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Sean's Optimal Journal

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Sean Waters, Jan 24, 2018.

  1. Correct... Combined with night eczema/ scratching/ histamine which I think is leaky gut at night due to RF on my gut. Current place isn't suboptimal for the tropics tbh.... I'm leaving next month.
  2. What makes you think that I don't already?
  3. I hear what you're saying though Caroline. I am very much like that, I'm sure Jack himself would testify, and all my friends. But maybe you can't see that as we haven't met? I don't know.

    Overall... I'm asking questions, and learning... And I'm also living, and experiencing...

    I'm here. I moved. I took the steps... I'm on the Frontline of disease reversal and I'm going for gold. There are many progressions needed for my evolution into what I want to become/ should become.

    It's dynamic and ever changing.

    I'm really enjoying it...

    Now, to go see my friends again. I decided I didn't want to work today.

    Time > Money.
  4. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    I don't know either way....just thought I would toss that out there...
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  5. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Sean ...when you have a spare moment - Check out Sally K. Norton and oxalates.

    Pretty interesting stuff that is making a huge difference to a few people I know.
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  6. Toss it out there by all means, I just feel as if so much of what I say is misconstrued here by readers. Even found it in my physical reality with friends.

    Yeah I have a lot of ppl on my social media following Oxalates (FB Groups carnivore/ light & health). I don't chase Food/ Nutrient Theory, I make food decisions based on my redox state - i.e I currently need Carnivore to feel my best, but I want to grow out of that, and I know the diet isn't important once I rebuild redox..... I used to only tolerate Fish, now I can eat so much more. Gives me a clue that I'm advancing Redox.

    But yeah, can't take it seriously, especially when I have this playing all morning........


    "this is why zip code matters with solar light..... (...).... when you get outside in the tropics, you see dramatic swings in mitochondrial energy production, and this is why I you see so much Auto-immune conditions occur further away from the equator, I don't believe it is a Vitamin D story, I think it is 100% tied to the Faraday Effect in cells.

    The physics of light and location latitude links directly connects to a person's location in quantized fashion, and this is directly linked to the size and thickness of the Exclusion Zones in cells. It also links to the size and thickness of the layers of the skin, and the EZ below, to create specific di-electric mirrors that work best with the Mitochondrial haplotypes given to us by our mother.

    When you move away from these environments that is when you create the first circadian mismatch. I think Haplotypes can be changed by lateral gene transfer (explaining Mitochondrial variation/ haplotypes in humans). This is also why cancer cells move around the body, metastatis is to aim to salvage themselves, this comes from their bacterial origins."

  7. https://forum.jackkruse.com/index.php?threads/mushrooms-for-deuterium-depletion.20439/

    "Many physicians know old things work but they are impotent to know the mechanisms. When you do not know the mechanisms the medical paradigm calls it woo. In the podcast he mentions that coconut oil is heart healthy (true) but he never mentions why. Coconut oil has one of the lowest deuterium concentrations on Earth at 101-105 ppm. This is sweet music to the ATPase and the TCA intermediates. The answers are there for people but if your experts cannot explain it the information will never be accepted in the therapies. If it never makes into therapeutic care then the black swan mitochondriac needs to realize quickly that trust in any authority but your own is shirking your most important existential responsibility in life."

    "Low mass diet is best. Mitochondriac lesson: The more MASSIVE a star the faster it dies....Let that SINK IN FOR A MOMENT BEFORE YOU GO FURTHER....the less MASSIVE a star the longer it lives. Why is MASS associated with death in star?????? You know stars most common element is hydrogen huh? You know the more MASSIVE isotope of hydrogen is deuterium right??? This means deuterium kills you faster than hydrogen when it is in food. Oysters have little deuterium and starch has a ton of it. Hydrogen in a sun is in its H+ state. So are mitochondria.........interesting coincidence or might there be a deep link you all missed? MASS is a bad thing to a living system. Mitochondrial matrix hates deuterium............and Stars hate deuterium too.........did you know that?"
  8. Heading back to Mexico in one week.....

