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Scotty's Journal (Antibiotics, Addiction, Accutane and Los Angeles)

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Scott Vincent, Dec 16, 2018.

  1. Scott Vincent

    Scott Vincent New Member

    I'll list my background information here. I'm a very organized person, so it's easier for me to collect my thoughts this way (instead of with narrative)

    • Rhemetoid arthritis
    • Osteoporosis
    • Chronic cluster headaches and migraines (for last 40 years)
    • Anemic
    • Long list of food sensitivities (currently abides by FODMAP diet)
    • Anxiety disorder
    • Overweight
    • Depressed
    • Regular sufferer of a "thrown out back"
    • Constantly plugged into screens
    Other family
    • All 3 siblings have battled with addiction
    • All aunts and uncles on fathers side died of various cancers
    • All grandparents dead from various cancers
    Young childhood (3-8yo)
    • Allergic to everything
    • Constantly on antibiotics for sinus infections
    • Took steroid inhalers for asthma
    • Very active, curious, and loved being outside
    • Very social
    Preteen years (9-12yo)
    • Began playing lots of video games, watching alot of TV, etc.
    • Gained a ton of weight
    • Stopped playing outside
    • Antisocial, depressed, angry
    • Still taking lots of antibiotics, inhalers, etc.
    Teenage years (13-18yo)
    • Continued gaining lots of weight (maxed out at 280lbs, 5'11" at 15)
    • Played football in high school until 16
    • Began using drugs at 15
    • Drug use progressed to daily ecstacy and stimulant use
    • Lots of staying up 24hr+ at a time
    • Indoors often
    • Lost 120lbs between 16 and 18
    • Moderate acne
    Young adulthood (18-21yo)
    • Got clean & sober (18yo, 2018)
    • Quit smoking
    • Acne worsened
    • Gained 80lbs back between 18 and 21yo)
    • Very limited exercise
    • Lots of late nights under artificial light
    Young adulthood (22yo)
    • Switched to paleo diet to lose the weight (meats, seafood, vegetables, but no respect for seasons or geography)
    • Acne worsened further
    • Even more late night udner articial light as I prepared to transfer from junior college to UC San Diego
    • Lots of exercise
    • Lost 40lbs in a few months
    • At this point, I am on my phone and laptop constantly
    Young adulthood (23-26yo)
    • Move from suburban northern california to San Diego, living on campus at UCSD
    • Begin taking accutane for acne
    • Skin gets better, and I lose my mind
      • Went from straight A student to flunking easy classes
      • Suicidal/severe depression
      • Blurred vision
      • Paranoia
      • Constant illness (fever, cough that wouldn't go away, blood in stool, body aches, loss of appetite)
    • Stop taking accutane and saw no immediate improvement
    • Moved off campus, continued exercising, and tried managing stress through mediation, therapy, etc.
    • Began having incredibly bad tension headaches
    • Working in research labs under constant fluorescent light in the middle of nnEMF warzones
    • Always on my computer or phone
    • Emerging eczema
    Young adulthood (27-28yo)
    • Moved to Los Angeles
    • Developed a gluten allergy
    • Began neuroscience PhD program
    • Again, initially, living on campus
    • Worsening eczema
    • Was introduced to Dr. Kruse's work
      • Began wearing blue-blocking glasses to work and covering my skin when I am indoors
      • Began waking up early so that I could watch the sunrise from the rooftop of my lab building
      • Began wearing blue-blockers at night
    • Played around the OMAD protocol
    • Dealing with lingering elbow injury from rock climbing many months ago
    • Working 80 hours/week (studying, conducting experiments, reading, writing grants, etc.)
    Today, status
    • 6'1", 200lbs ( have kept weight off since I lost it in 2013)
    • Living off campus
    • Working in a sleep lab with a PI that gives me the flexibility to make my own hours
    • Still working ~80 hours/week
    • Financial insolvent
    • Taking the state licensing exam for life insurance on Friday so that I can use my weekends to enough money to pay off student debts, and purchase mitigations for my lifestyle.
    • Trying to create a (rented) apartment that offers me some protection from the sea of nnEMF that I am in the center of.
    • Still experiencing terrible headaches and anxiety
    • Only eating when light is out
    • Eat lots of seafood
    • Was admitted to a molecular hydrogen case study with a company called Trusii and have begun using that machine daily.
    Today, health problems
    • Headaches
    • Eczema
    • Brain fog
    • Slow muscle recovery (and incredible, whole-body muscle tension)
    • Low energy
    • Anxiety/mood swings
    Today, current goals
    • Create a daily sunrise routine
    • Try to get to the ocean more for cold thermogenesis and sun-bathing
    • Figure out how to eat seasonally for my latitude (34ºN)
    • Pin down a red light device for inside my office and home to offset overhwelming blue light
    • Isolate cause of headaches
    • Isolate cause of ongoing eczema (avoiding gluten has helped lots, but hasn't cured)
    • Run outside more often

