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Sara's Journaley

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Sara Paez, Aug 4, 2020.

  1. Well done -> @Sean Waters !
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  2. I understand - Dave is not a fan - However, I don't know how Sarah had gotten this Carnivore diet thing.
    I definitely do not see it as a Dr. Jack Kruse thing.
    I just thought maybe Sara might relate to why Carnivore did not work for others out there.
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  3. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    The carnivore diet is basically an elimination diet, and Jack has talked about elimination diets for various issues.

    I guess Sean is the authority around here now ....so I will bow out.

    This forum is about following Jack's protocols and then tweaking for our own n=1.

    That is what I have done the last 7 years - with great success. I am only stating my personal opinion and what worked for me.
  4. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    Please do not.
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  5. Sean Waters

    Sean Waters New Member

    Trying to turn this into a personal attack when it is actually critique that you guys can't handle.

    I comment here and my own journal. This is because I know Sara outside of the forum and have been trying to help her in a v difficult situation.

    You jumped on me Caroline (or Audrey?) when you said Carnivore was not sub-optimal. Advised a very risky and harmful elimination diet that could worsen her condition (Which we do not know). Stated Vegetables were a problem. Now you've backtracked. Now you've made out like I've beat you with a stick.

    I hardly use this forum - so I'm no authority. If it feels that way to you then that is for your own reflection........ I didn't think there were any authorities here? Confused as to why I am such a threat.... it's comments on a website, are you guys that thin skinned?

    When I see some very dangerous advice here then it is mine (and all of ours) duty to step in. You went from Beef and Salt to Epi-Paleo in 2 comments. Whether you like it or not, you know what you said was poor advice and can't admit it.

    I know people don't like me here, I really don't lose sleep, but it amuses me how big of an impact my comments have here - I mean how old are you lot?
  6. Your passion for keeping to the intend of this forum is true.
    No one dislike you, we appreciate you stepping up the plate and telling it like it is.
    We are a team; you are very important to us.
    Thank you for taking the time to share
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  7. Sue-UK

    Sue-UK New Member

    Have you asked Caroline whether she feels like she's an important member of the team? As a contributor to this thread, I don't remember you asking me what I think before answering on my behalf? Or is it a boys only club? :p

    Even without some of his own very dubious "insights" on this thread, you are not answering for me when "Telling it like it is" is just an excuse for rudeness. You seem to be applauding Sean's "critique" of other members ideas, in whatever way he sees fit. Then thanking him for doing so, on everyone's behalf. Not cool. :(
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  8. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

  9. Sean Waters

    Sean Waters New Member

    Ganging up on you now John........ this is the mindset of these people.

    I appreciate your comment. In a world of Censorship and Political Correctness I like that everyone can still "tell it like it is".
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  10. Sean Waters

    Sean Waters New Member

    When people Live on this forum full time they expect it to represent their idea of society, which noone agrees on in the real world anyway, whereas it promises none of that and does not need to. I haven't insulted anyone, and never have, which is why I've not been removed - despite so much uproar about apparent "rudeness" which is arbitrary and subject to the individual (3 or 4 members).

    I've only inserted a strong tone to my comments - which are still just words on a screen. Perhaps with a Bold font.

    I haven't done anything wrong... whether you like it or not, is your problem.

    It may "not be cool" for John to speak for others. But he doesn't need to bow to your "correctness" or forum ethic Sue. He can do as he pleases in the forum within the rules here.

    Ironic that the same people with this thin-skinned and censorship mindset ^ are the same folks refusing to leave their poor environments. Goes to show how much it shapes the Human mind. We are seeing a mini example in this forum, of what is occurring globally with the radical left.
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  11. @Sean Waters -> may I introduce myself -> https://forum.jackkruse.com/index.php?threads/granpa-johns-optimal-journal.23952/

    My wife and I are budgeting two "meals out" per year (typically lunch); so that I may put it towards the https://optimalklubs.com/ Silver bucket. I don't know where you are on the financial social ladder. It's been a great privilege to join with others as we share what we are discovering. There is some much more participation I would prefer to do with this community - farm gatherings, etc. However, it maybe out of my reach this incarnation.

