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Sarah's journal into the light

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Sarahsolarpowered, Apr 17, 2018.

  1. Hello fellow travelers-

    I have been reading & watching for almost 2 months now, wow there is an amazing amount of material. I am so happy to have found this group as a mention by Shawna Miner in keto for women podcast in an interview with Karen Martel. I have very little experience with journaling in this manner. I'm more of a pen to paper kinda gal so please forgive any misstep.

    It’s a little challenging to give info about Mothers side of family as we are not very close throughout the years.
    -Gram- died about 85 yrs. of age in 2009. They say she had dementia or Alzheimer’s. I remember her beginning to forget things in 2005/2006 when I would visit. She did not recognize me by 2008. Not overweight, and actually underweight before her passing. I never remember her struggling with weight, she was a chain smoker. And was outside a lot when I was a child. Super fare skin and belligerent red hair when younger. Thinking back, I never saw her or heard her talking about sunblock, nor do I remember her talking about sunburns or need to protect skin from sun. she was an avid gardener and canner.
    -Mom- heart attack in early 20’s, angina. Also fare skin and red hair, used to joke a tan for her was when her freckles blended together. She is now 61yrs of age. She did have a stroke 3-4 yrs ago and has 75% blockage which doc said was to great to do surgery. Through changing diet to a low carb high fat, she has slowly been decreasing blockage and reversed diabetes (stopped meds). I can get more info if needed. She struggled with increasing weight since her mid 30’s.

    Now on to me: I live at 42 latitude in New York State- low population area south of Ithaca.
    Over the last year I have been exploring food and nutrition and unlearning everything I thought I knew from graduate school. Its been a rocky road, and not the ice cream. While helpful I knew innately that it was not the end all, just like exercising more was not the end of the sentence for weight control nor obesity. I began titrating down processed carbs last April/ May/June and upping the fats. I continued to eat veggies from my gardens, limited fruits. Meats come from just down the road be it beef from friend’s farm, venison & other critters from our hunts.

    I was mostly vegetarian from mid-teens to 20’s and found my health declined despite thinking I was doing things right. I had a lot of knee and joint injuries, now thinking there might have been some connections.

    At 29 I sustained an injury at softball tournament which was not healing, and imaging show a worsening. Please forgive, I cannot remember the technical names- but was sent to osteooncologyst at upstate- in this time I moved from down town Ithaca to a cabin on 10 acres with no running water nor electricity. I was outside most of the time and would regularly go in my spring feed pond through the summer. I completely changed my living environment & lifestyle. Up with sunlight around 8:30/9 when it finally poked over the hill to get to me, and when not working I sent to bed shortly after sun down. I also changed jobs and work schedule at this time. Previously 3 yrs working 6 am-3pm M-F inside at a pool with little to no outside lights, to working 4 days a week 2:30pm-1am, still under florescent lights but I could walk out side more regularly. I also cut out all grains and gluten at this time because every time I ate something with those items I was violently sick within 20-40min of ingestion.

    After my bone biopsy in Dec 2009 I did need to move off my hill into the small village with a friend, I was out of work for 9 wks and my healing was amazing, doc kept being surprised at the rate of healing. I had better use/mobility and was even able to start jogging by that spring. additionally I did end up leaving that 2nd shift job with in 9 months.

    Fast forward—
    Today- I’ve been work in a spa since 2010, waxing clients 3 days a week. While I am under florescent lights- I know I need to work on that. I don’t see clients before 11:30a, and am done by 5:30/6 two days, with only 1 day I work into the evening and am done by 8pm. I go out side and sit by the inlet inbetween clients when I can. I get to be outside every morning. Wish I could get more sunrises, they just don’t happen often here in NY…but even on cloudy days I am outside at least 6 of7 days a week. I rise as the sky gets lighter, so in the winter that means 8am sometimes 8:30am, and this time of year its more like 7am. I still love to garden and mapping mine out currently. I eat mostly ketogenic diet, its not militaristic by any means. Meat beef/venison/game meat/pork, fats like butter, fat from my bacon and lard/ tallow, small amount of veggies, pate on occasion, lots of eggs from my happy chickens, I was eating fish a couple times a month. now I am working toward weekly of salmon/trout. being so far in land I am a bit wary of seafood and it often feels super expensive. I did do coconut oils thru when I began, but it felt odd for some reason as I moved into winter to be eating coconut oil given my location. Unsure about this.
    I totally over indulged between easter and this last weekend with carrot cake, cinnamon rolls, bit of dark chocolate. And I have been feeling a bit more stiff.