    Just finished my qualifying exams and haven't had a proper break in about 9 months. Starting tomorrow, I have 3 weeks off and will be travelling home for a brief respite. There will be lots of hiking in the cold weather and sunshine. I cannot wait.

    Mostly submitting grants and writing papers over the next 4 months so I will be on my computer but I will have flexibility in my schedule (less time in lab, can work outside, etc.). Hope to use this time to make lots of money on the weekends, and use that money to hack my lifestyle, improve my health and cognitive function, and shorten the amount of time I need to stay in LA.

    I have a background in neuroscience but I don't know jack shit about quantum mechanics. My biochemistry also leaves something to be desired. I'm incredibly curious but, even with the information organized in front of me, am having trouble figuring out where my limited time and energy is best spent. Any advice in this regard would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks.
  2. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    have you watched Jack's three nourish Vermont talks? These are a must see.

    watch all Jack's podcasts especially the last one - there is a new thread in the cave. Podcasts get you up to speed really fast!

    Have you looked at the leptin reset?

    Have you got Jack's book?

    what water are you drinking?
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  3. Scott Vincent

    Scott Vincent New Member

    Thanks for the quick response, Caroline. You’re so attentive.

    I have not yet watched the Noutish Vermont Talks - will start those today.

    I am ~1/2 way through Epi Paleo Rx

    We get our water from a water store. Can’t speak to its deuterium content at all.
  4. Scott Vincent

    Scott Vincent New Member

    I've now watched the 2016 Nourish lecture four times and am on my second time through the 2017 lecture. I've ordered the books he recommended in the 2016 lecture and am excited to begin my journey with them. Feeling a little confused by Jack's claim that water shrinks when it's heated. I know water has someone anomalous thermodynamic properties, but am not sure I understand how, at higher temperatures which are relevant to the body, increasing heat might reduce the volume of water. Reading more about EZs and IR light now as I think my answers will be found there. Parsing things together bit by bit and trying to get a handle on the big picture.

    While home for vacation, I've been outside to watch the sunrise ~90% of the time and have spent time in morning light every day. Are there resources for isolating solar irradiance by latitude and elevation? When I have limited time, I want to make sure my actions are high yield. Working on getting a home delivery set up through Mountain Valley Springs and have been drinking Icelandic Glacial water for the last few weeks.

    Aside: girlfriend threw away her contacts and is now getting morning light on her eyes for the first time in years. She also ordered a pair of blue blocking glasses through Ra Optics. Happy to be walking the same path with her now.

    Experiencing near-constant eczema around my eyes and can't seem to get any relief. So itchy and irritating. I thought it was a gluten allergy so I eliminated all gluten products from my diet. It improved significantly, but has now returned and is almost as bad as it was before.

    Today's musing: What do the biological clocks of visually blind people look like? I downloaded the paper I attached here and will be reading this afternoon.


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  5. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    The very best water is the one that is made in our mitochondria in Matrix area.
    Ideally, healthy person is able to make up to 10 liters of it within one hour.
    So no worry about being short of it.
    Synthesis of water comes with a lots of IR energy.
    Highly beneficial.
    To induce matrix water production one must drink less.
    Preferably under 0.75 liter/day

    Drinking DDW directly is the only way sick person is able to get low deuterium water, specially when due to cancer.

