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Sean's Optimal Journal

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Sean Waters, Jan 24, 2018.

  1. Here's the movie clip to explain Mithril :) ..... My favourite films of all time, and books, read them 3 times.

    So many nuances between our situation and the story... The evil that we need to get rid of, that is enslaving us nd killing us, is also the most addictive and alluring thing on the earth, not one character can resist it... all the character's journeys, reflect different Character Arcs that we face ourselves...

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  2. Lahelada

    Lahelada New Member

    Absolutely understood. I also talked a lot with a lot of people.No takers. I just did a podcast in Spain about light. Let's see if anybody changes anything. The reception was very positive but you are quite right you cannot rush anybody's dopamine.
    I went to Birmingham only once as part of a course. I don't envy you mate.
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  3. Yeah I made some videos on Youtube and Facebook and I've done 3 podcasts..... all of them with brilliant feedback, people really like it... got a few people wearing Blue blockers, got a few people getting there AM Light now... so that is a good thing.

    A podcast/ video, the input of my energy isn't so great as 1 to 1 consults.

    This is why I'm looking into Building Biology and EMF/ Circadian Construction methods...... I'm already in Construction, fully qualified, management level... I think if I could offer people a Home that was 5G safe, or a Solution to the EMF, like this Silver fabric... that might give me some reward (and some money too) then I think that is a much better trade of UV-C Light and Redox.

    My choice there is ^.... do I offer that in the Tropics when I get a construction job over there? or do I do it for people in the UK and live here?..

    ATM I think I can't offer in UK, because I need to get out. It's tough... all of this, really tough. Especially in Birmingham, as you say, it's not pretty.
  4. drezy

    drezy New Member

    So far I'm holding at a 1% of 1%.
    AKA 1% of people who show curiosity and 1% of them follow through.

    I've been lucky that I have influence in my immediate family (wife and son). They are even there to alert me if they think I'mslipping and I appreciate it.

    I also have a close buddy that jumped right into the cold tub after noticing changes in me. Now a year later in his journey he noticed, plain as day, a girlfriend's horrendous circadian habits and the massive fallout that she experiences cognitively (memory, behavior, mood...) I'm glad that she helped him connect the dots completely. My buddy also starting kicking the food paradigm, The best part is that all this has been on display for him, His aunt, 98 yo and very active, has a refrigerator stocked with some eggs and lots of ice cream. Her nutritionists (overweight themselves) chide her every visit and she ignores them every time. My buddy put it together better on a visit where he saw the nutritionist himself and then his aunt later apologized that she had to cut the visit short because "I have to get to the pool while the sun is out." I think that's what put a fork in it for him.

    That's a very interesting possibility you're thinking about there.
  5. @drezy I should really be asleep but I'm watching this and it is blowing my mind.

    1% of 1%, so true. I walked through London with a Cornet Meter, god knows how many people I passed.... 1 girl, in the whole 6 hours I spent going in and out, holding it, noticed and stared and tried to see what it was as she walked past... Just as we crossed paths, I got a funny feeling, and I looked back to see if her curiosity may have got her to stop and ask, but I just saw the back of her head as she kept walking and looked into her iPhone instead.
  6. People have to go through the motions,it takes time to tread that path a Thousand times until it is fully learned pathway... they have to download that information, bit by bit......
  7. Reading a lot about Information Theory, Orbital Angular Momentum (OAM) and trying to understand them. It is amazing.


    Understanding how all this crazy quantum mechanics applies to my Mitochondria is the goal. But, reading that thread above - and then every 2 sentences going off and watching videos about Turing, Information Theory (Khan academy), Orbital Angular Momentum (YouTube) - has helped me connect some dots.

    I am starting to make sense of these theories in my mind. Don't test me on it. But, the picture looks clearer.

    Here is a really nice extract from Jack about Nature uses Sleep to erase the information from Light, that is coded in the Light waves Orbital Angular Momentum or "twist". Light waves have energy in frequency. But their information is buried in their "twist". You can apparently have unlimited twists in light. This would mean Light provides an unlimited potential for information.

    That information can be trapped in the Hydrogen Network in Water.

    How that happens?... not sure.

    But can there be too much information? Yes. That is Chaos. Entropy.

    How do we get rid of it?

    Sleep. We use NREM Sleep to carve out all the Chaos from too much information. We sculpt our Michael Angelo's David every night... REM Sleep is where we then harvest the creativity from the information kept, we chisel our masterpiece.

