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Scompy's Journal

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Scompy, Jul 29, 2015.

  1. Scompy

    Scompy Gold

    For anyone that wants instantaneous "seeing is believing", I just bought a crude UV meter called "girls necklace beads." For just a little over a penny per bead, UV beads can be put in sunlight to see how light is being absorbed into them to create color. Otherwise, the beads are transparent and colorless when not in the sun. For topological insight, it's a great thought to see a bead colorize instantly and also know proteins and the skin are doing all types of things that are not visible to the naked eye.

  2. Scompy

    Scompy Gold

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  3. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Another 5G city shooting in a hospital..........the body count continues.
  4. Scompy

    Scompy Gold

  5. Valerie

    Valerie New Member

    Just FYI...this black light does not induce color in the beads. They must activate below 350 nm.

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  6. Scompy

    Scompy Gold

    "CONCLUSION: According to our findings, eye cells recognize EMF as a stress factor, and in response, activate caspase-3 and p38MAPK gene expressions. These results confirm that RF-EMF can cause cellular damage in rat ocular cells (Tab. 2, Fig. 3, Ref. 37)."

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  7. Scompy

    Scompy Gold

    More about heat-shock proteins and heat stress with the mitochondria...

    "Defects that occur in the biogenesis or function of the mitochondria can cause serious neurological or cardiovascular disease. To maintain proper function, mitochondria rely on around 1,000 different proteins that are imported from the cellular fluid or cytosol.

    Ribosomes within the cytosol not only produce proteins for the mitochondria but also precursor proteins, which are escorted from the ribosomes to the mitochondria by chaperone proteins. Since the interior components of these chaperones increases in response to heat stress, these molecules are also referred to as heat shock proteins (Hsps). One Hsps called Hsp70 is particularly important for carrying the precursors into mitochondria."

  8. Scompy

    Scompy Gold

    Hippocrates had no clue what humanity and the health of all living things would be up against with nnEMF proliferation, so I revised this one for a 21st century update.

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  9. Scompy

    Scompy Gold

    A lil' something from the backseat today...
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  10. Scompy

    Scompy Gold

    EMF Warriors Pinned Post, Part 1:

    EMFWarriors.com is helping to change the conventional thinking on EMFs to the public eye forever. There is no where for the naysayers to hide now. A big thank you to everyone who helped get this movement off the ground and continues to support us. We are a completely free resource to the public. Click on the "Continue Reading" part of this post to access the Glossary of Terminology on the EMF Issue.

    Check out the EMFWarriors.com webpage for continual updates, new content added to the EMF Warriors Library, fortnightly blogs, new projects and much more. If anything were to happen to our FB page in the future, we would put up information on our main EMFWarriors.com page for updates and we would put updates into our newsletter as well.

    Warning! Do not advertise products here on this Closed FB site. If we catch you, even in subtle ways, expect to be shredded, culled and kicked without notice. Also, keep topics related to EMFs. No matter how noble your cause, if it's not related to our group, it's going to get removed along with any repeat offender.

    Trolls. Smurfs. Shenanigators. Do not try to put down, laugh at, mock, name-call or post messages or imagery against people that may be suffering from interactions with nnEMF. It will get you muted or outright kicked immediately. We are a mature group of people and will remove childish behaviors.

    Fear invocation and overly NEGATIVE posts will not be tolerated. Overly negative imagery may also get removed immediately, even if it was posted from a place of well intention. The more your post represents a negative sentiment or borders on invoking fear in people, expect it to get shredded in the cheese grinder. We can easily message and spin the toxic effects of nnEMFs in other, creative ways to help our cause. The promotion of chaos in the group, attempting troll-tactics, using fake accounts by impersonating others, or messaging people inappropriate things behind the scenes gets you banned from this group also.

    The promotion of a product is a gray area... even if you are not selling and believe it has benefits, often the Admins will receive many email complaints if a post is being over-promoted due to the product in it. If this occurs, the post it may get muted or shutdown without warning. When a post that shows a product and it keeps showing up on EMF Warriors (because people are bumping it there), the Admins will take notice the bumper's names.

    We know all of the Social Media games, including getting others to "team" on social media to promote products indirectly for kickbacks or friend favors. Or other games like people coming onto the site to message individual members behind our backs. If you are looking to promote or sell products, it's wise to change your behaviors here for this reason.

