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Scompy's Journal

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Scompy, Jul 29, 2015.

  1. Scompy

    Scompy Gold

    As many of you know, I am entering a new chapter of my life. The financial risks and unknowns are daily! And I am loving it all the same. I just left video games at the beginning of the year and I am desiring to transition into Biology/EMF education. Here is the blog that was published, if you missed it. https://blog.mitohq.com/my-health-advantages-leaving-the-video-game-world/

    This past month, I realized that I have a limited window of time for about the next 6 to 8 months to get something off the ground. I want to put this time to good use before I start tapping deep into savings, etc. I have already laid out a book-idea and am actively looking for funding in this pocket of time. If I can find enough funding and/or people that I could use as a recommendation to find funding elsewhere, I would be able to transition into writing and education full-time and keep cranking out books and content.

    My goal is to keep supporting all of the Starfish and Black Swans by continuing to do what I have done for so many years, but to make it full-time rather than just a hobby. I just created this GoFundMe page to see if anything bites. I may take other avenues also, but I'm entertaining ideas. Because there are so many intelligent and wise people here, let me know your thoughts or insights you might have.



    --Scompy/Myster Spock
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  2. Phosphene

    Phosphene Gold (finally)

    Donated. Though are you sure that link works? I had to search for the campaign.

    I’ll gladly volunteer editing services if you’d like. (Not that you need much, but everyone makes typos.)

    Live long and prosper!
  3. Scompy

    Scompy Gold

    Thank you!! Have been busy working on it straight in the last 12 hours!
  4. Scompy

    Scompy Gold


    Were any of these ABC agencies existing in the 1860s?

    FDA: June 30, 1906
    FCC: June 19, 1934
    CDC: July 1, 1946
    CIA: September 18, 1947
    FAA: August 23, 1958
    EPA: December 2, 1970
    TSA: November 19, 2001

    These agencies are headed by APPOINTED, NON-ELECTED Officials that determine the largest issues of our day. Many of these agencies profit financially by pushing on issues that could harm the overall Public Health. Their strategy is simple: the so-called leaders within these agencies WILL NOT ACT on certain issues raised by The People; they will always side-skirt the public altogether in committee meetings looking as if they are considering the will of The People.

    In the distant pass, Congress would have been taking on all of the important issues that the public is infuriated about in growing numbers. These agencies will continue to willingly ignore The People of the United States of America until either Congress, The President, the Supreme Court or The People rise up to put the ABCs on the spot. In the meantime, we will have a 24/7 VACUUM OF VOICELESSNESS because our sold-out Congress pushes the important issues over to these agencies.

    Why would Congress do this? Because Congress-members have no term limits, unlike the President of the United States. Congress-members are incentivized to appease their donors and sponsors, RATHER THAN THE PEOPLE, so they can keep their seats. This is the definition of Corruption. This is how we got here. Instead, Congress only works for The People on issues promoted by The Media as the most important, while pushing real and substantial issues that directly impacts Public Health into the ABCs.

    It's good news for Congress when any sitting President's public rating plummets because it takes Public focus off of their own lack of addressing important issues. The Supreme Court could also side with The People when it is quite clear that system of ABCs that the Congress has created represents their donors and sponsors MORE than The People. This is what President Lincoln talked about over 150 years ago and we are seeing it unfold before us. In ironic future-hypocrisy to pay for the Civil War in 1862, Lincoln established the IRS as one of the first ABCs not realizing the growth of government agencies could be a sure-fire way to take power away from The People.

    As the government red tape continues to build new ABC agencies into the future, expect Congress to work even less for The People. Federal over-reach is how to exert control over individual States, and this is why the last showdowns between The People and Modern Fascism typically occurs at the State Level where The People can still put new Ballot Measures into motion that can be signed into law. We will see many individual States in direct opposition to "Federal Laws and Guidelines", so it puts local departments in a quandary how to interpret if a State or Federal law gets enforced or not.

    This is our Modern Era. Either The People awaken or The People suffer because the System has been broken for quite some time to no longer represent The People anymore. This is our reality check. When coercion upon The People occurs to "mandate something," the translation on the other side of a law is the RIPPING AWAY of personal choice instead. We can call them fascists right back at them, because it is the proper definition We The People may lament to use, but may start needing to use Fascism to protect Public Health. We have entered a Time of Toxic Synergies. Many issues we are facing cause a great deal of added oxidative stress into our bodies due to altering Nature herself: the creation of artificial frequencies, compounds, injections, toxins, carcinogens, water and food supply. It's known throughout the scientific world, among doctors and the educated that life expectancy is THE WORST in major cities and Population Densities where Everything Artificial concentrates.

    No one wants to be responsible for the mess of Modern Fascism: this Mr. Industrial and Miss Government making new babies as we speak and calling it all "new", "advanced" and good for "modern life" as the Health Span of the public continues to plummet under their noses and nature declines. Do humans share this world with other forms of life, or are we that arrogant to believe we can dominate and turn Earth into a wasteland of concrete gadgetry? To spineless leaders in backrooms, Public Health Advocates represent an annoying nuisance to their cut deals and finances. Many Industry leaders believe they are even helping society by providing jobs and livelihoods, forgetting that their very business may end up encroaching on Nature and contribute to the reduced health or disease-expression of their very offspring!

    Science is swept into the back-corner because Industry can simply create marketing campaigns to sell the Narrative that "The People can count on Industry" while "Science promotes Fear or there may not be enough evidence EVER, so just ignore what science tells us... it's better to stay happy with our products instead and enjoy your life like you are out on a walk in nature." Scientific research that demonstrates a company's product could be a large Public Health issue is Industry's bane, so expect the most narrative tactics to come out, just like the Smoking and Asbestos issues of the past.

    Sadly, many Industry leaders are so ignorant of the science that they cannot differentiate between belief and repeatable observation. While scientists consider impacts over generations and eons, business leaders typically project their minds into their shorter-term financial gains for immediate survival--typically not beyond a decade or two at most. Meanwhile, our so-called leaders scratch their heads and figure "the other CEOs are doing just the same, so how do I retain control over The People? Oh yeah, I have a buddy at the ABC agency and my buddy wasn't even elected by The People LOL HAHA! Too bad People, I need to look out for myself first, as I can justify it as business as usual." Any Industry Leader that has a broken moral compass also has rug and hair-stylists to design new ways to push health issues under rugs and toupees.

    As Individual health status crashes, societies have no choice but to fall. Our leaders are not learned in biology, biophysics or mitochondrial dynamics; otherwise they would have designed a much safer food supply, safer water systems, safer pHarmaceuticals, safer vaccines, safer technologies, safer infrastructure and would have some moral compass about being caretakers of our natural environments ahead of personal gain to clean up and mitigate the messes they create. We are in a perfect storm of toxins.

    The more personal freedoms and liberties are eroded upon the wall of historical shame, the faster the path a society constructs toward Fascism--UNLESS The People unite and call out the politicians at the game they have created, so they recognize WE KNOW HOW the system is broken. Once this message gets out far and wide, The People will demand a design change to get us back to a system that works for The People again, rather than a system that works for the Fascists. Why do you think Industry and Government have come together to shutdown Social Media? They don't want you to hear this message: they want the status-quo to continue like business as usual.
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