    Found multiple issues here in lake Atitlan

    1. Water
    2. Lack of Infrared/ cold climate
    3. Seafood
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  9. Inger

    Inger Silver

    I have very thin skin! It is almost weird. Is this good or not? No one of my coworkers or people I know here has as thin skin as I have. I can only compare it to people I meet live.
    Can the sun come better through when the skin is paper thin?
    I do feel great on this latitude even if north, but I tan a lot. My life circles around the sun..lol

    Nice. Curious to how you will feel soon, with more seafood and sun :)
    Those two are my staples too ;)
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  10. 5G Canary

    5G Canary Gold

    I have heard this song a few times lately and it always reminds me of you. He wrote the song about his wife and her courage to “burn the ships.”

    It’s about an explorer who takes a bunch of ships and explorers with him to climb mountains and find new horizons. He realizes once they get on land that his explorers are scared... they don’t want to leave the comfort of the dirty toxic ships. So he gets them all off the ships and then instructs his men to “burn the ships.” By burning the ships they weren’t able to retreat to the toxic environment but were only able to move forward. Life is about moving forward.... providing the actions and courage needed to create these opportunities. The courage and strength to climb the mountain and to see what really lies over the mountain.... that new beautiful horizon. In my opinion the burning of the ships is the ultimate leap of faith. Your fire continues to burn the ships that stand in your way.... I see a beautiful horizon in your future!

    Last edited: May 29, 2020
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  11. 5G Canary

    5G Canary Gold

  12. Getting here was full of uncertainty.... silly people with Police uniforms telling people what they can and can't do all over the Lake I was at. It's like a little socialist state. The mayor is a fucking idiot. In fact, extend that to all the politicians across the globe. THink you have to be one just to get the job these days.

    I'm with a girl who wanted to leave Guatemala, she's extremely at the other end of optimal... diazepam and meds for anxiety, Chicago born - rich christian family, major mental health issues.... but above all of that, and more importantly, a really sweet and kind girl who has been molested by her environment.

    She's joined my leap to Mexico, which everyone said was crazy and stupid and a bad idea, and instead of us parting ways to separate hostels.... we've wound up in the only place that would take us in.... a guest house run by venezuelans who are all Ketogenic... never been to a hostel in my life with owners who are Keto. They even know about the artificial light...... @5G Canary... who would have guessed this was over the horizon?

    We've fell into a little family here.

    The girl I'm with has had a full intro to Light Water Mag and is now being bolstered into positive thinking by an amazing family here..... genuinely, we turned up at the door and they let us in despite it technically being illegal to have guests right now.

    She's starting to transform.

    A part of me wants to cut loose and the other part of me is witnessing a girl completely change under a new environment.... with new people.... no drugs, no negativity, no vampires....

    I went back to Tulum yesterday, into town, where I spent Christmas with my Ex. I was expecting an emotional time, but it really left me breathless. The memories, the restaurants, the bars, the sights... jesus christ, every emotional trigger you could imagine.... I just immersed into it like a Cold Tub and slowed my heart rate and focused my breath.... looked up at the Sun behind the 4G towers and looked everything dead in the eye.

    I faced my heartbreak yesterday. It all became real again for a few hours. I even ate with my friend at my Ex's favourite restaurant - Don Cafeto. (fucking amazing Talpequeno btw).

    What made it all the more surreal.... was the whole place was like Post-Apocalyptic. Some kind of Nuclear Fall-Out. Everywhere closed. The streets only populated with locals and lingering expats, no cars through the main street, just bicycles.... every clothing store shut. Every restaurant and bar completely empty, except the bare bones that offered take outs and some coffee.

    You can't imagine how Polarising this was to my mind. To revisit this place, these emotions, in such circumstances.... It was like a movie. I can't really describe it. It was like all the Love and Happiness I had at Christmas was coupled to the life of this town.... now both were gone.... but, although I was saddened by it, it kind of felt like it was for the best - the underlying feeling was that this is necessary.

