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Scompy's Journal

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Scompy, Jul 29, 2015.

  1. Scompy

    Scompy Gold

    Happy New Years all...!


    The phoenix is a symbol of rebirth from the ashes, just like moss or a flower that renews itself on a fallen tree. A needed message now, more than ever, is one of optimism: we can create world we desire and can imagine absolutely, even in the face of those that want to design something that encourages us to stray away from nature and sprinkle in more toxicity to lower our healthspans and quality of life. How do we know this message is not overly-optimistic or a "too little too late" sentiment? Those people that able to perceive, observe, learn and experience come to know what works and how to live, in contrast to what damages quickly or quietly over longer time-frames.

    Over the last few generations, those people that are awake understand something is NOT RIGHT with the health of society, and especially those children and the elderly living major cities that embrace modern lifestyles, behaviors and practices, in direct comparison to those living just 30 years ago role-modeled closer to Nature herself. Never forget that Baby Boomers, Gen X-ers and even some Millenials have witnessed the shift away from a nature life into an artificial one first-hand. Some in power are banking on "The Stalling and Apathy of Society...," rather than enough people awakening fast enough to the negative health consequences due to the synergies at work, specifically, the interlinking among the biophysics, biochemistry, chronobiology and epigenetics.

    Hope is around the corner. In a growing number of circles, the message of oxidative stress and mitochondrial health has been spreading like wildfire. Many mitohackers and citizen scientists that previously suffered with a modern disease (due to embracing an artificial lifestyle to dole out a great deal of damage to our mitochondria energy engines) have reversed their ailments by choosing to embrace a lifestyle of nature's cycles and benefits to increase their mitochondrial health. Those that are "wise" do not reject energy and light within biological systems.

    In one of the greatest ironies of humanity, many of our doctors and those trained in our medical community ignore how light and energy are basic definitions of life. If we do not produce light (biophotons) and energy within our bodies, we might as well be considered a jar of dirt. For all of life to prosper, we much not be simpletons: only judging the physicality of life. We must not down-play, shun or mock the full gambit of life systems that interweave light and energy to interact with the physicality of elements, compounds and molecules that keep us living, by definition. And even more important, we must start looking deeper into the biophysics in how light and energy work to improve our health or work to damage it, due to the human manipulation of frequencies and wave-forms.

    How many modern diseases to you imagine are linked to our mitochodrial genetics, not our nuclear DNA? How many people on the street even know what a mitochondria is? How many are aware that we have 100s or 1000s of mitochondria in each cell of our 40 to 80 trillion cells? How many realize our heart and brain cells have far more mitochondria than our muscle cells in comparison? And how many people realize our mtDNA is very fragile compared to our nuclear DNA bound up in chromatin? Did you know our mitochondria typically generate more mtDNA mutations in a cells over time to lower its energy potential over time?

    And were you awarethat our mitochondrial health status is at the basis of the Theory of Aging? We know all of this, so why do we think our modern medical communities are so under-trained and under-educated in mitochondrial systems and dynamics, and so over-trained elsewhere? Is it any wonder why modern disease rates and epidemics continue to rise? Autism? Parkinson's? Alzheimer's? Hashimoto's? MS? Heart disease? Lyme? Glioblastomas? Diabetes? Obesity? And the many Auto-Immune diseases and cancers many people are considering a "new normal" even though most of these above ^^^^ had radically lower rates just 30 years ago?

    The biophysics at work are rarely, if ever, uttered by the media. And to keep patients feeding the system into infinity, the majority of our healthcare practitioners are stuck in the mindset of genetics and biochemistry to keep $$ padding well stuffed. Deeper thinkers question why scientific websites typically keep the physics far away and independent from the biology, and the biology over-focused on the physical away from our physics courses.
    At the root of our medical system can be found a system of educational indoctrination to keep churning out "the status-quo" and a political system in place to mock anyone that questions how we educate and what subjects are undervalued or overvalued. Omission of the observed truth is arguable more dangerous than telling a lie. This danger is now commonly found in the public mindset, because many of our elite and genius educators, scientists and professionals are ultra-specialized in just a few facets of knowledge without having a greater breadth of science under their belts to cross-talk among their own disciplines.

