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Samantha's Optimal Health Journal , Part 1

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by SamanthaVilppu, Aug 2, 2019.

  1. Grandmother's health: severe scoliosis, migraines with days in bed from them, irritability most of the time, hypothyroid, died at age 90 from congestive heart failure. Lived in an area near Kansas CIty her whole life. I believe she was 37 when she had my mother. My mother has one older brother.

    Mother's health: She had me around age 23 when she was living in the Colorado mountains. Otherwise, most of her life was also in a suburb near Kansas City. She has had severe dental problems much of her life, several root canals, ovaries removed when I was maybe 5, so she may have been 28 at the time, many years later a full hysterectomy to remove a grapefruit sized tumor that was said to be testosterone driven. Around age 41, came down with symptoms of MS, and has been on antiviral meds and regular MRIs to monitor her status and it never progressed beyond the initial attack. She's had asthma and allergies as long as I know. High cholesterol, doing the traditional allopathic route for everything. She has warned me that some uncle had hemochromotosis and that I may carry this gene, though its nothing I've paid attention to.

    My health history:

    Born (1973) in the Salida, CO hospital, apparently dr had a hard time getting me to breathe...

    Age 3:
    Blood stream staph and osteomyelitis, in left leg, IV antibiotics and a stint in the hospital for a while. Apparently my dad had a boil that he wasn't careful with and I presented with a pimple and then screaming pain when standing on the leg that was affected.

    First experience of trigeminal neuralgia occurred at this age and has been sporadic since.
    Parents divorced, moved to KC with grandparents and mom.

    Age 5:
    Father disappeared/left, so there was a major emotional trauma from this that triggered severe mood drops from time to time.

    Otherwise, allergies to pollens, trees, grass, molds, animals

    Age 9:
    Began menstruating (yes, age 9!)

    Not sure when, but after my grandfather had a heart attack, my mother checked both of us out and we were identified with high cholesterol, low HDL, etc.

    Got my first glasses in 3rd grade.

    At some point in elemenatary school, they had us run a 9 minute mile or something and I got heat stroke from this.

    Age 13:
    Not sure how old I was, but I attempted wearing gas-permeable hard contacts, since those were the only ones at the time that could work with an astigmatism, but the allergies made my eyes itch so much that I wasn't able to wear them very often.

    Took first trip to the mountains since leaving at age 3 and fell in love with it and knew I was home.

    I did get altitude sickness though, and was sensitive to this since.

    My dad made contact with me again at this point as well.

    Age 18:
    I was identified as having PCOS (always had irregular cycles, this was identified with a sonogram)

    A small breast lump that I found was identified (through my one and only mammogram) to be fibrocystic breasts

    I also had challenges with my weight from age 16 or so, but resolved that by trading the TV for very frequent walks outside and reducing what I ate, occasionally fasting because it felt better.

    I believe I was having white spots on my nails ever since I can remember, and it is still something that comes and goes. I have since learned that this, plus many of my symptoms that match the definition of Krypropyroluria, which I just heard a possible link on the July 2019 Q&A call linking the freed vitamin A with damaging the heme molecules in the body...?

    At a younger age, I had bonding done on some of my front teeth due to discoloration, my mom says was from a high fever when I had the infection at age 3. The bonding that had been on there was removed this year and replaced with new.

    I also had wisdom teeth pulled this year, and had a hard time coming out of the anesthesia.

    Age 21:
    In college, I studied architectural engineering with an emphasis on lighting, solar and greenbuilding

    I felt like I was at my best, leanest, strongest weight ever, walking lots still, graduated age 23 top of my class.

    I was on the birth control pill for 5 years, doxycycline for a year for acne.

    My first year in college I lived on floor 1.5, the second year, I lived on the 7th floor and took the stairs every time I went to and from my room. My third year, I lived on the second floor in an apartment, and my final 2 years on the first floor of an apartment.

    Age 23:
    This was my final year of college.

