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Scompy's Successes

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Scompy, Oct 30, 2015.

  1. Scompy

    Scompy Gold

    Thought I'd take some time to write about the successes and changes that have contributed to my successes of the past month. Most of this can be found on my Journal here.

    Biohacks and Experiences:
    --Ditched my mini-EMFer for a truck that emits low EMF and doesn't have a microwave pulsing system
    --Loads of DHA-loaded sources weekly, including oysters; more raw with more spice works great
    --Starting day with 30 hour of morning light,70 grams of protein breakfast, eating ketogenic
    --Cold shower or ice bath at some point each day; cold water face dunks in the morning
    --Hella-lot more water in the day and spending the $$ to get high quality RO or spring water
    --Earthing frequently; even using bathtub to sit on at times at home due to pipe-grounding
    --Taking a morning break at work to get back out into the light for another 20-30min walk
    --Bought/tested many Blue-Light blocker amber glasses; my 6 yo son wears them too and loves them
    --Biohacked my Smart Meter with a Faraday cage
    --Biohacked my office space against some EMF, minimized some EMF, found root sources for EMF
    --Biohacked my 6 yo's room against all EMF for a very secure sleeping space
    --Had meetings with my 6-yo's Principal, provided her literature about their WiFi and EMF
    --NOTHING has been done to hardwire their school; they are dismissive; looking for new school now
    --Ran natural light + IR experiments, which I chalked up to failures... just better to get natural sun
    --Ditched all caffeine; I use a half-cup decaf coffee for its flavor poured over ice and grassfed butter
    --Sewed RF-back-reflecting caps for me and my son if we get into higher RF environments
    --Stetzerized about 14 plug outlets in my home for mitigating electrical EMF
    --Behavioral changes with turning off power at night for better sleep, less electrical EMF overall
    --Switched out bad light sources in-home with various combinations--mostly real amber bulbs
    --Even nightlights and refrigerator lights are amber; never use any monitor without my amber glasses
    --Removed some stupid older RF sources in the home, including the Xbox 360 that pulses when OFF!
    --Bought an old-school Skeleton watch without a battery....fully wind-up and people have noticed
    --Reading as much Dr.K blogs as I have time for in my downtime and the geeking out
    --Have taken 100s of measurements with all of my EMF devices and helped friends in their env's too
    --Planned many winter vacations to Arizona and Cali for sunlight
    --Biohacked video game consoles by hard-wiring controllers and turning off controller-rumble
    --More frequent cysteine sources in my foods: asparagus, garlic, bell pepper, chicken and egg
    --Many more, but are minor; many are in my journal

    Specific Successes:
    1. For myself, I've never had dreams like I do now every night. Sleep has been EXTREMELY sound for the past 3 months now, where in the past it was flat-out pathetic. I should be dead or have cancer by now looking at my past behaviors, calcium effluxing as a norm and having been 300 pounds in my 20s. Now every morning, I naturally wake up 1-2 minutes before my alarm does and get outside immediately. Looking forward to daylight savings time-- I'll get able to get even more morning sun. I typically get my entire RPE exposed by looking up, down and all around the sun for a good 5min, go back in and make a high protein breakfast, then go back out as long as I can until I have to take my son to school and get to work. Lots more sun on the weekends. A huge behavioral change with me has been my indoor soccer playing; will be doing as much lunch-time outdoor as possible but others play indoors under fluorescent lights and have league games under fluorescent in the evening (typically 6-8pm range). This has been a no-go for me now and I've seen massive health benefits because I've ditched those night games and the indoor fluorescent lights for just getting out more into the sun. I've compensated by doing more at-home anaerobic/weightlifting type exercises and more yardwork on the weekends outdoors with my garden. Although I lost the majority of my bodyfat before arriving on the scene here, it's all come together for me. I had been hyper-focused on the ketogenic diet for the past 4 years as well as intermittent fasting, but at the same time, developed many gut-issues, periodic heart arrythmia and just didn't feel strong at all. Adding in my biohacks, it's fixed the problems while not having to focus on diet and exercise anymore. Using CT and light has healed my gut, I feel like I have more energy daily, more strength, heart arrythmia gone, and my mood is stable and even 24/7. The biggest benefit has been my cravings are just about gone... i used to get ravenously hungry in the evening or just after any meal. With the Leptin RX and the huge amounts of protein I eat in the morning, my ravenous feelings are under control and at times, gone totally. My body needed the extra protein and I had been starving after waking. Also, I'm 165 pounds still even though the weight is not that relevant, since I'm muscular at a 45 year old, my bodyfat is right where I want it around 10%. Now I'll push keto seasonally for the winter.

