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Scompy's Journal

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Scompy, Jul 29, 2015.

  1. Scompy

    Scompy Gold

    Wed, July 29th, 2015.

    This is such a great website riddled with useful information on literally every post. Dr. K gets my award of the year. So I've decided to post in my journal about EMF and breathilyzers today for others.

    What I'm going to focus on today is get a better understanding with the differences between pulsed EMF (phones) and background EMF. The electric meter on the side of my house I've minimized now the EMF coming in with a looped copper wire and mylar on the inside of the wall...like 50 megaGauss down to less than 5! When I tried to call and tell the company I wanted a non-electric meter, they balked at me and said there's no probelm with the EMF because it falls off in a 'squared' way so as long as you're not close to it, you're not getting any damage from it. This is why I want to research it more for the non-pulsed EMF from those devices, unless someone has a better answer for it. I have a 6-year old child and don't want him around it too.

    I also wanted to start this journal because I had such a deep sleep last night after my CT that I remembered my dream I had for the first time in years! It's been common for me to only remember maybe 1-2 dreams a year on average, and they fade quickly after waking. This was TOTALLY different! So in my dream I was taking my blood-ketones while driving to the way to work. (I've been on a ketoic diet for over 3+ years now). But in my dream, it merged into a police officer pulling me over. That woke me up, but shockingly, this got my brain thinking about if breathilyzers check for ketone bodies as the primary function for alcohol in the blood.

    Then I looked up online and sure-enough, they mess up the breathilyzers with false positives! I run usually in the 3.0-4.0 mmol range with my blood-ketones, so I'm guessing my acetones from my breath would be pretty high if that ever happened to me. Knowing this information is quite important for others doing a ketogenic diet as if that situation were to ever happen, be empowered with that information to tell the officer about the diet and how it influences ketone bodies, and to ask to eat some carbs and re-take the test in about 30mins to prove how the science works, as most officers may not have an understanding of the device. There have already been some court cases about it, but it makes more sense thinking about the past and how other people have claimed they were thrown in the brig when they hadn't had a drop of rum. You can't blame the officer here. They are just doing their jobs. The blame needs to be on the tech registering false positives.
  2. Scompy

    Scompy Gold

    Wed, July 29th, 2015, Part 2.

    A representitive from my electric company is coming out tomorrow to measure EMF from the wall leaking EMF into my son's room from the smart-meter. My milliGauss meter shows about 2-feet of EMF leaking into the room before full falloff, but it just occurred to me that it doesn't tell the active EMF when they pulse it from the electric company, which would have EMF going up when they do measurements on my home.

    When I talked with him over the phone, he was very strong in saying 'we are moving forward with making these devices and we probably will never go back to analog.' I told him "what's the problem with reinstalling an analog when they were used for 30+ years that doesn't produce any EMF?" I think he thinks I'm a nutjob now, but I want to hit him with all of the science I can give him tomorrow that he, himself, might not be aware of. My main point has been telling him that this is on the backside of my 6-year old's bedroom and that children are way more sensitive to EMF in general than adults. Any other ideas or suggestions? These people seem like they are soldiers following orders and implementing whatever some higher commander hands down to them.
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  3. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    they are doing their job and are not the decision makers.
  4. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Hand him a copy or Marino's book and tell him to read it........Going Somewhere. He'll shit when he reads it.
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  5. Scompy

    Scompy Gold

    Great idea! Thanks... will be talking to him and will post the outcome.
  6. Scompy

    Scompy Gold

    Here's a fun update about how it played out.

    So the electric company guy came out to let me know the specifics with the Smart meter (nice guy too), but he was missing a lot of information that he's now going to check with others about. I gave him a strong education that I could care less about the magnetic field because it falls off so harsh, but wanted to know a.) the frequency of pulsing from the Smart meter and b). the milliWatts/square meter produced by the EMF RF pulse. The guy knew what I was talking about, but didn't have the meters to measure. I asked him several times if the Smart Meter did this, becasue he said in the future that newer Smart Meters were going on homes across the lands that he suspected have more EMF RF pulsing and that my Smart Meter might not have this 'feature' yet. Oh boy.

