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Sean's Optimal Journal

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Sean Waters, Jan 24, 2018.

  1. Sue-UK

    Sue-UK Gold

    To help sync my circadian rhythms I've been taking notice of this for some months.

    The added bonus for me is timing the post sunset water intake to the the circadian rhythm of CSF production, to give me a clearer head in the
    morning. :D
    https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/1733335 Circadian variation in human cerebrospinal fluid production measured by magnetic resonance imaging.

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  2. Well as you say we have similar issues, so I'm sure it will help. 6 cups is obscenely low IMO, but I can see why with the no thirst. It's a real n=1 game too... theres no right or wrong... I'm constantly testing and seeing how I react, with the knowledge that I could be dehydrated before my thirst receptors kick in too...
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  3. @Sue-UK ...... for me too, the 1 litre after Sunset, or more, and then pissing before bed. I am pissing so much though. Less in the Sun, more sweating, but still a lot.

    Did a Big Ass Breakfast again today, found myself in a low dopamine lull, low energy etc. then I smashed down 2 litres of H2O within the following hour and my energy returned, dopamine returned...

    I do have UV-12 @ 14th latitude/ 1500m elevation to deal with here though, and altitude. So my findings are very n=1.
  4. MattD1995

    MattD1995 Gold

    Yea, normal water has just made me feel sick for most of my life. I always have craved hydrating foods like fruits and fat.

    I have reason to believe based on my symptoms and a plethora of testing over the last 4 years that my pancreas is malfunctioning. Interestingly enough, the pancreas is supposed to release bicarbonate to counteract the acidity of the stomach. If the pancreas doesn't release bicarbonate, the pancreatic enzyme lipase becomes inactivated and fat digestion becomes impossible.

    Now here's where it gets crazy...I have craved carbonated beverages MY ENTIRE LIFE. Jack has written before about the benefits of sodium bicarbonate and bicarbonate spring water.



    Dr. Mark Sircus has written a book about the plethora of medical benefits associated with sodium bicarbonate.

    In the last 2 days, I've started drinking Gerolsteiner (very in in bicarbonate, also high in magnesium) and I've been dosing small amounts of baking soda throughout the day. Result?

    I slept through the night last night WITHOUT MY SLEEP MEDS. This is the first time in 3 years that I've managed to sleep WITHOUT any medication. Additionally, my severe constipation finally let up this morning and I had my first bowel movement in over a week. My histamine intolerance has dramatically dropped over the last two days and my joint pain is improving as well as my chronic gastritis.

    I think we're both onto something with the importance of water for our redox. In my case, it seems like spring water and bicarbonate are really having some dramatic effects. Bicarbonate improves lipolysis, raises CO2, potentates pancreatic enzymes, reduces gastric inflammation, and unbeknown to most is used in chemotherapy to reduce the harm of the chemo drugs. Mineral water has been used for centuries as a treatment for diabetes and digestive disorders, especially in Europe.

    While I almost detest normal, reverse osmosis water, I find myself craving the carbonated, high mineral Gerolsteiner water. I also am urinating much less while drinking the Gerolsteiner vs the plain reverse osmosis. It's almost like Gerolsteiner is flipping the switch back on in my brain for craving water after 24 years of barely drinking at all.

    I'm excited to see what improvements you report as I am also begin turning a heavy focus to my water intake.
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  5. That's fucked up cause I love the "burn" of the San Pellegrino/ Carbonated drinks and it makes burp a lot, and generally kind of picks me up.

    But, it didn't do nothing for me until I got the SUNLIGHT SITUATION SORTED OUT BRO!!........

    Often I could move the needle drastically with a change in Food, Salt, Water, CT etc. etc. but ultimately the benefit would be "novel" after a few days and things would normalise after an initial boost in neurotransmitters I'd eventually return to a similar state and lose the effect.

    My only advice is we are taking these Water benefits in completely different environments.