    What a truly, beautiful concept. Here is the extract:
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  8. " Information can create order from chaos only when we store information about light in our memory (water). What is the physical basis of this? With elapsed time, just as RAM or a hard drive becomes full, light information will fill the capacity of water's hydogen bonding network and fill up all the possible memory, and memory will then become a drag on function and life will decline. How did life change this phenomenon? It innovated sleep. Sleep is fundamental to creating order from chaos and that means those who sleep well will be more creative. Think about Micheal Jackson now. As a kid when he could sleep he was massively creative. What did he really do after 1984 when his sleep went awry from his blue-lit nnEMF lifestyle? He lost his creativity.

    Sleep is when we prune our memory in light and in water. Information can only be useful on an ongoing basis if it is useful and used over and over and deemed critical, or until it is deemed useless and the memory mechanism in cells deletes information contained in light or water from our stores. When this happens it balances the second law of thermodynamics. It appears life breaks the law but she never does because she return useless information back to the environment she no longer needs to build order and the living state.

    This means there really is no free lunch in living things. How did life do this? Evolution built sleep to be mandatory. This is where memory in water is being deleted diurnally so that we can continue to use the information to order our cells while we live.

    The routine erasure of information during sleep is what drives entropy increases over time in the living system. This is a consequence of having 1 billion light photons to one atom ratio in the universe.

    Water carries light information in the coherent domains of water's hydrogen bonding network of pentagrams or hexagons. This is why water has the ability to carry a memory of lights OAM fingerprint. It is codified in the EZ hydrogen bonds and its increasing dielectric constant. And we are designed to sleep every night to erase part of the information stored in water that cells find superfluous on a charge basis. (Luc Montagnier)

    How do we delete information? Have you ever heard of the Landau limit? That is how we do it.

    Do cortical neurons using adenosine or those that require glutamate containing cells that make GABA but guess what their partner glial cells also release during a stressor stimulus?

    Could they be key in why we forget by design to satisfy the 2nd Law? Yes."

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  9. Now I'm sleeping really well every night, I have began to build order from chaos.

    I'm full of creativity and dopamine.

    I've spent the last 5 months without work - why couldn't I study Information Theory and OAM then?

    Why couldn't I read Jack's writings and make sense of them?

    Did I have too much information inside my Neurons from a lack of sleep?
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  10. drezy

    drezy New Member

    Cool update!

    You may want to keep a notebook near your bed. Have no expectation that anything will happen, just let it sit there ready. I swear that some ofmy best ideas lately show up for "free" when I wake up.

    It's almost like seeing through a forrest when the trees somehow all lined up in orderly rows.
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  11. @drezy I have a notepad/ journal that I have drawn a big Black Swan on the front of. It stays with me always and lots of things go in there at random times when things are created in my mind that I like.
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    So Tuesday night I sat in room and felt the decline of my mood from where it had been. A 3rd consecutive day of total Rain, with 4 days ahead and no good weather in sight. I start work Monday (tomorrow) and I cannot sit here and wait for the rain to pass. I need to act.

    So I found cheap flights to Mallorca with my last £400. I am completely broke now. I booked a highly rated Hostel in the mountains and took the leap. All I knew was I needed UV and the mountains. I had no idea what to expect, who I would meet, what I would feel like.

    I flew out and my ears were excruitiatingly painful on the descent into the island. That is a sign my Redox is utterly trashed.

    I got to the Hostel and the village was absolutely beautiful. Surreal. All the Tapas bars/ restaurants had outside seating and the Hostel was 3 floors and big gardens overlooking the mountain range of the Tramuntana.

    I met an Argentinian guy, a German girl, and a Canadian girl who is Sri Lankan born. We spent all day at a remote secluded rocky beach on the cliff side of a mountain...

    There was serious resonance between all of us. It turns out, Me, the Argentinian guy and the German were all born in July of 1993. He was born on July 3rd, the day after me, and she was born 19th. The Canadian, was born in May. She is a Taurus. Not sure who believes in Astrology here... or Horoscopes... but the more I build a picture of our reality in my mind, the more I see those Giant Planets out there having a huge influence on our Mitochondria. I feel this, but I don't know it. If true, the Taurus is the perfect match for Cancer. She grounded all 3 of us, and me especially as I will explain.......

    On another level of resonance, Me, and the 2 girls ALL BOOKED OUR HOLIDAY TO MALLORCA ON TUESDAY NIGHT ON A COMPLETELY RANDOM "FUCK IT" DECISION IN 3 DIFFERENT PARTS OF EUROPE....... Quantum entanglement, or WHAT?

    There were a lot of little nuances, and it was always 3 and 1, 3 and 1, 3 and 1. As in, 3 of us would share a commonality, and 1 would not. But it interchanged with all of us... what is the meaning?... 3 and 1...

