wrong with Coconut Oil, or Pork, or Beef, or Fruit or any food... the problem is internally with us.

    This is paleo dogma!! We can use them as Tools but if the body is symptomatic we need to address the cause... for me, that's a candida infection. This has just confirmed to me how much my issue is Fungal and not anything else.

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