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Sean's Optimal Journal

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Sean Waters, Jan 24, 2018.

  1. Sun Disciple

    Sun Disciple AKA Paul...That Call Drop'n Canadian

    Sac-actun is the real deal for sure but its underground not in the sun and its not 50 C maybe 60C but it doesnt matter because it will seem cold in that climate and your going to spend atleast 45 minutes on the tour but i recomend staying in longer to boost the effect. Ive been 3 times and never regretted. After your done run up the steps and catch some UV and if your with senor cruz go catch some lunch at his fav beach spot.
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  2. I did see a little bit of Sunlight come through on a picture, but maybe not.... and yeah 60 F is absolutely fine for CT... im sure you dont mean celsius.

    I was thinking - If I Get an apartment for 3 months between Tulum and Playa - then I could buy a Scooter and just drive there myself. It doesn't look that hard to find these cenotes on google maps.... probably harder in real life, but I'm confident I could find them by asking people too. It's not Area 51 for fuck sake....

    Then if I have my own wheels I can go there or to other Cenotes outside Tulum an Playa (seems like a lot in the Tulum area) and I could go to them every single day on my own accord for cheap... just bang out CT and Sun every fucking day in the Crater..... I usually struggle with the Heat and High UV due to my shitty circuits/ poor redox........ but that would be perfect to Cool and tighten those Resp Proteins every day before some UV exposure on the top........

    do they have entry fees? If so, how much is it??
  3. UPDATE....

    Feeling absolutely fucking epic these last 3 or 4 days at my parents house...... I've been really focusing hard on Sunset, right down to the setting and afterwards...... then I have my RF Protection Fabric when I sleep, and I've actually started lining my pyjama shorts with it, so it doesn't fall off in the night... I'm considering getting the fabric tailored to make some makeshift trousers an shirt for my sleep... anyway, this has just took my Sleep better and better each night.

    I'm waking up now at 4.30am, after about 6 hours sleep, and I feel like completely awake and ready to do fucking anything!

    Now I'm waking up early and refreshed, making the Sunrise isn't hard... so then I get the AM Sunrise everyday from before it comes up!

    It's a vicious circle, but in a good way...... Blocking the RF in my sleep has allowed all of this, because that RF is effectively fucking Melanopsin/ Vit A and then it ruins Sleep and then makes me wake up late and feel tired.

    I can't recommend this RF Silver Fabric enough man. I call it Mithril, after the Silver Armour in Lord of the Rings which saves Frodo hahaha... why does everything always come back to LOTR?
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  4. MY Dopamine and my mindset has been getting better, and better, and better........

    So full of energy, enthusiasm... I'm happy, hyped up most of the time.... I'm reading my books again, Becker's 2 books and some Mae Wan Ho.... I got my Mojo back. This is world's away from literally 2 weeks ago or the last few months of being so down and depressed.

    It is all about RF for me. Getting that Sleep back is just phenomenal.
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  5. I'm eating Strawberries and Cream and Almond butter again - tastes unreal - but couldn't tolerate that just weeks ago....

    Bulletproof coffee is going down well... no issues with it!!

    So I'm beginning to build Redox and Dopamine here, I know because I can tolerate more Deuterium, which is what all those things effectively are..........
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  6. Today I made a decision to Quit the Clinical side of my College Nutritional Natural Medicine course.....

    The course is split in 2..... Academic and Clinic.

    The academic is all coursework and exams, topics include Biochemistry, Proteins/Fats/Carbs, Superfoods, Functional Medicine, Phytonutrients etc.

    The clinic is observation 9-6pm once a month for 2 days Sat an Sun, and then we have to take on clients next year ourselves. The problem is, I've already figured out this year that I don't enjoy clinical practice AT ALL... it is so fucking draining.... especially when the college forces you to only use "Nutritional/ Functional Med" ideas. So, you couldn't write up a plan for their Body Clock... that would fail.. you can't even use Ketogenic diet either, and Seafood is ok but frowned up.

    It is just complete, fucking, dogma.

    Turns out, you can pass the course without doing Clinics. So I'm going to do it distance learning - and then quit Clinic and pass without Clinical tick on my certificate.

    A lot of my classmates, who are still wrapped up in nutritional BS, are warning me against doing it.

    But, I literally cannot think of one good reason why I should do Clinics.

    - I know i don't want to be a clinician
    - If i did... id never want to talk about Food, its all LWM for me and that cannot be un-learnt or un-seen
    - it is consuming ALL my free time that I could have with my friends, like today... going to see my new baby nephew and then 3 of my friends... usually it's "sorry mate i cant today im in clinic".

    Sick of it taking up all my time. Time to wise up and cut that rope.
  7. Anne V

    Anne V Silver

    yep , but not expensive. all different fee
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  8. Lahelada

    Lahelada New Member

    Sean, I disagree to a point. It is not because the paradigm is worth learning,but that the patients are worth learning. I got a lot of insight just hanging around diet forums.
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  9. I can see the value in learning patients situations... but luckily, I have a wonderful worldwide forum with people who are engaged and committed to the journey with Light Water Magnetism... Unfortunately, that isn't the people who come in to have a Nutritional Therapy consultation.

