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Sean's Optimal Journal

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Sean Waters, Jan 24, 2018.

  1. Mate more than mojo it is stealing my life.

    Thats why i need £800 of seafood per month to feel slightly normal.

    I have 4 weeks remaining here..... and then 40 days of Equator Sun... and then a population of 1800 ppl in a rural village....

    I have put my mitochondria through enough shit. They need a long holiday.
  2. I quit my Job on Thursday morning, final day is 14th December! Then I go to India from 19th Dec to 31st Jan (6 fucking weeks at the equator). Then after I go home to the country.

    I plan to read Van Wijk, some Feynmann, and push through another 50 Kruse blogs in that time. We will see how I get on though I may just end up getting Drunk everyday on the beach! Joking of course.... (am I?)

    I’m really starting to connect some dots now though, and actually have confidence in talking about this stuff to others.

    For instance, today I read about how Tryptophan and Tyrosine are both Glucogenic and Ketogenic, depending on where they get shunted. Jack spoke about this briefly before. The biochemistry textbook I have for my college course, Gropper's Advance Nutrition and Metabolism, says it depends on the enzymes, but I have a feeling it depends on what state of excitation the electrons on these AA’s are at due to Light.

    I also saw the book talk about Triplet and Singlet state Oxygen Radicals – I think is also due to the excited state of the electrons in Oxygen. They said that it can be changed by Light. But it didn’t delve any further.

    My Dopamine is so bad when I’m at work. I work in a 100 man site cabin on 2nd floor, with few hundred below. Computers everywhere. All wired. But WiFi too. All the managers have I-pads. Plus all the cell phones. On top of that, there is an Airport within 1-2 miles. And Canary Wharf can be seen out the window (huge business hub)...

    At home, my room has 5+ Wifi signals coming through into my bedroom. The Street has the new and upgraded Street lamps – they have little things on the top, I think they are 5G activated.

    Based on this – I am definitely living in a 5G world. And I am taking a lot of notes on what is happening to my physiology, including the above Dopamine issues. I’m also looking around me too.

    Here are some my notes:

    Despite eating 1kg of Seafood per day, Mackerel, Caviar, Trout, Crab etc. per day on a ketogenic diet. Taking Cold Showers twice daily. Keeping phone on airplane. Using only Candles or Red light in AM/PM and sleeping from 9pm til 6am. Avoiding Coffee, Alcohol and all things bad. The following is still happening. 5G world alert: "when your bio-hacks stop working":
    • My Dopamine is tragically low when I'm in my office. I can barely keep myself upright in my chair. Time seems to move very slow. I’m SO bored. It is horrible. When I talk my voice is so monotone and anything I think of BORES THE FUCK OUT OF ME.
    • I regularly get agitated, especially on my commute – with people going slow or being annoying (dopamine again).
    • My Gut is actually really good. I don’t have too much Local nnEMF within 1 metre... I.e. no laptop or phone on my belly/lap. But remember I'm supplying it direct with 1kg of Seafood, the first place it goes is the Gut.
    • My Skin is still quite bad, I don’t think I did have a parasite: my night itching seems to parallel with how much Phone Time I’ve had. My smartphone blue light gets me worse than the monitors or overhead LEDs. I know this as I've tracked Phone Screen Time with an App, and correlated worse Skin with more Phone time.
    • The worst area of my Eczema "downstairs"... But it is all over and cropping up in new spots like my outer forearm and elbow.... the other worst area is my hands, always dry. Doc says the places furthest away from Brain/Spinal Cord are the ones that get hit first due to the DC electric current being being furthest away from those areas. Makes sense. They can't regenerate.
    • My dopamine gets hit the worst from Public Transport, Red Buses and Trains are a joke.
    • Some days I come home and it is dark and I just don’t see the point in my existence. Luckily, I know why I feel like that – and I can tell myself its the environment, and it is temporary. But, there is so much mental illness in this City:
    • I notice how Fractal life is... I also know, that is due to my environment, so I can deal with it. However, I can see other people's lives in London in this way - it seems futile to exist here. I wonder, if you take away their Drugs and their Alcohol and their Coffee - what would these people have to keep them going?
    • There are literally a million coffee shops in London. People are so dehydrated, business will keep booming too for these stalls.
    • I’ve become quite needy and lonely at times. Again, very unlike me - and I can spot the mental pattern and move on. But can others in this city do that?
    • Remember the “High’s” I used to get from Seafood? Well I don’t get ANY of those, not even close, and haven’t done since September. So really, it wasn’t the Fish it was the Sunlight raising POMC and cleaving loads of B-Endorphins from it with the help of DHA in high amounts.
    • Eating Crab I've noticed better mental/ libido effects.
    • CT makes me feel good but wears off very quickly. I'm also more tolerant to the Cold than most people. Despite that, the Hack doesn't seem to help me through my day at work.
    • Methylene Blue: used this 3 or 4 times in the past, when I’ve been healthy, and it never did a thing! However, since this low dopamine problem I read Time Series and then bought the Mitoblue brand. It has had tremendous effects. Combined with Icelandic Glacial Water, the Low Dopamine “leaning on chair/ melting into my desk” and fatigue disappears. Direct energy comes back through all systems. I also get very Thermogenic in the afternoon/evening from this. It makes me shit. And I piss Blue. Since starting it, I’ve needed more and more for the effect. I take 8 drops per 800ml. Sometimes more. It is synthetic, and I can tell, but it does a great job of getting me through a work day. I think people may use this in the future in place of Coffee when they get a bit more savvy.... I think it would be a good thing to invest in actually. People are gonna need this shit. I wouldn't have been able to get through the last 2 weeks of work without it.
    • Warm/Luke Warm Baths: on the night time, I don’t like to CT as I get a Cortisol spike and I can’t sleep/sleep shallow. So I’ve gone about just being in water for the faraday cage. Since doing it for the last 3 days, It has gave me some serious SLEEP benefits!! I’ve slept deeper, with less scratching. When I wake up, I’ve been waking at 5am and feeling well rested and not a pounding heavy head like normal. My libido is also high at this time. And my Tinnitus is very good. So, maybe it offers a protective effect against all the WiFi in my room. However, this is 3 days - and most of these Hacks seem to wear off as quick as they start
    • Deep breathing when wake up in night to scratch: so when I wake up and itch, usually I catch myself holding my breath while scratching. Think I may have some form of Sleep Apnea. Anyway, half-conscious, If I can remember to take a deep breath the itching just disappears.... I’m guessing it is a Cortisol spike and my breathing turns that off via the Parasympthetic NS/ Vagal nerve. Obviously, the 5 Wi-Fi signals in my bedroom will probably have something to do with my midnight Cortisol and wake ups. I also read some studies that nnEMF destroys melatonin, well in other studies it INCREASED it.... when I tested my Melatonin back in July my Melatonin was way higher than it should be. Maybe too high and my receptors are blunted? Who knows.