    If I was you, I'd take the benefits you have as a big sign/ win... but ultimately, you need to make H2O from your Cytochrome C Oxidase in your Mitochondria via Sunlight... just remember that, as your real goal!... and that involves moving your primate mitochondria back into the tropical jungles somehow...
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  6. As a side note............ My mentality/ Dopamine levels are surging so fucking high I can barely contain my internal excitement and desire to LEARN, ACT, READ, CREATE, TALK, RUN, BUILD......

    My mind is on fire with old memories/ flashbacks but also with new connections and it's really overwhelming.

    I'm trying to meditate and notice my excitement, and just relax in it, but it's uber-difficult to remain calm.

  7. I have secured remote income for the next month too which is hugely empowering and exciting as it will allow me another 6 months here for sure on the earnings I will make.

    But, I'm also super excited to actually do some work! I am bursting with energy to do something!

    Did my Day 3 of Leptin Reset today, and added in ONIONS and GARLIC, and of course, huge amount of WATER.

    Didn't get my Bristol S nr 4 today, but my gut was making every sign towards it but never did LOL... think I'm definitely on the right track here. TIME FOR SUN OF UV fucking 12 :O
  8. MattD1995

    MattD1995 Gold

    Definitely agree. I've had spurts of results with every modality I've tried (CT, seafoods, grounding, etc...) but they all end up fizzling out after a while. That's why I took a new, low-stress job that allows me to get off early. I work 4 am to noon each day now, take my lunch break around 8 am to get some morning sun, and then once I get off I spend the rest of my day outside. Fortunately, I live in Texas at the 32 latitude, so I'm already experiencing benefits from sun exposure even though it's still February.
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  9. Sue-UK

    Sue-UK Gold

    A difference in how you respond between Gerolsteiner and say another seemingly similar water may be that Gerolsteiner contains 40.2mg silica according to my book Silica Water the secret of healthy blue zone longevity in the aluminium age by Dennis M Crouse PH.D. It was my favourite water on holiday in Fuerteventura, before I knew anything about silica rich mineral waters. I've never been drawn to waters like San Pellagrino. I think you can be deficient in silicon separately from aluminium toxicity, but reducing my aluminium burden has been a major step forward in my n=1. With a lower body burden of aluminium, silica can go where its supposed to, instead of being used up detoxifying aluminium. Our skin solar panels being just one thing. :)

    If a male is sweating buckets without using a silicon rich water he could be bringing out roughly 340mcg/L aluminium and 830mcg/L of silicon. After drinking the water that can increase to 1200mcg/L of aluminium and 1770 mcg/L of silicon. The other route out for aluminium is the urine, so if you have under drunk for years, that might have a bearing too if you are now drinking a silica rich water.

    It could also be an important tool in keeping even relatively low levels of aluminium out of a brain with a weakened blood brain barrier as the result of a high nnemf/5G world. :)
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  10. MattD1995

    MattD1995 Gold

    Would a silica deficiency mean I should respond well to diatomaceous earth? If I recall, that’s pretty high in silica.
  11. Sue-UK

    Sue-UK Gold

    Its the orthosilicic acid (OSA, basically dissolved silica) that's the key to reducing the body burden of aluminium, as opposed to say being protective of taking in aluminium via the gut. I use seasonal veg for that. From the figures I've seen a litre of Gerolsteiner gives you 40.2 mg/L silica, but that is 64.3 mg/L OSA.
    The book gives a figure for a Swanson diatomaceous earth supplement with the daily dose being 625mg. The silicon per 625mg dose is >2.9mg with a bioavailable OSA figure of 0.24mg. From what I've read its the reason why DE, horsetail and bamboo supplements are not as valuable as using the water. :)

  12. Keeping the aluminium toxicity as a Dunning Kruger side note that I could be missing out on... I'm not about ignoring potentials anymore... I have lived in 5G and could definitely have accumulated a shit load of it.

    However, for Gut Instinct, ironically, tells me that my Gut is loaded with Deuterium from a 20 year assault of nnEMF/ Blue Light and a godforsaken diet of awful Sugars, Sweets, Take outs, frozen food, deuterium loaded garbage.... plus Alcohol and Cigarettes from Age 15 until I was about 23 in truth.