    Funnily enough, I probably haven't had a better day than that day on the beach in about 3 years.

    I eventually told them all about Light Water Magnetism, and my story. It resonated like never before. All 3 of them connected the dots within minutes. As we were all sitting in a Rock Pool surrounded by little fish, with the Strong sun hitting our surfaces.... I even explained my thoughts on Information Theory and Turing.... the 1-0-1-0 code buried in the OAM of Light.

    They all got it. And for the rest of the holiday, we all joked about "downloading that One Zero" and being outside.

    Later, in the hostel, a local called Mark who was staying there (who was an ex-Heroin addict, but on his own journey to recovery), stated that we would get cancer from UV... before I even opened my mouth, the 2 girls stepped in and explained why that isn't the case, and how Light and Water is life, and how everything and life here has moved around the Sun and is what it is because of it is. He nodded, smiled, and lit up a cigarette and thought about it some more.

    I was absolutely fucking flawed. Literally, one day with these girls.........

    The best 4 days that i've had in so long. Pure, pure resonance with the World... mainly with People, Water and Sunlight.

    These 4 days has re-ignited my passion.

    And this girl, from Toronto Canada, who is actually Sri Lankan born. I've never felt so grounded and good in someone's company. We sat and spoke about Light, Water, Magnetism and Mitochondria for about 3 hours on the beach one day.

    I drank about 20 cans of Beer in 4 days and ate Ham and Cheese Baguettes, Fruit and Tapas the whole time.

    I didn't feel EMF sensitive in the mountains but I did in the tourist beaches near Palma where I measured the RF and it was insanely high.

    Interestingly, that high RF beach nearly caused a huge rift between me and the girl, and the German girl that was with us. During the 2-3 hour talk about LWM and Jack - we were facing the other direction and we completely lost awareness - and the other girl was being ignored/ cut out. I never have such bad awareness, I am very socially aware, and she almost left and was in tears. Luckily, we absolutely begged her to stay and said that we could not let her leave without making things right... I felt so bad. She said "no, you too are in Harmony and that's why you must talk, but I am not so good with English".

    She was right. We did have harmony. But that wasn't the reason for excluding her, it wasn't the real cause our Myopia, the RF was... I explained I could talk LWM to her and keep it slow too so she understood. Why did I not stop and think to include her?

    I pulled out my RF meter and showed them. They had seen the levels at the beach the day before when we all felt like we were in the best dream in the world. The pair of them were flawed by the levels of RF.

    They both said "holy fuck. This is it. This is why we have a problem". I didn't even need to explain. They both instantly knew.

    I looked up at the Sun and said "Thank you, Thank you, Thank you".

    I can't believe how much RF is impacting us. It literally changes the dynamics of our relationships and our resonance with each other.

    I said, I'm not waiting 2 hours for the Bus back to the Mountain. I'm gonna pay for a Taxi. Way out of budget, but we got the fuck out ASAP and all felt 100x better and "normal" again.

    On the way to the Taxi rank we saw a group of English lads on a Stag weekend and getting lunch. They asked me about my EMF meter that I was holding, 2 of them were interested but I basically got mocked by the majority of the group for what I explained to them about the EMF from there phones. One of them, some hipster looking lad, said "what are you a fucking hippie?"... I said "coming from you, you fucking dork"... all his mates started laughing at him. At the end, another lad said "hippie" under his breath as I went to leave. I stopped, put my hand on his shoulder and said "did you just call me a hippie?"... He said, "No..." and started giggling.

    How fucking embarrassing?

    In my mind, I had considered just offering them both the option to fight me. I'm not trying to be some "tough guy" on the internet. But, they were trying to ridicule a man on his own with 2 girls, with 10 of them sat at a table. I could feel my anger building from all the RF hitting me. In that moment, I would have fought the whole group by myself. I could feel the fire inside. My rage would have been too much for them. I could sense their weakness and they were threatened by me. So I didn't need to fight them. They didn't want any of me... a few of them took the name of Jack Kruse into their phone, the rest just sat there. Those few shook my hand and wished me luck with the holiday.

    A very intense situation with some drunken idiots... that could have erupted. It was a great opportunity to show the girls how asleep everyone is, and how they resist being "woken up".

    I write this, and I think about how those who push for RF may be able to read this. I think about how much pain, strife and hurt they are causing me and my fellow people for the sake of .... well, whatever the fuck they want from it all.... cause Money to me just does not make enough sense to be the reason for this.