    • There have been so many stabbings in the last couple of months it is ridiculous. And most of them are under the age of 18. There is a new craze going on called with the UK Rap Music and they are glorifying Postcodes and Gang Warfare. So people will literally try and fuck the girlfriends of other guy's postcodes and then gloat about it on a song. Or maybe, take pictures on their "turf" and wind them up.... It's been that way for years in Comptom and New York I guess... but in old reserved and well-to-do Great Britain? Madness I tell you............ The other day I saw a video of 2 kids outside a shop, the one saw people coming and sprinted off down the road... the other just stayed there as he probably had nothing to do with it.... 2 kids chase the one who ran... and the 3rd kid walks up to the one who stayed, looks him up and down and then pulls out a huge knife and puts it into the kids Heart and he falls through the shop door. I couldn't actually believe my eyes. These guys are apparently under the age of 16, all of them. The reason for the stabbing was because the other "talked shit" about the other guys area and so his punishment was death. Unbelievable... Can you imagine the mind of the young man holding that knife? Literally, NO EMPATHY WHATSOSEVER... It is a scary thought, that these kids are our future.

    • Everyone is getting Sick around me.... in different ways. Lots of Flu/ Cold's and Fever... Everyone at work is coughing and sneezing, literally everyone (except me actually - apart from me). The girl in my house who sits on her Macbook all day pretending to write a fashion blog, is sick with a serious Fever. Her temp is 40°C / 104°F. She has been diagnosed with depression this year after living in London for 3 years. Her and her bofyriend both suffer. They are both from mainland Europe trying to make it in Fashion Photography here.Annoyingly, the guy wants to leave and recognises the toll he is paying for living here, despite not knowing about Kruse or anything. He just knows something isn't right. But his girlfriend refuses to leave due to fear of no job opportunity or fashion work back in their countries. I don't think she sees moving as a cure for her depression either.
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  3. drezy

    drezy New Member

    They likely aren't our future. I've seen some of this before when I grew up. Their molecules will likely be interred and recycling before they hit 24. I've seen some stragglers make it to 36.

