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Sarah's journal into the light

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Sarahsolarpowered, Apr 17, 2018.

  1. Curious if something like this could be used I have one that can turn on some or all bulbs.
    Light Accents Medusa Grey Floor Lamp with White Acrylic Shades https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01N0RQ8NF/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_tai_i_H6wfBb5X9JVD1
  2. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    It is good to snoop around.
    Next too the lamp you posted I see that someone already got my idea with almost the same lamps. (Note those bulbs are very very heavy). Must be hung from ceiling.




  3. drezy

    drezy New Member

    I couldn't find fuller specs on that particular"R40" light, but here are some specs fro the PAR38 from the same company:

    Of particular interest to @JanSz is this diagram:
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  4. Thank I looked at those and thought no not LED lights I got it in my head low that no light. But if I needed something then I should Stick with incondescent bulbs. Did I missinturpret something? What kind of appropriate use is there for various types of bulbs and color bulbs. I need to learn how to ask better search questions for my limited internet use.
  5. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    That is why I am keeping this two threads going (and (ideally) would prefer no one but me posted there).


    And about artificial lighting:
    consider post #79

    Well, I am still hoping for some action here:

  6. drezy

    drezy New Member

    I don't shy away from red LEDs but I do check the specifications first
  7. Christina Gagnon

    Christina Gagnon New Member

    @Joyfun Like most people I have always believed that too much sun exposure (especilly on your face) leads to wrinkles, tough leathery skin, and aging. I am very convinced after deciding to become a mitochondriac that UV light on my face is a good thing - but I still worry I may overdo it. I am actually considering buying a paper mask to cover my facial skin (except for the eyes) to let light into my retina but not all over my face. I have a feeling I am wrong about this but still worry a little about too much sun on my face.

    Hi JanSz,
    I have been using an inexpensive red/blue LED grow light from aliexpress for 3 years now. I used an expensive LED healing device, but it had a fan and it was too noisy if I wanted to shine light in my ears.
    This is the one I use with excellent results:


    I got the 7 watt for about $7. I know it works. I will post my story soon regarding it, along with water, light, and magnetism for great health.

    Then there is a large panel one from Amazon:


    It's about $25 plus shipping.

    Here is an interesting youtube talking about one like this large panel by an esthetician

    Hope you find this helpful. :):):)[/QUOTE]
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  8. Joyfun

    Joyfun Intuitively curious

    @Christina Gagnon,It's minutes before my 5pm ten minute sun break outside while I eat a mango, so I'll make it short. I have been out in the sun many times per day at regular times for nearly 2 years. I am 75. If that sun were to make wrinkles or tough leathery skin, I'd be the poster child for it already. But my skin is great, it looks the same as the picture taken in 2013, make it larger to look at it! Don't talk to me about aging, I don't know what that is. People say it's because my mother and grandmother had great skin, but the genes play only a small part in why my skin is not aging. Drink that water, girl! I wear grounding shoes ALL THE TIME. Maybe it's a good thing I'm in Israel as this little town does not have too many people, but darn if the people under 60 don't carry smart i.e. dumb phones. I cringe when they are glued to them. The sun here is strong, it's definitely looks white to me and the 6:30pm sun is so bright I do not look at it, only face in it's direction. Hope this helps.:):):)
    2018June25 3leggedstool.jpg
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  9. Christina Gagnon

    Christina Gagnon New Member

    Thank you so much for your kind and informative reply. Your skin does look very beautiful and you have helped me have more confidence in just leting the sun hit my whole face - I'm going to check out those grounding shoes too. Thanks again.
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  10. Joyfun

    Joyfun Intuitively curious

    @Christina Gagnon, Hi, the grounding shoes can be expensive, but the thongs are about $60, while the others are over $100. I look at it this way, it's expensive, but it's worth it. Lucky for me, since the grounding outlets are not connected to the grid in this country, I can use a grounding pad when I sleep. So virtually, I get lots of grounding all day long with my Current Sun Protocols and then, there's the places I walk to as this is a little walking town.
    Be sure to get out first thing in the morning as soon as you can after sunrise to set your eye clock and build up your sun callus. :):):)
    2018June25 3leggedstool.jpg
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  11. Christina Gagnon

