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Sara's Journaley

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Sara Paez, Aug 4, 2020.

  1. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    Measure your urine PH.

  2. Sara Paez

    Sara Paez New Member

    What is it suppose to be? Im sure i may be able to google it.
  3. Sara Paez

    Sara Paez New Member

    In reference... Also... I habe been having these random horrible bursts of painful aches accompanied by nausea and over heating and its in my abdomen gut area.. Hard to pinpoint. But they have come on randomly a handful of times over the past week... And so i mentioned that initially after being here I was kinda eating the carb and filler foods provided and i was having my own set of bad reactions from doing such a thing...
    I was theorizing that, because i habe also been drinking this acidic water the whole time, that maybe the antinutrients in the foods were maybe soaking up a bit of the minerals /metal load that i may have been getting from the bad water and then when i started going full carnivore, i was no longer intaking any of those antinutrients... So while the carnivore diet is ideal, maybe the acidic water paired with it was making it where i was taking on the full toxic load from the water. Bc i did a bit of keto/carnivore before coming here and that never happened. I did well with it! I have had mega bad short term memory and brain fog on top of the gut attack episodes.
  4. Sara Paez

    Sara Paez New Member

    So I am going to test my theory about the water affect. Keep on the no carb diet and stop drinking this well water, and find means to better water and see what clears up after a week.
  5. Sara Paez

    Sara Paez New Member

    So this place has suckkkked for me, but given me some good perspective and kept me out of enough EMF to be able to see a difference. I am planning to leave Friday, so day after tomorrow. I contacted another WWOOF host that is located on the SC/NC border about 30 minutes west of the coast. I am going to try it out there and see how things go.
    As for my health currently, not sure exactly what has been making me sick. Could partially be the bridge period for carnivore adapting. Could be the acidic water... I'm not exactly sure. I certainly stopped drinking the water Monday evening after I tested it. I'm gonna keep on with the carnivore diet and see if things clear up. I read some stuff that its normal to get all kinds of symptoms in the first little while of adapting to the diet. I read that supplemental lipase would help with diarrhea just to use during bridge period. I also ordered some curcumin as well. So we will see how it goes
  6. Dteshome

    Dteshome New Member

    A naturopath doctor can compliment the light/paleo
    Nnemf mitigation stuff looking for potential sibo,candida,leaky gut

    The sunlight can help with microbiome but if there are other underlying issues in the gut possibly worth exploring
  7. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    This looks to me as a great resource for nomadic mitochondriacs.

    Organic movement may have some ideas that ring a mitochondriacs bells but not all bells.

    The examples that are shown somehow indicate to me that those people may think of cows, pigs, and some other animals as producing too much methane and being a major cause of global warming. Even some people (especially with bad guts) may be excessive methane producers by those standards.

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  8. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

  9. Sara Paez

    Sara Paez New Member

    WWOOF is exactly what I've been doing.
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  10. Sara Paez

    Sara Paez New Member

    I went to a new farm on SC/NC border. It was better than the previous, but still not ideal.
    The man was a mega liberal and a real dick to people. The only store run, i came with and he kept flipping out on ppl not wearing masks and not walking the right way down aisles. Was pretty cringe worthy. He was obviously VERY COVID19 cautious.
    So we also werent allowed to go anywhere local or explore at all.. :(
    I wasn't planning on staying there very long.
    He also wouldn't provide me food bc im carnivore and that's not what he was willing to supply. Pretty sure he had bed bugs or some kinda mites in his house too. He had a lot of restrictions and so i couldnt CT or anything. Was planning on dipping out
    Then i got news that my Granddad died this weekend and so i came back to Summerville to ride with to GA this week for funeral.. R.I.P. Granddad Paez.
    So in the meantime i am looking for another WWOOF farm to go to. Trying to search more along the lines of places that lean more towards livestock versus growing and harvesting crops.
    Wish me luck!
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  11. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    Not sure how many WWOOF's cater to raising animals and promote mostly meat-eating.

    If you could be (a little bit less perfect) and change your way of thinking about eggs,
    manage to get few acres in remote sticks (cost probably 2-3 thousand $$ or less)
    you could raise 50 -100 chickens and maybe one cow
    and have a food for you and your boyfriend year round.

    About COVID
    After the August 26 announcement (by CDC), COVID is 100% political.
    And political means different things for different people.
    But the only common thing is that all those political projects want to curb your freedom.