    I think that will destroy a gut in no time at all when you put a MACBOOK onto my belly 12 hours a day for a couple years too.

    Speaking to Jack today about it, no doubt he found the H2O / GUT stuff all "interesting" but gave me no further clues LOL... except "you have the right light environment to change it".

    I agree totally ^ I'm sort of done talking about it too. I've added ONIONS & GARLIC to my BAB of EGGS & FISH.... and I'm feeling big dopamine surges and on day 4 today I didn't get any fatigue post-BAB... which I had done for the last 3 days. I also dropped a Bristol Stool 4 @ 9am.... so I think I'm on the right track.

    I also unloaded complete and total honesty on my girl today... and she ain't my girl anymore. I've told her, that until she starts being honest with herself and stops lying to herself and me, that she isn't my friend or any part of my life.

    I know I just updated about "setting her free" but it is all absolutely garbage, because we are just pretending, and I realised all along, this is our problem... she can't be honest with me, and face how she feels, and so it causes uncertainty.

    I've been giving her a pass for all too long now on this topic, making allowances for her not being fucking straight, up front and honest. Jack knows all about this, so much so, he's sick of hearing about it!.... and so is my best friend. He said to me today "right, this is fucking it now - you need to unleash the Fire on her, like you did me".

    So I did. I've delivered the message. Just like I did to my Mom, My Sister, My Grandma and my best Friends. I've not done it in months. But I've needed to do it to her so badly because we are living out a lie, she is completely running from her truths. Some people can't take it, and some people respond better than you can imagine.

    But I'm focusing on Honesty so much, and making sure I don't slip into another cycle of her bullshit as she lures me back in with words. Ultimately, if she wants to roll with me, and my circle, then Truth is an absolute minimum expectation. Otherwise, enjoy your living your lie, but I ain't being a part of it.

    This whole scenario feels much more "REAL" now that I have the REDOX POWER.... I really struggled to cut the shit when I was lower dopamine. Including in Mexico.

    I'm aware of how many times I've gone back and forth here. Ultimately, I feel my Mitochondria are slowly acting out Autophagy on my Life, and she's one big piece of dishonest/ bullshit deuterium that I'm really trying to get rid of or slice the neutron off so she can be an Hydrogen in my life. I just did that today... HIT HER WITH A NEUTRINO HONESTY BOMB...

    Initially I felt worried again, anxious, but I stayed in the Sun and drank more Water and things became clear when I was honest that I was scared. It's ok to be fucking scared. Just don't bullshit yourself. KNOW THY ENEMY, AND THERE IS NOTHING TO FEAR.
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  13. 5G Canary

    5G Canary Gold

    All this talk of Water and feeling Stoned.....

    If you want change you must throw the stone into the water. Why? To get the ripple effect. And the most positive ripples are from stones thrown with Love. It mirrors.

    The observant realize the Universe is constantly throwing stones at us too. Most observers just catch the stone. Few will actually hang on to the stone long enough to observe the shallow waters. The rare observers don’t hold the stone they follow the stone. The rare will let the stone guide them deeper. The shallow is the illusion, while the deep is truth.

    Jack posted the perfect article above for you.... a stone you’ll want to follow.

    Sue also threw a beautiful stone.... nothing is a coincidence.

    You also are that rare stone creating beautiful ripples.... filled with awe.

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  14. Inger

    Inger Silver

  15. shah78

    shah78 Gold

    i feel the "cheech and chong solar bong "about 300 days a year.why do you think i can stay in the water for6 to 12 hours?i don't care where i am!!! that's why i never get bored! now you know. the water makes it so much stronger and easier.not many feel it. congratulations!:)
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  16. shah78

    shah78 Gold

    sitting in the water is the key.i only drink 48 oz of water in the summer!!!!i drink more in the winter.. sitting in the water cools me increases my quantum yield and allows for me to produce my own. that's another reason for siting in the water.more ddw production.
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  17. shah78

    shah78 Gold

    the quantum yield is so high that i drink plain 25 cent /a gallon RO water.nothing fancy for the ddw production and the "Cheech and chong solar bong "effect. :)
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  18. shah78