    I think they could be watching and plotting. This is a public site after all... well if you are reading this, GO FUCK YOURSELF YOU LOW LIFE FUCKING LEECHES. YOU WILL NOT DEFEAT ME AND I WILL NOT STOP.

    I will educate every single person I can, and I'm getting really good at it according to those who I met this week....

    So anyway, we got to the good beach again... and we go swimming in this rocky water. We swim out to a rock, and then swim back. On the return leg I dive below and smashed my face into a rock. My nose is completely fucked up pissing blood, everyone was really scared. But I couldn't stop laughing..... I didn't even flinch at the pain... I've had my nose hit before, and it fucking hurts... but in the Sun, it felt fine. They tried to get me to put Cream on it, cover it up, and they were panicking at the blood... I just turned around and lay on my back and looked towards the sun and said "DC current for the win"... they all burst out laughing, like I'd popped the tension inside them.

    I had little waves of anxiety in between this confidence, as I thought I may have done long-lasting damage to my face, judging by the way they were looking at me. I said, "have I fucked my face up?"...

    The Canadian Sri Lankan girl gave me the highlight of my trip........ as I was wiping blood off my face at the time and she stopped, looked me in the eye and said "its not that bad, it just looks bloody, but I don't really care either way crazy boy" and then she kissed me.


    So, I'm home, I'm really sad but also really happy and hopeful...... I'm a slightly in love with a girl on the other side of the world... I'm still hyped about the whole trip.... my nose has healed up good but it is still quite a mess.... I am completely enlightened by the trip.

    But I am met by the RF of the UK once more... my mood has began it's descent.

    Luckily, I open up my Inbox today and there is a company interested in signing me up to work in the Caribbean. They are seeking someone with my XP and someone with "no dependents/ commitments".

    I've already told this Girl, that I will be in Mexico in January and I will get to the Caribbean for good. She said she will travel 4 hours from Montreal (her new job/ life starts next week too in a new city) and come and see me in January when I get to Mexico.

    She absolutely loves Tulum, Playa, the Sun and Cenotes. She is a fucking dream.... but waiting 6 months sounds like hell. This could be my Golden Ticket, I could be seeing her a lot lot sooner........

    All of this, because it was raining so bad this week that I booked a flight to Mallorca.... The Entropy and Chaos of the UK environment forced this Black Swan In Training to act and move... despite being so broke, I had to move... I took the quantum leap and have been rewarded more than I even imagined.

    And in 2 weeks, 2nd July 2019, in Poland... I get to meet and shake hands with the man responsible for all of this.... and for changing my life....



  13. drezy

    drezy New Member

    Great story! Good luck with the job!

    If your journal ever gets dramatized I want first shot at being director cuz ^^^^ that up there screams Karate Kid meets Dirty Dancing replete with perfect one dimensional 80's movies like antagonists. In fact I'll go headband retcon you so the story would be recast in the 80's.

    If you want to try out for a role in the film, how do you look in parachute pants?
  14. I think that is a great parallel mate... throw in the Matrix too, cause it is about to get weirder

    .......... I just got this message from the girl..............

    Also I had a really strange freaking day. I met up with my buddy in Barcelona and he was like oh let's check out this gallery. So he takes me there, and without him realizing it, it was an exhibition on everything we fucking spoke about for the past three days

    I walk in to this place and shit you not, the first thing I saw was an installation called Randomness in quantum chance and it was this dark room with a light beam that was projected at a tiny microchip that was creating millions of numerical possibilities in 10100101010000's. The entire wall was just covered in 1's and 0's. It honestly made me shake considering we kept joking about it in Mallorca...and then the rest of the exhibition was about quantum entanglement

    I just couldn't believe this was my day today. I go to a lot of art exhibitions and I've never come across something like this before. So freaking bizzare

    I was also thinking today, you actually woke up a part of me that has been dormant for awhile. After listening to you explain to me about mitochondria etc etc, I realized how much I miss reading and learning about the world in a scientific sense. I used to be such a geek about it and then I put all my time and energy into art but I seriously didn't realize how much I missed that part of my curiosity, so thank you for that[​IMG]
  15. Finding massive connections between RF exposure and Aggression/ Anger in myself. I think it is my Dopamine. When it is lowered = irritability/ hostility/ rage.

    I've already lost nearly all of the "magic" that I felt last week.
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  16. Back at work - the RF at my desk is minimum 0.2 volts/ metre. I don't feel too bad, but in directly in line of the Computer machine it is 0.5 volts/ metre. Pretty high... sitting in front of that saps my energy quite bad.

    Generally, everyone here is really friendly and the job is pretty chilled from what I can see.