    But this elaborate narrative game that starts within our universities is coming to an end. Society is demanding more and more answers as to why most of our medically trained professionals are able to diagnose a problem and have no solution in-place. Could it be we have an entire system built to diagnoses patients, but not built to diagnose the environments the patients are living in? Did you ever hear a doctor ask a patient, "Do you use your computer or phone screen late into the evening?" because the doctor is aware of the scientific field of Chronobiology? Could this one lifestyle choice about how we use technology have a larger impact than one would expect on the surface?

    I truly believe the era of the older paradigms of reductionist thinking is coming to an end. Too many people know too much now about the biophysics at work and other synergies in the sciences. It is just a matter of time until the bulk of the public awakens. Instead of less than 1% of the population being completely oblivious to our mitochondrial DNA genome, the next few years will see a time where many will take sides in epic proportions.
    The evidence and observations are everywhere, even in our DNA. Did you know that the mtDNA cross-talks with our nuclear DNA? Why do you think our medical profession is invested in keeping this information from you? Could our exposures to our environments play a role, and there are many exposures that cause us harm? Is DNA itself a classic example of a fractal antenna to biosense to environments? Oh you bet it is! If you were already aware even a few ways how frequencies, light and energy interact profoundly within our biology, then you are way ahead of the general population in your awareness about the breadth of life.

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  2. Scompy

    Scompy Gold

    "Modern technologies relying on wireless communication systems have brought increasing levels of electromagnetic field (EMF) exposure. This increased research interest in the effects of these radiations on human health. There is compelling evidence that EMFs affect cell physiology by altering redox-related processes.

    Considering the importance of redox milieu in the biological competence of oocyte and sperm, we reviewed the existing literature regarding the effects of EMFs on reproductive systems. Given the role of mitochondria as the main source of reactive oxygen species (ROS), we focused on the hypothesis of a mitochondrial basis of EMF-induced reproductive toxicity.

    MEDLINE, Web of Science, and Scopus database were examined for peer-reviewed original articles by searching for the following keywords: “extremely low frequency electromagnetic fields (ELF-EMFs),” “radiofrequency (RF),” “microwaves,” “Wi-Fi,” “mobile phone,” “oxidative stress,” “mitochondria,” “fertility,” “sperm,” “testis,” “oocyte,” “ovarian follicle,” and “embryo.” These keywords were combined with other search phrases relevant to the topic. Although we reported contradictory data due to lack of uniformity in the experimental designs, a growing body of evidence suggests that EMF exposure during spermatogenesis induces increased ROS production associated with decreased ROS scavenging activity.

    Numerous studies revealed the detrimental effects of EMFs from mobile phones, laptops, and other electric devices on sperm quality and provide evidence for extensive electron leakage from the mitochondrial electron transport chain as the main cause of EMF damage. In female reproductive systems, the contribution of oxidative stress to EMF-induced damages and the evidence of mitochondrial origin of ROS overproduction are reported, as well.

    In conclusion, mitochondria seem to play an important role as source of ROS in both male and female reproductive systems under EMF exposure. Future and more standardized studies are required for a better understanding of molecular mechanisms underlying EMF potential challenge to our reproductive system in order to improve preventive strategies."

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  3. Scompy

    Scompy Gold

    Just a huge bit of personal news for me... after 22 years of being deep within in the entertainment industry in a highly specialized tech field, I am finally free as of today. I'm working on many transitions on many fronts in the coming months. The largest benefit I'm already seeing is the role-model front as a child sees his dad. That alone is worth every gold coin to make these transition happen. For now, this is all I can say and it's the only place people will know buried in my journal. Thank you all for the support here at JK's website.
  4. Scompy

    Scompy Gold

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  5. Scompy

    Scompy Gold

    My 10-year old's observations on light alterations:

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  6. drezy

    drezy New Member

    It was Schrodinger's cat that made a brief appearance!
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  7. Scompy

    Scompy Gold

    Oh wow,... lololol
  8. congrats! I cant wait to do the same!
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  9. Scompy

    Scompy Gold

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  10. Scompy

    Scompy Gold

  11. Scompy

    Scompy Gold

  12. Scompy

    Scompy Gold

  13. Scompy

    Scompy Gold

    Scompy's Epic Rant:

    Having been both a biologist and chemist, I have never seen the "Vaccine Debate" as a debate at all. There is no such thing as "Anti-Vaxx" or "Pro-Vaxx" to me. They are all political constructs to get people divided and propagandized into groups, so the larger corruption can continue. The "Vaccine Debate" is actually about how to crush Individual Freedoms and take away choices from the Public. Anytime any government, groups, agency, business or individual for that matter that wishes to rip away a choice from another individual needs to read some history.