    I do have a hot tub which I am in most every day- especially in the morning and maybe 2-3 evenings a week. I will alt in and out in the chilly air. Or do upper half out and lower half in. I have heard Dr. Jack talk about having upper body out in sun and lower body in cool pool water. I am able to upper body out (sun/ambient day light) although cold temps and lower half in the hot water.

    I have steered away from cold protocol because I detest feeling cold- I am open to changing this. And when I shower I run cool water over me for about 60 sec. yes I could do more, and have not yet. Maybe dunking face in cold water? Or hand?

    I do have blue blockers for the little tv watching I do with my guy, got him a pair too as he loves his TV. I utilized night features on phones (and color filter) and computers. We do have wifi, I have a laptop but use it only at my desk, out house is from the late 1800’s so there are not many plugs any given room and we also have cable TV. For 6 years we had no tv and with buying a house I have lost this battle.

    I have been able to get most of the electronics out of the bedroom, minus the pager and he uses his phone sun-thur as an alarm. I appreciate it is not good and even harmful. I have limited computer use to day time hours, and become fanatical on this front. Working to push that back to after 10/11am. I save evenings for reading by candlelight, back to how I lived in my cabin. Current readings include working my way thru Epi- paleo, why we get fat, mastering leptin, the body electric.

    Through my intro via nutrition last year I have worked my way through many low carb/high fat researchers and practitioners, bloggers, and podcasts, in the last two months I have turned my sights towards listening to every podcast I can get my hands on with Dr. Kruse, reading thru the forum and utilizing the search feature probably way too much. I might be ready for the membership- and am a little concerned that if I do then I will have even more info which might be too much.

    The topic of skin care comes up often and I am super interested in learning more about the skin & light and helping open cracks around dogma regarding the necessity sun block and how people can increase health with sun exposure.

    I am also a volunteer firefighter, yep the kind which goes into burning buildings, and as we are changing over communications I know I don’t know nearly enough about 5 g, nonnative emf and the like. I would greatly appreciate any headings to help me explore the impending effects of FirstNet as its rolled out on greater scale. As a firefighter we get bloodwork done each year, although its just a basic panel, an ekg, & hearing test. I have gathered up all my tests since 2011. I do not have health insurance, so I have limited my testing to that which is offered as part of my yearly physical. I am open to getting others done and am still reading up on what would be most useful. I am 5’2” 137, I believe 27% body fat (checked by a trainer in the wellness building I work at, not Dexa or hydrostatic testing). I have been tracking my body measurements over the last year and also how cloths fit as my indicator of change. I only use a scale out of curiosity seasonally, because I feel it tells so little.

    I feel like I have written a lot but not sure if this is what the journal is used for when beginning nor if any of this was useful. I don’t have any problems, when I think of health concerns. I love tinkering, and as I explored nutrition over the last year, began logging what happens when I would change something in my diet. I am working to improve my body composition. I do have a slight soreness in my right shoulder and appreciate that in some part my job of waxing clients has contributed to this. I strive to work towards having a body that is able to do the things I want it to do, be active and enjoy life.


