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Sara's Journaley

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Sara Paez, Aug 4, 2020.

  1. Sara Paez

    Sara Paez New Member

    Hello! I am Sara. This is my start of my Optimal Journal Thread. I am 23 and I certainly have issues I am trying to resolve. I have had gut issues since I was 15. Started quite similarly to what Matt Maruca has described about his. Mine evolved immensely over the years and I spent all of my teen age chasing the wrong things and masking my issues. Then I got really sick when I was 20 and lost a bunch of weight, couldn't eat anything. I spent the past 3 years or so of my life looking for answers in all sorts of places and trying different diets and protocols etc. Pretty much where I am now I have really bad gut inflammation, burning in my right abdomen, pain in my right abdomen, major fatigue, lost a bit of weight a few months ago, I get burning and muscle fatigue in my neck and head, very often dis ease and irritability, chronic stress and anxiety, developed a case of amenorrhea this year that hasnt resolved, sometimes shaky hands, and feeling like im stuck in this constant state of stress response and not able to ever feel calm, oh and never wake up feeling rested. I discovered Jack's videos a few weeks ago and have been watching lots of them and doing reading and such. I currently live in Summerville, SC which is 25/30 mins outside of Charleston, SC. I started eating higher fat and protein diet, waking with the sun and eating BAB 30 or so minutes after rising. Although i dont actually get to see the sunrise off the horizon until it reaches between 5° - 10°. Im not in a great situation where I live bc I am exposed to nnEMF in household with people who reject to me changing anything. My whole family thinks the things I say are BS and none of them support me in that light. I have no financial comfortability. I currently deliver food for my earnings and don't make a lot to afford anything outside of my bills. I recently enrolled in school to try to atleast get an associates degree to get some kind of outdoor career to better my life, but until then I am pretty much screwed with money so I can't do much for myself in that aspect. I would like to move to Mexico at least, but I dont habe any savings for a plan to settle there. I am currently awaiting my 23&me results to find out my haplotype etc. So that is pretty much my situation and the pretty much the start of my Journey with this new knowledge. Feel free to question, comment, suggest!
  2. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    Summerville, SC which is 25/30 mins outside of Charleston, SC.
    I am pretty much screwed with money
    I am 23

    Spend max time outside.
    Show max of your skin to the sun (even if it is cloudy or rainy).
    Do not eat anything wheat.
    Learn 50 to 100 names of wheat.

    Above will give you 80 or 90 percent of possible gains.
    Do not make your life miserable because you can't be perfect.


    Make babies, (only the natural way), more better.
    Take the Red Pill
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  3. Sara Paez

    Sara Paez New Member

    Thank you. Been working on all those. Moving to a more rural part of sc for a time to get out of the city and get a better place to see the sunrise. I get sun everyday. I own a kiniki that i get sun in. I dont eat wheat or grains at all. Havent for a long time.
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  4. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    You are silver.
    Survival soup.
  5. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Hi Sara and welcome....

    It is amazing that your family won't support you in all of this. You have been sick for so long and nothing has worked so now you need to give "crazy" a try!

    Have a look at the carnivore diet ....it is basically an elimination diet. There are plenty of youtube videos etc.
    Kevin Stock has just posted a great summation and explanation of the carnivore diet.

    Can you sun bake nude?

    What are you eating? drinking?

    Do you have blue blockers?
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  6. Sara Paez

    Sara Paez New Member

    Got a kiniki.
    Try to get as much sun as I can.
    Got day blueblockers from blublox
    Night time blue blockers from ra optics
    I changed my diet to mostly protein and fat. I domt get enough protein and fat from seafood bc its hard to get affordably. And oysters arent locally in season here until the fall.
    Where i currently reside is bad with nnEMF and bluelight with cfls. I try to mitigate what i can but the ppl here are intolerant. Im going to move in with my friend who lives upstate on the SC GA border near the chatahoochee national forest. Its better than Summerville where I live and population density is rising FAST.
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  7. Sara Paez

