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Sean's Optimal Journal

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Sean Waters, Jan 24, 2018.

  1. drezy

    drezy Gold

    It may not seem it, but I can testify that there is life after 20's, Sean.

    You're going on 3 years here. You've made a large number of connections with your N=1 and you seem to be able to predict what will break you. I think that in a very brief time you've sorted yourself out a lot. You are young.

    Used correctly youth is an amazing asset. Life will throw droughts and monsoons of opportunities at young people. Having been there once I''l leave you with this:
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  2. I love that, and this too shall pass... it fits perfectly, as waves of Order and Chaos, come and pass.

    Thanks for your comment, nice dose of reality... You are right. There is plenty of time to figure out these jobs and careers later.

    And guess what?......... Job #2 turned me down last night, but I actually do not care. I didn't really want it.

    Just goes to show how much I want to go and Backpack this Winter and just enjoy myself... and not give a fuck about all this bullshit, and offices, and managers, and money, and fucking spreadsheets.

    I don't even think I want to do this Office gig anymore, even in the Caribbean, no matter what the money is.

    I genuinely think I need and want to take some time to explore my own capabilities as a Creative. Perhaps a Writer, or a teacher, or something else...

    Maybe it is time I stop shutting the door on my creative abilities, and stop seeking stability in working for companies, and start creating my own income with my own talents.

    Maybe it is time I stop shutting the door and doing what I truly enjoy, and the truly playful and childlike desires and fantasies.

    I think I got to learn how to Live again......
  3. The Canopy - I put it up last night - and I measured the E-Field on the Cornet and all the inside of the Canopy was like 0020.0 volts/m to 0035.0 volts/m.

    Think that is pretty high. And my Tinnitus got louder inside the Canopy.

    The RF in my room is now the lowest with my Mom keeping off the WiFi.

    So, my tinnitus/ drumming is actually an E-Field/ Extreme Low Frequency EMF issue.

    Makes sense - I've had the drumming since I was a little boy, 23 years ago, WAY BEFORE the advent of WiFi and 4G and Smartphones

    I took it down and put it in a pile - then I tested the pile of Silver fabric - WOW - HUGE ELF Fields.... get that shit out of my room... so I put in a different room, sealed up.

    I started to see how, my whole life - I've lived inside a Buzzing, Vibrating Electrical Pen - like a farm animal... and so has everyone we know.

    I'm not sure what to do with the Canopy. I could buy the Grounding Mat for an extra £200, and then earth it to the Radiator... but I'm not sure that is wise... so much Dirty Electricity and Factors at play here.....

    Plus, I'm really feeling ok without it... I think I'm gonna send it back, £800 is 2 months in Mexico - or it pays for my Freelance Writing course...
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  4. Also - I did a little test on the "Ketosis" idea... I bought an Avocado last night.... I ate it, didn't feel good.

    My new Breakfast is a Green & Peppermint Tea blended with Ghee and Coconut Oil and Icelandic Water. That + CT makes me feel amazing.

    So, it ain't Ketosis... it is actually Deuterium story, of course.

    The Fat Bomb/ Tea is gonna be 120ppm D2O. And the CT will deplete D2O too. So will Fasting-mimicked diet.

    So, why then - did my Mackerel fillets give me such an issue if I eat more than 3/4 of them?

    Does Animal/ Seafood Protein contain high D2O?... if it is Supermarket bought - how could high D2O get into it?... It is Wild... but their processing... could it be how they Wash them? or prepare them in high D2O water?
  5. Either way - I'm feeling pretty damn good........

    The road to November 29th doesn't feel so much like the Path into Mordor now I'm in this Fasted/ Ketotic/ D2O depleted state.

    I got 4 friends from my Circle coming up this weekend too - they want to try the Birmingham Balti Curry which are fucking amazing - and we are going to the Black Sabbath convention on Saturday......... Ozzy, being from Birmingham my City.
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  6. Inger

    Inger Silver

    Sean, was it fresh and raw or was it smoked? How did you prepaire it?
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  7. Smoked, cheap, supermarket Mackerel........ I just cut it up, Cold, and add curry to the top of it.... I can't seem to source a Fishmonger in Birmingham that is good!

