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Sandra's Optimal Journal

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Sandra, Jan 15, 2014.

  1. Sandra

    Sandra New Member

    Hi Everyone,

    This is my first post on the forum though I have been lurking for a while and reading a lot about what Dr Kruse writes. I was interested when I saw the link to the 90 day re-set, so thought I should give it a go.

    A bit about me ... I am from Australia, heading quickly towards 40 years of age, normal height and weight, have been eating a mostly paleo diet (no grain or sugar, but some dairy) for about 15 months, have had a magnetico mattress for around 8 weeks, and have installed an RO water filter in our home. I am trying to 'do all the right things' for me, as well as slowly transfer my husband and children to a more paleo life-style (all 3 are big grain eaters).

    I don't have any major health issues (that I am aware of) and am hoping none arise, though from what I read, they can kind of sneak up on you!!

    One thing that I do want to sort out is my tiredness. It's not chronic, doesn't stop me from doing anything, have had it for ages (I remember friends telling me I was always tired and yawning during my teenage years at school) and I am always yawning and not feeling totally energised. I thought that a paleo diet might change that, and that the magnetico might as well, but early days. I did have some tests done at the GP some time ago and I was iron deficient - not anaemic, but still low iron. I elected to try to eat more iron rich foods rather than to take supplements as the GP suggested. I didn't go back for a follow up test, but presume my iron is still low as I am still tired. Just talking to a naturopath today and she suggests that one reason for tiredness is that there might be some foods I am eating that react with my gut and do not allow the iron to be absorbed properly ... hopefully I'll know more next week after some tests. I am assuming it might be dairy as I was told 7 years ago by a kinesiologist (while he was testing my daughter for allergies) that I was intolerant to dairy. I didn't know enough about it then but the more I read about paleo and after discussions with the naturopath, it won't surprise me if that is it. So, I am hoping for an easy solution, otherwise it's onto round 2 to try to get to the bottom of it.

    I have not had any other tests done that have been mentioned on the forum or by Dr Kruse ... maybe that's my next step. I've also not thought too much about CT - perhaps I should give that a go too??

    That's all for now! I hope I have this in the right section, and looking forward to chatting with you.

    Cheers :)
  2. Sandra

    Sandra New Member

    I also thought my tiredness might be some kind of hormonal imbalance, adrenal issues perhaps ... but having had it most of my life that I can remember, and having it not get any worse (and not having a high-stress life), I'm hoping that's not it!
  3. nonchalant

    nonchalant Silver

    Welcome, Sandra! Tiredness, yes that is a common issue. You need more energy, of course. Sounds like the RO water and magnetico are a big step in the right direction. Other sources of energy are sunlight, CT, fish/meat and their fats, grounding. It takes time for your body to learn to use other forms of energy, so stick with it. Hope you can influence your family, but sometimes you have to be very patient in that area. :)
  4. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Dr. Kruse strongly suggests that we in the Southern Hemisphere drink imported water from the Northern hemisphere. we need water with more of an energy payload

    Welcome to journal land!

    Don't forget - when you get tested .... Ask them to do a hsCRP. ....it tells us about inflammation in our body.

    I get a saliva ASI done thru canary club (ZRT) in the U.S. 4x diurnal

    Have you watched Dr. Tim Jackson's free webinar?

    Do you have Dr. K.'s book?

    How is your sleep?
    Last edited: Jan 15, 2014
  5. Sandra

    Sandra New Member

    Hi Nonchalant - thanks for your comments. I do wonder about the energy ... I eat loads of meat (not enough fish) with fat, and am outside barefoot in the sun. CT *scares* me, but might need to give it a go.

    Thanks Caroline ... imported water? wowsers! I will look into those tests. I haven't seen the webinars yet or have the book. I'm slowly wading through all the blogs. And sleep ... that's not great lately (mostly since the magnetico), but I wouldn't class it as bad sleep either. Definitely taking time to get to sleep and waking a few times during the night. No long awake periods though. Have been using the orange glasses a bit - might need to do that more consistently perhaps.

    Anyway, I am looking forward to trying a few new things to get over the tiredness and feel 101%

    Now, for the journal ... is it simply a record of what you ate, how you slept, how you feel??? for 90 days??? thanks :)
  6. nonchalant

    nonchalant Silver

    Sandra, face dunking into a sink of ice water is easier than you think. I know I hovered, the first time, just above the water while I had to talk myself into it. LOL! I was very surprised at how well my face took it. It was exhilarating.
  7. Sandra

    Sandra New Member

    OK - maybe that can be a stepping stone to aim for!