    I'm excited for you and your upcoming travel.
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  4. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    June 1997
    I was laid off.
    Newer got pay check again.
    So far no regrets.
    22nd year no work
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  5. @drezy you make a good point. I forget they are burning like blue stars...

    @JanSz i might have to go back to the office in 2019 for some money but i really dont want to.... its the most destructive thing i do to my body
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  6. 9 days away from finishing my job in this Office. (I quit 2 weeks ago :D)

    13 days away from moving out of my house and back to the Country.

    15 days away from being 8°N of the equator for 6 weeks.

    - Methylene Blue (as predicted) is running out of influence on my biology. Nowhere near as effective as the first week.
    - Looked to Caffeine to save the day - Coffee made me feel unbelievable sick and nauseas. Green Tea has been a life saver.
    - Luke Warm Baths at night for 1 hour to 2 hours: happier, calmer, libido high at 5am but then not after, no tinnitus until the morning, and much better eczema. Almost like the Water acts as a faraday cage before AND after. It seems to protect against EMF effects during AND After the bath.
    - I watched Lord of the Rings Two Towers for the 473rd time. Still the only movie series worth the Free-Retinal damage.
    - Still getting moments of loneliness and serious social withdrawal - but I realise it is all dopamine and all light, and it passes. After a Cold Shower I'll be laughing myself to sleep sometimes... very weird Up and Down shit going on.
    - My Boss (the wanker) asked me to take on my own Project and I said no and then quit all in the space of a day. It felt so good - he basically said "You're the best" in asking me to do that. Then I rejected it, and quit lol :rofl::rofl::rofl:

    ...and Future (next 14 days)
    From Today I've started taking Rhodiola/Siberian Ginseng and Multi Vit combo supplements.

    YES I KNOW. FUCK SUPPLEMENTS ETC. But, hear me out - I have reasons for this.........

    This is actually a bio-hack in a 5G world. I want to SEE what happens to me for when I'm helping others in the future. I figure I need to make the most of my time in the 5G world while I'm in it.... cause in 2 weeks I'll be a million miles away from that kind of environment, and most of the people I want to help will be.

    Jack says these herbs are a waste of time.... but I want to see if they can Buy Time, for someone who is seriously struggling in this environment, knows they need to move, but who needs 8 weeks of earning money in an office before they can dash.

    So far, I've learnt the following about my response to this 5G environment:
    - Omega 3 and ketogenic diet is imperative, but will not "feel" like it's doing anything - but diverging from it is way worse
    - Cold Thermogenesis does a lot for during the dip and for the next 3-4 hours, but then it fades.
    - Cold showers are a good one for pre-sleep after your warm bath. Cortisol doesn't spike as bad as after a full Tub dip.
    - Actually doing CT is super-hard due to Dopamine being so fucking low. Hard to explain, "just do it" pops into mind. But, you just can't. It's the weirdest thing. I've never EVER had an issue with CT until the last few months. Back in June I was doing 1 hour @ 50°F every day for a month. But, I can't do it ATM.
    - Muscle Gain/Exercise is a myth. It will not happen.
    - Sleep before 9pm is a must, every hour afterwards will cause that person to have the worst day of their life the next morning, everytime.
    - Eczema is un-hackable, but can be reduced and limited
    - Coconut Oil is the only Fat tolerated (even in winter)
    - Luke warm baths are a great hack.
    - Green Tea is a great hack.
    - Methylene blue is good but short term then effects wear off.
    - Icelandic glacial is good but not enough. Evian and other bottled waters make you feel worse.

    - Rhodiola and Ginseng will get you wired, but not happy. My jaw is semi-grinding like I'm on Ecstacy. I also feel like I have a sore throat. And I feel a bit hollow. It's not a great feeling - but it's better than the slouching on my desk and time moving at snail's pace. By midday I'm very warm and tingly but feel slightly depressed.... probably not a great Hack. Only Day 1 so see how it goes in a week.


    The biggest thing for me, is realising how TRUE Jack's message is. I think, when I used to hear him say "MOVE", I never really got it. Like, really really didn't get it. I always thought, there would be some pathway the body could get into.... Ketosis or Cold Adapted or something......... but as you can see above, all these protocols and weird things that usually feel unreal............ they ain't doing shit.

    I hope people are reading this and can take my word for it and move out of their cities and 5G towns before it's too late. Please ask Questions if you want to while I'm still here.... I'm quite happy to be the guinea pig to any hacks/ ideas...