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  6. Scott Vincent

    Scott Vincent New Member

    Came home from 3 weeks with my family to an apartment that was covered from top to bottom in black mold. A maintenance person had entered our unit while we were gone to investigate the source of a leak in the unit below us. He turned on the kitchen sink and forgot to turn it off. With the new water heater in our small apartment building, hot water was running for 2.5 weeks on full blast with the place sealed up tight. There was so much moisture in the unit that the front door had swelled and cracked.

    Long story short: 3 weeks later and we are neck deep in multiple legal battles (vs. insurance & vs. landlord), we have thrown away >50% of what we owned, and are living in a temporary space. Looking to be indemnified for ~$20k in losses.

    Silver lining: we have a found a small unit that is further away from the worst of Los Angeles cell tower development and closer to the ocean. This unit has a small yard that faces east and is big enough for a CT tub.

    I've made sunshine an absolute priority for the first time in my life. I'm doing a lot of grant writing right now, so I'm able to sit outside 99% of the time that I am on my computer.

    I get the sense that something I'm eating is causing on-going skin issues. The sunshine has helped alleviate some of it, but I haven't yet been able to pin it down. Was thinking about doing some kind of strict elimination diet or getting an allergy test.

    I've been reading the work of Dr. Doug Wallce, listening to Jack's podcasts, and trying to wrap my head around the nuances of the Leptin Rx. Still feel like I'm beating my head against a wall of unconnected facts on most days and trying to tie things together with new sets of first principles. Seems like it's just going to be a f(x) of the numbers of hours I put in.

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  7. Inger

    Inger Silver

    OMG. How horrible!
    Lets hope you can find an even better place to live. Further away from LA sound good, and close to the ocean! Maybe it was a good thing the apartment got destroyed, if it was in LA......
  8. Scott Vincent

    Scott Vincent New Member

    Current diet:

    Wild Planet sardines
    Vital Farms eggs with raw butter
    Grass-fed beef
    Some avocado
    Some brocolli

    Had a skin test done last week. I'm severely allergic to dust mites, and mildly allergic to wheat, soy, and some nuts. I've been eating peanuts and cashews and almonds for a long time with no issue (was allergic as a child), but apparently I still have some allergy to them. Beginning the process of dust mite mitigation in the temporary living space we're in.

    I had a few days of near-total relief from my eyes after doing a deep clean of our apartment, using topical eucrisa and, before this storm moved in, getting lots of sunlight. We're in this weird limbo while we wait to move into our permanent home, and it's hard to build/stay in routine. During these few days, I was the most clear-headed I had felt in years. Then, almost overnight, I went immediately back to where I was before. Last night I slept for 5 hours with an Oura sleep score of 60, with many awakenings through the night from scratching my eyelids raw, unconsciously. In 45 days, we will be oving into new unit with hardwood floors, yard for CT and sunlight, and further away from the center of the city.

    Purchasing a fireSTORM from EMR-tek tomorrow.

    Ordered WGS from Dante Labs - investigating my mtDNA and getting the first snapshot of my genome.

    Began my part-time job of selling life insurance, submitted a paper, and grant-writing.
  9. Scott Vincent

    Scott Vincent New Member

    Moved into new apartment and have been working outside on the roof of my building every day. I'm wearing Ra Optics daytime yellow glasses whenever I am inside. I've eaten a fat-filled breakfast and watched the sun rise 22 days in the last 30 days. Been laying out in the sun and have built my solar callus. Before, I would be bright pink and burn within ~30 minutes. Now I can be outside in UV index of 4-7 for over an hour and I'll get pink but won't burn. Eating seafood everyday. No headache in over a month and the skin around my eyelids and creases of my elbow is 95% resolved.

    Biggest obstacles: reminding myself that I can't fix anyone but myself and accepting that meaningful healing requires consistency and massive action.

    Currently 1/2 through The Body Electric and The Vital Question. Having a hard time fully embracing some of the details in The Body Electric because so much neuroscience research has been done since the book was published, mainly re: action potentials and basic electrophysiological features of neurons. Using it as an opportunity to question the validity of everything I've learned in the last 6 years of school. Shit is hard.
  10. Scott Vincent

    Scott Vincent New Member

    current work environment IMG_3981.JPG

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