    Had my first acupuncture session yesterday. I have had a sore and swollen finger for 6 months since stopping netball, as well as a shoulder with ongoing issues. I can't believe the reduction of pain and swelling in my finger over 24 hours - amazing! Shoulder still needs work ...
  8. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Your journal is whatever you want it to be! Mine seems to be silly stories ...and guys in budgie smugglers....:cool:

    Hugely important stuff..... I am sure Nick would have told you...

    Look at the sun as soon as you rise ... go outside and barefoot - with no clothes...give the neighbours a treat ;)
    BAB - start it within 30 minutes of waking

    This is all about resetting your internal clock.

    When the sun sets - so should you .... no artificial lite after sunset.
    use blueblockers when on computer/TV

    Are you able to pull the breaker to your bedroom?

    Do you have a smart meter?
  9. nonchalant

    nonchalant Silver

    I would ice that finger and shoulder.
  10. Sandra

    Sandra New Member

    We are looking at isolating our upstairs and downstairs power. All the bedrooms are upstairs (as is the kitchen) but looks like we have 2 circuits in the house as it was renovated in 2 stages. We'd just need to get some leads for the fridge and freezer to connect them to the downstairs circuit then we could sleep in an electricity free zone. However I wonder the benefit of this with power lines running down out street (back and front of the house)? Also considering removing the electric oven and induction hot plates with a gas stove ... is this overkill?? The more I read, the more I worry...
  11. Sandra

    Sandra New Member

    Just home from an interesting trip to the Naturopath, who also does Kinesiology …

    I'm still getting my head around the alternative medical practices, but the more I read and experience, the more I think there might be something in it.

    To cut a long story short, she thinks my body reacts to gluten, corn, peanuts, soy (all at an amount of 10/10), dairy (5/10) and oysters (2/10). And she thinks I have candida, which apparently would explain my sub-optimal energy for many many years. She thinks that the candida has created a leaky gut which leads to bloating and inflammation in my body, and also the pain in my shoulders (from no apparent injury).

    With any of these alternative therapies, I wonder if I divulged too much information about how I was feeling and certain ailments before the session, and was she just coming to the conclusions based on what I said … but I don't think so, as I could feel differences as she was testing the various vials.

    So, I guess I have nothing to lose by giving it a go … a 1 month course to get rid of the candida, and then a 1 month course of pro-biotics to build up the gut flora again. I don't eat any grains, corn, peanuts and soy any more (for the last 12 months), and have a very small amount of dairy, so might cut that out totally for the next month and see how it goes.

    I'd be interested to hear if anyone else has had experiences with kinesiology and what they thought of it. Thank you :)
  12. Sue-UK

    Sue-UK Gold

    I remember over 25 years ago taking my eldest child to a kinesiologist because of hyperactivity problems, and he tested various foods and my son was put on a special diet. It worked brilliantly for a while, (physically at least, but emotionally very difficult), and then problems started again, and it was found at the second session that he’d become “allergic†to things he was OK with before. Each session cost a week’s wages we couldn’t really spare to see this very respected naturopath/kinesiologist. What I've since learned is that it can tell me what, at that particular moment, is going on about certain things tested, but it doesn’t give the whole picture, and most importantly - it doesn't tell me why. My son’s hyperactivity wasn’t caused by a lack of the faddy diet I unfortunately put him on. :( That set us back 2 years, and made things worse for a lot longer than that.

    I've personally had machine bioresonance testing rather than kinesiology, but a machine still has limitations. For example I tested badly for milk, so I nipped up to the local shop and got some non-homogenised local full fat liquid milk, and the result was completely different. (Fortunately the therapist is a friend who is on my wavelength about experimentation and encourages people to bring things in they want testing.) The test vial was dried milk of unknown origin.

    So although I would say that its fascinating that someone can experience the energetic difference when certain things are tested, I believe its a response to the contents of the vial, on the biologic/energetic terrain at that moment. :)
  13. Sandra

    Sandra New Member

    Thanks Sue :) I am a little skeptical re the Kinesiologist but still open-minded about what they have to say.