    Christina Gagnon New Member

    @Joyfun I asked my husband and unfortunately our groiunding outlets do connect to the grid (drat!), and I checked out some grounding shoes and some of them are really cute so I will take your advice and wear them always. I also do a lot of walking where I live in Virginia but most of the sufaces are concrete sidewalks or asphalt that I think block the magnetism from reaching my feet but I'm still getting the shoes and looking for pathces of grass to walk on as mich as I can.

  12. Mike David

    Mike David Same name new person

    Concrete doesn’t block the grounding effect.
  13. Christina Gagnon

    Christina Gagnon New Member

    @Mike David - Thanks I didn't know that.
  14. Its been quite some time since posting in my journal- Mostly because I have trouble sitting down on computer to actually write something.
    Update in my experimenting-
    All last summer I would spend most of my time outside when I was not working on clients in the spa. morning sun, gardening. I decided to be lax on my eating. still seasonal, but I def indulged in treats without guilt or shame. I was very curious to see what would happen so long as I was spending upwards of 4-7 hours out side. I was surprised at maintaining my size. I would notice sluggish feelings some days when I ate a bit much the previous day, but found that with in a few hours of being outside my fog lifted. my curiosity lead me to keep those dietary habits as the days got darker through the fall and into the winter. I distinctly noticed a difference around the end of November. But at that point I was in a rut. I felt shitty, like i was stuck. Surprisingly my body continued to feel pretty good. My shoulder pain still was gone. I kept going in the hot tub, getting outside for sunrises, taking care to limit evening light and using my glasses.
    it was Nov 28 all hell broke loose. My guys baby sis ended up in hospital suddenly without any warning after being with out oxygen for unknown amount of time. While she was resuscitated she never regained consciousness and was removed from lifesupport dec 7th. we all spent so much time in the hospital during that time in addition to taking in both of her daughters.
    Everyone got sick, and by the end of Dec I did too. It took 3 weeks to recuperate and that was with morning sun, being outside at sunrise despite some of the coldest weather we have seen in upstate NY!
    I had gotten into the habit of using food to sooth and reward myself, and feel mentally shitty for allowing it to happen. Going from a life without being responsible to or for another human being to now caring for a 12 year old niece has been a difficult transition. I have gained all the weight I has shed since 2016. while my joints feel pretty good 90% of the time I have not transitioned back into better eating (more inline with Leptin Rx) My guy and I are doing the best we can but did not have a traditional life, we had our own lives/interests and came together. Our niece came from a life which was heavy into screen time and spend most of her days in front of TV/tablet/games.
    we are working to ween her from the screen and struggle when she is with grandma every other weekend, visits with her mom's boyfriend 'dad', or being watched by grandpa after school. No one else sees hours on end in front of a screen as a problem. We are working through the process of adopting her, and know it will be a struggle with the other adult figures. I keep reading the threads about children/ emf/ light etc as we integrate suggestions.

    my intention is to be more regular since upgrading membership. I cannot believe I allowed myself to slip so far backwards in the matter of 3 months. Now with 6 additional inches on my waist, a sugar habbit, and general feeling of worthlessness. I am sad and angry at times because I miss the autonomy in my life. I had every plan of going to Mexico this winter. I feel like every thing is on hold as I play monkey in the middle between competing adults while trying to mentor this child. before all this happened I was considering shifting gears. I love skin care and hate it at the same time. I love connecting with people and dispelling myths about sunlight. But know I need something more. Something that lights me up even more. ready to be super passionate about my work again.
  15. I took a long Break and now back online with regularity and intentionality.
    the road is never straight and man can it be curvy. Life threw me a tween when my guy's youngest sister passed suddenly. Bam insta- parent. to a 12.5 yr who lost her remaining parent and was now coming to live with us, two people who intentionally had no kids. I adjusted our lives as we struggled to find harmony. fast forward two and half years passed, she is now 15 and I have gained 40 lbs. I love to blame it on just eating differently but the reality is I struggled to manage stress, irritation and annoyance. I perceived that I missed out on the cuddly phase of a kid and landed in the prickly, stormy, ever changing hurricane of adolescence. this last year has been a big fat lesson in learning to make peace with what is. My guy doesn't parent like I do, we have very different views of what's important. And I am grateful that while gram got her a phone at 12, I no longer have to fight for the reasons why it is gone and she no longer has a personal cell. Slowly I have acclimated her to how I cook, seasonally, primarily meat in delish fats with seasonal veggies which grow around us. Every one comments on how she has come out of her shell and is a different kid. life keeps going. And now its my time to shine my light on my work.