    Vaccines are drugs, period. Both drugs and vaccines are formulated, often from a patent, with various compounds and elements, some substances of which can cause excess oxidiative stress like glutamate, aluminum and mercury. Also, we have to remember the delivery system of an injection. It's not oral, and therefore, doesn't get buffered by the gut lining or slowly absorbed via the microvilli in the small intestines. Some compounds and synergies (like nnEMF) helps to make the BBB (Blood Brain Barrier) far more pliable for compounds and elements to cross over it. Scientists have known this for over a half-century.

    Regardless on a person's outlook on "how good a drug or vaccine is for an individual or society," one needs to consider and have respect for Individual Freedom with ANYTHING we choose to consume or not. Would it be okay if the government mandated us to smoke a pack of cigarettes each day? Many of us would be just fine. What if the government forced doctors to prescribe an Rx to a patient with a chronic disease like Alzheimer's, Parkinson's or Diabetes? You don't think that slippery slope won't ever happen? What if the government could show they reduced the latest and greatest pharmaceutical drug down to like x16 side effects versus x53 known side effects, you think it's okay to forced doctors to comply when the risks (and death rates) are low enough? You think it's hunky dory to rip away personal freedoms from the patient in these matters? Do you really believe the government knows what's best for you?

    So you think I'm off the rails in this thought experiment? So can your neighbors can throw a party next door, mount some disco flood lights on their rooftops and shine them into your window at 3am? Do you have any individual rights with your home and property? This yet another way to CONSUME light and sound into your body to crash your night's sleep. If you called the Police to enforce Disturbing the Peace, do you think anyone is going to listen, or will they laugh at you? Now, think about if either a Vegan comes along and FORCES you to eat some lettuce, or a Carnivore comes along and FORCES you to eat some liver. Are you fine with that lack of individual freedom? The age-old question in the good ole' US of A is: "How does individual freedom clash against government control?" Who do you think is winning?

    Guys and gals, we have laws against these shenanigans to help THE INDIVIDUAL, the SMALL PERSON. We are already sacrificing our rights with cities, counties and governments right now. What if the city erects a light-post just outside your window instead? Do you think you'll be able to call the cops to ask the city to take it down because it's also a form of Disturbing the Peace? Why does the government get to decide? Do you think property values drop on those homes next to light poles compared to homes in better locations? Next up are Small Cells going up next to everyone's home as 5G rolls out. Do you think emitting Microwaves through your window while you sleep could have a problem?

    Individual freedom has been getting smashed, subtly and insidiously over the past 30 years in particular. If I owned a time machine and could transport Americans back from the 1950s, they wouldn't put up with what America has become. In WWII, people signed up, under-aged to fight for personal freedoms and to keep the power with The People. Our "Elected Officials" really don't mean that much anymore, and I'll tell you why below. Due to political punting of voting power, there is a sinister blanket of unawareness that has been put upon American citizens to take away their spirit of freedom, put them into apathy or distract them enough that they come to believe "their vote doesn't matter anymore." This is all been by design.

    We are living in a time when the extensions of government like the FCC, FDA, CDC, agencies, committees, sub-committees and other rubbing of elected politicians with the non-elected are calling the shots. It doesn't actually matter if you believe you have a vote or not because of how the system's design has been altered out from under us. The government and industry are quite united to reduce the little person and rips away choice, there is a fancy word for that: it was called Fascism. There is no way I would have believed in the mid-1980s that the public would have gone into a stupor and get played so easily. The public hasn't been checking the Media, as well as the Media itself not checking itself, and in part, this is how our modern world has been shaped as a result. The design of the game has been to divide everyone, for the media to take sides, for people to be dismissive and arguing among everyone. The last thing political powers want is to have a UNIFIED PEOPLE that can make real change.