    So today I went to the GP initially to see if I can order a blood test to see if I really do have candida to 'test' what the K'ist is saying. I also got together a list of tests that Dr K suggests. Initially I was told I could only get tests in relation to my initial complaint (ongoing tiredness). At the end of the visit the GP said I would need to choose between the natural path or the medical path! Why can't I work with both? I don't understand what the issues are there. Then when I was asking about whether my tiredness might be to do with adrenal issues she said they don't really cover that area - it's more a natural medicine avenue.

    Seems I can't get hsCRP here - just CRP has been ordered, or maybe it's an extra too.

    So I guess I'll know a little more in a few days.
    Last edited: Feb 3, 2014
  14. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Sandra - personally I would say the GP is a D**k. I have had probably 6 hsCRP done thru medicare. The ones they don't cover is rT3 and prenenolone and they are about $50.00 each.

    Sad to say - you need to find another Doc. Did I tell you.... I found my Doc by asking the pharmacist at a compounding pharmacy. They are perfectly fine with giving you names of Docs who are writing scripts for BHRT... at least you will know they are interested in functional medicine. After - the pharmacist asked me for feedback because someone else had asked her for names. She was moving here from out of town.

    You may also need to fib a little .... like make up a back history ....maybe a Mom Or Grandmother who had TD2 or thyroid issue or whatever. You need to think outside the box to get what you need.

    The one test that is harder to get here is IGF1 .... medicare comes down hard on Docs if they ask for that test too often. I have had it done twice in the last 18 months. My Doc just has to make up his little story on the requisition to cover himself.

    Your Doctor should be a partner - don't settle for anything less!

    How are you? Say Hi to Nick!
  15. Sandra

    Sandra New Member

    my mum does have a thyroid issue, so that one is on the list.
    Last edited: Feb 3, 2014
  16. Sandra

    Sandra New Member

    Otherwise I'm good thanks Caroline - looking forward to a long weekend and getting the kids back to school on Tuesday. I saw Nick briefly today ... shall say HI for you :)
  17. Sandra

    Sandra New Member

    I was just reading a few of the earlier blogs. One spoke about inheriting genes from your mother and grandmother that affect mitochondria and metabolism, so thought I'd write it down ...

    maternal grandmother
    - very strong and healthy all of her life
    - grew up as a farmers wife and worked hard
    - had the biggest fruit and vegetable patch I've ever seen
    - majority of fruits, vegetable and meats were home grown/raised, and meat would have been mainly grass fed, probably lots of organ meat (very little waste of anything as there was not a lot of money to go around and 7 kids in the family)
    - probably not much fish eaten
    - everything home baked, and there was bread, cakes and biscuits
    - very lean body composition in all photos I ever saw of her in the younger days, and until the end
    - walked a lot for daily exercise
    - died aged 87 from a stroke which they think was brought on as a side effect of an eye operation

    - growing up with the food mentioned above
    - quite slim until after I was born
    - started to put on weight and become quite overweight, though not obese, from when I was around 10
    - now has thyroid problems (and is on medication), probably from diet as there is a lot of dairy, grains and sugar, though she still home-cooks most things. Also a lot of beer and no exercise.
  18. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    That is funny that you say your Mom drinks a lot of beer LOL ... what a rockin' Mom!

    That says it all about your Gran .... they worked hard, ate seasonally and locally ....would their grains have been milled locally too?

    Were all of her children pretty healthy?

    your Mom .... what kind of pregnancy did she have with you? did anything happen during? How were your pregnancies?
    Have you listened to the autism webinar?
  19. Sandra

    Sandra New Member

    ... my mum likes line dancing too!! ... you can take the girl out of the bush, but you can't take the bush out of the girl!!

    I don't think the grains would have been locally milled - possibly, but not sure.

    All the kids were really healthy early on, but now that they range from around 70+ to 50+, they are starting to have issues.

    The eldest male, 72, had been going through chemo and radiation starting about 3 years ago for prostate cancer (clear now).

    The next oldest female, 70, has been healthy all her life, married a farmer, home baked and grew fruit/veggies, walked every day for 10kms, and has recently developed high cholesterol - resisted medication for as long as she could, tried natural medication, but just within the last 12 months started to take something prescribed by the DR as it wouldn't come down (I don't know any more specifics than that, and when it was happening I didn't really know any of this stuff to help her out more).

    Next child, male, 67, quite healthy, still lives on the farm, don't know much more bout him.