    Another success has been my joints/bones. I had put my body through a lot of stress over the years, including having run a marathon. By my 40s, I got this really weird 'dry' feeling throughout my body and my joints would pop loud in my legs, arms, hands, etc. I used to take a hyaluronic acid supplement that helped little at times. But worse, it was an internal wornout feeling that no longer exists. I'm dead serious that these changes/biohacks have fixed this issue for me as a huge boon. Suspecting it's the DHA and water along with the EMF mitigations.

    2. After telling a bunch of people on Facebook about getting into morning sunlight rain or shine, and blue-blocking in the evening, a few friends have done this and reported back major improvements in their mood, with stress, depression and most important, sleep quality. One friend in particular that has Lyme's disease and disc problems and lives with a lot of pain says that the morning light alone has helped him out bigtime.

    3. My son is/was electrosensitive. I've gotten him to drink RO water, spring water and just more water in general in the day; this alone has created marked improvements in his overall heatlh and wellness. After I biohacked his room environment and play-areas, I've noticed his energy is much better over the past few months. He was easily catching colds all summer; he's been a home-body in his behaviors and very stubborn, but after working with him and explaining the benefits of sunlight, he's 'warmed' up to it more. At home, I've mitigated and reduced his video game playing, especially in the evening, and won't let him play anymore on one console that is pure RF at stupid-high levels. Also, he grounds with me on the bathtub knowing the benefits. Getting seafood into children at this age is also a challenge; i've also been able to increase his DHA load from more grassfed sources, but will be continuing to work on his taste-palette. With all of these combinational changes, I still need him to get into morning sunlight, so will be attacking too. Although I've made little progress at his school environment, they do get him outside 3x for recess during the day and I told his teacher that he hates fluorescent lights, so they have half of them turned off above him in the classroom. The WiFi RF-EMF is a major problem still at the school and it pisses me off to no end that they'd prefer Wifi over hardwiring.

    I'll end it here. Dr. Kruse has changed my life in outstanding ways and many other lives in my circle as well. We all need to be extremely grateful for his insights and the expanding knowledge base that he provides to the public on a continual basis!
    Last edited: Oct 30, 2015
  2. shah78

    shah78 Gold

    Excellent body of work.
  3. cinnamon

    cinnamon Gold

    Well done, @Scompy ! :)

    I note that you said:
    "--Starting day with 30 hour of morning light,70 grams of protein breakfast, eating ketogenic"

    I know Jack said we could slow down time, but that's amazing that you can fit 30 hours into the morning! teehee! :p:cool::D
    Scompy likes this.
  4. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    When you collect purple and red light many things you thought impossible occur.
  5. Scompy

    Scompy Gold

    Maybe I wrote the 30 hours because my fingers want it deep down. Still working on that time machine to get it.
    cinnamon likes this.
  6. Yay, Scompy! Nice job on all the improvements for yourself and your son!
    Scompy likes this.
  7. endless

    endless New Member

    Wow, very impressive....great job! :)
    Scompy likes this.
  8. This is great stuff! Thanks for posting your successes it's very inspiring.
    Scompy likes this.
  9. Mystic Rose60

    Mystic Rose60 Let the sun shine on you :))

    I'm so happy for you Scompy! All great stuff here and thanks for sharing! :)
    Scompy likes this.
  10. Krapule