    For last 10 years Ive worked at a spa as a waxer. Head to toe and every thing in-between. I've been able to keep my work to about 18 hrs a week till shit closed down March 2020 and now I am working to regain my footing while working 2 days a week. While I have not been active on here I have listened in to webinars and of late begun searching through forums as questions popped up. Now I am ready to be more active. I am frustrated with my industry continually pushing sunscreen. This fall I am going back to school for my full esthetics license. I am in southern tier of NYS near PA border and relatively close to two big Colleges of Cornell University and Ithaca College. I want to incorporate teachings from here in the treatment room for clients regarding their skin and skin care. In my wildest dream I could connect with others on here in the skin care field. I cannot believe that I am the only soon to be aesthetician who supports healthful sun.
  16. Interesting life happenings there! Welcome back & keep going.

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  17. I will say that I have been preoccupied with economics these last 2-3 weeks in ways I have never been. A long time ago, I decided that I wanted to live much like my parents and grandparents, although with a flush toilet. While my location might me less than ideal latitude here in the foot hills between NY and PA, I do enjoy that we have property, the means to feed ourselves. I breed chickens, we have created a life where we save seeds, garden, have ability to can and process foods into more valuable products, hunt, trap, I make dried meats, smoked and can create sausages and such. While I am not particularly adapt at tanning hides, I have the know how. Last spring for the first time I got to process a cow, going from hanging carcass to tasty treats.

    I would not say I am worried, yet I am tuning into to twitter and more aware of what is unfolding around me. Other than loosely following news on bitcoin in mid/late 2000. I really have not paid much heed. I was just out of graduate school, working multiple jobs. Granted I have not had much cash for any kind of investment. Instead I choose time beginning in 2010, after health took a nose dive and I had brush with bone cancer. I shifted fields knowing I wanted to leverage time for money differently. A waxer told me then that good money could be made in what would soon become my industry. After retraining, I decided to work for only18 hrs a week (for someone else) and allowing myself to practice and learn & practicing all the other interesting things. I spend quality time in nature listening to messages and omens, as I believe life is a divination tool in action.

    Something clicked this week and I heard a resounding message that it was time for me to add some more skin in the crypto game. I definitely feel late to the party and woefully underdressed.
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  18. Had a busy Sept as we get ready for hunting seasons and getting into fall harvesting. I know we are not leaving our rural spot in the southern tier of New York any time soon. Maybe travel to a southern state for a week or two in the winter. Looks like my best course of action includes using our seasonality to the best I can. THis is the time of year I am looking ahead to our winter. I have my EMR tek red light panel, as well as sperti Vd lamp, to help and CT will become my friend this winter. I go back an forth if water to the face is sufficient or if its time to do more full body emersion, via creating a plunge tank with retrofitted chest freezer. Prices have been high this last 18 months. I appreciate many just purchase Ice. and at $3/ 5lb bag locally it adds up fast.