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  2. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    welcome. Get some BLue blockers from www.raoptics.io Use Code Optimal to save some cash. You might be wise to come to Vermont for my June 1 talk too.
  3. Thank you! yes blue blockers are on my list, need to save up to get them in my script. I enjoyed the replay of last two talks at Vermont you did, I will watch for replay as our firefighter banquet is the same weekend.
  4. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    No you don't. Ra will tint your old glasses. Send them in.
  5. My Observations experimenting with my light environment-
    My Actions- two weeks of consistent using blue blocking lenses during screen time. increase candle usage post sunset, turn off light bulbs. Covering arms and using scarf/high shirt any time when using computer.
    Changes I am noticing:
    Ability to wake up in the morning- much easier, more content feeling, no longer feel grumpy and that I want to pull the covers over my head. Also notice that the timing is more consistent waking up btw 6:15-7:30. previously it would range between 7:45-9am and my feelings about it varied greatly depending on if I saw sun shining or cloudy. I have a schedule which I don't see clients till 11:30, so I have not use alarm clock unless I need to be up for something specific. my consistency is becoming such that even if I needed to be up early I don't think I would need an alarm. I am curious about this change. I have always noticed that i get up earlier in summer than winter naturally.
    I noticed how i was more resistant going to work this week, almost a little grumpy. My work requires a level of brightness and I know I need to balance lighting and protection. I have started covering my arms more inside, which has been a little challenging as my room heats up over the course of the day to approx 78 deg and my work is active. there is 1 3ft fluorescent light approx 12ft high over head, 4 wall scones with some kind of specialty bulb and 3-4 other electrical appliances. I cannot wear colored lenses in my glasses when working on clients at the spa. I am there for less than 20hrs a week. I am feeling the push that if I continue work in aesthetics then I will need to branch out on my own so I can have more control in setting up my environment. My optometrist offers two lenses with "blue blocking" Therablue which supposedly offers 95% protection and Crizal Prevencia 92-93%. I am not even finding a website for the first and the second doesn't seem to give me useful information, given i am unsure what to look for, and then again I am still learning to ask better questions. Ive tried searching on these forums with limited success. Jury is still out on if this would be useful for me to invest in or to keep looking else where. I might just need better search criteria.

    I did email raoptics about getting an old set of glasses coated - awaiting response.

    Thursday I went into Lowe's looking for low wattage incandescent light bulbs this week. Everything felt super bright, especially in the lighting area. I felt buzzy and being curious I stayed longer to see what I would experience. I began getting a headache with in 15-20min and noticed an edgyness, at which point I decided to end the experiment and leave. It reminded of the sensory overload I began to experience in 2001/2002 which lead me to become more of a shut in and stop going to stores all together.

    I have decided to upgrade to silver so I can begin reading the blogs and
  6. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    I have optical glasses that darken when exposed to sunlight.
    Can they be tinted ?
  7. I realized my email did not go thru to Ra— so I resent. I’ll be sure to share if they can tint or do something with my transition lenses.
    Last edited: Apr 23, 2018
  8. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    I think, (not supported by anything that @Jack Kruse said, just general idea)
    that the more time you spend outdoor,
    sunny or cloudy,
    regardless of time of the day,
    you gain.
    At the minimum, your face and eyes must be totally naked
    much better
    if you are totally naked, connected directly to the ground.

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  9. Spent all day working outside 7:30a -7pm. Got a garden to get ready and few trees to take down. We were blessed with Full sun and got up in 50’s here in NY. Definitely learning about my skin Today. This was the first full sun day I worked outside. It’s been cloudy and cold w occasional snow flurries all April.
    I though I had a little protective built up from my daily hot tub morning ritual. I’ve always kept my face naked for this, as well as much of the rest of me.
    I refrained from putting sun screen on my face. While this is only something I’ve been doing for the last 6 years, because my esthetician friend was always harping on me, it felt a tad unusual. I thought I’d go without, I think I over did it. My cheeks are a bit red and face skin feels a little extra tight today. I did alternate between tank top and covering arms through out the day. My arms and hands were a twinge pink last night. And back to normal today. And if I remember correctly, that is what is supposed to happen when we “ refill” our skins solar capacity.

    I noticed my hands get little bumps on the top between pointer and middle finger in a patch on each hand. It’s happened on occasion in the past. But more bumpy last night and rough this morning. It seems to happen on days when we first get sun post winter & I’m outside a lot in That sun. Also it happens when the temperature is really hot come August and I’m in the sun. I’ve found it slightly odd but never go a good explanation of what was gong on. This began approx 12 yrs ago in my mid 20’s

    I took the membership dive and want to read blog on building solar callus today. I’ve also decided that I’m going to VT talk even if I need to camp out in my car and requested time off. So I’m delegating our firefighter banquet stuff. I do get a little nervous when taking days off since we are only paid when we have hands on clients especially given I only work 3 days a week. I trust everything will be ok. And this is worth it- as a water I should know even more about this skin. We are expected to tow the sun screen line. I’m begining to question this again.
  10. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    To be able to be exposed to high sun whole day, indefinitely, you must first build up skin callus.
    For skin that have not seen sun for years, it takes a ONE WHOLE MONTH OF INCREMENTAL DAILY EXPOSURES,
    to build sufficient callus.