    Again, Thank you for sharing
  12. Daulatwant

    Daulatwant Kipras

    Pale stool is the end of the world, but go give yourself diarrhea for 9 months and you'll thank me later.
  13. @Sue-UK -> Thank you for sharing
    Please know I hold you in great regard! Your intelligent review & search on each subject is refreshing!
  14. Sean Waters

    Sean Waters New Member

    You completely took it that line out of context. Noone suggested 9 months of diarrhoea. It was me questioning the "explicit" commentary of that Webinar. I How good is your English reading ability?

    But you are clinging onto that like flies to shit.

    Also - you are on Jack's site, that is his webinar, he is a Doctor and has clinically reversed his own G.I issues and many many others with using that "flushing" technique for 2-3 days and sometimes up to 3 or 4 weeks.......... have you got some scientific critique of that? with anything other than your own personal experience or bias?

    It was me who questioned whether 9 months of Antifungal meds would also require the continuous flushing or not, of which I stated that would seem to be ridiculous.
  15. Sean Waters

    Sean Waters New Member

    That's good, I will check your journal when I get time. I'm supposed to be at the Event right now but we got hit by a Hurricane and multiple bullshit in Mexico. Even had a Powerline explode next to a restaurant this morning as we were re-booking flights.

    You can drop me a PM anytime mate.
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  16. Saichi

    Saichi New Member

    People here still posting about food and labs while using iPhones and ignorant of their nnemf exposures.

    EMF (environment) is EVERYTHING.
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  17. Sean Waters

    Sean Waters New Member

    You Live in NYC LOL
  18. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

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  19. Sue-UK

    Sue-UK New Member

    I don't need to bow to John's forum ethic either. I too can do as I please in the forum within the rules here. I disagreed with John's assessment of you. Had he been speaking for himself, I'd have had no problem. Had there been a dislike button, I would have used it. If you think my speaking for myself on just one post is ganging up on him, you won't be surprised that I think it’s hypocritical when I think of some of your posts ...

    And now we have the folks refusing to leave their poor environments .... It seems to suit your chosen narrative that I'm some kind of thicko woman still living in the UK, who doesn't understand squat about living in the real world like you do... You can make what assumptions you like about the decisions I make about my environment, but I'm not buying that either when you are the one who found out the tropics wasn’t enough for your n=1 disease reversal, whatever excuses you might make as to why you are a special case.

    Your admission that you only post here and on your own journal also smacks of you choosing a vulnerable member, who has similar gut problems, as a guinea pig, or a potential Epcot buddy or to boost your ego. Then there's the implication that I am somehow intellectually challenged because of where I choose to live and the amount of time I spend on the forum. What other forums or social media do I post on? Presumably you are applying the same logic to how long Jack spends online? It wouldn’t surprise me, when you are so disrespectful of him that you would cherry pick bits from what are supposed to be private Q&A’s and webinars for private paying members. You are not qualified to offer advice on super aggressive treatments, you are some random guy on a forum. Yet you have suggested Sara does testing, and implied you’re helping her, rather than suggesting she uses any $$$ she gets hold of to get better access to Jack, who may or may not suggest starting with Epcot. You are even so keen to promote yourself over him that you are prepared to slap down anyone not on the suck up to Sean train. If a member with access to the private recordings had a query, there are avenues open to them to check, yet you have resorted to publicly questioning the content, casting doubt on the value of Sara, or any newbie, taking out a membership.

    Before spouting BS about how my environment is shaping my mind, I’d suggest you take a closer look at how your environment is shaping your own.

    As you say - words on a screen. :)
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  20. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    I re iterate Sean ..... go back and read brain Gut 5&6. You seem to be missing important information.

    I haven't backtracked at all .....and since when are you the "authority"? Have you suddenly got an MD behind your name and you are taking over from Jack?

    You and your posts are abusive and mean spirited. Actually ...your posts are embarrassing. Your assumptions about some of us here are just stupid and wrong and arrogant.

    How dare you assume that you know how we live our lives?

    I only ever state what has worked for me in regard to Jack's protocols. It is my opinion and I clearly state that.

    If I am wrong then Jack can and will correct me. I certainly won't be intimidated by the likes of you.
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