    Krapule New Member

    Hey Scompy!
    Great job you did! I have a similar story as yours and really helped me following dr Kruse's advices. I share my frustration with you regarding EMF in schools ,altough there is plenty of writings about this (even in popular newspaper) the direction is completely blind to this, thinking they are cool because they are 2.0!
    But, it is sadly a 24/7 job to be optimal as your surroundings never rest to expose you to shit...and some decision are very major if you want to achieve what should be.
    My wife, following me in my madness :cool:, still has some issues as she works a lot on her computer during the day and do not expose herself enough to sunlight even thought she works from home...still has those deeply rooted reflexes linking health and food, missing the point that health is the reverse of the Pareto principle: it is 80% of work for 20% of results..and to be optimal you have to engage yourself 100%.
    this said, time to get outside :thumbsup:
  11. Scompy

    Scompy Gold

    Thanks for this ^^^

    Currently I'm in a rock and a hard-place at my work too, but it's mainly due to having hundreds of people on the 3rd floor all with massive tech devices pulsing out RF-EMF. And I'm not just talking about from cell phones either. Everyone has the latest gadgets along with the latest phones that pulse cell towers. In addition to the normal wifi running in the building and the fire-alarm RF, imagine if you had roughly 300 'systems' that actively pulsed out RF also? I cannot get into the details about this here, but it's why I have to do everything I can to mitigate my workspace and myself and is why I wear back-reflecting clothing now along with my back-reflecting cap. Mid-morning I usually take a walk + grounding to get out of that environment and refresh. And I pound the water all day. The only benefit I have is

    And also, there's a transformer on one side of the building vai the City, and it's really in those spots I know people have gotten sick or come down with disease because they are straight out the window about 10 feet away. Imagine if you coupled the electrical EMF with all of the RF in the building? I've brought soem awareness to the right people in the building, but because of *their* lack of knowledge set, I run the risk of looking 'looney' to some people that only live by the mantra "Seeing is believing". It's why having an EMF meter is so vital to convince others that the energy is there, then the other half is convincing them that energy is doing damage over time.
  12. Tammy Rogers

    Tammy Rogers New Member

    This information helped me immensely. Thank you for sharing it.

    I have been wanting to get out in the sun and now it's time I GO LIVE IN IT ALL DAY! lol
  13. Did you get any headway with this? My current situation sounds similiar.
    Scompy likes this.
  14. Scompy

    Scompy Gold

  15. Penny

    Penny New Member

    Hi Scompy:)
    I just received notification that a water smart meter will be going into the curb - in front of my house - any ideas how crappy that will be? I assume all the RF from the neighbors houses will be going through my house on the way to the tower down the street - similar to what they do now except not many people live north of me... my question is - how do you measure this and does the meter project RF into my house? I opted out of the electric one and the gas one - $70.00 to keep the meter and $10.00/month for 3 years... sigh.
  16. Scompy

    Scompy Gold

    Luckily, if they are using an ERT or similar thing on the gas-lines or water lines, they claim to only activate them once per month, rather than leaving them on 24/7. However, I think it's a longer term scam because even if they are doing it 1/month at the moment, they may just leave them on in the future and just change their policies without anyone knowing. I'm guessing (and hoping) at some point in the future that all of the people that opted out and had to pay for meters will have to be repaid to the public at some point in the future when the legal-folks get involved in the issue several years from now once the health-concerns reach a public majority. I look at paying to opt-out as a policy that I'm getting money back for in the future, not to mention this life we get.

    The square-root falloff from nearby homes are a lower concern for me if they are far enough away and not right up near my home. I had issues with my neighbor's smart-meter in Seattle because they acted as the Smart meter 'hub' for the neighborhood and more RF/Microwave was in their place (and my neighbor was getting all types of illnesses of course). I put higher db attenuated sheets along my wall of my home versus their home to prevent the density of microwave coming into our spaces, which helped. But this was a rare case because their meters were within 35 feet of my wall to my bedroom. If it would had been 60+ feet away, I still may have mitigated, but it would have been a much better situation due to the microwave falloff. Or if my home was made of materials that could absorb or reflect easier (like concrete), it would have been fine.
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