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Sean's Optimal Journal

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Sean Waters, Jan 24, 2018.

  1. @Erik @MattD1995 well not sure, thinking around Malaga but the pop density is high. Really don't know until we go. But listen to this:

    Me and my best friend, who is a non-forum/non-blog reading Mitochondriac - he does the practical stuff - are planning on spending every winter at the 28th latitude.... turns out the Canary Islands (Tenerife, Gran Canaria, Lanzarote) are all at the 28th Lat and they are in exactly the same timezone as the UK... #FuckJetLag

    But long term, I'm planning to set up a bit of a European Kruse Youth Villa......... I've got a couple others interested in the idea.... and it is obviously still early days.... but for the Young Krusers life can be really fucking dire when you are constantly trying to mitigate a disease.... and you feel very alone and socially your life is non-existent.

    How amazing would it be to have a place to go to, even for a week or two, where you could do the Protocols but also socialise and spend time with like-minded people? And that includes getting drunk in the Sun and throwing some pool parties on Malbec every now an then.

    No exclusions, even for the Older Krusers, you are all still welcome. But I think the Vibe will definitely be catered for 20s and 30s.

    As a 25 year old who has lost his GF, can't really go out "on the pull" under blue light, and finds it difficult to socialise with people unless it's Sunny and we can be outside........ I could really do with a Community or Group to be able to fly out to and do all the Protocols and build redox... but also being able to do it with other people of a similar age.

    The broad plan, which can always change (Black Swan Events)... is to maybe set up a little private FB group once we are based somewhere next Winter... people can come join and stay with us or nearby for however long they want....

    Maybe one day, it will be like the X-Men Mansion hahahaha... call me Charles Xavier.

    @MITpowered26 .... yeah sounds like the Money, but it really isn't when you are surrounded by the non-Kruse young people and having to serve them drinks at 1am and tolerate their fucking Wi-Fi and iPhones.

    I still have that goal in mind... to set up a Villa, a retreat, a hostel.... but catering for MY TRIBE... not Tech loving-redox stealers.

    @Phosphene How are you?? and yeah I just threw a few in there but Portugal is definitely on the list don't worry!... It will be a case of testing... we will probably move round quite a lot while we are out there, and drive to towns across Europe and find spots.

    I fantasize a Village in the Alps with Great Snowy Mountains, Lakes and Trees, but the Beach is always a deal breaker!
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  2. My mother is driving me absolutely mad.

    It's extremely difficult to build Redox when you share with parents or others who aren't "In" on this.

    Time to get back to the Office in that blue light and work and earn some money so I can get my own place.

    What was that line from Doc.... the 5 people around you are the biggest factor in your lifespan?!...
  3. Erik

    Erik New Member

    Hello Sean! I love the idea lol, i wish we could hava a kruse village.
    I'm on the same boat you are! My cousin doesnt read Jack kruse,(he reads nothing lol) but he LOVES Nature, he spends mostly outside, always goes camping, fishing, surfing, and he Even hunts with a Hunting bow he Made with plants (how fkng cool is that?). Sadly he also likes using strong drugs once in a while, like lsd or shrooms. I love him very much and i Dream of travelling with him to Nature.
    This year he literally FELL in love and his gf won't allow him to do much crazyness, sad...

    On the other side, i also coincide with you. My mother is the most, low dopamine, energy sucking, mood chaos, motivation destroyer person i can live around, so i Must get away from her because he harms like a 4G tower.

    Keep me.updated on the village thing. I Will Travel North this year. Maybe to the amazonas and when i find a strong Quantum spot i Will call out to the forum. And yeah, i also want to get drunk on the jungle and dance naked with the monkeys .

    My Redox is now better than in the Winter so i can allow once per week to go to the bar with my blueblockers and have like 4 beers. Sadly, the girls you meet at the bar áre not really Nice to have more than a one Night Stand. And of Course they áre far from being a mitocondriac, but thats no problem, i Will find a partner when i Travel i guess
    Last edited: Mar 29, 2019
  4. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    Stay posted:
    After all;
    There is a value in every family member, no matter that he/she is not mitochondriac.

    I think @Jack Kruse
    is making some adjustments
    to the approach of how to deal with
    low dopamine, energy sucking, mood chaos, motivation destroyer person


    Constantly learning.

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  5. Your cousin sounds like a fucking hero. Shame about the Love thing.... It happens to the best of us unfortunately!

    I've done shrooms before, not sure if id ever do the LSD, but a couple of shrooms have always been alright and never made me feel bad. But I know people who have the whole bag and had issues. Dose = toxin I guess.

