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Sean's Optimal Journal

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Sean Waters, Jan 24, 2018.

  1. Joe Rogan Podcast - Joel Kahn and Chris Kresser. Basically, a debate, Vegan Diet vs Paleo/Low Carb Diet.

    Black Swans this is some good observation on your fellow citizens, Doctors and Food Guru's and their beliefs......

    Check the video comments. Thousands of people debating total bullshit. In total, the data shows no real difference between diets - but still they argue to the death...........

    Asleep. At. The. Wheel.


    In other news, I had Salmon, Mackerel, Duck Fat, Seaweed and 50g of Caviar this morning, grounded outside in 3°C temperature, a Cold Shower, and I feel fucking excellent.
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  2. Michalis

    Michalis New Member

    I watched that... so boring innit? I kept asking myself where's the environment come into play?
  3. Ah mate really fucking pointless. This podcast really finished it for me..... I'm so bored of the Food debate now. I'm done listening to it. Unless it is about DHA... I really want to read Crawford/ Cunnane work. But otherwise, food can suck it. I'm quite bored at college now too because it is all Vitamins and Minerals... they even brought up Kresser last time, and they brought up Weston A Price foundation. But no mention of Jack's talks of course!

    There's just so much more interesting science to look into than Vegan and Fat.... and to be honest, I'm caring less because in London the food isn't doing anything for me - doesn't matter on the amount of Fats or Plants, the only consistency is the amount of DHA affects me. So it is proof that it doesn't matter.

    I want to get stuck into this Quantum Biology world but with College AND Full time Work I just can't seem to get the time to do it. Plus, I'm still needing to get through blogs 150-300 of Jack's stuff (EMF, QB, Tensegrity, Ubi, Time etc.)
  4. Phosphene

    Phosphene Gold (finally)

    “Food can suck it.” :rofl::rofl:

    Thanks for my morning laugh. Glad you’re doing well.
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  5. Mike David

    Mike David Same name new person

    Weston A Price would be part of Jacks tribe. Smart man.
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  6. Yeah I'm not sure - so many get twisted by the financial and profit gains aspects of the Food/ health paradigm....... finding an honest and genuine leader is like finding a needle in a haystack.
  7. Jenelle

    Jenelle Evolving

    I watched a summary of that podcast that someone had posted elsewhere. It was done by Chris Masterjohn.

    I have always liked Chris Kresser. He just seems like a genuinely good guy.

    I had never heard of Joel Kahn. What does that tell you? :rofl: He seemed like a total dipshit to me. Some of his answers were just total crap. Made no sense.

    I'm glad to hear you are doing well, Sean!
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  8. Yeah Kresser actually seems legit interested, but again - I doubt he'd jump on Jack's stuff because he's got his business to run arguing about food.

    Kahn is a dipshit, completely diverting from questions like a politician - it is SCARY that patients will come across the likes of him and be skewed and confused by his fast words and statements. Very good salesman.

    But, from my view - the whole thing is a bit of a farce considering what we know here!!

    I'll be better once I get out of London in 6 weeks (and counting!!)

    Hope you are ok Jenelle !
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  9. KEY INFO HERE....... Been doing some homework today following the latest Patreon blog from Jack. Just reading QT #23 :

    1. I read that Glycine is "a-chiral" or symmetrical amino acid - the only one of its kind.
    2. All Helices/Helix in nature is in order to capture light energy and generate a vibrational wave from the Light's energy
    3. DNA and all Proteins it makes are designed that way - note, DNA only builds proteins, not Fats or Carbs. WHY?
    4. Melanopsin is helical too, and has Vitamin A as it's light absorber/ chromophore

    "Glycine helps us break symmetry in nature by being the ONLY symmetric amino acid. That idea sounds counterintuitive until you understand what nature is up too. She hitches all of her chromophores that absorb some parts of the visible spectrum and connects them to proteins that act as tuning forks because the light waves the chromophore absorbs turns into an electromechanical wave of vibration in the protein portion of the photoreceptor. All amino acid residues, other than glycine, has no symmetry elements. So when they are strung together via the peptide bond they can never line up perfectly. They must have some type of staggered alignment. This topology makes them ideal to turn light waves into vibrational tuning forks using resonance. Melanopsin is loaded with helical proteins and its chromophore appears to be the Vitamin A that is bound to it. Vitamin A absorbs light and makes these helices vibrate in the eye so we know when night falls."