    And since we are a closed group, using the "Share" option will not share our post to those on your public profile. FB changed their policy in late 2017 with Closed FB groups. If you want others to see our content, you have permission to copy/past anything "Scott Compton" posts AKA Myster Spock outside of the group. Out of common respect for others, please do not share anything else unless you get the permission of the person first.

    We will help all that we can to teach about EMFs in all forms: the native EMFs that are part of sunlight and the Schumann Resonance, and the non-native EMFs humanity has flooded upon our planet beginning with Tesla, Edison and Marconi, and how they have propagated into our environments. We are in a time that will go down in the history books when generations look back upon what we are doing to ourselves.

    Our cells and the mitochondria face more exposure to the lower frequencies of the powergrid and higher frequencies of microwaves and the electrosmog we generate in the air with our phones, WiFi, RADAR, radio, TV, baby monitors and ever-growing Smart-gadgets. Specifically in the scientific literature, we see biological influences that are created from Alternating Currents, electric fields, magnetic fields, stray voltage, Dirty Electricity, radio waves, microwaves and pulsed color frequencies. We will continue to act as a resource of information.


    nEMFs = Native Electromagnetic Fields (and/or Frequencies), These are the normal generation of fields and frequencies present in the universe and on earth due to the sun's interaction with Earth's magnetic shield to generate the Schumann Resonance, atmospheric filtering of sunlight frequencies and other natural occurrences of EMF such as lightning.

    nnEMFs = Non-Native Electromagnetic Fields (and/or Frequencies), These are what humans generate artificially on the planet of any frequency, commonly to provide power with Lower Frequencies and Higher Frequencies for communication systems using Radio Frequencies, Microwave, Radar, etc. Artificial lighting is also considered a form of nnEMF.

    Field or Radiation = The area around a source of magnetic or electric energy that exists a measurable force.

    EM Field = Electromagnetic Field, a force field that radiates away from any moving, electrical current. It has a directionality of movement away from the electric current and contains both a magnetic field and an electric field.

    EM Spectrum = A way of classifying electromagnetic fields on the basis of their oscillation frequency. The EM Spectrum begins at one end at 0 Hertz (no oscillation) or also known as DC (Direct Curent) and extends up to trillions of oscillations per second into visible light, all of which is roughly considered non-ionizing radiation. Past visible light into the Ultraviolet, X-rays, Gamma Rays and Cosmic Rays are considered ionizing radiation.

    Wavelength = The measured distance between the crest of one wave to the next. Something like a "mm Wave" refers to the measured distance in millimeters of one wave's crest to the next. Typical mobile phone wavelengths are in the centimeter distance range.

    Frequency = The rate at which an event repeats itself; the units for Frequency is Hz or Hertz and was named after Heinrich Hertz for the number of cycles per second. One thousand cycles per second is a Kilohertz; one million cycles per second is a Megahertz; one billion cycles per second is a Gigahertz; one trillion cycles per second is a Terahertz.

    UVC = UltraVioletC, 100nm to 250 to 290nm (debated in the science)

    UVB = Ultra VioletB, 250 to 290nm to 320nm (debated in the science)

    UVA = Ultra VioletA, 320nm to 400nm

    VVL = Visible Violet Light, 380nm to 450nm

    VBL = Visible Blue Light, 450 to 495

    VGL = Visible Green Light, 495nm to 570nm

    VYL = Visible Yellow Light, 570 to 590nm

    VOL = Visible Orange Light, 590nm to 620nm

    VRL = Visible Red Light, 620nm to 650nm

    NIR or IR-A = Near Infrared Light, ~ 700nm to 1,400nm range (215 to 430 Terahertz)

    MIR or IR-B = Mid Infrared Light, ~ 1,400nm to 3,000nm range (100 to 215 Terahertz)

    FIR or IR-C = Mid Infrared Light, ~ 3,000nm to 10,000nm range (3 to 100 Terahertz)

    mm Waves = Commonly referred to as a subsection of Microwave Radiation in which the wavelength is millimeter in length, starting around 30 Gigahertz and going up toward the Far Infrared part of the EM Spectrum

    Microwaves = Generally referred to as a portion of the EM Spectrum in the 500 Megahertz range all the way up to Visible Light. A very common microwave frequency is 2.45 Gigahertz used in many devices as well as Microwave Ovens. Microwaves are also generally referenced as "Higher Frequencies".