    Two hours later... after showing him I had enough knowledge to make him look kind of foolish, I think I had him a bit concerned about EMF RFs. That was a great feeling. However, he didn't want to read Andrew Marino's book because he's more casual about all of it and thinks the overall damage from EMF is pretty insignificant in comparison to other choices in life like food choice, smoking, etc. I also mentioned that it's funny how Smart Meters don't appear to have any seals of approval or UL passing on the devices even though every other device a person buys from the store do. Also, he seemed to like the fact I altered the EMF with a spiral copper wire attached that now has less EMF coming into the house. He found that most enlightening. But at least I got him thinking more about what companies are doing by not offering choices as to what devices they can put on our homes. Outside of the EMF, it's also very unAmerican in my opinion to not offer any choice as to what device is on our homes that we pay for.

    Now I'm highly considering getting a meter that measures EMF RF, but they cost $$. I don't have any Wifi in my home and I had the signal shutoff when I hardwired everything. But now I'm curious about a cell tower about a mile away and other homes in the nearby area too how much exposure we might be getting. I guess a Faraday cage is not out of the question on some rooms if I find out there are higher levels coming in. I saw they also sell EMF blocking paint that can be used as a base in homes.
    Last edited: Sep 9, 2015
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  7. Inger

    Inger Silver

    Nice....... :)
    I am so glad there are no smart meters here yet... hopefully will not be!
    In Finland everyone must have them... I fought a lot with the electric company but it was totally hopeless... they just hide... I wanted to visit their office.. to do a real talk.. man was I angry! but they had no office! At least that was what they told me on the phone.... very weird
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  8. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    The paint I am no fan of..........
  9. Scompy

    Scompy Gold

    I think the electric company relies on people to be ignorant. If anything it going to change with freedom of choice, it has to be from the people as a whole. I'm wondering if passing local laws could overwrite a company's ability to install a device (or give the freedom of choice about what device can be installed).

    For blocking, I just got a roll of mylar to see how well it works against local magnetic field EMF. If it works well, I know my son's exposure when playing in his room will be totally minimized. Still will need to check the EMF RF and see what it's like.
  10. Scompy

    Scompy Gold

    July 31st, 2015

    After reading Jack's Blogs for over a good two months, I'm going to go on record that Dr. Kruse is the Modern Day Sherlock Holmes of Modern Health. He has put together the subtle connections and puzzle pieces that I hadn't considered for many years. The links are more than strong. It may take many more years for the general medical establishment to make these significant connections, and even longer for the general public due to education level, but because these methods and protocols work in practice and the previous science backs up the mechanism you are looking for if we dig deep enough. It's a matter of time. I think it's up to the rest of us to be messengers when we've seen it first-hand work against our various conditions we've suffered.
  11. Scompy

    Scompy Gold

    July 31st, 2015, Pt.2

    Random thoughts.

    1. Would blue-color-blind people that cannot see part of blue-spectrum have circadian problems or actually have advantages?
    2. Is there a trend with people that wear glasses that they indirectly benefit from slightly more blue-light blocking?
  12. Scompy

    Scompy Gold

    August 5th, 2015.

    EMF RF meter will be here tomorrow. Very high quality, very $$, and I'm very excited. I'll be able to gain the info I need and help out others as well. One friend is moving to a new apartment, so I'm going to bring over all of my meters to give him the lowdown. Another friend is suffering from 'vertigo' she says and it's been going on a long time now. I'm suspecting it's magnetic EMF somewhere in the home near her sleeping areas and/or proximity to RF sources. I also discovered the primary time my SmartMeter is monitoring my home--around 9:30pm at night for about a 15min block. During this time, I can 'hear' the ringing (maybe a form of tinnitus) when I get closer to it and the ringing subsides just as the meter stops. With my current mag-EMF meter, I see the mag-field triple when they turn it on from the power company coming into my house an additional 3 feet. What I will try to do now that I know the time they turn it on will be to record a video showing before-during-after. Once I collect the infomation and videos, I'll call the company and ask if I can be on an opt-out program to have analog installed. I'm very tempted to take this to the newpapers, but I'm sure I'd be squashed like a bug if I did so.