    I cannot, and refuse to, waste any more time talking about Flax Seeds and Acai Berries.

    The effect the college, and the clients, have on my redox and my energy is completely one sided and not in a good way..... little bit like this

  10. Sun Disciple

    Sun Disciple AKA Paul...That Call Drop'n Canadian

    My last trip I did 2 cenotes a day. Most of them were reachable by collectivo which is a bus that runs up and down the coast the locals use to get to thier jobs on the resorts. Most of the cenotes are cheap (50-200 pesos) the exceptions being if they are located in a park or are mandatory tour guided like sac-actun. My day was morning sun in the ocean then hit the cenotes during solar noon and return for ocean sunset at the resort. Rinse and repeat for the win.
  11. That is what I'm looking for brother, I'm guessing it had an incredible effect on your Redox? Was this the time you stayed with Lloyd for a few weeks? Have you gone any longer... months?

    ...... I've heard the power density in Mexico has really stepped up.... so I'm gonna go try it, and take my Mithril for the RF protection.
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  12. Sun Disciple

    Sun Disciple AKA Paul...That Call Drop'n Canadian

    Are you killing the breaker to your room at night? The drawback to the RF blocking fabric is that it acts like an antenna for electric fields. I have confirmed this with my own readings here. Might be somthing to pay attention to long term if you have to use it going forward.
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  13. Sun Disciple

    Sun Disciple AKA Paul...That Call Drop'n Canadian

    no I only did one day trip of cenotes at loyds with senor cruz. You really need your own wheels to get from isla to any of the cenotes. I have only gone 3 weeks max at a time
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  14. Lahelada

    Lahelada New Member

    With cheese you catch mice and with acai berries converts !! :rofl::whistle:
    No ,I absolutely agree with not wasting time. Just make sure you get real world experience somewhere else. Nay sayers teach you something but never at your oewn energy expense. I agree with you on that.
    Mithril ?? Pray tell . Google search tells me a ot about Tolkien and something about Nike.
  15. Saichi

    Saichi New Member

    Yeah I wouldn't recommend touching any metal while sleeping unless it's a grounding pad that's earthed via a shielded cable and the extant nnEMF are below the real safety thresholds.

    He should just get a canopy instead.
  16. Phosphene

    Phosphene Gold (finally)

    “I cannot, and refuse to, waste any more time talking about Flax Seeds and Acai Berries.”

    Lol!! :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

    Love your dopamine rising!
    Last edited: Jun 9, 2019
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  17. @Sun Disciple I can't fuck with the electrics or the WiFi here at my parents or else I go live in my own place.

    I would do that, but it will cost me Thousands to rent a place here for the next 6 months. Which I could save, and spend on rent in the Tropics in January to May when I really need it.

    It has crossed my mind about Dirty Electricity jump conducting onto me. And Yes the Canopy is the next move. But, they are £800, and I've yet to be paid since December 2018.... again, that could pay for a Motorbike in Mexico to get me to the Cenotes, or for a month's rent. What would I rather?

    I guess it depends if the ELF starts jump conducting onto this fabric and making me sick. I'll keep an eye on it, but let's see how my symptoms and sleep pan out of the next few months........

    My Sleep and Dopamine are getting better and better each day!... I'm taking this fabric to a tailor today, to get it made into some clothing for my sleep.
  18. @Lahelada ... Well, I've already had Real World experience too actually.... I started "Health Coaching" last year, first few for free, then I started charging... I have coached 8 people so far, plus a few family members.

    Everyone "Got It", in regards to the LWM message. But how many "Did It" ?.... a lot, lot less.

    I found that was draining me. I wanted them to all have the same level of commitment as myself. But it turns out people don't. And if they do, it takes them a long long time.

    This journal has been going for nearly 18 months. Before that, I had a journey of 3 years where I went through all the Nutritional Therapy/ Paleo stuff ( which is why I started the course, when I believed Smoothies and Vegetables would save the world )... and over time, I've had my Beliefs and Knowledge completely stripped away, set alight, and left to burn... So i can't be pissed off, that they aren't "doing it" straight away... I had the very same Dopamine issues at the start of this journal. You just can't "do it" all at once.

    So the issue is Me, not my Clients, if I had the Redox of Dr Jack, and environment like the Farm... maybe I'd have plenty of UV-C Light to give to these people, to keep telling them the same things over and over (like Jack does in every single Q&A..."your environment sucks"). But, currently, in "Sunny Birmingham" (said noone, ever.), I have just enough for myself and my close ones.

    The college is really sucking my blood. It costs a bomb as well. I have £4000 to pay by August 3rd. I'm contracted in too. So, I can't cancel. i thought - if I have to do it - I'm gonna do it my way!.... they can have my £, but they can't have my Time.

    Redox = Time. My Time is all I really have.
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  19. imagine if Acai Berries.... really were the answer to everyone's problems?
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