    Yeah parents are a problem with this stuff. But maybe its a sign from nature that we need to fly out of the bird's nest and go build our own place.

    I have lots of ideas about this village or "villa".... X-Men Mansion.... may just start with meeting up somewhere each winter... and down the pipeline it may transform into something bigger if we could all put our heads together.

    Glad you can go have a few beers - and yeah I've recently realised those girls at the bar really aren't what you want at all long term. But, you definitely got to fuck every once in a while - can't get any more primal necessity than that - just make sure it ain't your sister LOL

    On a serious note, getting a little community set up with Mitochondriacs is where you could meet your future Mito wife.......

    Let me know how your trip goes my friend! @Erik
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  6. @JanSz

    Yeah I been following Doc closely the last few months and I have to say I could feel it from way back to last August/Sep Q&A...

    I know whatever decision he makes will be a Black Swan move. I will observe and see how I can learn from it myself....

    ANYONE GOING TO THE POLISH HEALTH SUMMIT (which I hope @Jack Kruse is still going to do) - please give me a shout. I'm travelling to it alone so would be cool to know any members going...........
  7. Found out today I have Mitochondrial Haplogroup H1 ....... Mother got 23andme so by default I know those are my Mitochondria.

    1. poorly defined Haplogroup because it occured somewhere around the Ice Age 25,000 years ago.
    2. this group formed somewhere in the Mediteranean/ Baltic/ Near East (egypt/turkey/israel/syria).
    3. suggests that my Mitochondria are more loosely coupled than Equatorial, but that I am run by pretty strong Sun.
    4. to confirm #3, I need my SNPs and SAPs
    5. Makes sense = the best I have ever felt is in Southern Spain, Canary Islands, Cyprus and Croatia.
    6. Makes sense = India, Mexico and Sri Lanka were TOO much Sun and Heat, and that I felt good with Skin/ Gut but my Nervous system was overwhelmed (depression)


    I will get SNPs and SAPS, but I already know how good I feel in the mediteranean. So this is all I really need to know for my n=1.

    But it will tell me how much CT is right for me. I do find the adaption curve really really difficult, and the only time I have ever fully cold Adapted was at the Summer Solstice in the UK, June 21st, last year when it was about 95°F (35°C). So could that Heat and Sun have actually assisted my Mitochondria to enable a better Redox and better Cold Adaption?

    = My Plans to spend 6 months every winter in Mediteranean will be a win for my mitochondria.

    = My long term plans to set up a retreat or health centre in the Mediteranean and live there permanently will also be a major win.

    I'm very pleased with these results!!
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  8. Had a crazy few weeks and months.............

    Where do I begin?
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  9. drezy

    drezy New Member

    At the beginning.
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  10. In the Parents Home in the Low Pop Density village....... but I have a train track in Garden and a new 4G/5G cell tower that is on top of the Water Supply to the village. According to Jack, the train track is equivalent to a Cell Tower in my garden.

    That explains why I am having to do Seafood/ Ketosis/ Deuterium Depleted Water 85ppm/ Strict Sleep Rx.

    The DDW 85 is actually phenomenal. I drink it with Icelandic Glacial Water. I got it from amazon, here:

    For the last month my mental health has been deteriorating, I have had HUGE bust-ups with my parents about the Wifi and Electronics in the house. I even smashed my phone off a wall last week because I got so angry.

    I've been waiting for the Sun for 3 months and my Redox is really suffering for it.

    I am going back to the Office to work for the summer. And saving enough £ to spend Winter @ the 28th Latitude/ Canary Islands....... if that is not enough, then I will go further South.

    I am very lucky to be able to earn enough £ to take 5 or 6 months off for the winter and be ok.

    Option #2, if it presents itself, is to actually get a job as a Quantity Surveyor in the Caribbean. A few recruitment agencies have my CV and they take QS's on to manage costs on the big Residential/ Hotel projects done by British/ Irish contractors in the Caribbean.

    Obviously, if that shows up - and I get the job - then I will head there and live there for as long as I can and build my Redox while earning £.

    I like that option the most.

    But I feel the Universe has other plans for me. I still have another year at Nutritional Therapy College to complete.

    I feel like my Destiny is to help people.

    I have already began.......... I'm on Instagram as @thebodyclock and facebook as "Sean Waters - Optimal Health".

    I've made a few videos. Not sure how good they are. They were made with a low Dopamine state.

    I'm also highly aware of how little Fucks anyone really gives to this message.

    I don't feel angry with people. I was the same at one point. I thought Ketosis and Fasting could reverse every disease on the planet.

    How wrong I was.

    We really are at a tipping point for Mankind..... I've become extremely less interested in saving others with what I feel now.