    Due to wanting to go different directions in life, I broke up with 7 year boyfriend/fiance, so there was stress from that.

    It was time to graduate and I was needing to find a job and not liking my options, so there was a lot of stress from that.

    I wanted to move to Colorado and found synchronicity helping make arrangements for that, which was awesome.

    I believe this is the year that my mother's 2nd husband helped me to build my first computer, so I now had a computer in my space, and since I was beginning to do entry level work in architecture and engineering, this required a lot of time on the computer (AutoCAD).

    (I just looked up that address on antennae search and there was a new tower installed under a mile away that year as well.)

    This is when I had a bicycle accident and injured my arm (not badly, but still in a sling for a while), then came down with what the doctors finally labeled as Mono, despite testing me for everything and not getting any positives. I recently suspected this was likely Lyme, but now see that the computer and local tower and headset were contributing factors. During this time, I slept for 14+ hours a day and was exhausted the whole time awake, swollen lymph nodes at first, and could literally only do 3 TINY tasks in a day, such as going to the mailbox a block away.

    I still remember being forced to do the MMR shot again through the university medical system as a requirement to stay in college, despite having records of getting this as a baby. Not sure what year that was.

    Just remembered,while listening to the July 2019 Q&A that I worked at Hardees the summer before my last year in college and I was one of the fastest people to do the drive-though, which means I was often wearing the head-sets :(

    Since the Architectural Engineering program was pretty new at KU, their faculty and a couple of classrooms were located in the "annex" building behind the architecture building. This annex building was also the location of the radio station. I don't know if the tower was there at the time, since it is now in a different area farther from campus, so I'm not sure if this was a factor in my illness.

    Age 24:
    Somehow, the acute phase of the illness calmed down, but I didn't have my same energy back again (ever since, actually).

    I managed to secure a job in sustainable design field and moved to Colorado.

    After staying in the city for a week or few, I found an apartment and lived in Morrison, in the foothills west of denver, for a few years, 2nd floor.

    Fatigue came and went and at times I remember needing to sleep 12 hours a night jut to get to work the next day (still working on the computer doing AutoCAD through much of this time.)

    Was in a not so good relationship that I was having difficulty breaking.

    Age 27 (2000):
    I bought a condo up at St. Mary's Glacier, at 10,300 ft elevation, on the 4th floor. This is located right on the continental divide (near Arapahoe national forest) and the winters are very snowy and cloudy during the snowiest times. It is literally a 20 minute drive to the nearest town with a store and gas station. Building up here is expensive and not easy to do because laborers don't want to come up here.

    I got my first dog, Kiva, who became my everything!

    Not long after moving here, I was laid off from the job I was in at the time (in Golden, CO) (it was my 3rd job since moving to Denver, because of the first one (in Downtown Denver, near City Park) being temporary and the second one (in the denver Tech center) I couldn't put in the time and enthusiasm that they wanted, which was something like 12 hour days, which my peers were doing - I wasn't well enough for that, but could still show up for the normal 8. The 3rd was due to a slow economy. I went through a phase of sleeping a lot, thinking I was recovering from overworking and depression emerged from this.

    At some point, not sure when exactly, soft contact lenses were now possible for astigmatism, so I got these and was able to wear them more often than the hard ones, but still, the itching was a limiting factor.

    Had pretty severe gingivitis for several years, and it has occasionally been completely gone, but returning off and on.

    Age 28 (2002):
    I met, and a year later married my now husband. We were planning on a backpacking trip for our honeymoon, but after the stress of the wedding, I was wiped out for weeks, so we did a drive through the various hot springs around Colorado instead.

    I asked to be tested for thyroid, they said "normal", but with the newest guidelines, it would have been considered low. A few years later, a Dr did finally agree and started me on T4, which didn't work well for me. I tested armour, and it did work, but after a few months of being on it, they changed their formulation and it stopped working for me.

    PCOS continued with rest of metabolic syndrome symptoms.

