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Sean's Optimal Journal

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Sean Waters, Jan 24, 2018.

  1. This is like putting a bell on a cat. Makes it into a better hunter. Soon you will be catching lots of mice!
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  2. BrunoB

    BrunoB New Member

    Hello good morning. I see you have some anti emf fabrics. Do you use them as sheets? are they comfortable?you the fabric that you measured that reduces emf you bought it to the salesperson "Blocwifi "? or to which user of amazon?
    thank you
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  3. @BrunoB ... yeah I bought it from Blocwifi, they have a few seller names including "Blocanopy" and "Cellphoneradiation"...

    The Fabric I purchased is just a very thin, almost like an old thin table cloth. It is made with Silver, and this is what is used to block EMF. They are light and comfortable, I have no issue falling asleep with it. But, people are fussy with their sleeping fabrics. I'd put up with most materials to stop the scratching though.

    I bought 2 sheets of 1 metre x 1.5 metre. I wrap the one around my upper body, and the other I cover my lower half.

    The problem is, they both tend to fall off as I kick and move in my sleep.

    I'm considering one of these 3 options to upgrade, but I can't really afford to until I get a new job:
    1a. Canopy - £749

    1b. Canopy Plus Bed Mat to create a Faraday beneath the bed - £26

    2. Sleeping Bag - £380

    3. Current Fabric X-Large (5 metre x 1.5 metre) - £220 ... (this would allow me to fully wrap it around myself/ makeshift sleeping bag)
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  4. Just applied to a job in the Bahamas...... would fucking love it to come through. My XP isn't quite matching up though, we'll see.
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  5. Had a real bad mood yesterday at my Parents.... waiting for this job confirmation to come through down south, right by the Farm, where I felt amazing last week.

    Since getting back to Parents, the RF is lower, and the Night Eczema has subsided with the use of the Fabric, as I have stated already. But my Mood, Energy and "Voltage"... that is the best word, "Voltage", is really fucking poor after several days even with good sleep at Parents.

    There is something else in that environment, I suspect the Train Tracks. But there is also a high voltage Powerline less than 1km away. MY corner meter doesn't pick up on either being a problem. I don't think it is sensitive enough. But the Fish in my pond, some of them have tumour growths on their neck... one of Bulldogs, he has really itchy bad skin (like me) and I sometimes find dermatits like growths that are bleeding from where he rubs against things. It is 100% a bad environment.

    So I couldn't wallow in that environment, in darkness and depression any longer. So, I used £120 of my last £800 and booked myself 2 nights back down at the Airbnb in the South where I feel great.

    I slept - and scratched!! Even with the fabric. I asked why? I tested the RF, it is much higher here... why then?... They have a DECT (cordless phone - AWFUL RF) under the stairs to this bedroom. There are about 5 or 6 of these Google WiFi routers too. It is all for the Airbnb Guests.

    Despite the wake ups - I Feel refreshed and was up at 5am for the Sunrise.

    This is a paradox. Poor sleep, but wake up feeling better?

    I have a feeling this is a non-linear effect due to the background RadioFrequency EMF being very low here (as in, outside the house), and the local proximal RF being quite high (Wifi/ DECT).

    There is a room in the house I am eyeing to book for long term if I get a job. It is furthest from the DECT and Wifi's, and it has a 4 poster bed frame - so I could hang one of those Bed Canopies @Sun Disciple uses to protect himself from getting laid.

    Once outside the house, just in the Gardens like I was this morning, I feel 10x better within hours.

    The overall "Noise" of the EMF here is really low. It is just these goddamn routers and DECTs all over the place.
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  6. I have an interview with a really good company in central London today.

    I'm starting to think I may not have it my way on both accounts. I can sleep and live in a very low RF environment. But, I may not be able to work in one.

    I may have to bite the bullet here and go back into fight mode.

    I have a feeling the other job, 15 mins from this Airbnb Farm. isn't going to come through. It should have been signed off on Thursday, very latest yesterday... and nothing has come through.

    Let's see what this interview holds later today........
  7. Already feeling more clear in this Airbnb.... calm and clarity... that is all I can describe it as.