    My commute is 30 mins, window down - sunrise on driver side on the way, sunset on driver side on the return home - which is nice.

    Not in at 8am anymore, this place is start @ 9am. So I have 3-4 hours in the AM from wake up to get pre-Sunrise and then AM Light all morning. Back at 6.30pm and I have 3 hours of Sunset and PM Light. Plus 2 breaks during the day, 1 @ 11am and 1 @ 4pm.

    It is a lot, lot better than working in London I can feel that already.

    .... I think the recruiter for the Caribbean is on holiday this week, but I am chasing him to get an interview for the Caribbean job. It has to be happen a lot sooner than I first planned.
  17. Jenelle

    Jenelle Evolving

    I suppose I should post about this on my own journal, and someday I will. Just wanted to say I've given notice at my first nursing job because the place is just too fucking much.

    I've stayed true to the promise to myself not to work night shift. And let me tell you, the opportunity is there for fat stacks of cash all night, every night, if I wanted it.

    As I sat there doing my charting on the computer last night at 8:00, 9:00, all the way up to 10:00 pm ... I felt literally fried. The overhead lights beating down on me. The computer screen in my face. And the noise. Oh, my word ~ the noise. Alarms going off. People asking for things. (Often over and over again.) The phone ringing. Moaning. Coughing. Crying. Holy shitballs.

    My point is that reading your journal, i am envious of your youth and your freedom. It may feel at times like you're bouncing around and unsettled ... but you're learning so much about yourself and what you really want/need in the process. What a gift, to be able to bounce. I mean, seriously.

    And if hammer pants are required for a role in the movie, sign me up for a spot. That sounds like fun. :rofl:
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  18. Erik

    Erik New Member

    @Sean Waters im a fucking astrology geek!!! One part of your emotionals Ups and Downs, has to do with the fact that your a cancer (more even so that the dopamine roller coaster). Cancer does well with Taurus.. but your perfect resonating match its capricorn.

    But to know yourself fully you must know your astral chart, you can google it and calculate it with any app.

    Im am piscis, with moon in piscis and ascendant in piscis, a really strange combination, and the person in this world which more resonates with me is my cousing (ive talked about him before in my posts), with him i basically get healed lol. He has sun in cancer (extremelly compatible with piscism being both mystic water sings) and more importantly he has moon and ascendant in virgo!! my opposite balancing pisces match!!! If you start reading about astral Charts you just go mad, and you understand how solar signs are related with fire (sunlight*Jupiter*mars) and they feel their best under strong solar influences and such!! and CT its extremelly easy for them

    My sister is cancer but her astral chart its FULL of fire!!! Moon in Aries, ascendant in Sagitarius, Mercury and Venus in Leo!!! And she loves sport and CT its no problem for her at all!!! she doesnt shake and can hold 45+ mins in 11 Celsius water without practice...

    Well, good luck with the Caribbean interview and keep updating Bruuuh!!
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  19. @Jenelle Ah I've missed your comments... Thank you.

    That nursing job sounds like a nightmare. FWIW i'm in a Blue lit/ RF hell hole today everyday in front of a screen. But, I'm glad you are putting your foot down - we can't let "jobs" drain our redox too much, even in place of good cash.

    Life for us is like being a Boat in an Ocean... It is amazing when we are smooth sailing and can see clear (Mallorca), but it is seriously confusing and anxiety driving when I'm in a Storm and I feel I may capsize.

    I am learning to "embrace the chaos" and stop panicking and let it teach me something. I guess "get comfortable with bouncing". I just have to trust I won't capsize.

    I'm trying my hardest to get myself to Caribbean and work from there. That is what I consider "smooth sailing", but I know it may present it's own issues - such as social network being poor or hurricanes taking out my home. But if I can get in that Strong Sun, build my Redox, that is one thing I don't have to worry about... and I'm fucking sick of worrying about it... but, I'm not sure if Life is done "teaching me" here in the UK... I hope it is, I really feel I'm over being now.

    We can only wait and see......... but you really calmed me down with that comment, thank you.
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  20. @Erik ... wow, sick that you know so much about it. I've always had an eye on it, but lately I see it being a major player. How can it not? Just like the Sun.

    I had it done in India on a train by a Spanish girl.

    My moon is in Sagitarrius - so I'm a "truth seeker" she said. But mine was all over the place... I just checked again:

    "Moon in Sagittarius
    The greatest need is to always search for something. In order to feel safe you need a philosophy or belief. You need to have a goal or mission that gives your life meaning. Your faith must be voluntary and it is a paradox that fighting against dogmas may lead you to other dogmas."
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