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Sean's Optimal Journal

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Sean Waters, Jan 24, 2018.

  1. Solidsilverteeth

    Solidsilverteeth New Member

    Number 4 is not accurate. The official line is these satellites beam the internet down to every place on earth.
  2. Of course......... I follow The Blues.... Birmingham City FC....

    But I haven't paid attention the last few years. Changed a lot since I was a youth.

    See if you can spot me in this video..........

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  3. No some areas will get it from above, and some will get it from the street level - lamposts.

    Areas with really high demand, like California, will have the Satellite 5G.

    I think Jack alluded to this in a recent Q&A.... in the US, the East Coast is majority privately owned land, West of the mississipi it is majority federal owned land... that will affect the roll out apparently.

    Some areas it will come from underground too, in the manholes..........

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  4. Solidsilverteeth

    Solidsilverteeth New Member

    Read up on Teslars satelight said they have started launching already, they are still putting more up there into low orbit and high orbit.

    The official line is when the project is finished every square inch of the planets surface will be able to get internet. Even middle of oveans and even Antarctica. I mean they almost have that now with gps.

    The safest place to be is underground, an earthship
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  5. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Manchester City here .....
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  6. Originally from Manchester? Or just love the team?

    In the UK we have this thing... you support your local team, and if you don't, if you support "the best" side, then you get a lot of stick for it! If you are not from UK, it is completely acceptable by Brits that you would choose Man Utd/ Man City/ Liverpool/ Chelsea....

    So Birmingham are pretty low in the rankings - but there is almost a moral pride of backing them - and also, if they overachieve... beating rivals, going on a Cup Run (that video above is the year we won our first trophy in like 100 years), and getting promoted.... it really means something to us, rather than it just being "oh yeah, we won the league again because we have super rich owners and bought all the best players"....... and that is the sorry state of Football these days..... it has become about money and marketing.
  7. UPDATE....

    Still on this Farm, not leaving until Wednesday now, booked an extra 4 nights... couldn't turn down this relaxed feeling I have here, feel so clear and calm.

    Sleep is much better - but I am still having some Apnea and Eczema scratching at night. I kind of need a proper diagnosis for this... this coupled event.

    Presenting Symptoms/ Case - Sleep Apnea/ Nocturnal Eczema

    I'm pretty convinced it is Sleep Apnea, because when I wake up I am holding my breath, always, and simultaneously I get a huge urge to scratch... and I can never resist it, in the semi-conscious state. I then scratch for 10-20 seconds and I get huge pleasure from scratching that area. Then, the pleasure ends and I can stop it quicker by deep breathing, taking in a huge breath tends to remove 75% of the urge to scratch/ itchiness.

    Then, I usually fall back to sleep for what seems like an hour, and then I usually wake up again to scratch a different area.

    I must wake up between 5 and 10 times a night. But it is obviously hard to count.

    The worse the EMF/ RF, the more I wake up. and the worse I scratch. Which is why I think it is better at this remote farm location.

    Strong equatorial Sunshine, i.e. India/ Sri Lanka (5 - 10°N Latitude), UV of 10+ at midday, this usually completely corrects the Sleep Apnea AND the Night Scratching within 2 or 3 days of Sunbathing.

    The areas that itch:
    - Groin
    - Behind the knee
    - Inner thigh
    - Very lower back/ upper bum
    - torso (very mild, rare)

    Areas I used to itch, but no longer:
    - Fingers and hands (severely)
    - inside of elbow
    - wrists

    So my upper body DC current or Redox during sleep is pretty good. And the lower half, is pretty bad.

    What improves it?

    - Strong Sunlight completely removes it
    - Lower EMF in the environment
    - Infrared Light from a Fire (leaning in and getting a Sauna/ Sweating response)
    - Face Dunks into Ice Cubes and Water = 40-45°F Water (15-30 mins)

    The combo of the last 2, is really effective.

    What aggravates it?

    - Radio Frequency EMF
    - Blue Light at night

    - Alcohol
    - Sugar/ Carbs

    Scientific Research?

    - Sleep Related Scratching: A Distinct Parasomnia?


    Just talks about the Circadian Rhythm of the Stratum Corneum (Upper layer of Skin) being implicated in Nocturnal Scratching.

    Also, it links research papers that show a link between Opioid Receptors with Skin conditions. Apparently, Pain and Itching are inversely linked... where you get pain, you get less itching, less pain more itching.

    "Deuterium in the Brain Stem"

    I've heard Jack say that Sleep Apnea = a fuckload of D2O in the Brainstem.

    Perhaps this is why Face Dunks into Ice Water are so effective?

    Are they a way to Rapidly Cool the Surface of the Head?... and therefore, drawing out Heat from inside = depletion of D2O from the Brain?

    Other thoughts

    I can't help but look at my damaged/ inflamed areas of Skin as almost pre-cancerous... just like Becker's book discussed and showed examples of "Proliferation"... I see links between the two.

    Jack has stated a few times, that both Sleep Apnea and Psoriasis are both pre-malignant conditions. They are actually protection from Cancer.