    So after a quick wikipedia search I found some gold on Glycine..... maybe snippets of where Jack is heading for this amino acid:

    The principal function of glycine is as a precursor to proteins. Most proteins incorporate only small quantities of glycine, a notable exception being collagen, which contains about 35% glycine due to its periodically repeated role in the formation of collagen's helix structure in conjunction with hydroxyproline.

    In higher eukaryotes, δ-aminolevulinic acid, the key precursor to porphyrins, is biosynthesized from glycine and succinyl-CoA by the enzyme ALA synthase. Glycine provides the central C2N subunit of all purines.

    So, Glycine builds 35% of Collagen, our bodies Semi-conductor which generates the DC Current for regeneration..... Collagen also is a Helix structure. Able to absorb Light and (what I'm guessing here) is it uses Glycine instead of non-symmetrical Amino Acids, because it lights up STRAIGHT and allows Light to go down it like a Wire, allowing for better conductivity: a bit like a Benzene ring, Light will hit the electrons on Glycine and Light will Corkscrew down the Collagen Helix passing from electron to electron, exciting each one from the ground state, and allowing a Current (flow of electrons) to be generated around all of the Collagen networks like a full circuit system.

    It appears Glycine is also used with Succinyl CoA to form Aminolevulinic Acid in the Mitochondria via the Shemin Pathway in ALL animals, fungi and protozoa. In PLANTS, a similar reaction takes place but using Glutamic Acid. This is called the Beale Pathway - and it goes to form Chlorophyll, the Plant Porphyrin that absorbs Light.

    In Animals however, the 5-ALA or Aminolevulinic Acid goes to form Protoporphyrin IX which is then Chelated with Iron to turn into Heme the Animal Porphyrin. It ALSO can be converted into Cytochrome C !!!

    Heme then increases Biological Activity of the Krebs and ECT, thus - 5-ALA therefore INCREASES BASAL METABOLIC RATE!

    Cancel Cells LACK or have REDUCED Ferrochetalase activity, thereby accumulating Protoporphyrin IX and lacking Heme, which means they fluoresce.

    Heme also converts into Biliverdin in MACROPHAGES (Immune Cells) and then into Bilirubin (bright yellow molecule) and is excreted in Bile, which breaks down our Fats in our Gut.........




    Step in here if if I am completely off-track........ Now, I went and looked at Purines, something else that Glycine forms........


    Purine is a heterocyclic aromatic organic compound that consists of a pyrimidine ring fused to an imidazole ring.

    (Basically, it is an Aromatic Protein - like your tryptophans and AA's - except Nirogen is used instead of Carbon rings, see image below for examples of Purines):


    There are many naturally occurring purines. They include the nucleobases adenine (2) and guanine (3). In DNA, these bases form hydrogen bonds with their complementary pyrimidines, thymine and cytosine, respectively. This is called complementary base pairing. In RNA, the complement of adenine is uracil instead of thymine.

    Other notable purines are hypoxanthine (4), xanthine (5), theobromine (6), caffeine (7), uric acid (8) and isoguanine (9).

    Aside from the crucial roles of purines (adenine and guanine) in DNA and RNA, purines are also significant components in a number of other important biomolecules, such as ATP, GTP, cyclic AMP, NADH, and coenzyme A. Purine (1) itself, has not been found in nature, but it can be produced by organic synthesis.