    I could possibly have been identified as anorexic at times before and after this time since I simply felt more stable when not eating often. I had felt like I had had a reactive hypoglycemia for a very long time as well -- my mother might even say that I was that way as a kid being quite irritable until fed after school.

    I started part time jobs and freelance work for a number of years, not all of it on the computer.

    Age 29 (2003)
    At this stage, I was diagnosed first with severe depression, and then, when meds triggered me to finally feel well, my psych identified this as bipolar 2, with only hypomania and very rarely, mostly depression. (This has not persisted, and I don't believe in it being a permanent state, but more a vulnerability that the mind can get triggered to go into under certain circumstances.)

    Age 31 (2004):
    We started studying real estate courses and got our first cell phones, which were flip phones and were't used nearly as heavily as the smartphones are now, but still not good.

    Somewhere around this time, I was getting bladder infections and had an irritable bladder. Ultimately, I found these were preventable with a single dose of Macrobid after sex.

    Age 32 (2005):
    Knowing we needed to get out of the condo, and synchronicity helping once again, we bought a south facing ranch-style house at auction, in the same community near St Mary's Glacier. Forested property, closer to the national forest than the condos, about a block away. Property is about an acre. The nearest neighbors can't easily be seen through the trees and some distance. (I am seeing wifi from both of these houses though, although dissipated due to the distance.)

    The entire community has consistently had about 1100 houses and 250 full-time residents for this entire time. People fall in love with the area when the weather is nice, but after a winter or two, they leave because it's too brutal for them. Many even want to build and get as far as the driveway or foundation and quit.

    The house has since been identified to have mold that I was not thinking clearly enough to deal with from the outset, despite my jobs in architecture having prepared me.

    I was still off and on depressed since the Mono, finally approved for SSDI.

    Due to not feeling well, and the cold, long winters, I was living indoors for the majority of this time I've been up here, but in summers, would crave the Sun and spend hours laying out each day (without morning sun, like I now know I should).

    At the end of one summer (after this year, but I forget when) vitamin D levels tested at 19 :( now I know the most likely reasons why.

    I haven't tolerated heat well for most of my life, so our intense sun and 80 degrees in the summers can be a bit much, but still far better than somewhere humid and hotter.

    I haven't gone outside in the winters without being bundled up, at least until late January when I've finally adapted, but even then, not with my bikini like I now know needs to happen.

    I looked through all the labs I had done over this range of years and the BUN/creatinine was always over 15. I haven't done labs for a long time. so I don't know current status of this yet.

    I got my first cavity ever sometime around now.

    Age 33 (2006):
    We began a business selling online courses that my father-in-law had created, so I was on the computer a lot for this. This was a decently successful business, but he was quite abusive/manipulative and I did't know how to get out of it until 2016.

    We bought a new computer to run this business, so this may be the first year with an LED monitor. I remember getting rid of the old cathode-ray monitor while in the new house.

    During this time, we had satellite internet at first and then when our local phone company brought internet in, we had DSL with a wifi router.

    Not sure when I got my first dect phone, but had these for as long as they had been out as well, upgrading occasionally as the technology failed.

    I got LASIK surgery done this year, and again a couple years later when vision had declined some. Prior to the surgery, my vision was at 20/400, and 20/20 since.

    Age 35 (2008):
    We finally got solar installed on our house (since I was in the industry and my husband was a solar installer, its surprising that it took this long to make happen, but rebates were implemented that year, making it easy to do.

    This is when our electric meter was replaced with one for net-metering. (Now I see that this meter is a smart meter)

    Around this time, I figured out that natural hormone replacement (estradiol, testosterone, DHEA) therapy and thyroid meds (SR T3) and cortef for "adrenal fatigue" all helped me feel WAY better. I have been on this regimen since, aside from what I'll note later about the thyroid. My menstrual cycles normalized with this, as well as with twice a day walks which feel like they keep my blood sugar symptoms stable. Fired several doctors, endocrinologists, etc because they apparently hadn't even learned as much as I had about the subject and just wanted me on metformin.