    In two days, it will mark 2 years my mother passed from Type 2 Diabetes complications. In knowing the info I have now and seeing results in my own life, it makes me want to wind back the clock to fix her circadian clock and cure her diabetes. Her behaviors destroyed melatonin daily including staying up late on the computer or watching TV, and I'm convinced more and more that Type2 Diabetes and insulin-resistance starts with Blue-light destruction. I've seen it in my numbers. I'm not diabetic, but because I have a glucometer, I often check my morning numbers because I've been eating ketotic. After waking up, my numbers recently have been crazy-good. This all started a few days after I started the blue-light in the evenings. Before then, I couldn't remember my dreams and my morning BG would be variable. Now I've been having dreams every night and remember them in the morning too! A few months ago before blue-blocking, some mornings my BG got as high as 105 upon waking, even though I'm keto-adapted. Since then, I'm consistently in the 60-70 BG range, which is great because I'm assuming my ketones are being utilized. I attribute this more stabilized BG levels directly to blue-light blocking. I've also found that eating a lot more protein in the morning does nothing to stimulate hunger anymore. Evening protein over about 20-30grams does stimulate hunger still, so I've shifted my protein intake having roughly 50g-70g in the morning, 20g-30g at lunch and 10-15g at dinner. This seems to be a great solution for stabilizing BG in me.
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  13. Scompy

    Scompy Gold

    August 7th, 2015.
    Wow, got my EMF RF meter yesterday and have already used it in excess of 3 hours. Amazing to get this data. Will tell more later... some VERY revealing items to mention.
  14. Scompy

    Scompy Gold

    August 7th, 2015.

    EMF RESULS: The good, the bad and the ugly.

    Good = Installed my grounded Faraday cage around my Smart meter today, and bam!, it halved my EMF. The RF inside the room is non-existent because of metal shielding I put in last week. My home is also in great shape with all EMF sources after a shocking finding around my Xbox (see below). Also good is that my electric company said that in the very near future, they are going to offer a complete opt-out plan if we buy our own Analog meter and also pay for the electrician to come out and install it, and also have them come by monthly to read it. It's a bit more of a cost of course, but damn well worth it. I continued to tell the tech guy over the phone, and 1 HOUR LATER, I had the tech no longer using a blue-tooth and he's going to be moving the router out of his bedroom where he sleeps. I let him know a lot of info and referenced many people online, and he seemed completely understanding the potential EMF damage of glucose upregulation, melatonin hits, neurological issues, etc. I really described to him that he needs to think about how the physics intersects with the semi-conductors we are as humans.

    Bad = I drove around with my new EMF RF meter around the east Seattle area, and realized my commute is litered with EMF about every half mile. But since the exposure is more minimal, not too worrried compared to the UGLY below. Another bad though was finding my Xbox 360 outputs RF electrosmog EVEN WHEN IT'S TURNED OFF AND STILL PLUGGED IN! I was shocked that it sends out signals when it's completely shut down. But to make matters worse, after testing my Xbox Wifi controllers, I was getting readings on average in the 5 - 15 milliWatts/meter2 range! Knowing my 6-year old was playing with these was a shock, so I got back my hardwired-controller and turned around my X360 180 degrees so the signal now searched into a wall instead of into us. Doing that simple thing minimized the dirty EMF coming off the Xbox360. I'm now going to physically unplug the Xbox360 from the wall to shut off all dirty EMF when we're not using it.

    Ugly = I work in an industry where I'm around a great number of electric devices--to say the least. I didn't realize HOW FRICKING MUCH EMF saturation I'm in at my desk! I am getting 1.5 to 3.5 milliW/m2 on average. Some pulses hit up past 5 if I move the meter around to places around where I sit. This was will all cells turned off and just my computer on with the monitors in front of me. I noticed some of the cubicals next to mine were even higher and I was getting dirty EMF from them as well. I did what I could to lower exposure, but I was having a very hard time figuring out where the EMF RF was coming from.