    They may also function directly as neurotransmitters, acting upon purinergic receptors. Adenosine activates adenosine receptors.

    That is some seriously fucked up shit....... I never knew about Purines. Caffeine and Theobromine fall into the same type of compound as DNA and RNA?? The same goes for ATP and ADP! Urea too @Michalis ......... They all have Light Rings.

    This means, Caffeine and Theobromine should only be used when in Sunlight if you want to create their correct vibrational resonance. This means ATP will not vibrate correctly under the wrong type of Light.

    It also means Adenosine, which builds up Sleepiness by hitting Adenosine receptors when in large amounts....... this means you need SUN to get Sleep Pressure.

    cAMP and NADH and CoA too.........

    The same goes for DNA and RNA............ Pretty much our whole genome and every Mammals genome on the Planet.........
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  10. Michalis

    Michalis New Member

    @Sean Waters , i like what you write mate. So when the wrong type of light gets absorbed in the wrong proportion and in the wrong time that tells me that we are frying our collagen networks. The energy delivered on those circuits by constant blue light bombardment is not doing them any good. Now, the question is , if i am right on asking the right question, Is it this vibration that will break down collagen or the produced DC electric current itself?
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  11. Well it is about finding WHAT the effects of Blue Light are on a Helical Molecule, like DNA, or Glycine (collagen), or Caffeine?

    And I think if you don't get the right light to these molecules then you don't excite their electrons from the Ground state to the Excited State. When they do, they have more energy than usual, I think equivalent to how much they have gained. Then as they fall from the Excited state to the Ground state they actually have a "spectra of emission". I guess, this is captured by other nearby molecule's, and their electrons??

    I listened to Jack's podcast with SOTT.net Health and Wellness show:

    There was a brief mention of how Animals "use Phototropism", but I do not understand how just yet, but I think it is to do with the creation of HEME and how it increases Basal Metabolic Rate (Krebs and ECT). It was an excellent podcast. It was actually done by my friend Elliot (the Brit asking all the questions and getting scolded by Jack for not knowing mitochondria well enough), I met him in my first year at College of my nutritional therapy course. He was actually the person to introduce me to Jack's work and got me in the Ice Baths and on a Keto Diet........ He was the spark of the fuse that got me on this journey - as soon as I heard Jack I just thought THIS MAKES SENSE. I've actually never looked back..... I pretty much dropped rhonda patrick and smoothies, and went full blown Keto with Cold showers, Sun and Blue blocking within about 3 months.

    Not sure if Elliot still follows, but last I spoke to him he was into Ray Peat and talking about PUFAs and Carbs being ok. I have a feeling he didn't like that Jack doesn't break it down simply enough. He did write a great article on the benefits of tobacco smoke as well using actual studies....




    I've been eating a TONNE of omega 3 this last week, and within days I have stopped being a bitch with the CT and now I'm just easily doing Cold Showers (sub 55°F) and hardly noticing it.

    My mood has improved a lot, and I'm really making strides away from any depression or SAD I had 2 weeks ago. The DHA is off-setting the lack of UV.

    My libido is also back, after a month off.

    I've been doing 3 oysters, 50g Salmon Caviar, 350g Wild Mackerel, 400g Farmed Salmon, 30g Sea Weed, 120g Coconut Oil, 120g Duck Fat, Turmeric, La Guerande Sea Salt, Onions and Mushrooms......... every day for a week...... and Cold Showers twice a day.

    I've been eating like a King at breakfast, like a Prince at Lunch and like a Pauper for Dinner. (Leptin rx style)

    Within 7 days I'm constantly Warm, unafraid/ not sensitive to the Cold, Libido high morning and night, Dopamine higher, Laughing more and less depressed.

    I've also had some Muscle growth appear, I've gained about 4kg - I'm eating around 160-180g of Protein per day, and about 250g of Fat.... I'm back up to a normal weight which is fucking brilliant.