    Be careful.

  11. Thought I’d make time and get online. I feel like I’ve really been limiting screen time.
    I’ve had a couple strange muscular set backs in a row.
    Ive caught up on webinars since dec. Reading current blogs as they come out. And to be honest I feel like most is over my head. Snipits come through occasionally.

    Saturday— strained quad muscle when turning quick t grab niece who fell into pool. Minor irritation just felt like pulled muscle. Which escalated yesterday with more re irritating it stepping out of fire truck at an event then full on collapse in pain because I got my leg caught in bush outside. Feels like a cluster fuck of shit. And could not lift leg with out pain.

    I’ve lead a pretty damn injury free life since 2009. Flushing out my history more as I’m begging to get an inkling just how much everything is connected. I’m afraid though i might be making incorrect connections.
    2009- no grains, no gluten, no breads etc. Tinkering w diet as all I knew was diet and exercise.
    Prob 2013 added in grains minimally. Not as strict. Coasted thru life mostly

    April 2016. Super unhappy w body. Mad conscious decisions about my eating habits what when where and why. Some success with how I felt. Felt more could be made w soreness cut back out grains.

    Summer 2016 intermittent rut shoulder soreness subside after being off work for 2 days, no waxing clients. Given I only work 3 days and they are not in a row I could continue working.

    April 2017- low carb high fat. Felt amazing. Never experienced the iciness so many were talking about. Cut out all sweetness. Stuck with proteins fats and veggies growing on top of ground.

    Summer 2017 shoulder felt slightly more irritation. ESP after seeing 14 waxing clients. Slower recovery. Began thinking I might need to change my work as the only way to make more money was to see more clients.

    Oct 2017 left wrist injury while working on client twisted it just wright and pain. Still feel achy ness on occasion.

    Feb 2018 stated noticing shoulder pain was constant. Wake up with it. Often Got better thru day. If not waxing people. Started more than stretching and massage work I was trading for. Chiropractor who utilized ART (active release technique). This helped immensely- got range of motion back. End April I began noticing not painful every day upon waking.

    April 2018- woke up with pain in left hip radiating down to femur. And could not lift my leg on own. I don’t have insurance so there are very few times I’d go seek medical help. Once I could min pain and palpate my leg on day 3 I had inspiration a chiropractic adjustment of my leg and hip would help. I got in and it did. While sore it improved very quickly.

    May 26-Now brings me full circle to this weekend. Slight strain sat. Bit bigger strain Monday. To point where I tried to go to the walk-in clinic but they were closed. I prob need imaging and frustrated at my recent string on muscular injuries and trying to figure out costs.
    I’m happy to say it’s more limited pain. Which makes me just want to let it heal—Rest/ice/compress/ elevate. Poss nsaids— which is what the doc will tell me anyway.

    I’m just frustrated. I feel like I’m doing even more right in my life and experiencing more musculoskeletal shit than in the previous decade. Now i might not even be able to drive up to Vermont. As I’d taken the Friday off to do so so I could first hand listen to DR Kruse on topic of skin. And i feel like I’m still fumbling thru how to participate here. I get blood work done w fire company annually and will figure out how to upload soon
  12. Thanks janSZ I headed your words & I slowed down and working to build my solar callus. It’s funny how dark I get and I notice a few areas that don’t tan where I’ve had chicken pox scars as a kid.
  13. drezy

    drezy New Member

    I grew up @ 41.5 latitude. My cousins and peers in my generation are all falling apart in their late 20's to early 50's. Lyme, hypertension, bad backs, and a slew weird neolithic diseases pop up for them.