    I have a double-monitor setup, and the EMF seemed to be localized higher when I brought the meter closer to them, but it didn't explain the space where I physically sit why it was pulsing so high. In a cubical away, I did see a router, so I'm pretty sure some of it is coming from there, but it's hard to tell all of the sources. Walking around in the setting was also pretty high in places, with overall averages in the 0.1 to 3.0 range. This is in contrast to my home that is in the 0.0005 to 0.0008 milliW range. Thinking of my exposure of the course of 8-10 hours daily, I really need to figure out the EMF RF sources. But I also feel a bit strange to bring up the subject to others around me and those that work with me. It's become a rock and a hard-place so to speak. I don't want to make a workplace stink, but I also want people to have the information about the volume of EMF they are under. No one has any clue. Thoughts?
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  15. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Well when most people their environment they begin to be shocked........you are no different. I would tell you to be very careful at work......you'd think people would want to know.......but you'd be wrong.
  16. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    and all that nnEMF is cheesecakes to your cells.....
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  17. Scompy

    Scompy Gold

    Yep yep on all fronts. My approach will be to biohack my local area as best as I can. I need to localize the main culprits first.
  18. Scompy

    Scompy Gold

    August 11th, 2015.

    I successfully biohacked my workplace today. Because of my EMF Rf meter, I was still getting 1.0 to 1.5 milliWatts/m2 at my desk. But I spent a good 20 mins localizing the EMF sources to two places... my monitors in front of me and a router a desk away. For my monitors, I foiled them up and put some comic books in front of them to not draw any attention. That resulted in pushing the EMF Rf down to 0.075 to 0.125 milliW range. For the router at a nearby desk, that employee is probably under 2 - 3 milliW/m2 all of the time. I pushed it back and turned it a bit to point it away from him and myself, but still, I think it's something that needs to be solved.

    I have a ton of electronics around me (and especially in the past) because I work in the games industry. But what's interesting is that in my mid-20s into my mid-30s, I was getting calcium efflux really bad. I wish now I could go back in time and take measurements where I was working. It was downtown Pasadena off of Arroyo Parkway, and doing a search right now, I see there is a Cell Tower within a few hundred feet of that old office. But even worse thinking about it, I was living in Sherman oaks one block off of Ventura, probably loaded with EMF. The pthamologist that diagnosed my capillary bursting in my central vision at that time recommended I use a monitor-screen blocker, which I did, and I'm suspecting it helped with the EMF. But also, minimizing my glutamate intake helped a bit too, though the combination didn't solve the calcium-efflux entirely and I'd still get calcium efflux and migraines.

    Two years before that I worked on the 11th and 32nd floor of buildings in video-games in Marina Del Rey and Honolulu and living (sleeping) on the 7th floor of an apartment complex. It was at that time I was getting weekly migraines. In retrospect, I'm thinking that's when it all started to bottom out my redox... high carb diet, being extremely ungrounded, working late into the night in video-games (blue light extremes) and killing my redox. The next year was the continuation of maintaining the bad redox and bursting my capillaries, and probably much more as I had several heart and lung issues during that time too.

    About 3 years later, I moved to South Pasadena (on a backstreet) and started working in Venice and Santa Monica. It was at that time that I noticed my calcium efflux not happening as frequently. I'm judging the calcium efflux based on my vision looking at a white-wall and knowing if my capillaries are actively bursting or not. In other words, my assumption which might be wrong is that I personally get capillary bursting when I calcium-efflux because my capillary leakage creates small blind spots due to dried blood I have to look through (sometimes for several days). In thinking of what really cured my calcium efflux about 10 years ago, I attributed at a lot of it to diet at the time (and I did start eating higher-fat, lower carb along with the no-glutamate), but I believe now at the root, it was redox repair with the changes in locations of living and working.

    Since calcium efflux is tied directly to EMF exposure, this piece of information is huge.
    Last edited: Sep 9, 2015
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  19. fitness@home

    fitness@home Silver

    I also periodically test workspace and make adjustments. More people should do this!

    The people sitting on both sides of me are getting zapped all day long and don't seem to care. The IT folks understand though. They have borrowed my meter a few times now.
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  20. Scompy

    Scompy Gold

    Thanks, absolutely... Gonna be monitoring the EMF for weeks to come to get a good gauge on if there are shifts around me.

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