    Everyone pray that I get some income soon and can extend my stay here. Otherwise, it is back to the abyss (Parents LOL.)
  8. BrunoB

    BrunoB New Member

    thanks for answering.
    Of silver and what other material is it?
    Could you make a homemade way?
  9. drezy

    drezy Gold

    uh oh. That is a pretty big deal in my book.

    The bulldog is like your meter. If only you could send him as a scout for a few nights in prospective locations. Ahh, his skin looks better so I'll live here for a while.

    The overall "Noise" of the EMF here is really low. It is just these goddamn routers and DECTs all over the place.[/QUOTE]
    It's been a while since I measured a DECT. Are they active only when the phone is in use or do they constantly belch out a signal(base or handset)?

    DO you have your meter on you to test this?
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  10. @BrunoB ... I don't know bro... check the amazon link and ask a question to the seller. All I know is it works at my parents house for Eczema in my sleep.

    @drezy ... BIG sign... and the Goldfish too... also my other Bulldog is needy as Fuck. I feel like RF is doing to that swathes of our human population, and our dogs too. So that is a bad sign to me too... almost like the "low dopamine" version for dogs.

    Also, I am literally testing every single Room, Car, Train, House, Road/ Street, Area that I engage with. The DECT (the base I think but not sure) is WORSE than any Wifi router I've tested here and is hitting Red Lights on my Cornet at around 3 volts/m at a distance of a metre and is on par with those new Street "Lamposts" with no Lights on the top, like a big Green matchstick - they are actually cell towers but covert as a lamposts....

    Noone looks up from their phone these days, so everytime I point them out to a friend they go "ohhhhhhhhhh.... I'd never have noticed them"....That is the idea.... they look like this.... (@Matty_M talked about them in that Luke Storey podcast with JK and Aaron Alexander actually so U.S. has them too)

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    I think Money makes me do some desperate, incoherent, stupid shit
    Last edited: Jun 4, 2019
  12. As already stated 3 pages ago. The place is NOT Tenable. For some reason, I had to re-learn that whole thing today once again (sigh).

    So I told both recruiters - Living on this farm and commuting into London is not an option.

    I have an interview tomorrow back up in the Midlands... I can live at home (the dark abyss) and commute 40 mins to work.

    Much cheaper and more convenient. Perhaps once I'm out the house working in the day, it will be tenable... perhaps not, I will be able to find an Airbnb in the midlands, and I will be able to trial and error a few different ones with my parents as the base while I find the optimal Airbnb (RF and EMF).

    Still no reply from the Job near the Farm. It is near a Private Airport... perhaps it would be real bad in the long term... the Cornet had a few spikes, but it was far far better than London... 0.01 to 0.05 volts/m instead of 1 - 3 volts/m
  13. Amazing documentary............ The Rolling Stones.... not your run of the mill documentary.... it actually got banned by the Stones for many years because it was so incriminating......

    Cocaine, Heroin, Weed all feature... a duet with Stevie Wonder... blowjobs on planes... just pure, unadulterated chaos from their 1972 exile on main st tour of the U.S.

    Most of you may think it is inappropriate, but it is my journal - so go fuck yourself :)

    I always listen to this band....... Their frequency resonates with me above any other band I've ever listened to.... and most bands fade after a while, but not these boys.

    I saw them live in 2017 in Copenhagen and Paris, both times blew my socks off, I was an emotional wreck.

    Watching this documentary, they are so low dopamine it is fucking unreal. It is no surprise they both moved to the Caribbean and managed to fully get off the drugs. Keith was definitely more severe.

    I don't think it would be possible in this day...... I don't think music like this is possible either.... the rawness of it, the clashing of so many different instruments on the Exile album.... There is nothing even close to it.

    It is such a shame what we are doing to this world.
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  14. [​IMG]

    This is Epic ^ .......It is really hard not to just throw information at people, it is waste, because they cannot absorb it, they have to make their own connections...... People have to learn themselves, so how do you help them do it themselves?
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  15. GOT A JOB... thank god... start next Monday 17th... weirdly, exactly the same time I started working last year when I got back from Mexico.