    For giggles I am contemplating a primarily carnivore feeding this winter. Mostly because I butchered a cow this summer and have one freezer of beef. I can happily say I now know how to cut up a cow. and have space to do it. Adding that to our hunting and trapping, raising of heritage breed chickens, We have more access to meats than many. we are finishing up converting a shed to a processing shed, with meat grinders, smoker, dehydrators, and all the fun processing/sausage/jerky making accoutrements.
    In rereading otts book and curious about the restaurant which used black lights. We have a farmhouse from the 1800's which we are slowly redoing room by room. I have one florescent light over the kitchen sink, I am curious if there is an appropriate black light which could be used and the impact. its only turned on when doing dishes either dark day or at night. Jack's recent podcast with the carnivore yogi stimulated this trail.

    My biggest downfall in the last month is both the amount of time I am now on the computer and time of day it has to happen. I am working toward my 600 hours in esthetics and because of "concerns" we are doing all out lectures via zoom and clinical hours in the lab. All between the hours of 4pm-10pm four days a week. In hopes of helping I am using Iris filters, 60w red incandescent flukers Red Heat Lighting Bulb for Reptiles (flukerfarms.com), my bpi prescription glasses for night time use. when possible I stretch my ethernet cord outside until dark. I know I need a lamp of sorts for the intricate work of lash extensions and still sorting out appropriate lamp. I have been looking at full spectrum floor lamp for my esthetics work. and considering adding a small red light box in my treatment room such as EMR-TEK firewave or platinum LED bio 300 or 450 is another company (not the BIOMAx series due to wireless connectivity). still working on better questions to ask when looking for such products. if anyone can help me point my compass I would appreciate experience youve already been through.
    This year I am officially starting my own waxing beauty enhancement studio, so far I have one day a week shared space with another like minded individual. I appreciate that the spa I work at 2x a week has yet to say anything about jabs and shots, and I am preparing if that does happen. I get self conscious posting here because many consider my work frivolous but I have found great joy and freedom since leaving more corporate work 11 years ago. Mostly because I knew I needed to leverage time for money differently. And here I work 10 hrs a week at the spa and a few at the other space. While every esthetician is promoting spf left and right I am talking about appropriate sun usage, getting outside more than just on vacations. How our skin and ultimately health is influenced by light. I hope to make a small difference in my own way, in this corner of the world as I continue to learn and expand black swan concepts into the skin care business.
  19. Sean Waters

    Sean Waters New Member

    Hey Sarah, read your journal, I like how you keep coming back here - that's your intuition and that's good - thought I'd throw in some things I thought about when reading it that might help:
    • your DC Current in weak due to your lack of Light up there in PA. Bone is an LED - Bone Cancer = lack of Light/ DC Current.
    • Facedunks are great, but doing CT at 55 F an below would be Optimal for this DC Current.
    • Even long periods in 75 F would do wonders for you... 2-3 hours plus each day = It will give your body break from EMF and restore your Magnetic Field in your mitochondria to attract more DHA and O2 to those tissues (increases DC)
    • Carnivore diet is better than most diets but it's too heavy in Omega 6. Most people who do it have ratios of 6:1 or higher even if grass fed.
    • We need 1:1 in this modern world (DHA = DC current) - sounds like you also have a tonne of BL/ EMF coming from your career too.
    • Is Florida not an option for you once you've passed your course?
    Best of luck
  20. Hello Sean-
    I appreciate your insights.
    I can see what it takes to get into 55 deg water, great reminder that even 75deg can be useful, even when 2-3hrs is a stretch with kids and farmstead work.
    Thank you for bringing up Omega 6, I had not considered that as my meat is raised within 10 miles of me or hunted from my local area, harvested off my property. the info i was going off of was pasture raised beef closer to 2:1 ration of omega 6:3, which supplements the 2-3 deer we eat each year.

    The amount of blue light/ emf from esthetics career is of concern and why I limit client work to less than 15 hrs per week for the last 10 years, as opposed to my previous career working under artificial lighting "office" at 40 hrs a week in the 2000's. My best guess this allowed me to be free of bone cancer since 2009. and I can always improve as I learn more.
    Florida is not at option at this time, between raising our niece, family/support is all here, my guys work is requires he live in this region.


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