    Age 38 (2011):
    I was still in similar situation as prior note, same house, same father in law (who I now identify as a narcopath by his behaviors, he does live north of LA, and worked in Hollywood, if that has been a contributing factor.) He did several things to sabotage the business, so I knew we couldn't keep working with him, but we didn't have another income source and I was too depressed to deal with it. I slept a lot that year.

    My first dog mentioned in 2000, came down with IBD - we decided to treat her naturally and she agreed to stick around for 2 or 3 years if we got a puppy to replace her. It was then that I realized she was self-appointed service dog to help me through the depression. Given that she would fight nearly any dog she got near, this was surprising, but she was super sweet with him.

    We did get a male puppy that year, Tundra.

    Not sure exactly when this was, but around this time my brain-fog was horrendous, and I couldn't get my prefrontal cortex to kick in for the life of me. At that point, I went back to my psych to go back on wellbutrin, since it had helped with my dopamine levels in the past. I had been off of the psych meds for a few years, thinking that nothing was likely to help and the supplements I was on were about as good as it gets.

    At some point near this time, a doctor was concerned about the estradiol causing uterine buildup, despite having monthly menses still, so they sent me to a sonogram imaging center to look at it. 5mm thick, and ovaries looked normal, without cysts.

    I had them look at my thyroid just to see if they could see anything going on with it, and they identified a 0.9mm nodule. I had since noticed on that side, when I swallow, that area pops out for a second, so I am assuming it was the nodule. They wanted me to return a year later to monitor it, but I opted not to. (At the time of this writing, the amount that this pops out is miniscule, all decreasing since starting the earthing, which you'll see in 2019's notes.)

    At one point, I had my TPO tested and it came in at 56 or so. Most of my labs I was getting done myself through ZRT.
  2. Part 2:

    Age 39 (2012):
    I started taking online business classes because I wanted to do whatever I could with the father-in-law business, but I now see it as my first time realizing I needed to create my own content and sell online courses that I owned instead of someone else. I wasn't ready to start doing this right away, still depressed often, this also looked like chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia by this time, not just mood-based.

    Age 40 (2013):
    We bought a 2007, used, model of an RV for a trip to Chicago, knowing that my chemical sensitivities wouldn't allow me to stay in hotels or to fly.

    Age 41 (2014):
    The first dog, Kiva, died - exactly 3 years and 1 day after her agreement with me, at age 14.

    The second dog, Tundra, had started having seizures at about a year and 4 months old, sometime after his first rabies shot, but we couldn't identify the cause. He required constant supervision to make sure he was safe and when we found CBD, constant dosing to prevent seizures from occurring.

    We were still using wifi, dect phone, cell phones, etc.

    (Despite having The Body Electric sitting on my shelf since before the year 2000 or so, I still hadn't read it. Despite knowing others in the EMF industry, I was keeping that subject at arm's length as pseudo-science, not ready to look at it seriously for some reason... given how far ahead of my time I was in the greenbuilding, I am surprised at this, actually).

    I started noticing lipomas and cysts forming just under the skin on my arms and torso around this time.

    I also started getting hives (non-itching) on my face after eating certain foods.

    I had been getting chronic acne for most of my adult life,, but this was way different in nature. Levocitirizine helped some, pea sprouts helped a little, but mostly I had to avoid the specific foods that trigger it. (This is still occurring, but I have occasionally been able to eat some of these foods without hives, so it does appear to be less.)

    I had a thermogram done and hot spots were seen at sinuses and possibly one side at my teeth and lymph nodes throughout were noticeable in the black & white image. Was instructed to get lymph massage and look into the dental. It took me a couple of years to do the lymph massage and I haven't done anything with the dental since it sounds like the standard procedure is to crack the jaw open to disinfect, and that is more extreme than I'm okay with.

    While I used fluorescent tubes as grow-lights for many years, at this point in time, I became too agitated by the flicker and got rid of all of the tube setups that we had in the house.