    There's a document signed in 1215 AD called the Magna Carta. Read it. It might also be good to get familiar with the 1st Amendment before it gets fully thrashed. The ABC agencies have become the heart of the control over Individual Freedom. The People never voted any of these "so-called leaders within these agencies" into their power-posts; they are somehow called part of the Executive branch, and this also dupes many of The Educated to believe these political clusterducks are somehow tied to elections of that branch. The ABC agencies really should have been checked by the SUPREME COURT decades ago to protect the voting rights of The People. But even the Supreme Court is no doubt sold out also because it never happened. America has become Agencies-Run-Amok.

    We need to call a spade a spade. There is a huge a problem with the design of US system. It's no longer 3-branches as the mainstream public believes are are still taught in high school and college. The Founders setup this country and they are flipping over and flipping out in their graves. The US of A has turned into 4-branches of government, with the "ABC Agency Branch" now being given the most powers from the Executive branch and Congress both. Political corruption at its finest. Meanwhile the President, Congress and Supreme Court are weak and spineless to confront the giant mess made over the past 30 years.

    Once THE PEOPLE recognize that we have a 4th Branch of Government calling the shots as a form of fascism, The People will demand Congress to CONSUME our voices; only then, something might finally change and our votes may be worth something. Meanwhile, our votes are mostly mute until the 4th Branch is dealt with logically. However, the first step that must happen is to get the MEDIA off of their virtual asses and fight for THE PEOPLE again, even though Industry and Government are doing everything they can to suppress them.

    I foresee there will be "famous media people" when we look back on this era a century from now. My guess is that a good chunk of the media will reunite and see the bigger picture to give the power back to THE PEOPLE. Ironically, the Media needs to coordinate with all of their communication devices outside of the methods they are controlled. Media needs to reread and invoke the 1st Amendment and do the right thing for this nation. Do you see why I believe the Vaccine issue is propaganda at its finest? We have all of the ABC Agencies involved in this mess... it gets the focus of the public to look at taking sides, rather than looking directly at the ABCs for creating the debate and propaganda in the first place.

    Whaaaaa? Still don't believe me? Then do me a favor and go look up the compounds and elements on MSDSs (Material Safety Data Sheets). You can print off the toxicity and carcinogenicity right there on those forms of every compound mixed into any drug, vaccine or formula. This isn't a matter of "are vaccines good or bad, folks." This is a matter of "do you wish to have your choices taken away from you on every issue now and in the coming decade..." I trust Generation X and the Millennials have this one in the bag. They don't know our power and wisdom.

    It's about time to quote Styx's Suite Madame Blue:

    "Red white and blue, gaze in your looking glass,
    You're not a child anymore!
    Red, white, and blue, the future is all but past,
    So lift up your heart, make a new start,
    And lead us away from here..."

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  14. Scompy

    Scompy Gold

    Quantum peeps, this fan-made video shows me how our unconscious mind wishes to be in nature to heal. Notice how the girl in the video, in her mind, is always in the sun, grounding and touching nature. Look at how the artist showed what was going on in her eyes. Even at the end of the video, she has her spirit appear outside on the branch with the birds holding a tree as her real body is trapped in a hospital room. Lots of natural fire in the video, grounding on the beach, sunlight everywhere.

    The lyrics make it all that much more powerful with a mitochondrial reality at the end.

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  15. Scompy

    Scompy Gold

    Humans have gone to great lengths to mess up Mother Nature in the past century. But She can put things right again. Of late, Mother Nature has been asking humans: "Do you actually feel healthy embracing the mutated, modified, synthetic, virtual, altered and artificial things produced by humans?"

    The choices are quite simple:

    Artificial Intelligence or True Intelligence?
    Artificial Lighting or Natural Lighting?
    Artificial Sweeteners or Actual Sweeteners?
    Artificial EMFs or Native EMFs?
    Artificial Dyes or Nature-produced Colors?
    Artificial Drugs or Food Grown Under the Sun?
    Artificial Sex Toys or Real Lovers?!
    Artificial Turf or Living Grass?
    Artificial/Virtual/Augmented Reality or Genuine Reality?
    Artificial Life or a Fully Lived Life?

    (Yes I just went there with the toys, so save this post.)