    Next child, male, 65, slightly overweight, but still active, and don't know a lot about him either!

    Next is my aunt who is 63. I think she's OK, but has been concerned lately with something in her eyes ... not cataracts or glaucoma, can't remember it!

    Then it's my mum, 60, overweight, thyroid issues ...

    And lastly my aunt, 58, periods of overweightedness but does Weight Watchers - otherwise I think OK.

    I think my mum's pregnancies were all good, with me it was fine, natural delivery. I grew up on a farm too (a dairy farm!) - until I was about 18. Again, we had a big veggie patch, had cattle, sheep, pigs, chooks on the farm, so all meat was grass fed. Mum baked a lot too, so very little processed foods, but still dairy and grain. My 2 pregnancies were all fine, fell pregnant very easily and natural births. Actually, there was one thing that I never really got to the bottom of with #2 (girl, now turning 8) ....

    ... when I was pregnant with my daughter (2nd child) we went out to dinner at a seafood restaurant (have always loved seafood - esp prawns!!). I was about 6-8 months pregnant and ate a bowl full of the best seafood - fish, shell fish, crustaceans ... YUM!! The next day by entire baby bump was itchy and covered in a hives rash. It went away by the afternoon. I was concerned and went to the doctor who couldn't tell me anything except that I probably had a reaction to the seafood I'd eaten the night before (eventhough I'd eaten it all my life). I didn't eat shell fish or crustaceans for the rest of my pregnancy.

    FAST FORWARD 6 months and my daughter has an allergic reaction to egg (which we initially thought was a heat rash ... itchy hives on chest, but went away on its own). Another 6 months later, and she has a reaction to peanut butter - same hives as the egg reaction, but this time was on chest, tummy, back and face. Raced her to our nearest doctor, 5 doors down the hill, and he watched as the rash went away within the hour with no effect on breathing. We then ordered specialist tests (standard scratch test on forearm) to which we were told she was allergic to eggs, nuts and shellfish!

    So at 1 year of age, she had also had eczema all of her life. Doctors said not to worry about the eczema as she was still putting on weight and developing as per their charts (eventhough I thought it was strange she was vomitting a lot after I would breastfeed her). I questioned them weather it would be because of something I was eating, but they didn't think so. During this time of testing, we were not happy with the specialist really - yep, she's allergic to eggs, nuts and shell fish, so see you in 12 months for another test! It was now I had my first experience with a kinesiologist referred by a friend. He told us she was allergic to eggs, peanuts, shellfish, salicylates, dairy and grain - WOWSERS!!! I cried all the way home as we'd just booked a family trip to Italy! So, we took her off dairy and grain, and within 2 weeks her skin was perfect - no eczema. We continued this for 2 months and it was all good. This is back way before I'd even heard of paleo, and we thought "how can she live like this (no grain, no dairy)?" so we slowly started to add them back into her diet. Everything was 'fine' unless she overdosed on either and would get little hives in the insides of her elbows or on her ankles ... still does today.

    She can eat eggs now, along with all other nuts, but not peanuts (and we haven't tried that one ... probably no need to now!). I suspect shellfish are OK too, but haven't actually fed any to her, though she has eaten oyster sauce in stir-frys. And the salicylates, dairy and grain are now back in her diet too. She is one that I would really like to get off grain, especially knowing what I do now!

    I've always wondered whether it was my daughter reacting with the seafood I at while pregnant with her, and is it because of me that she's allergic, eventhough I'm not? It must be related somewhere, but no-one has ever said how or why ...
  20. sooperb

    sooperb New Member

    When I was 8 months pregnant with my first I also grew a rash all over my bump that itched like mad. I was told by the doctor in the clinic that it was a general urticaria quite common in pregnancy and that it would go away after delivery. He was right it did and I didn't get it with my next two. Strangely though, that daughter developed chronic asthma at two and a half and has it to this day. She's had a host of other problems too. Her second daughter has eczema although she breast fed her for a long time and the first up indication of allergy problems was her first taste of kiwi at less than a year old which saw her face and ears swell alarmingly. Fortunately that went down on it's own while she was in the hospital.

    Lots of things caused her problems, cows milk, cola drinks (both of which brought a red rash up round her mouth), sweets with bright colours. As soon as her mum put two and two together she started being very careful about what she let her eat so her eczema never got too bad but even now, at 14, too much of the wrong thing has her scratching at herself.

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