    shah78 Gold

    i've been discribing/extolling how outrageously correct "quantum belichick" has been about his theory for almost three years now. maybe now you can understand what i've been saying. :)its a feeling, not an "idea"". soon you will be a "quantum Brady". :)
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  19. shah78

    shah78 Gold

    i am so happy for you.
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  20. Thanks @shah78 ....... I have to say I have been one of your critics on the way you carry out your optimal life. I don't like Isla Mujeres personally, I still think you need more social contact and Friends in your life, which I guess you do that as best you can through getting visits from other people from the forum/ FB groups. I also still think your EMF in your environment sucks real bad, and that's why you must stay in the water so much... However... Right this moment, I'm giving you the Superbowl prize sir, because I think you are right about Redox over everything, and I've never gave it such weight before, likely because I never experienced it in such fashion.

    The difference in my Redox
    , and this is without daily water immersion like Lloyd, just sunbathing in UV 12 with 8-10 litres of H2O per day and a BAB/ Leptin Reset..... has been nothing short of monumental in just 2 weeks.

    I feel like my emotions towards my girl have completely been overcome too.
    I've hit so new level of Redox again today, each day I wake up with more power, and I genuinely feel that the void I was so worried about with her, is completely filled by the Sun.

    I wouldn't lie. Y
    ou all know this. You all know here that I am too honest, if anything, with my descriptions and observations, and I don't care about people I just care about the truth... hence why I'm able to give Lloyd and his crazy diatribe on my journal a thumbs up, against what I've said before to anyone.

    Lloyd, Isla didn't work for me. But, I've found my version of what you have down here, and when you get everything in line for your n=1, I have to agree - it's undeniably liberating and incredible to feel this much voltage.

    I honestly can't believe how much my REDOX > RELATIONSHIP in the last 2 days.
    I feel bad for her in Montreal, with her Sri Lankan skin, because I've been able to shortcut my way through the "moving on" process. I really feel fine, and this isn't normal for me, in England I'd probably be slitting my wrists.

    But I guess this is why Jack never lets up on gaining REDOX.
    Because he knows it himself, how it shapes our perceptions of reality. My earlier comment where I stated "We need more people in our community to take Leaps" is even more critical and emphasised by today by myself and Lloyd I'm sure, because we seem to have a group of people here who the know answer but are afraid to take the jump to the environment they need............ that environment may not be Mexico for your health, yes as Jack says Playa DC etc. is better than where you are, but you may need more, like me, wilder and wilder with far less RF...... ultimately, anything less than living as a Tribal Human is effectively settling for less for your mitochondria, so every level backwards that you accept modernity and technology in your life, you must also accept the reality of a level backwards in mitochondrial failure, so how many levels are you wiling to jump forward to increase your mitochondrial charge?

    Right now I have no 4G, no 3G, barely a phone signal. However, my house is Wired, there is DECT/ WiFi but far away so no levels reach my bedroom or where I sit in the Sun. But, there is a powerline closeby. However, my current gains say none of that shit is touching what I'm gaining here... I get UV 12 which is 4 points higher than Mexico right now. I also get Volcano x 3 and their magnetic fields. Regular powercuts, water shortages, lots of wild dogs, and a lack of modernity all round the culture and community here. This is levels forward in terms of reaching nature. However, it isn't the final level - and I can do better - and I plan to. The farm in the equatorial mountains would be the ultimate sacrifice of civilisations and gain for the mitochondria. It is a big risk, is it right for you?.... I'm telling you, my n=1 says absolutely. But, you must find out for yourself.

    I wrote a personal blog in my notepad that I'll release at some point last night, it's called:

    Redox is King, but is Love Queen?......

    Do we need passions, love interests, family, friends to be fully complete, or is Redox enough?

    I haven't made my mind up. But, right now, I'm leaning towards Solar Redox being number 1. I'm sorry if that bothers people, but it is the truth for me in this moment, and I may revert back. But until you've truly experienced it, I would advise holding it in your mind too.
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