    Radio-Frequency or RF = Commonly referred to as a portion of the EM Spectrum in the 3 Kilohertz (KHz) range to the 300 Gigahertz (GHz) range, but even this is subject to interpretation. Many people won't include "RF" with microwave bands, but Industry commonly references this way for added confusion. Radio Frequencies are also generally referenced as the gambit of "Higher Frequencies", and in context, either omitting the microwave bands on purpose (generally 300 Mhz and lower) or also including everything up to 300 Gigahertz.

    THF = Tremendously High Frequencies (300 Gigahertz to 3 Terahertz [3,000,000,000,000 Hz])

    EHF = Extremely High Frequencies (30 Gigahertz to 300 Gigahertz [300,000,000,000 Hz])

    SHF = Super High Frequencies (3 Gigahertz to 30 Gigahertz [30,000,000,000 Hz])

    UHF = Ultra High Frequencies (300 Megahertz to 3 Gigahertz [3,000,000,000 Hz])

    VHF = Very High Frequencies (30 Megahertz to 300 Megahertz [300,000,000 Hz])

    HF = High Frequencies (3 Megahertz to 30 Megahertz [30,000,000 Hz])

    MF = Medium Frequencies (300 Kilohertz to 3 Megahertz [3,000,000 Hz])

    LF = Low Frequencies (30 Kilohertz to 300 Kilohertz [300,000 Hz])

    VLFs = Very Low Frequencies (3,000 Hz to 30 Kilohertz [30,000 Hz])

    ULFs = Ultra Low Frequencies (300 Hz to 3 Kilohertz [3,000 Hz])

    SLFs = Super Low Frequencies (30 Hz to 300 Hz) Technically, this includes the 50 and 60 hertz powergrids

    ELFs = Extremely Low Frequencies (30 Hz to 300 Hz), but commonly this can also refer to a larger range of lower frequencies including the powergrid frequencies (SLFs).

    PWM = Pulsed Width Modulation

    SM = Static magnetic fields, no frequency

    DC = Direct Current. Technically 0 hertz or a stead, electrical current that doesn't vary. DC is often used as a synonym for a steady-state current or process.

    EE = Electromagnetic Energy

    AC = Alternating Current. An electrical current that changes direction with a flow of periodicity, such as changing direction 60 times per second with a 60-cycle AC system. AC is often used to represented any current or field that varies with time, compared to DC or Direct Current. When the current it smooth, it typically exhibits a sine-wave curve.

    Antenna = An interface for converting electromagnetic radiation in space into electrical currents in conductors (or vice versa) for transmitting or receiving a signal. The antenna's length (and the antennas material composition) relates to the frequency's wavelength for conduction potential.

    Dipole = A separation of positive and negative charges.

    Electrostatic = a natural phenomena arising from the forces that electric charges exert on each other.

    DE = Dirty Electricity. The generation of additional harmonics and noise, often lower frequencies producing additional higher frequencies from powergrid sources. Dirty Electricity is typically measured in GS Units or Volts per second.

    Faraday Cage = An enclosure built from a conductive mesh or metal that is used to block external electric fields and frequency sources.

    Inverter = A type of machine capable of transforming AC into DC, or DC into AC.

    mG = milliGauss

    nT = nanoTesla

    uT = microTesla

    Transducer = A device that converts one form of energy into another.

    Ion = An atom that has lost or gained one or two electrons, giving it an electrical charge and is chemically much more active than a neutral ion.

    Modulation = The process of varying one or more properties of a typical periodic waveform, a carrier signal with a modulating signal that containing the information to be transmitted.

    LED = Light Emitting Diode. A semiconductor light source. Robert O. Becker was nominated for a Nobel Prize for his discovery that bones are natural LEDs.

    Photon = A component of light as a particle that carries the force in the electromagnetic field. It is often referred to as a minute energy packet of electromagnetic radiation. Generally, light has both particle and wave-like properties.

    Semiconduction = A material with an electrical conductivity between a conductor and insulator. The conduction of an electrical current by the movement of electrons or by "holes" or the absence of electrons through a crystal lattice. Semiconductors conduct less current compared to metal conductors, but have great application use such as in circuit boards and transistors.

    Photoelectric Effect = The emission of electrons when light shines on a material. Einstein received his Nobel Prize for this discovery.

    5G = 5th Generation, refers to the latest generation of mobile phones in comparison to 1G, 2G, 3G, 4G, 4G LTE and the past generations of mobile phone technology.

    IoT = Internet of Things, or the planned, future systems of Industry to use wireless technology for interconnecting Smart Cities, automated driverless cars, AI or Artificial Intelligence, and so forth.