    15 DAYS MOTHERFUCKERS :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:
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  7. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

  8. MattD1995

    MattD1995 Gold

    I know this is an old post, but as a 23 year old going through the exact same struggles, I just wanted you to know that reading through your journal and seeing shit like this reminds me I’m not alone and gives me massive encouragement.

    I used to play college football and be quite physically active. I used to have a consistent weekend social life. I used to be able to live like a normal person.

    Now, my joint pain and fatigue is so bad now that I haven’t been to the gym consistently in years. Jack’s protocols have helped keep me afloat for the last several months, but barely. My environment is just to damn bad. I recently began dating a great girl. I convinced myself that I could go out at night with her, have a few drinks, and enjoy some “normal” food. Nope. My depression, anxiety, joint pain, and insomnia are came back stronger than before. Explaining my diet and restrictive habits to her is just about impossible. She comes from a family that is not health conscious and believes in traditional medicine, so they don’t understand anything that I’m doing. My libido is rock bottom, so I have to rely on viagra when I’m with her. I’m 23 fucking years old...and I can’t get aroused by a beautiful girl. What does this mean for the rest of my life?

    I live surrounded by people, but it’s like I’m alone. Coworkers, family, girlfriends, etc... look at me like I have two heads for eating raw salmon, wearing orange glasses indoors, and opting to go to bed instead early instead of going out on weekends.

    I’ve considered moving to a sunny climate since I’m spending so damn much on seafood to offset by bad environment, but what kind of a life is that? To live alone on a beach somewhere away from everyone I love and everything I know? Besides, 5G will be everywhere relatively soon and will potentially offset the benefits of even sunny environments.

    Sorry for the wall of text. I’m laying here in bed, wide awake as usual. After 3 years of battling multiple autoimmune issues and continuing to get worse, it’s hard not to get discouraged.

    I’ll echo one of your other posts though...I’ve been through more pain (physical and mental) then I ever believed I could handle. Surving 3 years of hell like I have has taught me how fucking strong I am. If I have to live like this for the rest of my life, then I’ll fucking do it. At least I’ll go out fighting. Nobody else I know is taking freezing baths, eating raw seafood, or taking the measures I am to correct their health.
  9. I know everything you are going through my friend.

    I am now on the other side of that, and away from it.

    Still in UK but in a low pop. Density area and still eating a huge amount of O3 fish and in ketosis.

    But I feel like a different man. I am working out again and I have energy to burn......

    Look for a small village, low pop density, and visit it and test how you feel....

    My advice is futile though, it is a problem you need to figure out yourself, this situation IS THE MAKING OF A BLACK SWAN.

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  10. Erik

    Erik New Member

    Sean, could you update us how did your trip yo the equator go? ^_^
  11. Erik

    Erik New Member

    @MattD1995 Hey man, stay positive!!! im on the same boat, 23 Y.O, and i thought i could NEVER do those things again. But now its summer and being all fuckng day naked on the sun (thanks to my parents for mantaining me), has allowed me to go out again, lift weights and being social (i use blublocking glasses on the night club and here in ARG they look me like i am a crazy horse but who cares lolz?)

    Anyway, stay otpimistic about 5G, the world is really fucking big and there are valleys, and huge ancient forests with 2000 years trees where i think that not even 5G will impact health...

    And another optimistic thougt is that somebody i think will find a Elysium like machine (that bed where you enter and it re atomizes your body and heals everything using quantum physics :p ).

    Just google places like Peru, Brazil, etc... Millons of sqare kilometers of jungle, mountains, rivers... I think that huge mass of electron dense and humid atmosphere will be a healing place when 5G invades....

    Or maybe i even think of a future of living in very deep caves, with photobiomodulation beds and only going up to harves food, but thats more an apocalypic thougt...

    I dont know your environment, but lemme tell you that i have proved what jack says that maybe only moving 50 km away from where you are can vanish your symptoms (my case), althou it may be a 3 house mini-rural-town.....
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  12. Yeah I have been meaning to do this but had a really busy period the last month................

    So it turns out that I don't do very well Mentally in very hot places (Mexico, Guatemala, India, Sri Lanka). However my Digestive and Skin does absolutely fucking amazing.

    The other issue, is flying to India/Sri Lanka or Mexico = Circadian Mismatch/ Body Clock disruption for (insert guess here) a number of weeks.

    I was in contact with @drezy quite a lot, and @Michalis too, who was in Thailand.

    We reached the conclusion that when you have just came out of a 5G city like London, your Mitochondria are fucked. This means you have "spin state problems". Which, after some research, still eludes me what it actually means - and I think it eludes most of the top physicists out there too.... but it seems to be related to the Angular Momentum/ Magnetic Field produced by Electron Spin.... as I said, <- no real fucking clue what that looks like.