    But after CTing the last few days I've definitely lost some weight, and noticed my thirst and Water requirements have gone up!!

    So more Water and more Protein and more Fat needed I think.

    But this is definitely the best protocol I've been on. It is a HUGE amount of seafood and it is paying dividends.

    My eczema has dropped off massively since I used this anti-mite cream from the pharmacy. I definitely think I had mites or something like that. It's been 2 weeks since I used it. It is meant to take 1 month to fully clear up, so wait and see on that one.
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  12. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    What is your thought of limiting water intake, like dr Boros is doing?

    The idea being that any shortfall in water will easily be made up with matrix water production (which comes with lots of IR energy).
    That energy is missing when one drinks water.

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  13. Hey @JanSz ...

    I have thought about it, and in the last few months I have experimented with not constantly reaching for Water, and just letting my body make water. I find it easier to do when I'm fasted... I just don't get thirsty! I was down to 1.5l of water a day, instead of 3l plus.... and i felt fine.

    But right now, my context is different to Dr Boros, as I'm doing a lot more Cold Thermogenesis........ which is why I'm experiencing more thirst as i'm depleting a lot of water. Jack talked about it in a podcast all about Cold thermogenesis here with Dan Stickler back in 2014:


    I'm pissing like a racehorse at the moment, especially in the AM when I wake up.

    Jack says several times that increased Water intake is very important when doing CT. He also says how much more "butter" I need (fat intake) will depend upon how hard I CT and how much exercise with it.

    I'm just beginning to understand those parameters now on an n=1 basis.

    I can already feel a need for more food and water after 5 days, just by Hunger levels - body comp and thirst.

    I'm not sure I trust Boros and his recommendation for my own situation while doing CT, but when Fasted/ Deep Ketogenic - I do agree with it.

    What do you think mate?
  14. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    According to Boros we can make 20 liters of water during marathon.
    So it is like 10 liters per hour (maximal output).
    So there newer is a problem of being short of water. I think regardless of CT.
    My CT is cold shower once daily. On the beginning I was urinating a lot, but not much now.
    When thirst came Boros said to wait 20 minutes before making decision to drink. That raises ADH and there is a good chance that thirst may go away.
    I am doing it and drink little less, but I have not measured my total daily intake. That is a big job and have to be done over long time.
    I do not eat breakfast or lunch.
    Most of the time I eat once a day between 3-5PM.
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  15. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    I just don't get thirsty! I was down to 1.5l of water a day, instead of 3l plus.... and i felt fine.
    I do not think any of us need to go as low as Boros with his 250cc/day.
    But if you were able to reduce from 3L to 1.5L/day that is tremendous.
    Have you lost some weight or been forced to eat more fat?

    I think 1.5-2L/day is really the average that people usually drink.
    Over 3L starts legal diabetes isnsipidus.

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  16. Yeah 3 litres was pre-Leptin Reset/ pre-Circadian Rhythm in-tune. It took me down to 2-2.5 litres after that, then when fasted usually 1.5 litres or less - especially Icelandic glacial water - really no thirst on that stuff.

    Currently drinking evian, I find San Pellegrino upsets me. I had to swap the Icelandic out for Evian, I had headaches on that stuff - I felt it was too low in electrolytes or magnesium?? The evian is good, but too much - especially after meals - can make me feel tired. Even when I have thirst in my throat it can do this after drinking.

    I think I still have some insulin/ leptin issues - my bet is it is my environment (London) constantly dehydrating me and my job (office) ruining my retinol/melanopsin and my leptin/insulin. But, overall I'm way better than I used to be.


    I did lose a lot of weight on the leptin reset, went right down to 76kg at 6 ft 1, probably my skinniest ever.... I really wasn't eating enough AT ALL. My breakfasts were big, but nowhere near what they could be. So now, after a couple weeks or so on a higher calorie diet, and then this week with this Mega Seafood diet I've put on like 4kg/9 pounds.