    EMF Meter = A device for measuring Electromagnetic Fields and Frequencies. For lower frequencies, meters are typically measured in milliGauss or microTesla for magnetic and electric fields. For higher frequencies, EMF meters are typically measured in milliWatts per Square meter (mW/m2), microWatts per Square meter (uM/m2), Volts/meter, etc.
  11. Scompy

    Scompy Gold

    EMF Warriors Pinned Post, Part 2:


    Antioxidant = A compound that inhibits oxidation and acts as a free radical scavenger, such as Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin E and Melatonin.

    ATPase or ATP Synthase = The rotor at the end of the mitochondrial ETC (Electron Chain Transport) at Cytochrome Complex V that spins for energy generation.

    Autophagy = The normal biological process that deals with the destruction and recycling of cells to help maintain a normal homeostasis. Mytophagy is a specific version of the destruction of the mitochondria.

    BBB = Blood Brain Barrier.

    Beta Oxidation = A multiple step process in which fatty acids are broken down to produce Acetyl-CoA for use in the Citric Acid Cycle and ETC (Electron Chain Transport).

    Biophoton = Photons of light released in life and biological systems. These photons are often in the Ultraviolet to Visible Light Spectrum and detected by a Photomultiplier.

    Calcium Efflux/Influx = The abnormal disturbance of calcium into or out of cells or cell membranes due to channels not regulating the calcium flows in a normal fashion. See VGCCs.

    Chronobiology = A new field in biology focused on circadian rhythms and internal clock regulation.

    Cytochrome Complexes = Often described in reference to the structural components of the mitochondria (Complexes I through V) and the ETC (Electron Transport Chain) for generating energy for a cell.

    Deuterium = An stable isotope of Hydrogen found naturally in food and water that has one extra neutron.

    Dopamine = A neurotransmitter often talked about due to blue-light physics. Dopamine is a critical part of our pleasure and reward center, and directly related to cravings and addiction. It impacts many neurological disorders including Parkinson's Disease.

    Earthing = See Grounding.

    EHS/ES = Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity/Electrosensitivity. EHS is the more modern day term for microwave illness. In many parts of the world, it is defined as an Elecromagnetic Intolerance.

    Epigenetics = Specific genetic processes dealing with adaptive responses to our environments and surroundings due to modification of gene expressions, typically in contrast to alterations in the actual genetic code.

    EZ = Exclusion Zone in reference to Exclusion Zone water, a more crystalline structure of water that forms against phospholipid bilayers and cell membranes with an H3O2 configuration instead of H2O. EZ water is made of hexagonal lattice sheets like a beehive structure. As an aromatic lattice, EZ is first built by red-light frequencies, and once formed, can trap specific frequencies of light such as UV-B.

    Genome = The genetic material within an organism packed in DNA. In humans, there are two genome sets: one set is bound inside of the nucleus known as the Nuclear Genome and the other, smaller set is mtDNA or the Mitochondrial genome. In plants, there are three genome DNA sites in the nucleus, mitochondria and chloroplasts.

    Glial Cell = An extremely abundant type of cell that surrounds neurons to give them support and insulation in the Central Nervous System or CNS.

    Glioblastoma or Glioma = A deadly type of brain tumor often associated with mobile phone use.

    Glutamate = A salt version of the amino acid Glutamic Acid. As an excitatory neurotransmitter (and also rampant in the food supply as MSG, enzyme extracts, etc.), Glutamate binds to the NMDA receptors that are close to VGCCs on cell membranes.

    Grounding = The act of touching the earth with a part of the body that is not insulated, such as with bare feet rather than insulated shoes.

    Magnetite = A mineral that is naturally magnetic. Our eyes and brains contain magnetite and many animals use magnetite for navigation orientation.

    Melatonin = A circadian rhythm hormone that is produced by the Pineal gland. It serves to regulate activity levels in the brain and is also a free radical scavenger.

    Mitochondria = An organelle that produces energy for a cell. There are often many to hundreds or thousands of mitochondria in a single cell, depending on the type of cell. Mitochondria have their own DNA(genome)

    Mitochondrial Biogenesis = The growth, creation and division of healthy mitochondria in a cell.

    Mitochondrial Heteroplasmy = The ratio of healthy mitochondria to mutant or damaged mitochondria in a cell. As the heteroplasmy rate increases, more mutants that have accumulated in a cell compared to healthy mitochondria.