    Think of them as of a lovely cat that someone wants to have in his/her home.
    Then in friendly and painless way neuter it and take his claws away.
    This are the political "friends" that are promising everything to everybody (for free).



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  12. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    well said Jan....
  13. Sara Paez

    Sara Paez New Member

    not sure what you mean by changing my way of thinking about eggs. I love eggs and wish I could eat them, but they are eliminated from my diet for a while because I get an AI response to the them every time I eat them.
  14. Sara Paez

    Sara Paez New Member

    So after my Granddad's funeral I was really looking for another farm, but there really isn't any on the east coast that provide livestock, or a way for me to eat carnivore. I decided to hang back in Summerville for a bit to figure out my next move and just do everything right that I could, because I was ultimately ended up at a loss on these farms. They expected far too much with very little accommodation, which isn't helping me heal.
    While in Summerville I have been staying Carnivore, doing cold showers and ice baths (need to do more), and getting sun. The carnivore has really helped my gut, although I am still adapting. Ive only been carnivore for like 3 weeks and some change. I really believe a lot of my issues were coming out of the high carb intake and the EMFs. it is VERY clear that I have EHS.
    Since Ive been here I sold my car and bought an older CRV ( better readings and better for travel). zero RF readings, still not the best MF readings, but I don't feel as shit in it as I do anytime I get in almost anyone else's car, expect my dads older F150 he has just sitting, I don't feel shit in that one and apparently it has low readings. really wanted to get a truck, but cant afford the gas usage.
    My aunt who lives in GA has been asking me to move down there, and I am really considering trying it out, because where I would stay would be a bit more rural and she has horses goats, dogs, etc and I'm an animal lover, like her.
    my emf exposure here is not ideal, but better than my other aunts place that I was at originally at the beginning of this journal. although better is not optimal so I plan to leave, because my gut inflammation has gone down a lot, but I'm still reacting to even small exposures of emf.
    I will update more later, when I have been carnivore longer, and when I make a move.
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  15. Still think you need to test your Gut Flora. If you have an infection, gram negative bacteria or candida you need to get rid of itaggressively before making gains with carnivore...
  16. Sara Paez

    Sara Paez New Member

    So I am getting on the EPCOT protocol and I need good recommendations for supplementation... i have a good curcumin and Jack mentions some good brands of resveratrol on the Q&A. What are good sourced exogenous progesterone supplements? and DHEA?
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  17. Sara Paez

    Sara Paez New Member

    I certainly will... when I have the $$.. Will also have to figure out the most affordable and reliable source to get those labs.
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  18. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    Anytime is good to work on increasing oxytocin, (also garlic and onions) but:

    It looks like you should first gather enough $$, for (frequent) testing of at least:

    HS CRP, mTOR, Vitamin D, and your CoEnQ10 levels.
    Progesterone Estradiol
    salivary adrenal stress index (ASI) that includes a DHEA level

    This protocol will help you rebuild your gut flora create the healthiest gut (which will give you the healthiest brain/gut) possible.

    The EPCOTx Protocol works because it helps lowers inflammation, reduces oxidation, and helps you stay in a chemically reduced, “pro-gestation” pathway of health.

    This protocol is especially effective in helping reverse:

    • Crohn’s
    • SIBO
    • Candida, GERD or helicobacter infection
    • Skin problems
    • Eating Disorders
    • Hormone imbalances
    • Obesity
    • Infertility
    • Hashimotos
    EPCOTx is an acronym that stands for some core principles:
    1. E = Epi-Paleo Rx method of eating. The food you eat should be as low in inflammation as possible based upon HS CRP, mTOR, Vitamin D, and your CoEnQ10 levels.
    2. P= top quartile progesterone levels on your hormone panel. For men this one is relatively simple if you order the test. For ladies it requires the balance of Progesterone to Estradiol to be in decent balance to get optimal gut function.
    3. C= Cortisol optimization and the potential use of cycloset. The cortisol status can best be checked using an 4 panel salivary adrenal stress index (ASI) that includes a DHEA level.
    4. O = Onions/Garlic/Oxytocin The onions and garlic have huge local effects on endogenous gut health
    5. Tx = Tumeric, Metformin, DHEA, melatonin. The remainder of the protocol incorporates a variety of these substances if they are needed based upon ones history or lab findings.
    Sleep is ushered into the human brain by high melatonin levels and it directly wires into the cell cycle. Here is a blog providing those links. The EPCOTx protocol is designed to reverse engineer this process to help you reset your circadian clocks and reverse your gut issues slowly over time.
    Last edited: Sep 17, 2020 at 1:39 PM
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  19. Daulatwant

    Daulatwant Kipras

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  20. Webinar and QA needs to be Studied very carefully this outline is not a good basis to go from.