    I think one of my issues is my Ubiquination rates are quite high, and so I literally start wasting away muscle and fat to pay the biologic toll of recycling proteins constantly. I tried to off-set that by eating more Almond butter and Heavy/ Double Cream and Meat....... but I have a severe intolerance to Omega 6 foods man. So I gained weight, but my whole system felt sluggish, irritated and depressed.

    So I switched to just eating more Fish. I doubled the amount of Fish I eat a day to close to a Kilogram. Roughly 180g of Protein. Then I doubled the amount of Fat I eat from 120g to 240g. I also added Caviar and Oysters for extra DHA and Brain specific nutrients.

    I've felt myself transform in a week. Mentally better and physically muscular and stronger, in just 1 week.

    But with the addition of CT I've felt a dip in my Mass and increase in thirst. I think it is just early CT adaption though............


    So what is the Sore Throat/ Thirst feeling the in back of throat for then? Guessing it is ADH..... doesn't Cold have a big effect on Vasopressin (ADH)?

    CT 6 Ancient pathway comments:
    @Dr. Kruse. I feel like a million bucks! So many good changes, and it can only get better. Just out of curiosity, can you tell me why I pee like a racehorse after getting out of the cold tub or after using an ice pack on my menopot. Thank you ever so much.

    • [​IMG]
      Jack March 11, 2012 at 7:14 pm - Reply
      @Suni its the efect on ADH in hypothalamus as it rewires…..it will pass too……mammals do not pee when they hibernate. Neither will you eventually
    So with that ^^ and the references in the podcast to using more Water when adapting to CT - I think it is still a good idea to drink a fair amount of Water, especially pre-CT exposure. Just a waiting game for it settle down.
  17. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    usually 1.5 litres or less - especially Icelandic glacial water - really no thirst on that stuff.
    Icelandic glacial---->less deuterium
    Freezing tap water once, discarding (heavy) ice, was tested at
    That would be a drop of 5 D atoms if the initial water was 150ppm.
    idea, which likely it was.
    water have to be chilled real close to zero C
    water should still be liquid when taken from freezer
    shake it
    you should see tiny bits of ice showing up
    drain content thru sieve
    you should (practically) get all water volume back.
    if you have a time, it make sense to do it another 2-3 times.

    Saves $$, no need to buy exotic and expensive waters.
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  18. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    I think I still have some insulin/ leptin issues
    If you had previously high insulin
    fasting insulin
    if it is 5 or less
    whatever problems you have they are likely not due to insulin.
    2-3 are even better

    Last edited: Nov 6, 2018
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  19. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    We are creatures build by sunlight.
    42% of sunlight energy is IR

    Sunlight can be had directly
    indirectly as a food

    Sunlight energy from food is mostly IR
    you said:
    my environment (London)
    not enough sunlight, how to increase it?
    Cod liver in its own oil
    (is not the same as cod liver oil)
    Cod liver oil in its own oil (taste delicious)
    is a (natural wild food) it is not supplement
    Cod liver in its own oil is a natural (rich) source of
    Vit A, D
    EPA, DHA

    I am starting a hack,
    not sure how much of it to eat, so will eat one can a week.
    Will do my
    Spectracell micronutrient analysis 6+ months latter.


    Last edited: Nov 6, 2018
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  20. Let me know how that goes JansZ by updating this thread in a few months time.......

    If you read above, I've started a similar DHA hack myself:

    Caviar (5000mg per 100g x 0.5 = 2.5g O3) daily with 3 Oysters, plus 350g mackerel (=2g O3 x 3.5 = 7g DHA) plus 400g Farmed Salmon (1.5g 03 x 4 = 6g Omega 3)

    So hopefully... A total of 15g of Omega 3 per day, plus all the other nutrients from those foods.

    I feel so much difference in just 1 week.

    Carefully with Cod Liver too....... too much free Vitamin A might not be such a good thing!

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