    I had one Fishmonger deliver to me, but the Mackerel was fucking slimy and flimsy and went rancid in less than 2 days - I know Mackerel should be FIRM.

    I can feel the omega 3 hit from supermarket stuff, but it also tastes vile and has this D2O effect.
  8. drezy

    drezy Gold

    Blast from the past with Dr Robert O Becker (time 28:57)

    After having read Marino's book Becker The Researcher it's interesting to hear Dr Becker maintain his composure with the ridiculous number of commercial breaks and questions that were surely way under his level.
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  9. Distance and time, distance and time.

    Measure at varying parts of the day, as the power usage increases (dinner/ nighttime and winter months)

    Becker is EPIC... I love his view on how to be a clinician to that lines his whole book, his approach to Do No Harm is so fucking cool. He gets every ounce of data before proceeding with a treatment.
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  10. Saichi

    Saichi New Member

    What's the e-field on your bed without the canopy?

    Metal spring mattress?
  11. Much lower..... like 0005.0 v/m, but near the walls it can get up to 0015.0 v/m

    Not sure if it is metal springs. Pretty sure it will be though.

    I bought a foam mattress in my old place and I got worse sleep from the chemicals. What mattress does everyone use here?
  12. Saichi

    Saichi New Member

    Interesting the canopy quintupled your e-field. 5v/m is still too high imo and could be responsible for much of your sleep issues. I keep mine at 1v/m or less.

    When I installed my canopy I used cheap 1/2" pvc pipe to form a solid metal-free support box around my bed. Natural latex, has to be 100% tree latex, is the way to go for a mattress and unfortunately never a cheap option. I'd rather sleep on a cot, sleeping bag, anything else to mitigate your exposure. Ironically I'm using a very old toxic memory foam pillow under my laptop right now, doesn't off-gas as much as it used to but should be in storage/trash.
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  13. Beneath the bed, the rooms below my room =
    - Garage on the right - all the main electric circuits are, plus a freezer
    - Kitchen on the left - Boiler, dishwasher, washing machine and tumble dryer

    All these electrics are switched on 24/7. Often, my Mom puts them on timers to work at night too or early morning.

    My dogs sleep in the Kitchen, and they both have Skin and Bone and Eye issues.

    Problem is... I've just managed to get the fucking WiFi off permanently which is a out-of-this-galaxy miracle win, so turning off the entire electrics? NO CHANCE.

    I think these Fields are coming through the ceiling, up into my bed, and the Canopy - without the grounding mat - is trapping them in/ conducting them.

    ...... I'm feeling pretty good, for now, so I'm returning the Canopy, because I really do not trust Earthing it to the Radiator or the Mains... and with all the D.E. around I don't trust myself.

    If I get bad in a month or two, I might re-purchase.

    I've only got to last another 16 weeks until I'm fucking out of here for good.
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  14. Sun Disciple

    Sun Disciple AKA Paul...That Call Drop'n Canadian

    Be very carefull about grounding that canopy. your readings are not gonna be correct the way your measuring. If your sensitive to electric fields and you cant kill the breakers around the room send that thing back. watch some videos from total emf solutions he posts here on the forum as well.
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  15. @Sun Disciple It has been returned Paul... I think I dodged a bullet.

    Also, I tested my room a few times this weekend @drezy ... based on that Becker excerpt from that recording: different times of day = different Public power usage on the grid = varying Electric Fields.

    Jesus christ, the difference between Saturday Morning, early (most people still in bed) and Sunday afternoon/ evening (everyone inside watching TV/ cooking Dinner/ Gaming/ lights on/ multiple appliances on/ washing clothes/ microwaves) was nothing short of ridiculous.

    Remember I said last week, that my bed was around 5.0 volts/metre...... well, Sunday, it reached up to 30.0 volts/ metre on the edges of the bed near the walls.

    When I actually measured the walls it was hitting 80, 90, 100, 110 volts/ metre depending on the spot. Generally, it was 10x higher everywhere.

