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Scotts optimal journal

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Scott klein, Jul 19, 2021.

  1. Scott klein

    Scott klein New Member

    Hello all,
    Here is some info about my situation.

    Age: 19
    Weight: 145
    Genetic background: Irish/German
    Location: Northern VA
    Health Issues: IBD (diagnosed with UC) @ age 12

    Current situation: After dealing with severe IBD for the past 7 years, I recently lost my colon from a colscopy perforation. My colon was perforated at a point where my colon developed a stricture over years of being very sick. My colon, upon removal, was inflamed and 'hard' as the damage over the years went through the intestinal wall. I am now living with a illestomy and deciding what to do next. My pathology and other indictors are unsure if I really had UC, but rather CD, therefore moving forward with surgery is extra difficult. I would prefer to be connected to my rectum (that way I can heal faster and less trouble for my body to get used to vs the Jpouch) especially considering I could have CD, so if my CD were to ever present itself my pouch would have been for nothing... Going forward I am also super worried about all of the immune suppressants I have been on throughout my life showing their wonderful side affects in the future. I have been on Remicade, entyvio, methotrexate, prednisone, entyvio, Humira, and xeljanx. I fear they have just poisoned me no matter what I do?

    Current lifestyle: I am devote to Dr Jacks regimins along with several other things I have come across over the year. I am almost positive there is more I could be doing and that I may not being doing them as Jack says.

    Food: Canned tuna from whole foods with nothing but tuna and water. All grass-fed beef and organs from a rancher two hours away. Recently added oysters (although they are canned (royal prince brand I believe) and in olive oil). Raw milk (two gallons a week), cheese, and butter. Eggs, both duck and chicken (from a good farm). Thats about it really, I will cheat and eat things out of season sometimes and wheat and other fiat foods, but I really try and minimize them.

    Water: I use a zero water filter for all water.

    Activities: I am outside for most of the AM (7:30- noon) and then spend as much time in the sun thereafter. I am able to do this as I am a landscaper, which benefits me to nature for a good bit of the day. I workout for an hour- hour.5, 5 days a week. I really enjoy being in nature and have slowly conditioned my skin to handling all the sun I get. I still get a little burnt if im out all day, but this summer I have not gotten burnt to bad (only once).

    Maternal health history: Grandmother has hypothyroidism and HBP (both are on the more mild side). Mother has psoriasis and small skin cancers. As you can see both of those diseases are auto immune.

    I listen to every podcast Dr Kruse is on (favorites are the gut biome one and the "against the grain IBD"), so I know what I need to be doing (to an extent). I am really curious about getting red light therapy, and I know I need to move to a better latitude. Im trying to figure out how to do this on my own as I never want to be sick again, but I just need some guidance.


  2. Scott klein

    Scott klein New Member

    I just got off a call with my surgeon at Columbia medical... He and several other pathologiest at Columbia determined I have crohns. While I am not connected at the moment, I hope to be connected to my rectum in the future. This is going to require me to make a big step and move into the 20s. I really am not sure how to go about this. We are currently trying to find farm properties, which would still be in the 30s, so I am not sure that would suffice? Even though I would spend my whole days outside in nature on a farm and away from nnEMF. I think my first step should be to visit DR Kruse farm and get a consult for using red light therapy (does he do this? How can I get this to happen) and overall guidance for the matter. I have time as I am in no huge rush to be reconnected and willing to be patient, but I need to start now. Can anyone help point me in the right direction or first steps to take? How do you get a consult with Kruse?


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