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Sandy's Labs

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by thomasdoud@gmail.com, Apr 24, 2017.

  1. My wife just had some labs done that don't look to bad to me but I would appreciate some comments.

    Important results:
    BUN/Creatinine ratio 26
    Cholesterol 270
    Note: she has gone from too low (under 200 several times from 2002 to 2012) last readings are 220 2012, 228 2015, 242 2016

    Triglycerides 64 (always been good)
    LDL 170 (this has trended higher along with total cholesterol)
    HDL 87 (this has always been high/good)

    HS-CRP 3.79 mg/L (lab reference shows high if >3.00)

    DHEA 121 mcg/dL (ref range 8-188)
    HA1c 5.8%
    Vitamin D 25 39 ng/mL

    She has struggled with some weight gain last few years but no meds and generally healthy.

    I'm assuming this is fundamentally showing a excess nnEMF/lack of sun type of profile. We do blue blocking and have tried to get south but still poor D levels. Need to use artificial UV light more during winter?
    This seems like low risk heart attack but what quantum model things need to be considered regarding this rising LDL readings. I assume this is poor environment leading to dehydration that leads to inability to convert some of this LDL. Not that its at bad levels. I'm more concerned about BUN/Cr and hs-CRP.

    All comments appreciated.
    Quantlet hack suggestions, should be here soon.
    Last edited: Apr 24, 2017
  2. Mito1

    Mito1 New Member


    it's bad - you'll find labs and other info in the blogs.

  3. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    BUN/Creatinine ratio 26 with a low D3 and your location means that she is so dehydrated that she cannot complete the isomerization step from sulfated cholesterol to the D3 molecule........as such the D3 stays too low and the LDL cholesterol rises because of the lack of conversion..........what does it mean? Michigan does not have enough power for her and/or there is something else also present in her zip code that is really hurting this conversion and it is very likely nnEMF because her BUN/creat ration is woefully bad.

    She needs to hack this. A women with a chronic low D3 is very at risk for bad things like breat Ca and hypothyroidism. In 2009 the WHO linked low D3 levels with breast Ca as a major risk factor. Low D3 is linked with depression, hypothyroidism, AI's, gut issues, and many immune issues related to skin and eye and brain.
  4. I was able to look at her ratio going back quite a while:
    9/02 12.8
    12/02 25
    12/04 22.8
    2/07 26.6
    8/07 17
    9/08 25
    10/09 22.6
    10/10 21.8
    12/12 20.2
    4/15 29.8
    3/17 25.4
    4/17 26.6

    Her D levels were:
    2010 25
    2012 60
    2015 77 (probably on high supplements here)
    2017 39

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