    But in practical terms, it would be akin to having Faulty Wiring and trying send 10x the amount of electricity through the circuit.

    So I was able to Eat/Drink whatever the fuck I wanted provided I sunbathed all day and my Eczema DISAPPEARED too!! My sleep improved and my libido was fucking banging.

    However, I found that if I was on my own/ not with people, I felt slightly lonely and depressed.

    Me and Drezy reckoned that it is because the Skin and Gut turnover every 2-3 days. Whereas the CNS doesn't. So perhaps, improving the Spin State/ Resp proteins in those mitochondria takes a lot longer and requires UNCOUPLING using COLD THERMOGENESIS.

    ............ This would explain why Jack is more optimistic about those with Uncouple Haplotypes in a 5G world than those with a Coupled Haplotype.

    It would also explain why being in a low pop density village, with low Sun, and lots of Cold and Seafood..... that I feel EPIC mentally but my Skin and Gut are quite sensitive once again and I have stick to a Ketogenic Diet Template with HEAVY Seafood/ Oily Fish.
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  13. Erik

    Erik New Member

    @Sean Waters ... WOW!; that gives me a lot to think about!! thanks!, i have to keep testing thou... something similar happens to me thou... Being a lot in the sun keeps my rosacea at bay, and my digestive issues... but not my mental problems... those are only resolved when avoding EMF.....
  14. Yeah that is it. I think we don't actually realise the damage we have caused in our first 20 years being on XBOX/ Iphones/ School Laptops etc.

    The Blue Light Excited Retinal damage down the Retinal-hypothalamic tract and into the CNS is seriously direct and seriously damaging to that whole area.

    I literally spent age 10 to 20, a fucking decade, staring at Screens for hours and hours and hours on end.

    My Stepbrother copied me and he has been declared with the Eyes/Vision of an 80 year old and that was on his 21st Birthday. He's had surgery and got glasses for life.

    I developed Crohn's disease age 16/17.

    So, think about the collateral damage that has occured in the Brain?.......... my goals are to get South in the next 18 months for a permanent move, probably thinking Spain as I had the BEST health in the last 5 years when I spent a week there in 2016. S

    But if I go back and test and it is terrible, then I will go Egypt, Italy or Morroco.

    I'm wary of that CNS damage and how long the omega 3/ketosis will last me. I don't think it will be too long.

    If I want to start a family then I need to really fully reverse all my problems in the next 3 or 4 years with strong Sun.
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  15. Sun Disciple

    Sun Disciple AKA Paul...That Call Drop'n Canadian

    I would invest in a trip to the yucatan or similar high qauntum yield spot. Try to meet up with like minded mitos in the area. Its not about being a hermit on a beach. You are gonna meet people have new experiences. This journey we are on is rougher than rough but it allows the opportunity for massive growth.
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  16. Erik

    Erik New Member

    @Sean Waters Spain??? Interesting... exactly in which part of Spain?? im interested :glasses:
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  17. MattD1995

    MattD1995 Gold

    Thank you for the encouragement! I’m glad to hear of your progress. I’m holding on for dear life until the sun comes out in dallas (hopefully late March/early April). The sun makes everything better for me.
  18. Phosphene

    Phosphene Gold (finally)

    Hey I somehow missed these posts—welcome back man!

    Don’t discount southern Portugal as well—strong sun most of the year, gorgeous beaches, affordable rents, killer cheap seafood. Language is difficult but people are friendly and many speak at least a little English, especially near the coast.

    My friend there might be up for some company for a visit. Can run it past him if there is interest.
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  19. MITpowered26

    MITpowered26 New Member

    This idea is MONEY.!!!!
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  20. MITpowered26

    MITpowered26 New Member

    Keep it up man. And thank-you for sharing. My mental health took a major turn for the worst in my early 20s. I was super out of sync with reality (psychotic) and very very sick. I kept going man, just like you doing. And while I do not wish it upon anyone nor your situation, I am so much stronger and richer for the experience now looking back on other side of it. This much is certain: As Jack alludes to, there is no magic to disease, only nature and your biology if you nurture it like you have. Keep going and nurturing and caring for yourself. You are in the right place. At 23 years old, you will get there, have hope, put your head down, and keep going.

    Those that matter DON'T MIND your "eccentricities". Those THAT MIND? Well.. they dont f***ing matter.

    Thanks bro. We feel your struggle and your hard work.


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