    Of all the rooms upstairs, mine is the worst. But surprisingly, the Bathroom was pretty fucked too... all the Metal in there, taps and stuff were HOT with E-Fields. Again, the Glass screen and the Porcelain Toilet were HOT with E-Fields too..... WTF..... The Toilet LOL

    So the External Wall in my bedroom was the very worst. My Wardrobe sits on that wall, and I started testing everything..... Denim Jacket? Denim Jeans?..... Fucking horrible E-Fields.. Anything Cotton was worse... I don't know if that is reflecting or conducting?

    The Polyester stuff, clothes I'd bought in London - interestingly - perhaps intuitively putting clothes on that "relieved me" - were half as bad. But, maybe the conduct and don't reflect? Is that worse? Complicated shit.

    I've got some old Drawers for my clothes, they are Wooden, but have glass mirrors as the surface material.... turns out, massive E Fields on them. They are getting sold this week.

    My Shelves - Wood and Metal - those are coming down. Even fucking Books and Textbooks were showing E Fields slightly higher..... I had a Desk - that is now in pieces, and in the back of my car for scrap.

    I literally tore down my Room yesterday..... so much stuff has been scrapped and binned.

    But the Sleep I had last night was very deep, and very short. And I feel good today.

    Something else..... my Garden, just had a pulsing LF Magnetic Field of 0.5-7 milligauss .... that has never been there, but Sunday it was all over it. The House was a fucking microwave.

    .........No wonder when I used to wake up on Sundays, that I'd feel my most depressed and suicidal when I was younger..... those were the days I had be in upmost despair, irritation and inflammation. And now I know why.......... Mondays always sucked, cause Sundays NEVER gave me any rest.

    With the RF (Wifi) turned off, I am now seeing that much of the Etiology of my childhood problems are marrying up to these E-Fields.... the ECZEMA, the HYPERACTIVITY, the MOOD DISORDERS, the RAGE, the DEPRESSION, the ALLERGIES, the EYELID PROBLEMS..... the Acute, powerful RF of 2008 onwards brought me a sudden onset of Bowel Disease, Crohn's, via proximal RF from iphones/ Macbooks leading to total circadian destruction..... but really, that was just the trigger - the spark........ my problem has been the Power Grid, since before I was even Born...... I was born with an Allergic reaction to the weighing scales (the Hospital EMF).......... so maybe, this is my parents...... My father being a major drug addict now, graduated to Heroin this year (proud of you pops), he was on Clomipramine when I was conceived for Depression, he was heavily intoxicated..... My Mom did barwork til 3/4am for years, even when I was in her womb.

    Basically, two 1980s BL Toxic Primates made an Electro-sick Baby Monkey who has spent 25 years inside an electric box getting worse and worse......... Until now.
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  16. AND BLACK SABBATH............ WOW

    Talk about being AWED.
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  17. Inger

    Inger Silver

    wow Sean... that was a rough start in life you had :confused:

    So weird about the cotton and the electric fields. I thought synthetic material conduct electricity.. so I make sure to only use cotton and wool and silk/natural materials in my home, which does feel good to me.
    Did the denim have metal on it of some kind? It often does.....
    The books too? Really weird! What are you measuring with?

    So good you only have 16 more weeks there.... it will pass fast :)

    The mackerel, the smoked from the store, I do not feel good eating more of it either. It is emergency food for me. My body does not like too much. I feel odd. I feel way better from prefrozen, organic raw salmon, for example. Or just some lightly cooked thawed atlantic pollock.. My body does not like too much smoked food at all.
    At work we have lamb barbecue every friday evening and they barbecue a whole lamb on the grill outside, we can eat as much as we want. The lamb is superior quality from the pastures around - but I do not feel good at all when I eat much of the grilled meat. I bet it has to do with the smoke from the grill. It is not the cooking per se.

    And mackerel get spoiled very fast :(. I know.. I have gotten spoiled mackerel too from the market, yuck. you really need to watch out. I prefer to eat mostly my self harvested oysters for seafood, they are as fresh as it gets :)
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