    This time at my parents has highlighted how close I am to disease again in this environment.

    I do not have the energy or the time to spare to making videos for morons who are never gonna get it.

    I have 2 clients who have done well with how I've taught them the protocols. But neither of them want to hear the message about getting out......... how can they? It is the equivalent to the White Walkers in Game of Thrones... it is easier to just not believe it will happen than to face the truth.

    I had an epiphany moment while drinking this DDW85 which I am so grateful for.......

    I need to stop worrying about saving others, when in all honest, I haven't even saved my own ass yet.

    I feel a great sense of relief for that. Moving to the Caribbean really is my Lifeboat off the Titanic. It may not happen this year, or next year, but at some point it will happen.

    Building my Redox in Barbados (or some island) while earning $60,000 a year is a priviledge not many could have. The job roles are highly prized, so it is very difficult to get one. But, I fancy my chances.

    I am extremely proud of all the Bullshit I've had to go through to reach the level of experience and skill where this is actually possible.

    So many times I thought about quitting.

    But I'd never be able to have the options I have now.

    Turns out the Bullshit office job I've hated for 5 years is the one that may actually save my arse and give me a future that is bright, where I can actually have children that aren't epigenetically fucked from my poor Redox, and where I can support them financially.

    The industry is short of Quantity Surveyor's. We effectively manage Costs and Contracts for Building projects. It is a spreadsheet heavy project, with negotiation and number crunching. But I'm not mathmatician and I actually enjoy a lot of the aspects.

    It pays extremely well, and Construction is one industry that is booming for the next few years as we try to accommodate the increases in population and demand.

    If you are a young mitochondriac, or have a child in college, I'd highly recommend it as a career.

    It is office-based, blue light, laptop etc.

    But it pays very well. and you can go Freelance for £250 per day and work 6 months and then go build your redox with about £15,000 saved on some fucking island somewhere.

    You can also get work in Canada, Caribbean, Europe, UK, Dubai, NZ, Australia, Thailand/SE Asia, Hong Kong, Singapore and apparently the United States now too (although it is recent - usually done by Cost Managers).

    I've also seen jobs for building huge Marinas in South America and Central America too.


    I haven't given up on being a "Health Coach".

    I know that one day it is my destiny to help people. I will still help people. I will continue to do it.

    But, I have to prioritise my own life now. I cannot help others before I have helped myself
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  11. Should probably talk more about my Health symptoms............

    So the last item on the list was the Eczema/Night Scratching.

    My Eczema at night symptoms have complete disappeared from Icelandic Glacial - and then this addition of DDW85 has knocked it out of the park.

    I've ordered a boat-load more of the DDW 85 stuff........It has give me some unreal mental clarity, and my sleep has improved a lot.

    But, I have massive tinnitus in this bedroom and house. And my Mental State is not good at all without this DDW85. I feel like I am slipping back into Depression........

    Also, an old problem I used to get when I lived here has resurfaced.... Upper Gut/ Throat/ Tonsil inflammation....... massive swelling of my throat and tonsils.

    Again, it only subsided from a huge amount of Sun last weekend PLUS DDW85.

    This DDW85 is a lifesaver. If anyone is looking where to put their money for investment, it is in these companies.
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  12. It is almost like I've traded the Eczema for Depression.

    The environment is just no longer tenable.

    I can't stress to people enough - get planning - things are gonna really change for you and when they do you need to be fucking ready.

    Functional medicine and nutrition may as well be strategy against Hitler it is that outdated, irrelevant and useless...........
  13. https://forum.jackkruse.com/index.p...edox-and-blue-light-hazard.23519/#post-268281

    "A lot of the time, you don’t need to stress, worry, analyze and overthink. You need to take it one step at a time in your own transformation and let go of the bigger picture. It’s a lot more complex to attempt to solve everything all at once when what you really need to be doing is coming up with the simplest answer for the simplest part of the problem. You have to learn that sometimes learning to survive the next day is all that matters in a transformation.
    Sometimes the questions in your transformation are incredibly complicated. But only because we let them be, only because we never seem to have learned how to examine those questions at their smallest level to solve them simply.
    This is why sometimes the big questions in life appear complicated to us and yet the answers are simple."

    Fucking love you Doc.
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  14. Erik

    Erik New Member

    Very interesting Sean... Sad about the 4g/5g towers :( . but yes, you need to travel to a island and rebuild your redox when you have the money. I will try to get that DDW85 water and the icelandic Glacial..

    My mental episodes are really under cotrol, but i have bad news... 3 weeks ago chemtrails started to appear in my sky
    :( i would love to shoot those planes with heavy weapons!