    Sara Paez New Member

    Soooo story...
    I had a temporary plan laid out with a friend who lives upstate on the border of GA and SC; fairly rural and close to the Chatahoochee National Forest.This person also seemed on board with optimizing house to avoid ALAN and nnEMF. So i was all for it to be in a much better living environment than i have back in Summerville. Well, it was planned out. I was set to come out Aug 9th, ... Today. So i packed up what i needed and quit my job, which btw was also destroying me, being a delivery job.. In my car a lot. Well i actually cant be in my car anymore without developing terrible head pain and now also nausea gut pains and horrible fatigue. So got all prepared and today showed up. I had a 3.5 hour drive ahead of me. I set off at around noon, excited about my step in the right direction for better health. I wasn't in my carr long before i started feeling pretty shit. Stick it out bc I'm omw to a better environment. So i get 3 hours in and my friend starts sending me these bipolar vague confusing messages about not staying at her place.. Well the plan was... She was gonna break her lease in 2 months and move in with her boyfriend and the plan was for me to live with her and figure my next move out while being in a better environment. ... So I'm getting these messages. Try calling her and tell her to call me and tell me what's up and stop sending messages. Well 10 minutes later my tire pops when in 20 mins out. So i have a spare and a jack and do all that to change my tire and i cant break the nuts loose on my tire. Nobody would stop to help me. So then my friend calls and tells me about how she isnt gonna stay at her place and she pretty much told on herself to her landlord about me coming to live in her house so she would have an excuse for why i can no longer come becauuuuse she wanted to movr in to her bfs house right away. So she got her way with her landlord and was gonna pay to get out sooner and she told me yeah sorry you cant stay and you csnt come stay at my boyfriend's house either bc its too much. So im all the wayout here, screwed and with a popped tire. I call hwy patrol for help bc i cant brek the nuts loose. The right b4 he gets there it starts pouring. Lol. So we are changing a tire in the pouring rain, i already feeling like poo and then i gotta ride back 200 miles on a spare tire. Going 50 mph max and stopping often to make sure the tire is still good .... Not gonna get back (to the bad environment i was trying to leave) until after dark and thinking long and hard about what my next move is gonna be bc i cant go back to an EMF ALAN hell hole with ppl that think its all nonsense and domt care about my health or their own... So thats the story update. Stay tuned and feel free to give your replies.
  8. Sara Paez

    Sara Paez New Member

    I came back to Summerville very slowly, on my donut tire ... Didn't know what I was gonna do, but knew I COULDN'T stay here. I quit my delivery job, which I am so proud of because it was a crutch for too long. Decided I will be broke and figure it out. I got in touch with a WWOOF farm near here that I was previously communicating with when I was exploring my options, weeks prior. I met them and had a good day hanging out. Decided I am going to do that for the time being. It is farm work in exchange for a place to stay and some food to eat. I will figure out how to make money in the process other ways.
    I am just focusing on the basis of my survival and health. I had to get out of the place in summerville.

    So on this stead in Edisto there pretty much no cell service. I used my RD10 to measure the place and I only got very low RF near the house (they have wifi). i will be staying in a small shed sized guest house about 30 or so feet behind the house. It has no wifi. There is like no light pollution out there. So many factors will be in favor of my improving, being around FAR less nnEMF and pretty much no ALAN at all now.
    Oh, and we will be going fishing a few days out of the week, every other week!
    I am looking forward to this chapter and I know that it will move me closer to where I need to be on the road to my healing.
    I am looking forward to seeing what all improves and how much less shit I feel after a while of being there.
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  9. Anne V

    Anne V Silver

    Good vibes sent your way x
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  10. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Sara ....I loved how you were able to pull yourself together and change course under those very trying circumstances. You should be very proud of yourself.

    You are a surviver and you will do what you need to do ....baby steps!

    I can't wait to hear more of your adventure to optimal health.

    Believe in yourself and listen to the best doctor of all - the one in your head!

    Sending you a big hug X
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  11. Sara Paez

    Sara Paez New Member

    So tomorrow I will have been at this farm for a week. It has been going good. After 2 days in a lot of my nerve issues went away. I think that is because of the wayyy less exposure to nnEMF (I actually have a fighting chance with that here, versus where I was.)