    It's time to move forward.

    Tulum/ Mexico..........

    First thing I noticed as I grounded to the Stone swimming pool, was how much tranquility returned to my body. The IR/ Heat was absent, it is fairly cool here, and cloudy without much Sun. I hadn't had Seafood yet either.

    I can only guess - it's the Magnetism of this earth here. The enormous vast cenote system below me.

    My Gut instantly responded to being here. It's just started acting normal again. My mind is really really at peace again. I feel so calm.

    The same feelings I had in Merida in February.... Libido coming back, everything feels like it is in synchrony.

    Despite the fact that there are many cell towers around, and the RF here is quite high as it was in Merida Hostel, I'm feeling much better.

    The Magnetism must be the key factor. It has to be, right?

    Who cares.

    All I know for sure - is that I won't be leaving the Yucatan peninsula in a hurry. I tested another place, and I learned BIG TIME about my self and my body. Now I need to stop experimenting and start building again.
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  13. Retreat is easy when you let yourself have the option.
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  14. 5G Canary

    5G Canary Gold

    Sounds like a beautiful new horizon Sean! I would say it’s a coincidence you found this particular family and girl when you did...but we both know that’s not true. I think the better term would be Synchronicity. Or as Einstein would say... “spooky action at a distance.” I always feel like synchronicity is a secret language from the stars, and of the Universe or from Don Senor as you might say... Lol! It is something that guides us and provides us with valuable information. When we remain open and in sync we receive vital information that can shape our lives for the better and help us to accomplish our dreams. For me there is an air of magic, awe, and excitement that such unexpected and unexplainable experiences bring. They bring a jolt of energy that, even if for just a brief moment, imparts a sense of wonder… a sense of something more. And what does it mean? Is it the guiding hand of a divine force? A reflection of our own minds and thoughts? Or simply a byproduct of an interconnected universe with a purely scientific explanation? And if so, what are the implications of this? And what about the specific synchronicities and coincidences themselves? Are they signs? Messages? Clues? Do they hold valuable keys to our lives? Can they impact our future? Give us direction? Magic and Miracles are all around us!

    “Coincidence is the language of the stars. For something to happen, so many forces have to be put into action. According to the ancient alchemists, and to the physicists of today, everything is just one thing only.” – Paulo Coelho
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  15. Yep ^^

    And so today I open my emails to find my ex, the one I was with from Tulum, just reached out to me after 3 months of blocking me........

    How is that for coincidence?

    It's the Circadian Rhythm of the Universe. That is the part that makes the probability more than a coincidence. The reason it doesn't make mathematical sense, that we can't find the one pattern, is because it is malliable... a probability that is affected by thought, energy, information... that is why we can't track or "figure out" the universe's pattern. It's because we are a part of that pattern. Our Choices change it. And so, it is never the same.

    Christ. Shit just got real.

    My heart is in my mouth. Trying to just do my work and focus on my immediate reality. But, I feel pretty fucking overwhelmed...

    and breathe :)
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  16. 5G Canary

    5G Canary Gold

    Our Choices change it.... Boom!!!

    A good reason to choose your thoughts wisely.... because they will show up in your life. Energy, Frequency, Vibration and Gravity.... life is a Symphony of Life's Synchronicity.
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  17. Alex97232

    Alex97232 Gold

    Good one. Thanks.
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  18. Still debating what I want from the communication with her. I think that is the issue.

    Do I want her back in my life, or no?

    What do I want??

    I actually do not know.
  19. In other news........

    My friend here is transforming. She's literally having her paradigm broken but she's loving it. Yesterday we watched this documentary, after a day of "Deuterium, EMF, Sun, Dopamine, Omega 3" science.... this one I hadn't seen myself, fucking incredible:

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  20. If you asked me if you could "change" someone who was addicted to Meds/ Opiates, Diazepam, Weed, Booze and from a 5G environment...... I'd have probably said no chance.... but with the right information, she's fucking flourishing, it's incredible to see.
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