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Sean's Optimal Journal

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Sean Waters, Jan 24, 2018.

  1. Michalis

    Michalis New Member

    I have got the feeling we need to get the hell out and for a long long time.. The difference with you now is that you have fixed issues that you had before Mexico... Maybe if you hit Mexico-like UV+sunshine could have the impact that you need to lock everything in.
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  2. I fixed the Fatigue. That was a HUGE one as well, because it means I can work, even in London.

    But otherwise, I haven't "fixed" anything.... if I was fixed I would be enjoying and living my life. I'm currently not, I'm restricted in all aspects.

    I don't mind hunkering down on a tight protocol for 6 months, even a year if I need to. But when does it end? What am I working so hard for? Just to work everyday?

    Fuck that man.

    I honestly believe it will... I think Goa is gonna feel incredible this year, because I won't feel Fatigued in the Sunshine like before, it will make me feel good - as it is supposed to - because my circadian rhythm is in tune.

    But even so, I think the EMF is a huge factor in my Redox, and I've had enough of putting up with a shitty skinny frail version of myself for the sake of London.

    It's not even good here. It is boring. Unless you are consuming or buying into the whole "fashion" "coffee" and "expensive vegan burgers" bullshit and following trends then who the fuck cares about London?

    I'm actually far more interested in Nature... I'd rather spend my weekend at a Lake, Forest or Mountain.

    There just isn't one good reason to be here. 8 weeks.... that's it!
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  3. I really want to dive into Dopamine and figure out how it all works... Jack says "light builds dopamine", but I can't find any actual evidence of how that works... But then, I've read Dopamine is increased by Light (not sure if they controlled for UV, I think they meant Bright Light - so probably an LED). I've also seen a study that says "striatal dopamine increased with more exposure to Sunlight" in a controlled study on women to look at effect of seasons on mood. There are lots of studies showing more Sunlight = more Dopamine in the eye.

    So, if any Light increases dopamine, how does Blue specifically destroy it? and how does UV build it?

    Also, Jack talks about the Absorbance Spectra of certain amino acids, one's like tyrosine (which makes dopamine) and tryptophan, phenylalanine and histidine all absorbing UV-C light..... but what is the relevance of that Biochemically?.... what does that translate to on the top level, more reactivity?

    They have a Benzene ring, these Aminos. I asked my lecturer on Saturday how they work. So it is where in the structure of the molecule there is a ring of atoms all bonded, and light hits the electrons of these and can run in a ring, round and round this ring, jumping from electron to electron, effectively trapping the light.

    So what though?!

    Does that Light make those electrons more reactive or something? More excited? Then what effect does that have on the molecule's behaviour.... does it mean better binding with other molecules?

    I'm really keen to learn this detail so that I can speak to my fellow Biochem students and explain how Light hits these Aminos and makes more dopamine, serotonin, melatonin etc.

    Because we spoke at length yesterday about how MTHFR cycle effects Dopamine and Serotonin production. And there was a line on the board going from Tyrosine to Dopamine and Tryptophan to Serotonin.

    I really wanted to just scream out: "UV FUCKING LIGHTTTTT!".... but I didn't know the answers to potential questions... just a simple one like "so what they absorb light?".

    @drezy @Michalis
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  4. Last edited: Oct 22, 2018
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  5. Mike David

    Mike David Same name new person

    Light gets trapped and is turned into a mechanical sound wave by way of a light antenna. UV and IR light create a pinch in the epidermis releasing uvc light inside the body. I look at light as the info. from your environment to tell many parts when and what to do biochemically. If you give Vermont 2018 a listen you’ll here Jack point out there are only four cycles to know for biochemistry that is it. TCA UREA PPP and one other. Writing these things or typing actually helps me to put things together. Still got a long way to go though. I’ve found most published works and professors get parts of biology right but miss many other more important factors. It’s all about connecting the dots and cross pollinating this info. to clear things up better. Like I know A Is true and B is true then I can just about assume C is true even though it hasn’t been observed and put together by our grand experts. This is all so beautiful because with some dedication and hard work you can drop knowledge on the experts who studied for a decade in the govt. indoctrination camps.
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  6. I hear you, and I know all of those things above as statements in my head........ I watched VT 2018. And all the physics makes sense. It always has.

    It is the actual biochemistry, and how we translate Light into an action biochemically.

    It's not about me de-bunking Jack - because I FEEL it work when I do the practice, and also I believe him, I just do.

    But it's about understanding the biochemical level so I can explain it to people. Especially nutrition peeps at college who are just like "WTF" when you say tryptophan absorbs UV light.

    I'm gonna go back over Time 6 with a fine-tooth comb, I think it is all in there...........
  7. Mike David

    Mike David Same name new person

    I have a lot of trouble with biochemistry myself it slowly turns into Chinese. Sometimes I’m like it all comes back to physics so screw the biochemistry but like you said it’s hard to explain to others that way. Are you getting a degree or just taking some classes?
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  8. drezy

    drezy New Member

  9. drezy

    drezy New Member

  10. Knew you would have this down @drezy .... im gonna spend tomorrow looking at this instead of actually working so i blame you if my boss asks questions.

    Sunset here now.... signing off
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  11. drezy

    drezy New Member

    Sure, tell that wanker to give me a call.