    I have always felt bad near LEDs, so have maintained only incandescents and halogens in the house other than the fluorescent. (One of my jobs during a summer was for the DOE, helping businesses save on costs by replacing ineffecient lighting with lower wattage fixtures. I also studied lighting in my coursework, so all of this comes full circle for me, with a much deeper understanding than ever.)

    Age 42 (2015):
    This was the year that I discovered that many of my mood swings correlated with the GeoMagnetic storms we have.

    I also discovered that an EMF shielding fabric hat would reduce my symptoms as well as ear ringing significantly, so I have used this hat for years since.

    I also did have a bone spur on my left heel that went away after taking Ezorb calcium for a while.

    I discovered the Fisher-Wallace brain stimulator at this time and have found it to be quite helpful and have been using it daily since.

    Age 43 (2016):
    I finally had enough of the BS from my father-in-law and decided to stop running his business.

    I was still taking online courses and wanting to start my own business, but holding back. I did start teaching some courses, but was unable to complete them after getting about half done, not certain why. Couldn't really finish the courses I was studying either, but this didn't get my attention as much as the one's I had committed to others.

    Around this time, we discovered the RV had a roof leak and was causing mold in an area. Husband removed that under strict instructions so as to not spread it.

    The mold in the house was also noticeably affecting me, causing severe, suicidal mood dips that would recover immediately once out of that environment. I actually chose to live in the RV a lot from this year forward, gravitating to the closer proximity to being outside and being in a smaller space, (despite what I more recently discovered to have high EMFs).

    I was getting chiropractic adjustments and lymph massage weekly at this point. After seeing a different chiropractor who adjusted my atlas, I felt WAY better and I decided to stop seeing the other chiro completely.

    I forget if it was this year or the next that I started getting rolfing done to see if it would reduce my pain. It has helped, but the fixes weren't lasting very long.

    We drove out to see Dr Shallenberger for his testing procedure (despite my symptoms, my O2/CO2 etc from the tests showed him that I was in amazing shape)

    He injected my sinuses and my scar from the infection at age 3 (its about 4" long near my left knee) with ozone, and this is when I realized that area was holding onto toxins, which I would feel a bit nauseous whenever it was worked on by massage or rolfing person.

    A friend who had Lyme suggested I look into that, and it appeared my symptoms were an exact match, so I started self-treating for that, with the first stage being an intensive parasite removal protocol that lasted about 2 years and has contributed to really late nights quite often.

    Despite having the orange glasses from many years prior to this and using them then, I haven't gotten them out to use for years, basically not recognizing the many layers of importance that this has.

    Age 45 (2018):
    The second dog, Tundra, died somewhat unexpectedly, at age 6, from internal bleeding that we weren't aware was happening.

    Got third dog, Kaiya as a puppy. (Btw, all 3 have been malamutes that we got as a puppy, my favorite breed, and I would now like to breed them, as long as I have my environment healthy. She is now 1 year 4 months old and has been more consistently energetic than either of the other 2 ever were.)

    The fires in CA caused such heavy smoke at our house (high elevation) that we couldn't come home from errands day. Fortunately, we were in our RV, so we stayed in Golden, CO.

    Once the smoke cleared, my oxygen levels were so low that it wasn't possible to return to the high elevation yet, so we stayed at various RV parks on the western edge of the Denver area through the winter.

    The new puppy injured my sagittal band on left hand, middle finger, at one point and its taken about 9 months to feel normal again, no medical intervention taken aside from some DMSO at first.

    My right eye had a vitreous detachment around this same time. (I had been getting flashing in my eye for years, but the eye doctor didn't know what it was... now I can see that it was building up to this over this time from RF and blue light and lack of sunlight. The left eye has done some occasional mild flashing, so I now undertand that this is serious and could happen to that eye, with possible retinal detachment, and I need to stay out of RF areas as well as stop the blue light exposure - hoping this can reverse with the proper care... hoping that it isn't too related to the myopia and lasik, but it sounds, from listening to all of the audios from Jack that I have so far, that it might be a core result from the myopia that started so young.)