    Unfortunately, it isn't near the amazing Farm. They turned me down for someone Permanent. That isn't an option for me. I need the best cash I can make, on a flexible basis.... and I got it, but it is 30 mins from my Parents house.

    So the downside is, I have to live here for another 6-7 months, as I actually can't afford to move out because I owe so much to my company for the last few months of not working.

    The upside, it is NOT London... it is good Money, I don't need to pay any rent to my parents (thanks guys), and above all else.... they don't start until 9am instead of the usual 8am - so I get an extra hour of Sunrise.
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  16. I have forecasted my Cash, and if I smash the next 26 weeks I can leave the UK in January with a healthy bank account and go live in Yucatan or Caribbean for several months...... While I'm out there, I will be applying non-stop for jobs so I don't have to come back.

    Fucking grateful to have the ability to do this, I'm blessed to be able to possibly get out on such good terms.

    But I know if I had to - I could go work a lower paid job somewhere. I dropped everything last year, and said fuck it I'll work in a hostel. That never ended up being my path. But, I think you have to be willing to do extreme shit to survive in 2019.

    You have to really drop all your own bullshit that is your own prison. The stubborn "I'm not doing this". Sometimes, you fucking have to, and then it ends up being the best thing you ever did.
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  17. Health Update -

    My sleep was awful the last few months with the scratching, but now I've covered up with the Silver EMF Fabric, I am getting much better sleep.

    Previously, that meant I woke up an hour past Sunrise, exhausted and damaged skin. But this last week, I've been waking at 5am and feeling wide awake..., why?

    I think because my sleep is better. But also, I've set alarms a few times, and my SCN is definitely re-tuning.

    Last year, I had such great success in London by being totally locked in from June through til September. The RF here is so much lower at my parents. Yes, this train track is some insidious frequency that I can't even detect. But, it is nothing on London. So I know I can do this again.........

    We did have a much much better summer last year, but I was outside at every opportunity in the park sunbathing. I didn't miss an inch of Sun. I need that mentality back again.

    I also smashed so much CT last June. I got to 60 minutes @ 50 F.... I nearly did it again recently, but I got off track with running around trying to find a job in London.

    I was outside yesterday from 5.30 til 8.30am. Again, from 11am til 3pm. And again, from 6pm til 8pm. A good 9 hours in Sunlight. Today I woke up and felt so fresh!!

    Lately I've been skipping on actually seeing the Sunset too. That has to change. I saw it last night properly and it made such a difference to my mood and sleep.

    Last few weeks...... Late sunrise, no sunset, no CT (except daily cold showers - which dont count IMO) = feeling depressed/ low motivation

    Yesterday, today and this summer..... Sunrise + Sunset + Full CT + EMF Protection in Sleep = ...............?
  18. Lahelada

    Lahelada New Member

    Hi Sean, London has now got 5g . Maybe this has to do with you feeling different? 5g will get everywhere eventually but London is super densely populated and Central London was built for horse and cart. How about work in the home counties? Berkshire, Cambridgeshire that kind of thing?
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  19. @Lahelada .... My Parents house and my new Job isn't in London, it is up in the Midlands!... I appreciate your comment though, because I still think you are right.... UK is a lot smaller than places in other parts of the world, so when I say I am "far out" of London... it is only about 100 miles. That is nothing!

    In any case, we have 5G now in my home city anyway - Birmingham. Good news is, I live well South by about 20 miles, and out in the country.

    But we have Powerlines here, Cell Towers just 1km away, and 5G coming here soon too!

    6 months...... then I get to Mexico or Caribbean, even for 4-5 months, but hopefully for longer.

    Just been looking at the area between Tulum and Playa Del Carmen.... I never really gave that place a shot, and Jack says it is #1...

    Listening to the CT Webinar with Jeremy and Ben.... they talk about Sac Atun, in the area south of Playa DC.... 50 degree water plus Strong Sun....... I think I need that, every day, for like 3 months.

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