    Mitochondrial Mutants = The means by which the mitochondria DNA genome has become damaged or has malfunctioned.

    Mitosis = The process of cell division

    Myelin = A specific type of material found in and around nerve and Schwann cells to help insulate and conduct energy.

    NMDA = N-methyl-D-aspartate, a type of receptor where commonly glutamate binds, where glutamate is the body's primary neurotransmitter for signaling mechanisms. This receptor is typically located on cell membranes by other channels like VGCCs. Compounds like taurine can also bind to this receptor.

    pH = The measure of the acidity and alkalinity of an aqueous solution, on a scale 0 to 14 where 7 is neutral. The more acidic the solution, the more hydrogen ions are present.

    Quantum Biology = A newer, growing field of biology that is typically interwoven with the principles of quantum mechanics, theoretical chemistry and biophysics.

    Quantum Mechanics = A science often referred to as Quantum Physics based in Quantum Theory, Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle and many observations like the Double Slit experiment, that exhibit "strange actions at a distance" such as particles being in multiple states at the same time.

    Redox Potential = Reduction/Oxidation Potential is a measure of the tendency of a chemical species to acquire or lose electrons through ionization.

    ROS = Reactive Oxygen Species. The creation of an excessive amount of unstable molecules that contain oxygen for the generation of free radicals (often as a result of oxidative stressors).

    Schwann Cells = A type of glial cell that wraps around nerve fibers.

    Schwannoma = A type of tumor that covers nerves.

    Vagus Nerve = A nerve that is interwoven with sympathetic and parasympathetic control of the heart, lungs and digestive tract. It also carries out many other mechanisms such as taste, movement and swallowing in the brain.

    VGCCs = Voltage Gated Calcium Channels. Calcium Channels located on cell membranes for regulating the flow of calcium in and out of a cell or organelle.



    For new members looking for the EMF Warriors Youtube channel, it is located here:


    Here, you will be able to find many valuable videos, including reviews of EMF meters, special podcasts with doctors and researchers and all types of resources.
  12. Scompy

    Scompy Gold

    In response to this Elon Musk article...

    "Elon Musk says people need to work around 80 hours per week to change the world"


    Scompy writes a tongue-and-cheek ABSTRACT (for all to steal if desired),...

    REVIEW: The Neuropsychiatric Effects of Sleeplessness and Absurd Deadlines in Non-Overworked CEOs

    BACKGROUND: The mind often projects differently than what the mitochondria are experiencing. The mental roles of what a person believes to achieve may not necessarily yield the outcomes desired due to a wide range of biological effects, including deeper redox imbalances, voltage-gated ion channel interruptions, mitochondrial heteroplasmy rate increases, circadian disruptions and the lack of human interfaces often due to the replacement with nnEMF-generating device interfaces instead. Here we investigate the typical 80-hour work week of CEOs and their desire to implement their personal behaviors, control and will upon an unsuspecting population, as a type of 'standard issue sociological design.' We will attempt to reveal if such a practice would yield either healthier specimens or more frustrated and sleep-deprived individuals, or, if there is no apparent correlation at all.

    METHODS: We recorded the continual exposures of an 80-hour weekly time block from 2,487 overworked CEOs, over a period of time of 160 hours. We didn't measure their morning or daily sun exposures for circadian biology because the sun is so bad for humanity and all of life for that matter, especially tortoises in the tropics that only live 300 or 400 years when they could be living much longer because of the sun's ill effects. We also provided a non-misleading questionnaire to not skew the data in no particular direction, perceptively or otherwise, to the casual thinker. Some questions included their behaviors outside of a normal 80-hour work-week. We also controlled against lack-luster workers that only achieved 77, 78 and 79 hours per week. We were happy with our experimental setup and system of population control.

    RESULTS: We did not find the 80-hour work week to be much of a problem at all. The recommendation of perceptively-cool, yet powerfully financial CEOs that make suggestions about working a minimum of 80 or more hours per week are totally awesome because they did not yield any kind of negative consequences that we could detect when loosely looking at the surface contexts about how amazing it would be to accomplish endless goals with more time available.

    CONCLUSIONS: Because we did not find any negative biological effects, we fully and enthusiastically recommend anyone currently working between 77 to 79 hours per week to "up their game" and "kick it into gear" because they could become more powerful, financially or otherwise. Those CEOs and also the main cogs of the work-force that work 76 hours per week or less were also deemed worthless to society, so they were omitted from this Abstract completely.
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  13. Scompy

    Scompy Gold

    Posting for the nature of it all...