    Both of these occurred when we were at the Boulder County Fairgrounds in Longmont, CO. I didn't have EMF meters at this stage, so I don't know the EMF status of that location at this point.

    I tested out an oxygen concentrator from a friend and found that using it at night helped me tremendously, so I bought a small totable one from Amazon and have used it while I sleep since.

    Age 46 (2019):
    As part of my plan to deal with the Lyme, I bought a microscope and set it up for darkfield so I could see what was going on in my blood. I saw quite a lot of ruleaux, and a few spirochetes, and some uric acid, so this gave me a little more direction to work with.

    I discovered Earthing and got equipment to do it indoors at the beginning of the year. The ground wire through the electrical system made me feel funky and I learned very quickly that I needed to only connect through a direct earth connection. Some RV parks had too much electricity in the areas where we could put this, so occasionally, I had to forego this connection, and this did make me suffer a bit.

    After earthing for a while, I quickly started noticing symptoms of too high thyroid (only on SR T3 at that point due to high RT3 discovered years ago)... so, I started titrating my dose down, and by May or June I had to go off of it completely.

    I finally allowed myself to buy an EMF meter (up to 10 GHz) and dove back into this aspect of my architectural engineering training, since my brain has gradually been coming back online.

    In April, We decided to drive our RV to LA for his mother's 80th birthday. Enroute, we had the EMF meters, and I was still learning through the variety of experiences and locations we drove through from CO to LA. We did find an RV park that had decent RF levels, and we stayed there for about a week, maybe less. I did find that my EMF sensitivity and local RF levels around the area prevented me from going for walks very far from where the RV was though.

    At this point, I feel a strong capability to mitigate EMFs in most situations and have done so at our house and in the RV.

    After returning home, I was beginning to listen to Jack on various podcasts and found the material a bit hard to absorb due to my lower dopamine levels, but I could hear that it is truth, so I have persisted with it.

    The moment I heard him mention Kinikis' in one of the recordings, I bought one color for a full outfit. Each week since, I have bought another full outfit, up to 4 now.

    I had been spending my entire day outside in my bikini for a week or so prior to getting these, and ever since.

    My brain is coming back online more and more, and, although even prior to knowing about Jack I was planning on teaching a course on EMFs, I have since added the science that I am learning from him into my teachings.

    I am going through the content as quickly as my brain will allow right now and getting it sorted out in my mind so that I can teach it.

    I've recently noticed a second cavity that I am wanting to heal naturally instead of dealing with the EMF environment of a dentist's office/location.

    I have remained nearly chronically stuffy for years, and have used the treatments the allergy doctors had told me would work, but nothing but Afrin has cleared this. I may be noticing that this is less since mitigating our EMFs, but its not definitive yet.

    After reducing EMF levels, I am now quite certain that I am EHS. I now see that these symptoms were present for MANY years. After hearing several of the people holding onto their high EMF locations on the Q&A calls, I am even more grateful that my body is my guide and it immediately tells me when to get away from an environment. In many cases, I'm more sensitive than my meters. I don't yet have a higher GHz meter, but I am looking forward to the process of calibrating my body's responses to the meter as well as knowing more about why it makes me sick to go places, ie radar in cars now may be a factor. I don't yet know if we are getting these frequencies here at the house.

    A new connection I have made, thanks to Jack, is that I had always noticed that prior to the "mono", I LOVED getting outside in the morning sun. I craved it. After being sick, I could see it without it affecting me in the same way. I also had difficulty feeling alert until the afternoon. I had known that bioplar was known to be a circadian rhythm disruption, but the solution eluded me until learning about the natural addiction and that just doing the morning sun would recreate this, which it has begun to as of now.

    Meds I'm on currently: Cortef, Wellbutrin, Estradiol, Estring, Montelukast, Nasacort, Xyzal, Olopatadine, occasionally Macrobid to prevent infections, Low Dose Naltrexone

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