    Why isn't there any form of Artificial Wisdom in our world at this time? Because wisdom itself is created through actual observations grounded in reality via our experiences here in this tangible world. "Smart" was hijacked a decade ago by technologists because they knew they'd be patting their own backs and making the public "feel" smart by buying their creations. For this reason, anything "SMART" is not wise, is it? To link this full-circle, embracing things "SMART" is by definition living the Artificial Life. Embracing Nature is by definition living the more experienced, purpose-driven and Fulfilled Life.

    The deeper message of this post is "Personal Escapism" because of the Modern World we have created: do we check-out of it, let the world tell us how to live, let other humans control us, escape within an addictive opioid, keg of alcohol or endless screen-time, have groups and governments decide our fates? Or does each of us invoke our willpower, our creativity, our individual freedom, our imagination, our spirit, our drive, our own way to experience the life we see fit and add our individual, unique, specialized viewpoint to the universe? Each and every person can make a difference. It starts with personal awareness to awaken the rest of the sleeping world. Knowledge is utterly useless, unless it is directed through the lens of wisdom.

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  16. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    5G reality: Within any important issue, there are always aspects no one wishes to discuss. Regarding 5G technology, you must become comfortable with the discomforting news of what damage this light might cause to mankind. You must begin to think differently than the masses. Once you do, you'll start to realize that our level of intrigue must outweigh our fear of controversy if we are to solve this problem for our species.
    Almost any disease is curable that is linked to 5G damage.…… just not every patient is because they refuse to alter their environment to suit their mitochondrial genome and they wind up with a disease. Black Swans know it is not ABOUT products/supplements it is about how you think about things.......we all had better wise up and realize that soon. https://www.cnet.com/news/the-bigge...ess-little-plastic-strip/#ftag=COS-05-10aaa0j
  17. Kathy Spears

    Kathy Spears New Member

    Maybe because I am new to all this, I am both overwhelmed and freaked out. It feels like it is taking too long to figure out what to do. I wish there was a forum with "first steps" laid out for the newbie. I have changed my diet, trying to see every sunrise, can't figure out which nnEMF protection gadgets to buy first, trying to figure out how to ground (how long per day, how to get my kids grounded...), meanwhile 5G and all its horrors is unstoppable. The freight train is coming at us full steam ahead. I don't have time to digest. I need to act now. I don't even know how to check for all the nnEMFs in my house, what towers are around and above me... There has got to be a way to start strong while getting up to speed on the science. At this point I don't even need to know all the science behind everything. Action is required!!
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  18. Scompy

    Scompy Gold

    My 22-year story has gone public and is already causing friction in several circles. Finally, it may be shattering the Conventional Wisdumb of our day: how the mainstream establishment views health and what they may never have considered before their eyes.. It's exactly what I wanted and expected nothing less. Bring it.

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  19. Kathy Spears

    Kathy Spears New Member

    I just read your blog. Wow! I have just forwarded it to my 17 year old gaming, computer loving, video producing son! You are quite accomplished and I appreciate your insight into the world of all things electronic. What a big leap you have taken. Crazy today, genius tomorrow.
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  20. Scompy

    Scompy Gold

    Perfect Kathy! Exactly the generation I want to read my blog. In the eyes of 8 to 28 year olds at this time, technology is typically only 'good' with no negative side-effects when playing a game or learning their 1s and 0s on a screen. For us that lived and breathed in our heart-felt teachers and human connections face-to-face, it brings us to one of the greatest moral compass challenges we have on the horizon in how society is shaped. But with every individual, a new storm that arises to show the world what parts are broken. From my personal POV as a "game designer", I also see how the entire world is shaped around us, so it helps to give me insight and confidence to know it can be changed back in a direction that is balanced, rather than so skewed as it is today. For many years and decades, people have been choosing what is "easier" rather than what creates deeper meaning, purpose and health. Some escape because a health-issue pushed them to do what it takes to heal--they instead trust others in most of life's situations because it is easier to pay and check-out, rather than pay-with-time-investment and dig down deeper to spend the time to take action and do what is right. Once an individual lets a company, entity, group, government or other association tells the individual what is right and how that individual should be living, we have a serious social problem on our hands. The individual just needs to be aware of nature's benefits and the cycles of life to know the best course of action.

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