  14. Scompy

    Scompy Gold


    I am banking on the fact that "pacidistractification" will be added to some dictionary competition in the next 10 years. Only YOU, the public, can make this happen LOL. Yes I know it's hard to pronounce. So what? I created the word this way for a deeper purpose, don't be a downer already and knock the word before you know more. If you are AWAKE and ATTEMPT to pronounce it, then the word's meaning will have far more clarity.

    Break the 8 syllables down as: Pa-si-dis-trac-ti-fie-cA-shun

    Anyway, what is the core meaning of pacidistractification that only gives me a red-squiggly line under this word due to some word-processing coder back in the 1980s? Pacidistractification is the smunching together of pacification and distraction.

    The definition goes something like this: "Pacidistractification is the act of not questioning or not consciously thinking about a 'force-of-will-controller' that is subtlety and insidiously creating incentives or rewards loops in an attempt to control another person, group or society to alter consciousness enough to remain pacified or distracted, even to the detriment of their health or well-being of themselves or those around them."

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  15. Scompy

    Scompy Gold

    And I think the 900+ year-old Yoda would agree also, having lived on a swampy, low-deuterium planet continually grounded 24/7 with no AC powergrid, no wireless and only having DC light-saber technology.

  16. Scompy

    Scompy Gold

    Screen Time...



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    Last edited: Dec 10, 2018
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  17. Scompy

    Scompy Gold

  18. Scompy

    Scompy Gold

    "This may be associated with the function of cytoskeleton of transmitting signals and generating impulses. Different types of waves during morphogenesis correspond to different ranges of wavelengths of emission, from biophoton radiation to the hypersound waves in transmission of neural impulses. It is concluded that biological morphogenesis is based on the hyper-restorative non-equilibrium supported by the functional structure of the cytoskeleton."

  19. Scompy

    Scompy Gold

    If we ever, as a society, embrace the concept that the "natural aging process" is somehow the same as the "artificial aging process," we are done. I'm not going to standby and see Generation Z well-cooked and bowing down to technology. Who controlled the narrative of Generation Z in the first place as a label? Were they thinking Generation Zombies that need to look up to a new era that removes human intuition, human perception and our built-in instincts. Generation Alpha (born in 2015+) will not be the cyborg generation; it will be a new dawn of humans reconnecting to nature.

    We have a secret weapon and it's all around us. It's called Generation X. We are the Unknown and the Unpredictable. We will make society right again when we come into power. We witnessed the slower changes first-hand: the high voltage powerlines brought into neighborhoods, computers arriving into our schools as we watched the movie War Games, artificial lighting pulsing over our brains as we heard the cursing in the movie Breakfast Club. We saw cordless phones replace our rotary dials. We saw the VCRs replace BetaMaxes before our VHS tapes were replaced by DVDs. We heard ABBA and ELO on our 8-tracks and cassette tapes and went to sleep on electrified-heated water beds. Many of us connected the dots decades ago.

    Those of us that survived their first designs to suppress our willpower and throw us to the sidelines are failing because we've seen the various traumas, diseases and cortisol spikes. And we have been linking our damage back to our unnatural environments for many decades now. Those that are still aware understand the construction of Modern Artificial Biomes and the alien biophysics added into our lives. When we feel bad in them and ask to change things closer to nature, we are often rejected with resistance! Guess what? Many of us in Generation X got outside, A LOT, like animals. We may be the last generation to do it in bulk. We built tree-houses, we dug huge pits for underground forts, we planted gardens, we rode bikes under our own power, we walked to school and played outdoor sports daily, we mastered skateboards, we threw snowballs, we read books under real sunlight, we felt nature daily and saw the world working better with far less human intervention! Many in my generation fled the "Concrete Jungles" as we called them because we saw the destruction of nature around us. We know what is up and it's time we stand up and call out those that want to shape the world with little foresight, little respect for nature and zero desire to be stewards and caretakers of the planet for the next generation.

    Last edited: Dec 18, 2018
  20. Scompy

    Scompy Gold

    I liked how Siim explained glucagon and insulin, what compounds inhibit or enhance them, variables that lead to either a catabolic or anabolic effect, and some answers with gluconeogenesis. A few things were missed, but it's very informative about sugar vs. ketone use. Nothing about light in here, but we know better.


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