    I'm convinced that if I stayed at that latitude I'd be falling apart just as fast if not faster than most.

    I'm glad you're here and you're reading through the blogs. Your hacks may need to be more aggressive.

    Would your employer be persuaded if you brought in some "red light = more collagen (aka youthful skin)" articles? I imagine that waxing would be done in private space and that bulb would be changeable to a red light. Hmmmmm... even if you changed it out whilst under it.
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  14. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    Last edited: May 29, 2018
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  15. drezy

    drezy New Member

    That could be part of a routine.

    I apologize if my first response sounded heavy handed or depressing. My own N=1 is that I moved to 30N latitude and when I finally started to utilize solar yield here any insidious issues disappeared:

    That is my solar yield for the week.

    I'll spend mornings getting 1-1.5 hrs sunlight on my cooltan skimpy bottom clad body. Then each day I will have 1-3 hours daytime exposure either in skimpy tan-throughs, nude, or with shorts on. That is a large key in how I reverse any of my issues. Look closely at that above d-minder UVindex though, it's 12 - 13. 13 is the max where the index runs out of steam.

    The funny thing is that based on last year where that index stops is where my healing starts.

    That along with the fact that I ice myself down to 55F 3-5 times a week is my own N=1 on how I saw the needle move.
  16. Joyfun

    Joyfun Intuitively curious

    this red lamp 660nm

    Is interesting.
    Thinking of a contraption that could hold 3-4 of those lamps over the head,
    with lamps out 1.5 to 2" away due to heat.
    few hour a day of exposure should stop falling hairs.

    If you come across something or some other idea how to get or build that contraption, let me know.
    View attachment 7727

    Hi JanSz,
    I have been using an inexpensive red/blue LED grow light from aliexpress for 3 years now. I used an expensive LED healing device, but it had a fan and it was too noisy if I wanted to shine light in my ears.
    This is the one I use with excellent results:


    I got the 7 watt for about $7. I know it works. I will post my story soon regarding it, along with water, light, and magnetism for great health.

    Then there is a large panel one from Amazon:


    It's about $25 plus shipping.

    Here is an interesting youtube talking about one like this large panel by an esthetician

    Hope you find this helpful. :):):)
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  17. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    Thank you Joyfun,
    Great advice.

    The thing is, I am already working along the line of your advice.
    The lamp that I am talking about
    have the price and power to beat. It is totally quiet.

    HIGROW 36W All Deep Red 660nm
  18. Jenifer Caplan

    Jenifer Caplan I am the outlier

    Hi JanSz,
    I have been using an inexpensive red/blue LED grow light from aliexpress for 3 years now. I used an expensive LED healing device, but it had a fan and it was too noisy if I wanted to shine light in my ears.
    This is the one I use with excellent results:


    I got the 7 watt for about $7. I know it works. I will post my story soon regarding it, along with water, light, and magnetism for great health.

    Then there is a large panel one from Amazon:


    It's about $25 plus shipping.

    Here is an interesting youtube talking about one like this large panel by an esthetician

    Hope you find this helpful. :):):)[/QUOTE]
    Hi I have a few red light products. Can you tell me how the uv and red work together. I thought your only supposed to get a small amount of uv and you can use IR (660 and 840) all the time. I’m a little confused thanks
  19. Joyfun

    Joyfun Intuitively curious

    @Jenifer Caplin
    Hi Jenifer,
    I am getting my UV from the sun. That would be from about 10am to afternoon. I use red LED in the 660 nm range. If you use IR in the 840 nm range, I read that the pupil of the eye does not contract as a safeguard for the eye. So use 840 nm with care and do some research on it.
  20. I believe with some research articles the spa owner would be open to considering light options. And I’ve realized these last month I’m ready to open own studio where I have more decision making abilities. And can better care for my clients. Curious about red light aka lights I would use in my chicken coop. Are we talking that kind of red light.

    Philips Heat Lamp R40 Flood Light Bulb: 250-Watt, Medium Screw Base https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0066L0YJE/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_tai_i_LZwfBbBKZ7NXT

    I’m also curious about using light to aid in healing process of muscle strain/sprain.

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