    But, like you, a week ago i started having tinnitus, only for a while when i go to sleep, the fisrt hour, but its not nice...

    Keep updating and whenever you feel depressed feel free to pm me
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  15. Pablo

    Pablo New Member

    Spain? I live in Northern Spain, and I also have to make a career choice SOON. It can be nice here...my main 2 concerns are:

    1- 5G is coming in 1-2 years here too (2 cities are already beggining testing, as the best of my knowledge). I´m confident to slow it down/ that it doesn´t get everywhere. But even in a very rural area where my parents own a house they have announced 5G. I´m confident some areas will reject it, and I´ll fight for it, but who knows... eventually I trust people will see the problem. Most people don´t know shit about EMF´s, so lets be intelligent with what we know. For example, while most people wanna get jobs in fancy cities I´m considering taking a public job in the shitiest smallest rural area as possible LOL (while getting good money)

    2- Strong Sun: I bet you are considering Southern Spain aren´t you? I´m in the top North and I love it but winters are a bit tough, especially if you wanna reverse disease I´d say. I´m considering moving South or even to the Canary Islands... is the mediterranean better? I think JK said so on some occasion... I live by the Atlantic.

    Anyways, I really enjoy reading some stories here from people in similar situations (especially people in our 20s, we are in an interesting situation). Not that I want other people to have health issues per se, no! But there is that feeling of recognizing your own suffering and struggle (as well as the joy and happiness when you overcome it) in other people with similar situations that gives this very special feeling... empathy I think they call it.

    I´d love to connect with likeminded mitochondriacs as you.. especially in Spain and Europe. I´ll be attending the Polish Health Summit this 2-4 July, I hope I´ll meet some of you there ;)
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  16. @Erik .... thanks for the kind words mate. I will drop you a PM.

    All you say is true. It is literally about surviving the next 6 months here until I have the cash to get to the Canary Islands. But, I'm not ruling out another trip to the Yucatan, although it may screw my body clock initially... My thoughts are:

    What is better?.......

    1. Go to the latitude/locale that your mitochondria are from during Winter where Sun is better than UK but may be a little too weak @ 28th latitude.

    2. Go to a non-native mitochondrial location @ 20th latitude but it has the Crater?

    I have a lot of contacts who are keeping eyes peeled for a job for me in the Caribbean. That will be game set and match for me. Roger Federer in his prime, Aceing his way through a Wimbledon Final. Because although the Heat and the Sun will be too much initially, I will be earning £££, and eventually after 1 year, 2 years - even 3 years - my Mitochondria will adjust and I will have huge amounts of Sun.

    But until then, as Doc says in that EPIC post above.... Right now I have to learn to survive the next day.


    Yeah I have looked at the South, like Malaga, but the Sun drops off too much during Xmas and January and February for my liking. I think the 28th latitude (Tenerife/ Canaries) will be much better, but again - may not be enough for my goals.

    I will be at the Polish Health Summit brother. It is my birthday 2nd July. See you there!
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  17. Phosphene

    Phosphene Gold (finally)

    Well I think the answer is obvious. :p

    Grab that primo Caribbean job ASAP. It’s there for you—I can feel it. Make some cash, partner with some trusted folks to create Mito-Hostels in both Europe and Mexico, and spend some time at each. I’ll come cook for you. :)
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  18. Surviving the next day...........

    Last night, I had lit 5 logs in my fire pit and gazed into the flames for an hour while simultaneously watching Sunset through the trees.

    Then, I went upstairs, poured 1 kilo of Ice into a large mixing bowl and filled it with cold water. I did 20-30 minutes of Face Dunks.

    Fire & Ice combo = epic sleep!...... one without the other doesn't have the same effect... but together, I seem to wake up @ about 1 hour before sunset and be wide-awake!

    I had my breakfast in 30 mins - Eggs and Spices with Butter. Made me feel nauseous. I think I need to bin the eggs and hit the Mackerel up for some Omega 3.

    I got up and went out to a nearby Lake and got the Sunrise all the way from 6am until 12.30pm today.

    ......... now I'm checking out the possibility of Renting a Narrowboat/ Barge on a short-term basis to sleep in.

    I am surrounded by a big Canal system that is centuries old.

    There are lots of people living on these Narrowboats - it is obviously on Water and shutting off the Electric is easy and there is no Wifi on your boat or anywhere else because there are no phone lines!

    I want to try it first - but I may just move on to one for the Summer if it works well.

    This is where I was this morning with the Sunrise - and where I got the Idea......... it is absolutely drop-dead gorgeous on clear days.

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