    So, perhaps, these inflamed areas are literally destroyed mitochondrial function, probably from a lack of IR and UV Light because those areas are clothed 95% of the time, and from all the nnEMF in my environment... And at night, my Sleep Apnea is cutting off Oxygen supplies to stop the Cancerous state from occuring. To stop the burst in Free Radicals that sparks Malignancy. To stop me leaking any more Extreme Low Freq. UV Light....


    So, I have to keep plodding along and trying to get myself out to the Tropics.

    But in the meantime, I think I need to do these Ice Water Face Dunks on a daily, possible twice daily, ritual...
    Last edited: May 26, 2019
  8. It seems trivial to waste time on this when I know the answer............ Get to the Equator.
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  9. Just finished my last bottle of DDW 85.... Can't say it has done much lately, it definitely had an effect initially...

    But for £9 a bottle, I think the money is better spent on rent in a better location, or on Ice to do Face Dunks of a night time - they are more protective of my sleep/ night itching.
  10. shah78

    shah78 Gold

    you told us you couldn't cook!!!!!! :) :)
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  11. shah78

    shah78 Gold

    don't buy avocados when you can grow avocados!!!
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  12. I know.... it has to be sustainable this time though Lloyd......... I never gave it enough time, but I had no choice but to leave - I ran out of Cash... £2500 gone, after flights and 2 months of living in yucatan.... its cheap, but unless you got income of £1500 a month, how you gonna make it last?

    this is why my construction job over in Caribbean is my golden ticket.

    They are hard to get. But I'm actually considering NOT going to Canaries in January, and going to Caribbean instead - If I can be there for 4 or 5 months - then maybe I can go show my face at a few companies and get myself through the door........... their big issue is "importing Brits" because most hate it and go home.

    The recruiter told me "you can't get any western food, its six dollars for a loaf of bread, british food - forget it, the healthcare is terrible, and some islands have literally noone around.... and all you can eat is fish and curry.... are you really sure you'd be ok with this?".

    She has definitely never encountered a Mitochondriac before.
  13. drezy

    drezy Gold

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  14. She wasn't ready for the response
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  15. shah78

    shah78 Gold

    fish and curry :) :). fine
  16. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    my guy has loved Man City since he was five years old .......that is a lot of years! and thru thick and thin he never wavered! However he is gloating a little too much lately!
  17. Good on him, he supported when they used to be on a similar level to Birmingham 20 years ago (not very good!)

    Ask him if he has watched a film called "there's only one jimmy grimble"....

    Mini-Update on the EMF protection fabric

    Tested the RF levels coming into my Cornet Meter and wrapped it with the EMF protection fabric (Silver Netting Material).... It actually completely blocks all RF, but as SolidSilverTeeth said... for full protection it needs to be fully wrapped around.


    I then wrapped it around my body, and put the Cornet meter inside the net close to my abdomen... although my own body will absorb a lot of RF, the netting definitely cut off anything else..... I think once I get paid I will buy one of these Sleeping Bags. It is the Swiss Shield Material ... you could take it anywhere and block out RF as you sleep:

  18. God I'm craving carbs at the moment.............. anyone else???...... Berries, Nuts and Cream is my go-to....... but to be honest, I'm craving all kinds of sugar - am I Leptin Resistant again LOL?


    Also, I really need to chillax on Facebook. Think I might come off it.

    Spend my time reading Jack's page, which I love - always gold on there... his quotes and pictures inspire me.

    But, then I get dragged into stupid fucking debates with morons from The Carnivore Group or the Stop 5G UK group....

    More and more I realise, if they ain't on the forum, then they ain't got a chance.......... This place is everything.

    I think GOLD membership is really key too - like it's taken up my game about 100 notches... I actually think so much differently to how I used to. The perspective it gives you, Jack's freestyle mode on Q&A's... just helps me understand how to "think" better.

    And when I go on to FB, it is just scary how poorly people are thinking....... don't want to sound like some condescending wanker here.... not the goal.... but I think, people are just really, really far behind...... I thought I could convince people with videos/ statuses like JK does... but, going back to the start of my journal, some of the suggestions were really on point from senior members... but I was just too low dopamine to really understand, too early, too brain-fogged... you have to go through the mistakes, and learn, and then you grow.

    I think that is why I never got an EMF meter... I just never had the clarity to even think about that. There was so much going on, so much to learn, and so much EMF clouding my vision...........

    When you get well, you just focus your energy on the right things... the better you do that, the more you win.

    Right now - I don't think I want to focus my energy onto FB or any of these groups.
  19. "Reflection often turns experience to insight. With reflection, we create waves of knowledge. When we reflect inward, we think, analyze and then we can conclude."

    - Jack Kruse, Tensegrity 5 - Your Magnetic Sense

    @Sue-UK thanks for sharing that, 10 months ago... I've just opened it up LOL.
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  20. drezy

    drezy Gold

    Please chillax or just plain give it up.

    I'm not saying to never run around with this costume on:

    Just set yourself up really well first.
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