    That paper ties into Ubiq 24
    " Lack of dopamine causes an elongated eye. Barreto et al. have shown that in the presence of Fe(NO3)3 two broad bands of dopamine absorbance appear, with maxima at 437 and 740 nm. 437 nm is in the indigo/purple range. This range is missing in all artificial lights today. Shorter wavelength light, that is present can also penetrate into deep brain structures and regulate, for example, the seasonal cycle of reproduction in birds. We now know experimentally that melanopsin works in humans at 480 nm absorption in the blue range. For instance, opsin 5, a non-retinal and non-pineal deep-brain opsin photoreceptor in the hypothalamus of quail, has a peak of excitation at 419 nm. Tyrosinase is an oxidase (enzyme) that is the rate-limiting enzyme for controlling the production of pigmented proteins like dopamine. Dopamine, in the presence of tyrosinase, covalently modifies and inactivates tyrosine hydroxylase. This lowers dopamine and can cause myopia. It also can be associated with risks for other neurodegenerative disorders (PD). Artificial lights, TV’s, and technology gadgets produced today have a very similar lack of 290-450 nm frequency in the spectrum of light. What might the results of this be in people who use these things chronically? They have a complete absence of UV light during daylight hours that leads to myopia and a huge increase in neolithic diseases in those people. Have we seen this already in humans? Yep."

    https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/6768692 (read between the lines for "light" exposure aka lab lights)

    Wider implications:

    Here is a study on humans:
    1. the lack of UV with a light range of 400-700nm
    2. Fig3 tyrosinase expression
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  12. I've just found out that the West Midlands, my home county, is going to be the first 5G test-bed of its kind in the world.


    I still think my village out about 20 miles away from the centre is a bit of a haven, there is a big motorway that cuts off from that towns. Our village hasn't even got 3G or 4G signal in 2018, so it gives me hope that it may be safe to be there for a few more years.

    But I'm worried now... 5G is really starting to hit home. It seemed almost not real until I saw it get announced slap bang in my home county. That brought it home.

    Dr Becker actually visited West Midlands with Andrew Marino back in the day and tested Wolverhampton and found it to have increased suicide rate near powerlines. It has always been an industrial hot bed. So now the Government and 5G firms are partnering with Jaguar Land Rover - the firm that pretty much drives our County's economy with manufacturing jobs - is looking at 5G cars etc.

    There is one factory in Solihull, my town, about 10 miles away. Another factory in Coventry, about 15 miles away.

    I am protected for another couple of years I think...

    But, I'm now really assessing long term plans.
  13. drezy

    drezy New Member

    I feel the same way often. Along with improving my body and mind, the whole thing Doc puts together is an open invitation or subscription to continue improving my understanding.

    You bring up the concept of transducers. Looking at the proteins as transducers is a smart move.

    Transducers sound fancy but we use them every day.

    Nuclear steam is not powering our homes from long belts. Instead it is transduced from physical to electrical energy.

    Voices into a microphone don't require the internet to have countless long ear horns. Instead sound is transduced into electrical signals and that is coded into bits.
  14. My landlord confirmed my tenancy can end just before xmas 3 months early than our contract after i requested it.

    My college has also confirmed my transfer to birmingham... they are 6 weeks behind in timetable than london and I wont need to be back til 2nd feb.

    So that means I can go to Goa and Kerala in South India (8 degrees North equator) for 40 days instead of 25.... it also made my flights £300 cheaper due to a later return date.

    Kerala has the longest life expectancy in India, it is wild with lots of protected Animal and Fauna reserves. Lots of Spice plantations, Waterfalls and Mountains to hike too.

    Despite losing my GF and my London friends, Ive found all my real and true friends from home are coming back into my life too. All the lads from back home are sensing my return and im reconnecting....

    It also means i can give notice to my cunt of a Boss and get the fuck out of London for good in about 7 weeks.

    Im tired though. Ive had 2 days off in 30 days.

    Despite a severely low mood and dopamine level, im having success at the moment...
    The stars are aligning for me to leave... It is almost too easy... this is the right move.
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  15. Michalis

    Michalis New Member

    Sounds like a good plan... I like it!
  16. MAJOR DOPAMINE GAINS TODAY........... Once again I learn the hard way, that "IT STARTS WITH CIRCADIAN BIOLOGY".

    Thanks to Jack's personal Facebook post yesterday with his Salmon stuffed with Crab Meat on the BBQ for breakfast and his comment:

    "How does the black swan offset blue light and nnEMF damage that cause methylation of your neurons? See my breakfast today I posted on my Instagram page at drjackkruse. It reveals the beauty of the Leptin Rx reality: Did you know that skipping breakfast shifts skin circadian clock and enhances UVB-induced skin aging and cancer by lowering the methylation of your neurons? DATA here --->https://www.cell.com/cell.../fulltext/S2211-1247(17)30988-9

    So as I've been Fasting on a 23/1 protocol for 2 weeks now, and eating between 4 and 5pm, I've steadily noticed a big decline in my Mood.

    I no longer had the Breakfast entrainment mechanism of my Circadian Clock. It was left to Sunrise and Sunset... which, I haven't really seen in a month. It isn't even up before I get on the train to work, and it is nearly down by the time I get home.

    So all my skin has is Blue Light on my face and hands at work all day to entrain it. So, by Fasting and skipping Breakfast I am hypomethylating my neurons and this has meant by Dopamine dropped like a rock........

    So today I had the same Meal but at 6.30am and I have to say I feel fucking incredible mentally and physically. Instant change. I'm so alert, but also really full of ambition and I got in the Cold Shower this morning no hesitation - which made me feel even better - whereas I've actually found it super difficult to do CT lately.

    I remember Jack saying: "if you are fasting ALWAYS eat Breakfast". BAB for the win.
  17. TANN

    TANN Silver

    Hi Sean

    Please can you tell me the name of the full comprehensive male hormone test
    Im looking for this service in the UK
  18. TANN

    TANN Silver

  19. drezy

    drezy New Member

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