    1. The need for Bio-identical Hormone replacement is critical for healing Gut. As Jack says "if you think you can do it without optimal PG/E2 then you are making a BIG Mistake". This is because of the problem with Estrogen collection/ Liver Phase 1 & 2 and Progesterone (see below BG9 blog).

    Rarely hear the man talking in those terms. Here is another important takeaway from his QA, that gives us insight into his Clinical applications and thoughts, without giving us strict medical advice (not allowed) leaving us to interpret as best we can...

    2. Eradication of Simplified/ suboptimal Gut Flora and or Pathogens...... Testing for H Pylori, Candida and any other bad bugs like Staph or Enterobacter is key. Because how you eradicate these is different to the regular protocol.

    • Regular folks (unspecified context but would be based on Metametrix GI test and Labs) = 2-3 days of Coconut Oil and Magnesium Citrate to induce constant diarrhoea
    • Other scenarios (more bad bacteria/ worse G.I symptoms) = 3-4 weeks of CO and Mg2+ to induce constant diarrhoea (very difficult to comply with in my experience, but it's in the Webinar and QA several times)
    • H Pylori, Bad Bugs = some time (unspecified) on Antibiotics. However, Colloidal silver is a good adjunct, but not totally reliable as absorbed to proximally for some distal issues.
    • Candida (The Motherf***er) = contextual Antifungal use. 1 week/ 4-6 weeks/ 3-9 months/ 12 months. Super-aggressive treatment approach and working with Doc is advised. Throw everything at it... antifungal herbs, colloidal silver antifungal pharmaceuticals and strict diet. With this one, it seems that 9 months of diarrhoea would be insane. So, "as long as you use the protocol with diflucan and you will be fine" is one quote I got from the QA... from this I assume you do the regular Gut Clear out, possible AB's for any other bad bugs you have, and begin Antifungals immediately and aggressively while using the full EPCOT protocol.
    The response to Fluconazole (diflucan) by Candida is shown in this study. Low dose inhibits, high dose KILLs... marked difference: https://www.microbiologyresearch.or...QUYpBw0bdRistAzyLDXy.mbslive-10-240-10-54#R42

    Guess that is why he says Super-aggressive and Diflucan is a MUST as well as every weapon you have.

    Most people that have "beaten" Candida online have all stated how much time and patience it takes versus other things. I've read up a lot lately, for motivation.

    Within 2 weeks of doing the above protocol on my own Candida ^ I have seen big changes. A skin rash that has been on my Groin and Thighs for 3 years has disappeared for the first time after 2 weeks, believe me I have tried many many things for this over the years - even the Mexican Sun couldn't reverse it completely. Mentally, although I feel tired from the Antifungals (they kill the Candida which produce Alcohol and Acetaldehyde which destroys Vitamin A levels = Circadian Mismatch in your Gut which destroys Dopamine and NT function), I have noticed a severe decline in my Reactivity and Anxiety towards "trigger" topics... usually a relationship or an event that has happened. That's a key one for my own bio-hack. You can use your own Hang-ups to use a Conduit to see how you are improving too..... I strongly believe Candida invades the mind as it invades the Gut. It has its own Mitochondria and is a living organism. How much sway it has over thoughts I don't know, for me at least, too much for my liking. But what we feel and how we feel about things that have happened to us could be massively influenced by this yeast.

    Just bear in mind the previous point on Acetaldehyde and Alcohol production from the yeast/ Candida if you do in fact have it (very likely, we all have it. But, is it pathologic? That's a more accurate summation.) and how just by harbouring it in your Gut you are allowing it to produce Alcohol and Acetaldehyde which both destroy the Circadian Mechanism:

    For everything we are trying to do, Sunrise and Sunsets and block Artificial Light, to perfect our Circadian Rhythm - if there is something within you destroying your Gut Clocks then you must eradicate it in my opinion. Unless you want to "out-Redox" the Yeast and try to improve your Electron potential and then recover that way.

    IMO - if that was a good clinical approach ^ then why didn't Jack just recommend CT and Sun alone in his EPCOT protocol?

    I think the Gut is an entirely different terrain than other tissues due to the Colonisation by so many species, and to achieve true disease reversals, we have to do extraordinary things.
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