    They have some plants and herbs and fruit that they grow here (muscadine grapes, pears, purslane, lamb's quarter, black eyed peas, okra, etc mostly right now) and so they were very odd about feeding and so she just made breakfast and lunch and I had to eat what was made...
    Well i had bought a bit of tin sardines before i came with leftover money i had and i was eating multiple packs of those for my breakfast.
    She makes breakfast at like 10 or so and I said I cant do that because i gotta eat as soon as i wake.. At like 630. So i have been supplying my own breakfast.
    And then lunch was what she made, which was usually filler foods and some meat here and there (like brown rice, beans, grits, breaded fish, venison spaghetti, okra, etc.)
    Well i kinda ate what was given and then ate some pears and grapes here and felt like I was getting along decently well, but by day 3 I was feeling mega shit and cut back.

    I let her know about my gut issues and told her i cant eat none of that filler food and high carb shit. They were really offput and inconvenienced by it all and I was like, "look, all I really need is a good supply of meat and maybe some lettuce" She was being all weird about it and making things complicated. As if she was not willing to do that or supply me with enough meat to sustain. She'd give me these small portions of fish when they made fish and she gave me a little roll package of deer and not sure how long she is expecting it to last, so really it's just a bit difficult for me on that front with the quantity of meat..
    But... i am making it work and have spent the past couple days just doing strict zero carb. My cramping calmed down in my stomach, but still experiencing all kinds of shitty gut symptoms. I gotta give it more time to deuterium deplete, so stay tuned for those updates. I'm gonna stick to it and do right by my health in every way possible.

    Things are a little rocky here with them, but I am still settling in and finding out what will and wont work with them. Trying not to rock the boat too much.. They already think Im weird bc i wired an ethernet cable to the router and ran it out through the front of thr house for my laptop and my gut stuff and they just dont know shit about any of what im doing and they like stay inside all of midday bc of the heat and think the sun is harmful and dont understand the context and dont really give 2 shits about what I say about stuff like that. I even mentioned turning off the wifi at night when i first came and she just kinda blew it off and didnt do it.. But yeah...
    i do spend a good deal of time outside and im not directly subject to RFs constantly now, since im staying in the back guest house and their wifi is in their house about 500 feet from me and i dont have to be in there often... But it is kinda rough bc there is no AC in this guest house and its Mid August here in coastal southern South Carolina so it gets HOT and it gets HUMID. When its mid day its like 90+° and at night it doesnt fall below 75° and its humid as shit. So thats a little rough for sleeping and relaxing.. But it am trying to tough it out and do all I can right.
  12. Sara Paez

    Sara Paez New Member

    Thank you very much!
  13. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Are you working there in exchange for room and board?

    it sounds like the lady of the house is a cheapskate and doesn’t want to nourish you properly? She doesn’t sound very nurturing.

    maybe lots more sardines and eggs? That would be great for you.
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  14. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    Keep in mind that you can eat/drink whole uncooked eggs.
    Eggs are cheap but healthy.
    You probably would not need anything else, not even much water if you switched to eggs.
    Maybe some garlic and onions.

    If you got a large glass jar, you could pickle your own cabbage.
    In this heat it would be ready to eat in 2 days, maybe 3.
    Cabbage, salt
    2% of weight of the cabbage should be a (non-iodized) salt.

  15. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    not the best idea ....but maybe a protein shake with raw eggs in it?
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  16. Sara Paez

    Sara Paez New Member

    Indeed.. I dont intend on staying. Looking for my next move. And... Im not sure about eggs. I think they kind of bother me. I think if AI it would just be the whites .. I believe
  17. Sara Paez

    Sara Paez New Member

    I have been feeling off about the water here.. They have a well and the water smells and tastes kind of metallic to me.. Been waiting on my ph tester to test if its a bit low in ph or not. Just have this feeling like one of the reasons im not progressing as well is bc of the water... Also been having a good bit of brain fog and short term memory loss the past week..
  18. Sara Paez

    Sara Paez New Member

    Definitely need good advice as far as water in general considering i dont have the $$ to continuously purchase bottled water.
  19. Jenny S

    Jenny S Gold

    Hi Sara, see if you can buy magnesium beads, Caroline & I both use them. Will take out chemicals
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  20. Sara Paez

    Sara Paez New Member

    Sooo i finally got the PH meter and tested the water. I was right about it. I measured a PH of 5.9. I even measured a bottle of Evian water and some distilled water in comparison for accurancy. The distilled measured 7 and the evian measured 7.4. So the water here is definitely acidic..
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